Teenager arrested over Kapunda triple murder

Andrew, Rose and Chantelle Rowe were found in their Kapunda home

THE funeral for Kapunda murder victims Andrew, Rose and Chantelle Rowe will be held in the town on Friday.

White Lady Funerals will conduct the service at Dutton Park, Baker St, adjacent to the football oval on the western side of town, from 11.30am.

In lieu of flowers, mourners are asked by the family to donate to the Christopher Rowe Trust Fund, to support the son and brother of those murdered.

A man has been charged with the triple murder.

Anyone who came to this site in search of information is asked to consider the sole surviving family member of this tragic event. A trust fund has been set up for this lad, and I ask those that are able to contact the fund and donate and help him as he bravely starts to rebuild his life.

Donations can be sent to the

Christopher Rowe Trust Fund,

PO Box 58, Tanunda 5352.

For details contact Tamara Meyers on 8653 3357 or after hours on 0422 564 272, or email [email protected] net.au



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DETECTIVES have arrested an 18-year-old Kapunda man in relation to the murders of a family of three in the South Australian town.

The bodies of Andrew, Rose and Chantelle Rowe were found in their Kapunda home, located 76km north of Adelaide, on Monday last week.

Yesterday, police said they had a DNA sample of a male from the crime scene.

Police are expected to hold a press conference at the Kapunda police station tonight…MORE UPDATES ON THE WAY It is believed that the teenager had been in a relationship with Chantalle at some stage prior to murdering her and her parents last week.

10pm….Major Crime officer in charge Detective Superintendant Grant Moyle spoke to the gathered media and local community, he thanked the community for the way they supported the investigation and hoped they understood that there is limited information that he can release at this stage. After extensive investigation involving many police he said  they arrested an 18 year old Kapunda man during the afternoon. He will be charged with three counts of murder and will appear in court tomorrow

No comment could be made on whether a murder weapon had been found or whether further arrests would follow.


The arrest came after police appealed for anyone who knew the killer to come forward.

They had obtained a DNA profile from the crime scene and located a witness who saw a four-wheel drive outside the home where Andrew and Rose Rowe and their 16-year-old daughter Chantelle were stabbed to death a week ago.

Detective Superintendent Grant Moyle asked anyone who may know, or may have inadvertently helped, the killer to come forward.

“If anyone is out there that knows the offender in this case, has any further information in regard to who may be involved, may have assisted the offender either before during or after this offence, now is the time to come forward,” he told reporters on Tuesday.

He said it was not unusual for more than one person to know about a crime or to become involved in it unintentionally after the fact.

“I ask you to reflect on the nature of this crime and assist police.”

On Monday he said police wanted to track the owners of a white 4WD traytop Toyota Landcruiser that was seen outside the trio’s house about midnight on November 6.

The family was slain in the early hours of November 7.

Supt Moyle said there were two people in the car and one of them got out.

“I am not suggesting that the people in the vehicle committed the offence, but it was in the area and we want to eliminate them from our inquiries,” he said on Tuesday.

He said officers continued to follow a number of “positive” lines of inquiry

Crowd of 100 gather at Kapunda Police station for news conference

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11 thoughts on “Teenager arrested over Kapunda triple murder

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  2. The accused has been named by Channel 10, Queensland, as 18 year-old xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (I hope all spelling is accurate). He was reportedly “rejected” by Miss Rowe in the lead up to the murders. (Until I can confirm this I will block the persons name: Robbo from Aussiecriminals)


  3. MODS DO NOT publish the name untill the police clear it. The murder case may be jeapardised if his name is released beforehand!


  4. Hi X tend to agree, we don’t want this bastard getting off on a tech, but if what I here is true it was on ten news in qld tonight? So is it not public fodder now in theory?


    • Correct. We don’t want him getting off on a technicality. You will note that we have been legaling (removing) copy about the arrest from our websites. Many links you have published to australian news sites are now showing as ‘page not found’.


  5. Sorry I didn’t record the story, but the name I gave earlier was correct. A couple of pictures were also shown of the defendant, one was a sketch of him during his court appearance, the other was of him with Chantelle Rowe.

    Interesting how Ten (QLD) went public with all this but no one else has…yet.


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    • Hi Jayne, I did not notice that until you raised it,Quite eerie in that family snap, in the background there a knife block with knifes showing, and the family get stabbed to death…Tragic


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