Kapunda killer info- updated PLEADS GUILTY

UPDATE TODAY 9TH NOVEMBER 2011 great news for the 3 victims remaining family and friends

DOWNIE pleads guilty to the murder of three members of a family at Kapunda, north of Adelaide.

Jason Alexander Downie, 18, appeared in the Elizabeth Magistrates’ Court this morning by video link and pleaded guilty to three counts of murder.

Andrew and Rose Rowe and their 16-year-old daughter Chantelle were found dead in their Kapunda home in November last year.

The victims all died of stab wounds.

Downie’s pleas prompted emotional scenes inside the packed courtroom from friends and supporters of the Rowe family.

He was remanded in custody to face the Supreme Court for sentencing submissions in December.

Downie had also been charged with one count of rape. That charge was withdrawn today when prosecutors tendered no evidence.

Previously, prosecutors alleged Downie killed the Rowes in their Harriet St home in the early hours of November 8.

For more than 24 hours, police did not reveal details of the deaths – and refused to confirm they were murders – but urged Kapunda residents to exercise caution.

At the time, residents called the delay “intolerable”, saying it had increased tensions within the close-knit regional community.

Major Crime Investigations Branch detectives arrested Downie nine days later, when he voluntarily attended the Kapunda Police Station.

One month before the alleged murders, Downie revealed his hopes and dreams – as well as his worst fear – on the internet.


Kapunda triple murder case back in court

Updated October 26, 2011

A court has been told a teenager accused of killing three family members at Kapunda, north of Adelaide, is likely to enter pleas in a fortnight.

Jason Alexander Downie, 19, was due to answer three charges of murder in the Magistrates Court at Elizabeth.

He is charged with killing Chantelle Rowe, 16, and her parents Rose and Andrew at their home at Kapunda last November.

Downie has faced court via video link from the Adelaide Remand Centre.

Relatives and supporters of the Rowe family have packed the courtroom and heard Downie’s lawyer Greg Mead say prosecutors had provided him with new information which he needed to consider before any pleas were entered.

Mr Mead said discussions between the parties were continuing.

He said it was likely pleas would be entered at a further hearing in two weeks.

Jason Alexander Downie who has been charged with murdering three members of a Kapunda family has been given another two months before he needs to answer the charges.

What a bloody joke, is this a first in Australia? Is this NOT a disgraceful legal abuse? To give the defence even more time to come up with some BULLSHIT to explain everything?

Why this case people? Why not is it that other cases of similar circumstances do NOT have these delays…THIS is absolute abuse of the system and a shame, and may I say, not for the first time on the SA legal system…

Jason Alexander Downie, 18, appeared by video link in the Elizabeth Magistrates Court today charged with killing Andrew and Rose Rowe and their 16-year-old daughter Chantelle in November last year.

The three were stabbed to death in their home, 80 kilometres north of Adelaide.

Downie, also from Kapunda, was arrested about a week after the murders and was expected to enter pleas to the murder charges on Wednesday.

But the court remanded the case to September 14 to give his lawyers more time to either seek further documents or obtain forensic opinion.

Jason Alexander Downie was back in court yesterday.

Asked if he understood the proceedings against him, Downie – who appeared via video link – leaned forward and said: “Yeah, all right.”

His calm response disgusted supporters of his three alleged victims – Andrew, Rose and Chantelle Rowe, of Kapunda.

They whispered “scumbag” as the video link was disconnected and the brief hearing ended.

Outside the Elizabeth Magistrates Court, one supporter said she could not wait for the next court date in July – when Downie must answer three charges of murder.

“That’s what we are all looking forward to,” she said.

It is alleged Downie, 18, murdered the Rowes in their Harriet St, Kapunda, home in the early hours of Monday, November 8.

Chantelle had hosted a party at the Rowes’ home, while her parents were away, on the previous Saturday.

For more than 24 hours, police did not reveal details of the deaths – and refused to confirm they were murders – but urged Kapunda residents to exercise caution.

At the time, residents called the delay “intolerable”, saying it had increased tensions within the close-knit regional community.

Major Crime Investigations Branch detectives arrested Downie nine days later, when he voluntarily attended the Kapunda Police Station.

Yesterday, about one dozen Rowe family supporters attended Downie’s court appearance.

He was connected to court via a video link-up with the Adelaide Remand Centre.

Since his last court appearance, Downie had grown a goatee beard and moustache.

Prosecutors told Magistrate Elizabeth Sheppard all witness statements had been collected, and the matter could proceed to committal.

Ms Sheppard then spoke directly to Downie.

“I’ve been told prosecutors have provided your counsel with the remaining declarations,” she said.

He replied: “Yeah.”

“I will be giving you an opportunity to discuss the materials with your lawyers over the next few weeks before you are brought back before the court to answer the charge,” she said.

Downie responded: “Yeah, all right.” Someone is going to wipe the smirk of this little shits face soon enough!

He was remanded in custody to face court in July.


COURT 1 at not before 11:30a.m. – Before MAGISTRATE SHEPPARD; (Video Conference)              


44 MCPAR-10-9663          D, J.A. (SUPPRESSED) (C)

Elizabeth Magistrates’ CourtCriminal Jurisdiction

15 Frobisher Road, Elizabeth

Wednesday 25th May 2011

Note: Charges may change from the time this list is generated. Always check details with the Registry.

A new post for those interested has been posted today 03/05/11 http://aussiecriminals.wordpress.com/2011/05/03/letter-about-jason-downie/ I’m sure you will be interested

Hi just a quick update not much to add as the news is still swirling around, but I have secured all the known photos of this bloke, his facebook and myspace type stuff, screenshots and all, conversations the lot, ALL THE STUFF THAT HAS BEEN REMOVED, DELETED OR BANNED. So stand by as I will be putting it all on here to give you all an insight into this guys mind leading up to this “Alleged crime” Its all there for you to see and make your own mind up on. Much gratitude to my sources, they know who they are without me needing to say here.

What do you think about revealing the photos etc? UPDATE 11.50am 20/11/10 Here is basically my take on those that are writing in saying oh the case the case…

(Which will take ages by the way. As if this will stay hidden away, no it wont and I will tell you why)

I replied today to this question

Don’t Do It says:
Why are you risking jeopardising the case? How would you feel if the accused lawyer manages to get the accused let off because of a small technicality thanks to all this info being out there. No no no no.

Do you really believe that? I think people are watching too many American crime shows, the cops and forensic science guys will have mountains of evidence on this. They would not charge him without ALREADY being 110% positive, too much at stake.They have to be, they know this stuff gets out.

Look what they have done with Ramazan Acar, the community is outraged, and entitled to be, stabbed his little daughter to death the other day. Without a suppression order all the same shit is popping up about him.The same applies, ohhh poor him at trial, all this prejudicial stuff etc etc… Believe me, they have their guy and he will not be getting off because we posted his bullsit from facebook. It was there before the crime took place, so what.

So I think the community right to know about him outweighs that of the gutless little shit who killed 3 people in the middle of the night!

The 18yr old arrested in Kipunda for the murders of  Andrew and Rose Rowe, and their daughter Chantelle, is 18yr old Jason Alexander Downie

I will be posting all the stuff I have. For now, here he is… Check out his Bebo account, ScottDog, not sure about the scott, but got the dog part of his name right…

Jason Alexander Downie, accused of murdering 3 innocent people

Chantelle and Jason

Chantelle and a school mate mucking around at school, see Jason's comment on the photo there? that was back in 2009

Jason AKA ScottDog

69 thoughts on “Kapunda killer info- updated PLEADS GUILTY

  1. A little unsure about this. Innocent until proven guilty. He also has a family who are not reponsible for his alleged actions. The photos can be found if people want to see from the usual sources, facebook etc.


  2. I would be interested to see everything that you have unearthed. I am extremely curious about this case for some reason. I generally don’t take more than a cursory interest in crime cases, this one has struck a cord however. Perhaps it is because he was so young and that the crime was so violent. I have trouble understanding how some kid could go ballistic like he appears to have done. Anything that sheds light on his personality, motive, mental state and what happened would be interesting.


  3. I am also interested in seeing any photos and info available, especially those which have been removed from the original sources.
    I have always had an interest in reading about real crime etc… Like some of the others have said this case really intrigues me


    • Show it all… He didn’t respect the Rowes.. Why should we respect him.. Why should he not be shamed.. He did this horrible crime and the Rowe family have had their names and lives published.. Why should he be protected!


  4. Why are you risking jeoparidising the case? How would you feel if the accused lawyer manages to get the accused let off because of a small technicality thanks to all this info being out there. No no no no.


    • Do you really believe that? I think people are watching too many American crime shows, the cops and forensic science guys will have mountains of evidence on this. They would not charge him without ALREADY being 110% positive, too much at stake.They have to be, they know this stuff gets out.

      Look what they have done with Ramazan Acar, the community is outraged, and entitled to be, stabbed his little daughter to death the other day. Without a suppression order all the same shit is popping up about him.The same applies, ohhh poor him at trial, all this prejudicial stuff etc etc… Believe me, they have their guy and he will not be getting off because we posted his bullsit from facebook. It was there before the crime took place, so what.


      • One bullet would be enough for the accused as far as I’m concerned. I am not trying to protect him. All I care about is that the lawyer doesn’t find a way to stop him from getting the trial that he should have. No matter how pathetic the loophole is. I also do not want to cause any more distress for the Rowe family.

        But I wonder why you actually asked what people think when it seems you’d made up your mind to post anyhow.


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  6. It makes me feel sick to look at him. Word is he did more than just kill her. I hope the scum gets everything he deserves. The pain he has caused just in my family alone is enough to make me hate him but I can only imagine the horror for both families and their friends.


  7. Robbo – I think the Scott in his list of nicknames refers to his origins – he spent a fair bit of his childhood in Scotland before coming out to Australia a few years ago.


  8. I have read that ‘scott dog’ is a nickname due to his Scottish background

    Sicko :/ Expose him. He’s 18 so his name shouldn’t be under suppression order.
    It took me only an hour or so of searching to find his name (before released here)

    I’m currently studying Criminology and just came across this site while looking through everything I can find on this case :) I hope to have some more time for comments/input.. I’m an absolute crime nerd. <3


    • I was arrested and charged with murder. Found guilty and spent 8 months in Yatalla. Then the guilty person that did the crime was found and confessed to the murder. My life has never been right since and that was 18 years ago and I am now 60. Thank christ I have a good friend that respects me for who I am and not what I am.


  9. Ashley, you are certainly a man/woman of few words. Please expand and we can discuss what you have to say. With or without your input. But please make your agenda obvious, we are not all so clever brother…ta


  10. What is the actual benefit of publishing his name in defiance of a suppression order? All it does is potentially jeopardise the investigation and prosecution. Police have made it quite clear why they wanted his identity suppressed and it is obvious it will only be a temporary suppression.

    Saying “they would not charge him without ALREADY being 110% positive” is not correct for starters (not everyone who is charged is guilty) and in any case is irrelevant to whether or not his name should be published.

    My personal opinion is that websites such as this should adhere to suppression orders as soon as they are made aware of them (usually through media reports). One of these days I am sure somebody will end up in court being the first blogger charged with contempt of court. You don’t want to be that person.


    • Thanks for sharing your opinion Dave. I did not break any suppression orders, I do not live in South Australia, I wasn’t served with a suppression order and anything I have, has been on the internet and was out there for anybody to find. Newspapers and TV news revealed this information before I decided to release it here. So Suppression orders do not work any more. They are passed there use by date. It is not like I was sitting in the courtroom and walked out and said stuff that I am putting all that on here. I just share what is already in the public domain. Think back to all the conjecture gossip, rumours and debate after Farquarson ploughed his car into a dam drowning his kids. Most people made up their minds about what happened within days. He got a fair trial more than a year later with all the stuff out there for anyone to find.

      I also stand by my statement the cops would be 110% sure before they arrested him.This is a triple murder case, in this day and age they do not get murder cases wrong. He is the only one charged. Do you think if there was another killer out there in the streets they would of arrested him too, just to be sure? There is no other suspect.

      Anyway this is what I love, we are all allowed our opinions, so thanks for your comments


      • Suppression orders need a rethink. No, you don’t live in SA but your website is accessible in SA. That’s the grey area that the law has not addressed. Pre-internet, the only way we got news was through radio, TV and print. People’s access to news was pretty much restricted to official media outlets. Now anybody can write anything on the web and it can be read by anyone. I would still be reluctant as a blogger to bypass known suppression orders. My feeling is that sooner or later somebody is going to be hauled over the coals and a precedent will be set.

        As far as I recall reading he was named on Queensland TV (not accessible by people in SA) and a regional Tasmanian online newspaper (which in my opinion they were ill-advised to do – typical carelessness of regional newspapers).

        In any case, I don’t think you really answered the question of what benefit there is in publishing his name when it seems clear that it could potentially jeopardise the case. Imagine if the case falls over because of your website (unlikely I know). Would it have been worth it just to be able to say “well at least we found out his name as soon as possible”? IMO it is not always necessarily advisable to share what is in the public domain when that info is not always appropriate.

        I don’t think Farquharson really applies because I don’t recall any information being suppressed in that case. Certainly not his name anyway. Police specifically said they wanted the Kapuda ID suppressed because of something to do with investigating an alibi. I would hate to see that compromised.

        “in this day and age they do not get murder cases wrong”

        C’mon Robbo, let’s not be that naive! I can name at least half a dozen murder trials in this year alone where people were acquitted. Some of them might have even actually been innocent ;-)


  11. Sorry Robbo… I was just saying that the death notices with the advertiser yesterday… I can scan then and send them to you if you want..

    I have been reading many of the posts and following them.. Just thought people might be interested

    Btw I’m a chick lol


  12. Hey Dave, good arguments there. I just want to point out 2 things. The most obvious,

    What benefit is there in publishing his name? Well in this case a small town, it takes away all the rumour and speculation about who it might be. Every young boy in that town is living with that cloud over their head. (The alibi thing was checked that day)

    The other one, is I should of made it a bit clearer, In meaning major sensational murders, ie multiple murders, serial killer murders. That was the point, not that every person charged with murder is found guilty.

    Thanks for your thoughts though


    • Just to add to what you have already said, the town of Kapunda already knew who the person was, and that is how I found out.
      I became interested in this case, for reasons I won’t go into as I’m obliged to adhere to a confidentiality clause. However the police would not have arrested this person had they not obtained DNA from the murder scene, I dare say it would have been from the blood that was found on the footpath and the house…DNA is quite a powerful tool for the prosecution. From what I understand it was the prosecution and not the defence who put out the supression order, and I believe it was to protect the family of the accused. I could be wrong, but that is how I understand it.


      • Could you imagine being a mother who raised a son that does something like this….. If she doesnt end up in a psychiatric ward herself, i would be surprised. I would kill my son and then myself.


  13. Hey everyone, my dad works with a brother of one of the leading detectives, i wont be saying names or locations etc. The police have multiple matching DNA samples from the accused, blood, semen and hair, hence the arrest. the main purpose of the suppression order was for people to not disclose the accused details (address, mobile number etc) as Kapunda is a very small country town and he is a well known populant.
    The accused is 18 years old, and legally an adult, his name, by law, must be disclosed in cases which concern serious crimes as its in the best interest of public safety and public awareness.


    • I thought that detectives and all other persons associated with the investigation of the murder should be keeping such information at work, not sharing it with family, who share it work workmates, followed by their child placing it onto a website in such detail. I hope that this detective gets a talking to and they haven’t released any other information that puts the conviction of the criminal at risk! Maybe the d needs to be in public relations instead….. Many cases have been lost In the past due to things like this…… Shame detective shame…….


  14. Semen? So you’re confirming there was a sexual element to things then.

    What are the possibilities then?

    1. she lets him into the house – consensual sex – argument – kills Chantelle – parents wake up – kills them
    2. he gets into the house somehow without breaking in – kills parents – rapes Chantelle at knifepoint – kills her
    3. he gets into the house somehow without breaking in – kills Chantelle – parents wake up – kills them – goes back and has sex with dying or dead Chantelle

    Assuming that he took the knife with him I have to say I think 3 is most likely. If it was all good to begin with (1) then why would he have a weapon? I doubt that he went there with the intention of going straight to the parents and killing them first (2). His first interaction surely would have been with Chantelle. This case could come down to his story vs forensic evidence.

    What do people think?


  15. Dave, in court there was another charge alleged against him and it was’nt consensual sex.
    I think she let him in as they were good friends. Perhaps he gagged her. But he certainly raped her. Kills her, or is in the act of, parent goes to investigate noises, kills that one, other one comes along, does same.


  16. chantelle is killed first, accused panicks and goes to leave the house but mum is in the kitchen and sees him, she screams and he attacks her, he continues to leave and hears dad waking up so he attacks him as he gets up.

    he stuck around after the murders to clean himself up, not play with the bodies.
    the person who dropped him off to the house said he had a bag of clothes and was staying over the night.
    after the murders he used the familys’ towels to wipe blood off his arms and then changed clothes and left.

    chantelle was killed and raped before he killed the parents. when they say she was gutted it wasnt like youd see on an autopsy. she was stabbed 40-50 times and alot of the entry wounds overlapped causing a large hole.

    my source, who is in shock still, tells me that chantelles room was “decorated” with her insides, which tells me he moved the body after the murder, which to me would be when he raped her.

    apparently his hair was found in her room, his blood in rooms of the house that didnt have the victims bodies, and semen found on chantelle.

    the above is what i have been told from a source of a reputable source..not sure what is chinese whispers and what is factual but thats what i know


    • I heard thru the grape vine that he cut her (Chantelles) heart out? And stabbed the father 180 times? What kind of human being would do this ? When an animal kills a human, the animal is destroyed. But for some reason we think its OK to put them up in a hotel for life at the taxpayers expense. The killer needs to be destroyed.


  17. you’re right…lets give him 3 years in a protected cell in a jail with living standards better than most working class people can afford. then lets give him a new identity and a house on tax payers money. he deserves it poor bloke. murdering 3 people in one night must be a little traumatic for the poor fella.
    fuck that! if he doesn’t want this shit then he shouldn’t have done it. other potential killers should watch out!


  18. Why would he serve 3 years and get a new ID?

    The Curious, that is interesting info. It sounds like (assuming he denies the murders) the forensic evidence will be crucial in establishing exactly what happened. If Chantelle was killed in her room then to me that pretty much confirms she was killed/attacked first.

    That’s really fascinating that he was planning to stay the night. As I recall, Chantelle told her boss she would not be coming in to work the following day. So surely this was an arranged sleepover? Rejected sexual advance sounds like the motive.

    What about the weapon? Did he take his own knife or use something at the scene? That would make a big difference as to intent.


    • Hi Dave, it was mentioned that he was going to stay the night, where does everyone get this information from. I was told that he told his friend that he was going to stay the night, hence the bag with clothes in it, but could it not be that he actually had a change of clothes and the weapons in the bag, that this could have been pre-meditated. He would have needed something to change into after the heinous act, otherwise he might have been seen with bloody clothes on by the security who do their rounds at a regular but random basis? It’s anyones guess what the real story is, but one thing is fact, his DNA was found in the blood at/near the scene. The girl also said that she had croup, if she had a history of having croup, then she would also have known if it was subsiding or getting worse, hence the text message to her boss. The two incidents may have been completely seperate and coincidental.


  19. She was ill Dave. Maybe she was going to try to go to work but realised , by late that night, that she would’nt be up to it.
    This bloke must be truly sick in the head.


  20. Hi all. New to this. Nagivating the site etc.
    I too, like many of you, are wondering about such a violent, brutal triple murder and feel for the innocent family slaughtered. Condolences to the surviving family member and extended loved ones.

    This horrific crime has impacted Kapunda intensively, but also impacted across Australia and elsewhere in the world. To think of an innocent family slaughtered in the sanctity of their own home between mid-night and 1.00pm when most people would be in bed asleep.

    What kind of self-serving, evil monster would do this?

    We need to see this for what it is: a violent, brutal slaughter of innocent lives and no excuse should be made for in The Law.

    Plenty of people have experienced less that satisfactory family lives, but have gone forward to develop better lives and not been inclined to ‘destroy’ the lives of others for self-satisfaction and vengeance.

    The young female victim seemed like a normal 16 year old girl, ‘innocently flirting’ with male attention as young 16 year old girls tend to do. She is not responsible for how her messages were being preceived by the accused.

    Regarding the accused, his FB page (now removed) displayed a dp of his victim and himself; the timing of this would be important; the first friend on his FB page was called “Midnight Killer’ with a dp of a huge metallic robot (wonder who this represented?). Further he enjoyed watching his victim at netball etc; he was monitoring his victim’s relationships with others; he was initiating contact with his victim. What is the meaning of his behaviour we wonder?

    Further, the songs listed on his bebo especially: ‘Tick. Tock. I’m coming. I’m coming…’
    seem ‘robotic’ and speak about vengeance and death. The content is dark and disturbing.
    It is not about love and romance at all, but seems intense, possessive and dark.

    Most young 16 year old girls would not know how to handle someone like this; the victim may have felt uncomfortable and only expressed it to close family/friends.

    This crime is a violent, brutal act to destroy his much desired object, which he could not possess, and he made sure that nobody else could have her either. Her parents mush have been in the way and were slaughtered too.It seems he was in ‘killing mode’ and just as well the neighbour next door did not come out of the house or he could have been killed too.

    We need to stand up against this kind of crime in our community and speak on behalf of those who have been tragically silenced. In my opinion, the Police/Courts have taken the right approach to supress info to ensure that the administration of justice is achieved.


    • Fuskier, As dare as I may to make a educated guess. You do sound like a well educated and informed youngster, going by your response to this awful event. Having said that, I cannot deny you have encompassed this quite tightly into something that anyone should be able to comprehend ( Depending on their knowledge of the crime) So thanks for that. (tell me I am about the mark re age) please do not make that your last post… (as I do all young people, Consider becoming a author here, and have your say)


      • He is one creepy strange weird little man….. I say let the big boys of Yatla prison take him for a while so he too can be assulted and cut up a little – just like his movies… yet they wont do that because he will die at the hands of these boys and they no that so he will go into protective custody where he can feel safe – what a joke….I say throw him in if such a little boy wants to commit a big man crime then he pays with his body and life… wont cost us tax payers that much money then. Capital punishment needs to be returned to Australia I say… Kids are running wild Like the 17 year old who murdered a 56 year old man in virginia 2 weeks ago, just crazy and wild they are…. Everyday someone is commiting murder it is just getting out of hand!! CAPITAL PUNISHMENT WHO IS FOR IT???? I AM!!!


  21. Id like to give to you a little back ground info on this little boy that cannot handle rejection. Reports have indicted he emigrated to Australia in 2004 and is said to come from Onthank, a part of Kilmarnock Scotland.
    It is said that he was infactuated with a girl before Chantelle came on the scene and she too rejected his affection. He responded by beating this girl quite badly, yet she did not lay any charges, nor did the parents try to push her into doing so. Because of this, he received nothing for this treatment of the girl. HE GOT AWAY WITH IT. So his lesson was not learnt which begins a violent pattern when rejection is to be faced and how he will deal with it.
    Chantelle was definatly a case of IF I CANNOT HAVE HER NO ONE WILL Yet it also shows to me that he went after what he wanted at all costs. This boy blacks out in rage and looses all concept of reality, he just sees red and cannot control what he is doing or thinking, which makes him a very dangerous person for may years to come. Maybe if he learnt his lesson the first time he was rejected maybe just maybe the outcome of this horrific crime might have been different? Whos to say? Can a young leapod change its spots with the right help?
    The picture you have of him with a mate eating…. well that is actually his brother on his brothers 21st if you read the posts on this he wrote “My brother looking like a retard as usual” a girl laughed at this comment and he replied “are you laughing at me? If you are laughing at my brother thats ok” He seem to have so much hate towards women, pity it would be so hard to find out why and where is all stemed from. His uncle from Kilmarnock said: “We just can’t believe it…..he is a quiet, gentle giant.” Boy were they wrong…………


  22. The accused in this case is to appear via Video Conference tomorrow, 2nd February, at Elizabeth Magistrates Court.
    Likely to be a formality, with remand to another date. This will recur until police have brief of evidence ready to proceed to committal for trial.


  23. 2/2/2011 – Suppression Order on identity of Kapunda accused has today been lifted in the Elizabeth Magistrates Court. He is Jason Alexander Downie – Scottish born.

    But we all knew that anyway.


    • We are going to have to wait a little longer to find out officially until May 25th 2011 at the earliest which is a shame, but all will be revealed, set in stone forever more sooner enough.He will not escape this crime people


  24. Robbo, I so hope you are right!! I hope there is no little glitch or hole in any evidence that this kid can escape from. I found the following via ABC news.. Its not much YET but it looks like the Prosecutors are making sure that have a tight and strong case. Id say they too never want this boy to get away because of something they too have missed. ABC report:

    April 13th 2011
    A teenager accused of killing three family members at Kapunda in South Australia has faced court on a video link.

    He was watched in the courtroom by relatives and friends of the victims.

    Jason Alexander Downie, 19, is charged with murdering 16-year-old Chantelle Rowe and her parents Rose and Andrew last November.

    It is alleged he repeatedly stabbed them at their home.

    Prosecutors told Elizabeth Magistrates Court they had provided Downie’s lawyers with a large bundle of documents.

    But they said they were still waiting on forensic pathology reports and a crime scene report, both of which would be crucial to the prosecution case.

    The matter was adjourned to May.

    This boy must never escape Justice….. because he will not escape it in society that is for sure.


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