Kapunda killer named

THE funeral for Kapunda murder victims Andrew, Rose and Chantelle Rowe will be held in the town on Friday.

White Lady Funerals will conduct the service at Dutton Park, Baker St, adjacent to the football oval on the western side of town, from 11.30am.

In lieu of flowers, mourners are asked by the family to donate to the Christopher Rowe Trust Fund, to support the son and brother of those murdered.

A man has been charged with the triple murder. He was remanded in custody and his identity suppressed.

Anyone who came to this site in search of information is asked to consider the sole surviving family member of this tragic event. A trust fund has been set up for this lad, and I ask those that are able to contact the fund and donate and help him as he bravely starts to rebuild his life.

Donations can be sent to the

Christopher Rowe Trust Fund,

PO Box 58, Tanunda 5352.

For details contact Tamara Meyers on 8653 3357 or after hours on 0422 564 272, or email [email protected] net.au



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Update I have been reading some papers from SA and it seems the name is out and about through that wonderful medium called Social Networking, of which most people are most familiar through facebook! With the next court hearing for this fellow not until Feb 2011,  a suppression order will be all but useless within days let alone months. It is out there, so I will report on what I read and see here.

The 18yr old arrested in Kipunda for the murders of  Andrew and Rose Rowe, and their daughter Chantelle, is 18yr old Jason Alexander Downie. Here is a grab from  the Wimmera Mail Times


KIller named here in Tassie paper

The identity of a man accused of murdering three family members at Kapunda last week was suppressed in court on Wednesday, but many people knew more details from postings on the social networking site, Facebook.

Whilst we do NOT want this mongrel getting off on some crap defence claim of a prejudicial jury or something if it gets that far the news is out there.This is the world we live in, instant access to the news in our lives. Hopefully a confession and guilty plea will fix that up.Stay tuned and I will give more as soon as I can. (thanks for your understanding on this issue)

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43 thoughts on “Kapunda killer named

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  2. Not a wise idea mate – The media have his name too.
    Do the family some justice and wait until the police release his name to the media.


    • Yeah I think an outlet already has, but I will wait till the dust has settled and do some research on the bloke while I wait, cheers


  3. I also know who the person is, as do many locals in the Barossa through gossip. The court has ordered his image and name be kept suppressed from the media. A further court meeting will occur next Wednesday to discuss what information will be allowed to be released to the public.


    • The suppression order is only valid in SA and does not affect other states or International websites and can not be used in SA court as defence, but as your own words are ” We do NOT want this mongrel getting off on some crap defence” it seems youre already mind up your mind anyway… and by the way i too am in Melbourne and have no qualms about his name being exposed as Ch 10 did it anyway 17-11-10 5pm edition… peace brother


  4. You suggest that you have the freedom to publish his name when, in fact, you do not.
    To do so would leave you in breach of a court order and liable to prosecution.
    Let’s be real here: that’s the true reason why you are refraining from doing so.


    • Hi Grace, well actually no its not, I would of had to be in court to have the order served on me or have someone in court tell me that name, and then that would be a breach I think. It has nothing to do with me getting in the shit, I would cop a fine maybe. The order is to the media represented in court, not the entire world, how can one know the contents of the suppression order if they were not there in court?

      I would be saying who I think it is, my opinion, not that it is fact.It may or not be, but I am choosing at this stage not too reveal.

      If I was worried about the courts or bullies or crims I would not post half the stuff I do, and post my face on here…

      Thanks for your thoughts though.


  5. I think he should be named if his Albi had checked out he would have been set free and not charged in the first place and even if he is innocent then enough people should be able to help him prove that anyway. But lets face it I dont know exact figures but most murders are committed by someone who knew the victim. its not who you dont know that you have to worry about!!!


  6. Yep, it’s out. In the internet era nothing stays secret for long. They should’ve had a closed hearing if they didn’t want word to get around. Though with locals in Kapunda knowing the accused, it was only a matter of time before it became public. I found his name published on many sites. The police and DPP must despair but the law has not caught up with technology. It was like when they banned Underbelly in Victoria. Pfft. What a joke.


  7. Is there much on his mother?, apparently she was single mother up there in Kapunda. I wonder how she is coping in all this, a Victim too. There is not much info on this chap?


  8. Do you realise that by publishing this guys name you have breached a SA supression order and are liable to prosecution?


  9. Well I better get in the queue, it will be a long line to the courthouse mate because all I’ve done is share information from another site that published it, The suppression order is for South Australia, and I wasn’t in court, I don’t live in South Australia, I wasn’t given an order, had one read to me, sent to me or any other way, so I thing the bird has flown mate.Cheers for letting me know though


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  11. Suppression orders are becoming more prevalent in our courts. Is this really in the interests of open courts and justice? Use of suppression orders appears to be misused by both governments and lawyers.

    Other items I have read appear to indicate that the alleged offender in the Kapunda triple murders was born in Scotland and came here around 2004. He also is reported on a website of his own to have only 1 parent – his mother, for whom he expresses great love and respect .


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  13. Pretty much impossible to prosecute anyone publishing information on the net. How do you prove in court that the person who sat at the keyboard and typed those letters was in fact, for example, jack. How do you know it’s not chopper reid writing this paragraph right now?


  14. I’m a criminal lawyer. Suppression orders are very limited in timeframe and are generally given to ensure there is a fair trial. They are lifted once a finding is reached as there is no longer any possibility of evidence being tainted. If identity is going to be in issue then noone wants witnesses seeing the accused’s face before ID procedures occur as studies clearly show this confuses memories, and can meld the image of the defendant with the picture in the witness’s mind. This is likely why Prosecution asked for a suppression order – note it was the police protecting their case, not defence shielding their client’s reputation. Public naming and shaming is very rarely denied, just delayed. If enough people see the accused there could also be an argument that the jury pool is tainted. This can lead to a stay of Prosecution, such as with Peter Liddy. Does anyone want that for an alleged triple murderer? Or is the plan to just assume his guilt without bothering with the technicality of a trial? Would anyone want this to happen to them if they happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time? I can assure you that this does happen, and not infrequently. Trust the system to work it way to the truth. It’s not perfect but in my opinion it generally arrives at the right conclusion.


    • Hi Elly, appreciate your input on this tricky situation. In your professional opinion where does the law stand with all the facts out there already? That’s where I got them from. Whether any trial was on tomorrow or three years, the info is out there.These laws of suppression were not written to take this into consideration. Billions of pages of info floating around that who knows who owns or has rights too.people give rights away out there in cyber-land,As they do committing crimes.

      We could all pretend we live in a cosy world and respect the law, and where would you be, the cops, the judges etc? Without a job(silly example)


      • Hi Robbo,

        Basically we would probe your level of exposure to information about the case before determining whether you are a suitable juror or suggesting you are a biased witness. Most people seem to be honest about this, but it’s difficult to know exactly what people have seen and heard.

        Suppression orders in SA apply in this state and don’t affect other states. You might recall that the latest Underbelly series was not screened in Vic because of the case/s before the courts at the time. But the internet certainly does open up access to a determined party. Even where a suppression order has been made it is generally open to any member of the public who is not involved in a case to sit in the court and hear the progress of the matter.

        I’m not aware what the internet position is: (1) Does the person disseminating information via the internet expressly believing it will be located by people in South Australia (like yourself) break the law, even if they feel it should be broken? Maybe. I personally wouldn’t want to defend the test case, but that’s just me. (2) Does an overseas carrier break the law by allowing the information to be placed (eg facebook)? Don’t know, but I note they have been doing their best to screen this information.

        Suppression orders come under the Evidence Act, here’s the link: http://www.austlii.edu.au/au/legis/sa/consol_act/ea192980/s69a.html. At the end of the day, it is a balancing act that courts take pretty seriously.

        I’m not really sure what is added to the situation by revealing someone’s name and identity, unless you are in the business of profiting by the dissemination of material (like the media – I note both prosecution and defence support the application for a suppression order, and the only one who disagrees is the press). It would certainly be a better story to be able to stalk the accused’s mother, to interview every teacher he’s ever had, ask his neighbours how he takes his coffee, and all the while keep on selling those papers day after day. I’m not sure this all adds up to ‘public interest'; just ‘media self interest’. I’m often struck by how the headline about a person charged with a crime can make front page, whereas when this person is found not guilty by twelve fellow citizens it gets a tiny little by-line on page 15. Let’s not kid ourselves that the media are interested in the greater good here.


        • Thanks so much for the information.I will go have a read of that section ( I better go buy more coffee) I have no doubt whatsoever the media would love to be running this in the mainstream. I only read online paper editions these days because I read so many, but at a 1.40 a pop on average, they would sell plenty of papers. I still remember the publics cravings for the dirt on the so called Society Murders her in Victoria (I live in Vic) Its a look in to a world most don’t know about. But anyway there is also a community online that follows crimes every day. Not just googling when major murders like this one come up. It takes a bit of effort to find things out.

          Thanks for the reply


  15. I was born and bred in Kapunda. I love the place more than anywhere in the world. This incident is personal to me. Whilst things may get around quickly in such a small community, that is for the particular community to deal with in their own way, which they have been doing and will continue to do. If you’re serious about crime, you’d respect the suppression order and not just go with the Mark Zuckerberg style thinking. “This is the world we’re living in” is not good enough. See how you go when I forward all this on to SAPOL. If the accused is in fact guilty (and trial is still to be heard) and he gets away with it because of the likes of you (he’s claiming an alibi), take on board that you will harm an innocent community that hasn’t had to deal with such things before and is desperately seeking closure and healing. Actual criminal investigatives or detectives would NEVER have posted names where it may effect the case. Are you really interested in crime or just a ghoul? At least unthinking is my summation.


    • Hello Phil, thanks for commenting, I would imagine its tough in your small town with all the feeling bubbling around. But with respect, I ask you to look at the bigger picture, whether I do it or someone else does (will, has, can, will be etc) This is not about your town, the feelings etc, it is about the publics right to know.

      Threatening me with the cops does not change the facts, does not change the information out there and does not stop anything happening. I may not be who I say I am, but what I write is fact. If it was warranted, the hearing would of been held behind closed doors in a closed court, no media, no specatators. Everyone knows that the info was going to get out there, it was before the hearing took place.Time and History does not, cannot get wound backwards.

      Suppression orders are in most part useless and outdated smokescreens abused by both sides of the system.Judges are getting hoodwinked, and I think, behind the times with the way the real world operates outside their wigs and ancient ideals dating back centuries.

      Your community needs to heal my being there for each other, and the rest of the world are going to be making up their own opinions regardless. Finally, this could of happened in any town, if it happened in the middle of Melbourne, the worlds reaction would be the same. Why, who, where, how…


    • from Phil…”PS. Thanks for YOUR understanding on this issue. Fucktard.”

      I Didn’t see this little piece as I wrote the above, gee you wrote with such intelligence for most part, then go along and show your true colours. I haven’t touched the thread since last night so how can you be saying that I have no idea, nothing has changed as yet!

      Abuse me again and it wont get published, hows that sound Phil?


      • Good on you for publishing the name, although I found it anyway.

        It ridiculous the nanny police state we have, and the amount of censorship. This is a public interest story, but already a media blackout is in effect.

        I am not saying the guy is guilty, he probably is, but incompetence by police wouldn’t surprise me.

        As for Phil, what a toser you are.

        Who gives a shit if its personal because you live “in the town”. I live in Davoren Park, there was 5 murders here the other year, I don’t go claiming to have some great authority. I doubt you even come from the area.

        Suppression orders are pathetic.


  16. your fucking sick !
    dont fucking rubbish him !
    you didnt know him, none of you do !
    the truth will all fucking come out in the end, you wait & see !


    • You are the sick one, defending a murderer who stabbed three victims in their homes multiple times. Do you realize the sheer aggression and force it takes to stab repetitively a person until they die? How you can defend the accused is unimaginable, either you are blinded by your stupidity or you are as sick and disturbed as the piece of filth that has committed these disgusting crimes. If he was innocent his alibi would’ve checked out, he would’ve applied for bail and he wouldn’t be calm during a court hearing. If a normal, innocent person was being charged with three counts of murder they would be terrified and desperately trying everything to prove their innocence. I can see the need for suppression orders in certain cases but when all evidence points to the monster that you are defending, when there is no other suspects and when he has no desire to prove his innocence, they are useless. Every human has the right to judge this disgusting waste of space, through his unforgivable actions he has lost any right to protection or dignity and should rot in a jail cell for the rest of his worthless life.
      On a lighter note, good work Robbo for naming the accused and for everything else you post.


  17. Kapunda residents your showing your true colours grow up!!, enough with the colourful language,you dont do us any justice.


    • I am glad you said it and not me, I cop enough already…I just want justice and the truth…Whatever side it lands on SA resident…


  18. If his alibi checked out why did they charge him and and not release him? why has the news for the killings gone completely slient? youd think if they had any shred of evidence that suggested that this JD guy isnt the killer their primary concern would now be trying to catch the real killer…Suppression orders are a joke & only ‘loosly’ apply to thoes in the sate of which the order was taken out… We live in the ‘Infomation technology age’ …the name says it all.

    good work robbo…

    And to the ‘Phil’ guy, What exactally to you think SAPOL is gonna do??? come after a guy who isn’t in their jurisdiction for publishing infomation that is probably hosted on a overseas server that is public knowledge outside of SA ?


  19. Just going back to Elly’s comments, I don’t think this is a case where a jury might be tainted. The reason for the suppression order was to do with ongoing investigation, not pre-trial prejudice. Hopefully police have already got the information they require.

    I still think people should err on the side of caution in good faith irrespective of what is out there in the public domain. But anyway…


    • Phil, I know its hard being here in Kapunda, but we just have to relax and let things take their course.We have to switch off to the horrific stories doing the rounds – some of them are just plain sick and if true – defy sanity!

      Some guy – the guy was questioned for 4 hours and then charged, apparently there was no mention of an alibi until the hour before the court date.

      I attended the press conference where SAPOL announced they had made an arrest. The media were aware of the name at least 30 mins before the press conference and were using it freely.

      Most of the locals who attended did so because they couldn’t believe who had done it… there were around 130 people there and I’m a bit ticked that no mention was made of a possible suppression order being put in place the next morning.

      The law has been overtaken by technology and social networking! I find it ironic the court can use such antiquated laws on one hand but SAPOL used facebook to garner evidence from day 1 and it led to the arrest…..


  20. Hi Robbo,
    Just a quick note to express my appreciation for the work you do on this site. I have worked in Kapunda some years ago and grew fond of the town. Lots of good, friendly country folk to talk to. I can imagine the effect this has had on the locals there.
    I used to walk up that street in my lunchtime walks around town some days.
    This news haunts me as being just surreal and hard to comprehend.
    Having said that, I do appreciate the role you are taking on this case and see it as a part of today’s technology which will be hard to prevent. Thankyou my friend.


  21. i live in qld and i know of channy what has happened to the boy who did this i have been wantin to know for ages pls let meknow thanks


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