Keli Lane murder case up to the jurors..finally

SHE is the accused killer whose trial has become one of the most talked about court cases ever. She was charged in bloody 1996…

I wonder why she chose not to take the stand? Actually I do not wonder I know. She is so full of lies she would of been shredded to pieces by the excellent prosecutor Mr Tedeschi! She  has told so many lies not a word can be believed. That judge from the TV show often says to teenagers “You know how I can tell you are lying?”…”You open your mouth” I would guess this woman has been lying all her life.The original question I asked of her was, Where is your baby, Tegan? The answer everyone want s to know…After 52 days of evidence we are at final addresses and hopefully little Tegan will be getting some justice early next week and Keli can maybe spit out an answer to all those kid killer hating woman in jail…

Keli Lane

Keli Lane rocking up to court yesterday...Hopefully her last few days of freedom

But Keli Lane will say nothing more in court in response to allegations she murdered her baby Tegan 14 years ago.

Lane became emotional yesterday as the jury was told all the evidence upon which they must decide their verdicts was now before them.

It was shortly after midday on the 52nd day of the trial when Justice Anthony Whealy turned to Lane’s barrister Keith Chapple SC, the Crown having earlier closed its case.

“On behalf of the accused I should inform your honour the defence will not be calling any witness, which includes the accused, and the defence relies on the evidence called and tendered in the case thus far,” Mr Chapple said.

Justice Whealy told the jury the trial was now at a stage where both sides would give their final addresses, summarising their respective cases.

Senior Crown Prosecutor Mark Tedeschi QC will begin his closing address on Monday, outlining the evidence he relies on to convince the jury they should convict Lane of murder and three counts of perjury.

Mr Chapple is then expected to present arguments why his client must be found not guilty. The jury was told they should be sent out to begin deliberations within a fortnight.

The jurors have much evidence to consider in the coming weeks. They have seen three recorded police interviews in which Lane is questioned over the child she allegedly gave birth to in secret on September 12, 1996.

She initially told police she had given the child to a Perth couple who befriended her in hospital.

Then she said the man she believed was the infant‘s natural father, a man named either Andrew Morris or Norris, took custody of the child.

Mr Tedeschi alleges that, after lengthy police searches of schools and other records across Australia, no child that could possibly be Tegan exists.

Therefore, the Crown claims, Lane left hospital on September 14, and some time in the next three or four hours she killed her second-born daughter before arriving at her parent’s home to attend a wedding with her boyfriend.

Mr Chapple’s cross-examination of investigators has focused on how thorough those searches were, with one officer admitting many hundreds of children had been enrolled in schools without birth certificates.

The jury will hear from Mr Tedeschi on Monday.

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