Milat's relative charged with allegedly killing teen David Auchterlonie on his birthday

THE father of a teen allegedly murdered in Belanglo State Forest by a relative of serial killer Ivan Milat wished his son happy birthday hours before his body was found in a shallow grave.

David’s father, also named David gave permission to reveal his son’s name, has told of his anguish over his death on what was the 17-year-old’s birthday


A teenager today appeared before Goulburn Local Court today to face a charge of being an accessory after the fact.

Facts submitted to the court today alleged the four teens drove to the forest on Saturday afternoon with the intention of drinking and smoking cannabis.

The facts claim one of the teens chased and murdered Mr by hitting him to the back of the head with an axe.

Police earlier told the owner of a home that was searched that they were looking for an axe, possibly double-sided.

Police divers are still searching a small dam at Tahmoor in the southern highlands, for a possible murder weapon.



Charged … The man arrested over the Belanglo Forest murder being led away by police.

Donna Auchterlonie

Donna Auchterlonie (R), the step-mother of David Auchterlonie, being comforted at Bowral Police Station.

David Auchterlonie

David Auchterlonie …. murder victim found in the Belanglo State Forest

THE father of a teen allegedly murdered in Belanglo State Forest by a relative of serial killer Ivan Milat wished his son happy birthday hours before his body was found in a shallow grave.

David’s father, also named David gave permission to reveal his son’s name, has told of his anguish over his death on what was the 17-year-old’s birthday

“I said to him, ‘Have a good night, be good and be safe’,” Mr Auchterlonie said.

“It was his birthday, this happened on his birthday,” he said, shaking his head.

His stepmother Donna Auchterlonie said she spoke to David about 4pm and he seemed in good spirits.

“He said he was fine, he was having a good day, and he would talk to me later,” she said.

The couple said they had no idea what may have motivated someone to allegedly murder their son.

“I just don’t get it,” Mr Auchterlonie said.

“I am in two minds about what I think.

“Why would you go into the bush at 8pm at night?”

Mr Auchterlonie said his son had known the accused killer for many years.

Shaking his head and wiping away tears, Mr Auchterlonie said he wanted answers he knows he may never get.

“I can’t explain this, I don’t know what this is about. None of it makes sense,” he said.

The teenager had left school in Year 10 and was not working at the time of his death.

“He’d been to TAFE and tried a few things … he was working out his place in life,” Mr Auchterlonie said.

The family said David wanted to get the most out of life.

“We took him to the snow last year and he wanted to go up the highest mountain, that was him,” Mr Auchterlonie said.

A relative of the accused was stunned to hear the man had been charged with a murder in the same forest where Milat had killed seven backpackers.

“He’s a blood relative of Ivan but has had no contact with Ivan in jail and was brought up as a normal human being. And as far as I know, he had never been to the forest,” she said.

Yesterday Milat’s teenage relative was charged with murder. Two other men, aged 18, were charged with being accessories to murder after the fact.

Police found the body of teen David Auchterlonie in a shallow grave in Belanglo State Forest on Sunday night after a tip-off.

Police believe he died some time between 9.45pm on Saturday and 6am on Sunday.

Police will allege the group went into the forest some time after 6pm and allegedly consumed alcohol. Some time later, there was a fight and David was allegedly fatally attacked.

Empty beer bottles and marijuana were allegedly found at the scene.

The first anyone in the Milat family knew of a death in the forest was when police turned up at a property yesterday morning with a search warrant.

“They said they were searching for some sort of axe, possibly double-sided,” the Milat family member said.

“We were given very few other details, very few. I have no idea if Ivan has been told.”

The woman, a close relative of Ivan Milat’s, said no one could understand how the accused could be involved in anything like murder.

The relative was arrested and charged at 7.30am yesterday morning. During a brief appearance police made an application to carry out forensic procedures such as swabs of both hands, nail clippings, and photographs of scratches allegedly on the accused’s body.

Dressed in jeans and a white T-shirt he sat silently during the hearing and did not apply for bail, which was formally refused.

He was remanded to appear in the same court via video link on Thursday.

Chief Inspector Pamela Young of the Homicide Squad believes the actions of those arrested “led to the violent death of a boy in his late teens”. The teenager had died from head injuries.

“It would appear that they, certainly, are friends. We don’t have a reason [for the alleged murder] at this stage,” Insp Young said.

The man who tipped police off to the alleged murder, and is among those charged, was last night in protective custody.

His lawyer asked the magistrate to place his client in protection and suppress his name from the media: “My client went to police and is concerned about ramifications.”

Police are searching a dam near the forest for the alleged murder weapon.

Insp Young ruled out any link to the remains of a woman found in Belanglo in August.

She said police were shocked to find another body in the forest.

“We have all shaken our head about just the series of happenings down that way,” she said. “[The forest] has some isolation. I suppose it has some attraction to people.”

Ivan Milat is serving seven life sentences for the murder of five European and two Australian backpackers.

11 thoughts on “Milat's relative charged with allegedly killing teen David Auchterlonie on his birthday

  1. The killer (won’t name him) is probably a grandson of Ivan’s older brother Bill Milat. They live at Bargo and are even listed in the White Pages.


  2. There was a lot of chat at the time of Ivan Milat’s trial that he did not act alone and certain family members were alluded to. The way it was talked about was that in some circles it was common knowledge who his accomplices were. This was all heresay at the time and I’m just offering it up as a discussion point.


  3. If he had an accomplice then he certainly didn’t every time. For example Paul Onions, it was just him by himself.

    My gut feeling is that Ivan acted alone but that family members knew or strongly suspected what he was up to.


  4. It’s beginning to sound as though this guy was acting out some kind of sick fantasy to commit a murder at his uncle’s (or whatever) killing fields.


  5. a few things.
    the first pic is not of the killer – its the only pic they have of any of them and its actually the boy who tipped them off. there is no pics of the milat relative or the other accused murderer.

    the second pic is actually the victims birth mother – apparently the victim was raised by his grandparents from only a few months old because his parents were too interested in looking after their drug habits then looking after a baby. (dont know if thats a fact or just small town gossip – but the raised by grandparents is a fact and if you asked me to put money on the rest i probably would).

    your spot on with your first comment. bill and carol also apparently mortgaged their house to fund ivans defence and believe failthfully that he is innocent.


  6. Well excuse me anon just above! How dare you comment on his blood mother and father when you have no idea of the reasons for Davids grandparents raising him! Ill put money on if I knew who you were I would slap you in your face! What kind of human being are you when you know nothing at all about our family! David and his blood mother were very close and the reason is none of your business so why don’t you do something better with your time than judge those who are the actual people suffering from this disgusting act! Whats wrong with you!!


  7. And one more thing just imagine if this was your son that this had happened to! You should be f**ken ashamed of yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. I’ve just found this website, and i’m in love….. lol…. i’ve been interested in crime and what makes people tick since i was a little girl… When i head of Matthew Milat about a week ago, i’ve been ‘snooping’ ever since…. I have been wondering how Matthew was raised, what bad thing did David do to deserve this?, is ‘madness’ really in dna? I could go on for hours…. but i’ve got alot more of this website to read and reflect on….. I’ve read the comments above, and I don’t think it matters who raised David, the poor kid was going to have a great 17th birthday having a few cones and drinking some piss… lots of teenagers do it… my heart goes out to David and his family, all i want to know is ‘What made Matthew decide to do it’? and why did it have to be David…. if he really wanted to ‘thrill kill’ why not find a pedophile or drug dealer? I’d love to find out more about David… the victim NEVER gets enough written about them…..


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