Rowe Family Triple Murder Mystery see updates

THE funeral for Kapunda murder victims Andrew, Rose and Chantelle Rowe will be held in the town on Friday.

White Lady Funerals will conduct the service at Dutton Park, Baker St, adjacent to the football oval on the western side of town, from 11.30am.

In lieu of flowers, mourners are asked by the family to donate to the Christopher Rowe Trust Fund, to support the son and brother of those murdered.

A man has been charged with the triple murder.

Anyone who came to this site in search of information is asked to consider the sole surviving family member of this tragic event. A trust fund has been set up for this lad, and I ask those that are able to contact the fund and donate and help him as he bravely starts to rebuild his life.

Donations can be sent to the

Christopher Rowe Trust Fund,

PO Box 58, Tanunda 5352.

For details contact Tamara Meyers on 8653 3357 or after hours on 0422 564 272, or email [email protected]



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updated teenager arrested and charged with the 3 murders, he was known to Chantelle and maybe her family, updates here

Police need assistance, the clues are coming together, and an extensive search is being carried out at the Clare Dump. Police are not realewsing details but items of interest have been recovered and are not being disclosed for operational reasons… A family all but wiped out and the net is closing in…

CHANTELLE Rowe messaged her boss to say she wouldn’t make it to work the next day, only hours before she and her parents were killed in their Kapunda home.

The SMS to the manager of Nuriootpa‘s De Vine Cafe, where Chantelle, 16, had worked for only a week, was sent at 12.09pm on Sunday.

Police have narrowed down the time of the murders of Chantelle, Andrew and Rose Rowe in Harriet St to between midnight and 1am on Monday. A resident from the surrounding area has revealed they heard a woman’s screams and a man yelling about 1am.

The text message to Jacinda Clarridge and conversations Chantelle had with friends on a social networking site on Sunday give an insight into her final hours.

In unearthing the text, The Advertiser also discovered police – who this week have gone to the extraordinary lengths of stopping transients on roadsides, scouring dumps and a Kapunda lake for clues – had yet to speak with key people about the Rowe family’s final movements.

“I am a bit surprised the police have not come to see me,” Ms Clarridge said yesterday.

“She only worked here a week, but she was in contact with me.”

The owner of a Kapunda security firm – which has patrolled the town for 16 years – also revealed he had not been contacted by police, despite being one of only a few people with reason to be touring the town in the early hours of any morning.

The security guard attended an alarm at Kapunda Primary School about 10pm Sunday.

It is not clear if police investigating the murder are aware of the triggered alarms at the school.

Kapunda resident Peter Swan met Mr Rowe last week when the carpet cleaner fumigated his house. He described the murder victim as a man in his mid-40s, of average build and with no distinguishing features.

He was not known to frequent hotels in the town and any friends he does have in the region have this week stayed silent.

Mrs Rowe is described by Kapunda IGA supermarket owner, Bill O’Brien, and mayoral hopeful as a lovely woman who shopped at the store regularly.

He said he and Mrs Rowe would share a good-natured joke whenever she came into the store. He said he believed she was unemployed.

Chantelle is the only murder victim whose movements leading up to her death can be traced.

She worked at the Nuriootpa cafe on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday last week and was due to work on Monday, the day she and her parents were killed in what police say was a frenzied knife attack.

The attacker or attackers left the most horrific murder scene in this state for decades to be discovered by the boss of Christopher Rowe – who was holidaying on the Gold Coast – about 11am Monday.

The text message to her boss about midday Sunday saying Chantelle was “sick with croop” was the second indication she was unwell, and most likely at home.

About 11pm Saturday, she posted a message on Facebook to friends that she was feeling unwell and going to bed. A group of youths were at the Harriet St home having a party while Chantelle’s parents were away for the night.

A teenage friend of Chantelle’s, who told The Advertiser police had spoken with him, said he had been chatting with the girl on Facebook about 6pm on Sunday and she again commented that she was unwell.

“She said she had a cold or something,” the boy said.

Chantelle’s boss, Ms Clarridge said the teen was “a really nice girl who would have done well”.

“She was a bit nervous … it being her first week on the job,” she said. “She had a few friends from Nuriootpa who dropped in to say hello to her during the week.”

Ms Clarridge said Chantelle’s father dropped her to work on one of the days and another day she might have stayed at a friend’s house at Nuriootpa as they walked to work.

Chantelle's murdered parents, Andrew and Rose

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