Ron Medich cronies turn dog in Murder case

FOUR of the men charged over the murder of the Cremorne businessman Michael McGurk have now agreed to give evidence against the alleged mastermind, the prominent property developer Ron Medich.

Don’t you just love this, dogs turning on dogs, they have all laid over and have agreed to give evidence against the cashed up alleged mastermind Ron Medich. Proves money isn’t everything, sometimes saving your own bacon is worth a bit more.I will be following this case with interest


Ron Medich, charged with murder

Mr Medich’s obsession with having his former associate murdered was detailed in a police statement tendered in court yesterday.

”I’ve got to bury this bloke. I have to f— him off. He has to die,” are some of the statements police allege Mr Medich said about McGurk to his friend Lucky Gattellari.

McGurk was shot dead outside his house in front of his young son on September 3 last year.

Senad Kaminic, 42, a driver and assistant to the former boxing champion Mr Gattellari, will be released from jail today after agreeing to give evidence for the Crown.

Mr Kaminic, who has been charged with being an accessory after the fact to murder, was granted bail at Central Local Court yesterday afternoon.

The magistrate, Allan Moore, said the Director of Public Prosecutions did not oppose bail being granted.

Due to concerns about his safety, police yesterday requested Mr Kaminic’s address and the police station where he will report be kept confidential.

Mr Medich’s childhood friend Mr Gattellari, 60, Christopher Estephan, 20, Haissam Safetli, 45, and now Mr Kaminic have all agreed to testify against Mr Medich. According to an ”additional statement of facts in the matter of Ronald Edward Medich”, which was tendered yesterday, other people have given statements about Mr Medich’s references to McGurk.

Richard Allsop, McGurk’s solicitor, said that in mid-2009 McGurk had repeatedly told him Mr Medich was ”unstable” and ”out of control” and was making threats against McGurk.

Linda Lane, a business associate of Mr Medich’s, has told police of a phone conversation with him on March 3 last year.

In the police statement Ms Lane said she was renting the Queensland property at the heart of a dispute between McGurk and Mr Medich. She said that during the phone call Mr Medich said to her, ”… if he gives me any more trouble over this I’m going to kill him”.

Paul Mathieson, a business associate of McGurk’s and Mr Medich’s, said that at a business meeting with Mr Medich in Auckland in May last year, Mr Medich said, ”I’m going to fix him,” and ”Don’t worry, he won’t be a problem for much longer.”

Mr Mathieson also told police that during an earlier phone conversation, Mr Medich said: ”I don’t want to say anything over the phone, but McGurk will be fixed up.” Mr Mathieson told police that from the tone of voice, ”I took it to mean McGurk would be killed.”

According to the police statement, Mr Mathieson said Mr Medich had also said: ”It doesn’t matter whether he gets locked up for the firebombing, either way he won’t be a problem.”

Mr Medich was referring to the criminal charges that McGurk had been facing over the November 2008 firebombing of Adam and Sally-Anne Tilley’s house in Wolseley Road, Point Piper.

The house had been sold to the Tilleys by Ron and Odetta Medich but when they did not pay the Mediches, McGurk was engaged by Mr Medich to deal with the Tilleys. McGurk was later charged with the firebombing. A fortnight before his murder, the criminal charges were dropped.

On the day of McGurk’s murder, the police statement says, Mr Gattellari and Mr Medich had lunch at the China Grand restaurant in Sydney’s Haymarket.

At 2.48pm Mr Medich received a call from a police officer ”who spoke to him regarding criminal charges against Michael McGurk being withdrawn at the direction of the DPP”.

The unnamed officer stated Medich became angry and said: ”The bastard is down celebrating … at the Chop House restaurant having lunch as we speak” and ”… he has cost me a fortune in legal bills”.

Two minutes later, Mr Gattellari sent an SMS to Mr Safetli. The police statement did not reveal what the message said, but it stated Mr Safetli was ”en route from Elderslie [near Camden] to Cremorne” where McGurk was murdered later that day.

The additional statement also says that on October 8, five days before their arrest, police listened as Mr Gattellari and Mr Safetli discussed the fallout should Mr Medich be implicated in the murder of McGurk.

Mr Gattellari said: ”If the shit hits the fan, the other f—ing bird will take charge of everything and we will all be f—ed.”

Mr Safateli asks what he means. Mr Gattellari replied: ”Ron’s wife [Odetta].

”She’ll take everything, every f—ing thing. He’s already in divorce proceedings.

”She f—ing gets involved in all of this shit. We are all f—ed, all of us, right,” Mr Gattellari was heard saying.

Mr Kaminic was excused from attending when the matter returns to court on December 9.

I love this, they have to make a movie about this, but lets not forget a man did die, and the kids are without their father, no matter what kind of man he was…

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