Dupas to rot in hell, finally

Finally the Halvagis family can live in some piece, Peter Dupas hasĀ  wasted more than 3 million, yes three million dollars of tax payers money in legal aid, appeals, retrials etc when he was already sentenced to live. What a waste of money on this maggot. The family has had this drag on since their daughter was killed at her grandmas grave site back in 1997. This bastard has just laughed at the sytem and decided to suck it dry all he can. Must give him something to do in jail. What I hate about it is he probably laughs and giggles to himself at all the waste…Peter Dupas a vexatious litigant. NO MORE HULLS the people have had enough of him, and those like him

THE family of cemetery murder victim Mersina Halvagis have begged the State Government to ban her killer from appealing against his latest conviction for the crime.

The Halvagis family last night pleaded with Attorney-General Rob Hulls to ask the Supreme Court to declare serial killer Peter Dupas a vexatious litigant.

They want Dupas, whose legal fight has already cost taxpayers more than $3 million, to be denied the right to lodge any further appeal.

A Supreme Court jury yesterday found Dupas, 57, guilty for the second time of stabbing Ms Halvagis to death as she prayed at her grandmother’s grave at Fawkner Cemetery on November 1, 1997.

Dupas showed no emotion as the jury foreman announced the verdict just after 3pm. Why would he? he has no feelings, he knows he is guilty, been terrorising woman and children since his teens

Ms Halvagis’s parents, sister, two brothers and family friends and supporters were all in court to hear the verdict after a three-week trial.


Their relief was palpable but they remained silent until Dupas was led from the dock, when Mersina’s mother, Christina, told him to “rot in hell”.

The jury of nine men and three women had deliberated since Tuesday.

Ms Halvagis’s father, George, said outside court it was “time for the legal system to decide what really matters”.

“He’s been allowed to play the system at our expense for too long already and our nightmare should end here,” Mr Halvagis said.

Dupas, with three prior convictions for rape, has now been convicted of slashing to death three women.

He remains the prime suspect in the unsolved murders of three others.

His Legal Aid lawyers have appealed after each of his murder convictions. He has nothing to gain from another appeal because he can never be released from jail.

Dupas, 57, is serving life with no parole for the mutilation murders of Margaret Maher in 1997 and Nicole Patterson in 1999, and was given a third life sentence in 2007 after being convicted of Ms Halvagis’s murder.

He was granted a retrial after appealing on the ground the trial judge had misdirected the jury on identification issues.

Justice Elizabeth Hollingworth will sentence Dupas on November 30. He is likely to receive a third life sentence.

At least $3 million of public money has been spent by Victoria Legal Aid, the Office of Public Prosecutions and the courts during 33 separate legal proceedings since Dupas was first charged.

Police investigations involving Dupas are estimated to have added at least another $2.5 million to the total.

Pam O’Donnell, the mother of Nicole Patterson, said the Government and the courts should have the courage to do the right thing by his victims and their families.

“It can not be allowed to continue. Enough is enough,” Mrs O’Donnell said.

Legal experts said there was no precedent for a prisoner to be declared a vexatious litigant to thwart an appeal, but it was possible.

Mr Hulls last night called Dupas “an evil human being who will die in jail”, adding: “Having met the Halvagis family, my heart goes out to them. I hope this verdict brings them some closure.”

Now go take his computer and crap away now he has more more proceedings to Hulls and let him live in his comfy cell with nothing…

6 thoughts on “Dupas to rot in hell, finally

  1. Dupas certainly won in this case. Some might think he lost, but the facts are he’ll get free three squares a day, clean clothes every day with no laundry work required, daily exercise, and all the television he can watch. Is that Justice? Looks like he cleaned the clock of the prosecution. And, all of them should be sentenced for their crimes of not providing Justice to the victims.


  2. If he can waste at least $3m of our money for a crime he’s obviously guilty of, the system needs to change.
    That photo of the press conference with the victim’s family breaks my heart.


  3. 21/12/2010 – Summer Solstice – ‘Peter Mongrel Dupas has appealed his conviction’ is the horrific news today. This is for the 2nd guilty jury verdict in the Mersina Halvagis case. Why can’t someone do a Jeffrey Dahmer on him and put us all out of our disgust with a system that allows this to occur?

    The poor Halvagis family – he is determined to be vengeful and vindictive and make sure they never rest. Mr and Mrs Halvagis have already endured this charade for many years, and it is 13 years since Mersina’s murder. He knows he killed her in a most horrific way, and yet he persists with this farce – why? – because he can! He knows that he has killed others – at least 2 – that he has never been charged over.

    This creature conducted his first hateful vicious attack when he was 15 years old on his next door neighbour, a yound mother, and if he had been properly assessed at that time, at least 3 women would still be alive.

    What a waste of space – he has never contributed anything to this world and yet it has so far cost the taxpayer $3M for his upkeep and legal assistance. When is enough, enough???

    I hope the court refuses his application to appeal. What purpose would it serve to grant it when he is already serving 2 life sentences, never to be released? Just more thousands of dollars!


  4. Everyone has the right to appeal and so does he, as distasteful as it may seem. It’s no surprise really, that he’s appealing. He has nothing better to do with his time and has absolutely no empathy for any other human beings, including the Halvagis family. I do hope he lives long enough to confess to the other 3 murders he probably committed.


    • Yes, I agree to the right of appeal. However, there are some appeal applications lodged that are lodged just because that right exists in our system and they can lodge – not costing them anything, and whiles away the time. There is often no possibility of success.

      In this cse, Peter Dupas should be declared a vexatious litigant as Julian Knight (Hoddle St massacre) was, and put a stop to this farce. There is no hope of success in overturning the conviction (2nd) for the Halvagis murder, which is what the basis of the appeal application involves, and unless there is an error of law, there are insufficient other grounds to appeal. There is no up side to this.


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