Carnita Matthews caught out playing the racist game

I think this story is a great victory for the authorities against people making false complaints against the police.It could of ended very differently if not for Sen.Constables in dash camera capturing the whole event, sound and all. My personal opinion is these niqab (full veils) type attire should be banned in our country. To me being a non religious individual it is a form of disguise, and suppressing the woman inside them. But who is to say they could be used for criminal purposes, with anyone underneath them. This is why the cop asked her to remove it so he could see her face and check her identity against her license. She made false statements he attempted to remove her veil(which was shown to be a lie in video)She made false claims against in and has ended up with a jail term for her troubles.Tough, but a stance must be taken on the racist excuse that gets pushed around when it suits rather than when warranted. It also placed a stain on all the good police doing there job, as she stated all police are racist. Well the veil is all about her faith not race, so how it was ever anything close to racist is crazy anyway.

here is an article from the Herald Sun on the matter, a good read


Liar ... Carnita Matthews leaving Campbelltown Court House

THE crucial point about Carnita Matthews, the niqab-clad motorist who falsely claimed a police officer tried to remove her face covering, was made by the magistrate who sentenced her to six months in jail last week.

“The system would collapse, of course, if people are making false and wrong complaints to authorities,” said Magistrate Robert Rabbidge in Campbelltown Local Court.

In fact, the system has been under severe stress for years because of official cowardice and the sort of political correctness that tolerates deliberate, malicious and ruthless (Rabbidge’s words) claims such as Matthews’.

This time, the good guy won. But the odds are usually stacked against him. Sen-Constable Paul Fogarty was just lucky there was a police video camera recording his encounter with Matthews that night five months ago in Sydney’s southwest.

It was dark at 6.10pm in the southwestern Sydney suburb of Woodbine when Fogarty pulled over the black Honda Odyssey driven by Matthews, a 46-year-old mother of seven wearing a black niqab – the traditional Muslim head-to-toe covering with a narrow opening for the eyes.

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He asked for her licence and gestured for her to lift her veil so he could verify her identity. She showed him half her face. She would swear in a statutory declaration three days later that he then insisted on seeing her whole face, and touched her veil in an attempt to take it off.

The police video of the conversation shows her allegation to be false.

It also shows Fogarty exerting considerable self-restraint against a barrage of angry words.

Things turn ugly when he gives her an infringement notice for a partly obscured rear P-plate – an offence, he tells her, that carries a penalty of two demerit points and a $197 fine.

“I see what you are doing now,” she says. “Sorry, I’m not accepting that. This is clearly now racist.”

“Sorry?” says Fogarty, taken aback. “Firstly, I don’t appreciate being called racist . . . just listen, please. Don’t call me racist.”

She replies: “You are racist. I will not accept (the ticket). I’ll take you to court. I don’t care what you say, you’re not going to give me that ticket because I’ve got my P-plates on.

“You want to give me the ticket for rubbish. I’ve got seven kids.”

It’s hard not to feel a little sorry for Matthews, just a few moments from home, rushing to get dinner on the table for her large brood, being caught by a police officer determined to apply the letter of the law, unmoved by her distress, and with that passive-aggressive patient reasonableness highway patrol officers around the world have perfected.

But, rather than accepting, as the rest of us do, that this is the way of things, and that it is pointless arguing, she chose to play the race card.

For 20 minutes she abuses Fogarty and repeatedly calls him a racist, at points waggling her finger in his face.

“You know you are giving me ticket for crap,” she says. “OK. OK, go back and sit in your car,” he says.

“If you choose to take matters forward you would be wasting the court’s time. OK. Bye bye.”

She could have left it at that, or taken a legitimate avenue to dispute the fine.

But she chose to take umbrage and, even worse, to find succour with Australia’s chief Muslim umbrage-taker, Mamdouh Habib. The Egyptian-born former Guantanamo Bay detainee alerted Channel 7 to her good story of police brutality, made representations to police on her behalf and, with his wife, accompanied her to court.

The one time Socialist Alliance-backed independent NSW election candidate has become something of a cause celebre among the “moral panic”-obsessed chattering classes. Habib has made an art form of playing the racism victim, and so have others around him.

Matthews’ case could have been swept under the carpet and Fogarty left with a blemish on his record, if not for the pursuit of the story by the media.

They would have toasted Fogarty, says former detective Tim Priest. She signed a stat dec. The ticket would have been ripped up. He would have been subjected to a cultural awareness program. He was on a hiding to nothing except for that video.

Matthews is appealing against her conviction. Harsh as it may seem to lock up a mother of seven whose initial offence was a badly displayed P-plate and bad judgment in friends, it is about time someone was called to account for abusing the complaints system.

It does more than tie up court time. It damages our system of justice, increasing racial tension and leading to ever more draconian laws for the law-abiding.

19 thoughts on “Carnita Matthews caught out playing the racist game

  1. I had been thinking about this story since last week because I did not want to open up a can of worms over religion or race. But all I can do is provide the info and let you make your own opinions and accept them for what they are.


    • sorry to be getting shittee but this is a page on crime and the evil that happens to women under the name of islam is a huge crime that people are turning a blind eye to.
      this is our country and we have every right to say that women’s faces are important to their identity and not to their husbands possession. allowing the burqa is allowing domestic violence. wearing a burqa is just as ok as wearing a balaclava and trench coat around. it’s just not done! muslim women who ok this are a shame to their oppressed sisters.


    • ayaan hirsi ali suffered not because of islam, but because of her african culture. there is a difference between culture and religion. religion is part of culture, but not all aspects of culture are part of religion. some muslims hold religion above culture, while other hold culture above religion. this is seen in arab countries and in the case of what happened to ayaan hirsi ali.

      in arab countries, women are nothing because that is how they have been practising their culture for thousands of years, even before islam reached them. it’s obvious that the arab countires have gone back to the way they were before islam reached them.

      get your facts right, please.


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  3. I think the camera cams should be installed on every police vehicle to protect all parties in a dispute.
    This despicable lowlife slag should be sent to Iran so she can enjoy the freedom of all the Muslim women there !!!!!


  4. It is important to remember that the koran dictates that infidels (thaty’s you and me) are not worthy, and that it is perfectly acceptable for muslims to lie to, or deceive, infidels. Unfortunately Australian laws are so lax that it is possible for the devil to obtain citizenship here, and there is no codicil which allows for that citizenship to be revoked. Neither is there a law which forbids immigrants from defiling Australia, its flag, ts laws or its people. Just one further point though, there is also no law which forbids Australians from ripping off a face covering. If you feel that you are being deceived or victimized by these low-lifes then rip it off.


    • where does it say in the koran that ‘infidels are not worthy, and that it is perfectly acceptable for muslims to lie to, or deceive, infidels’? an interesting point, considering that i am a muslim and i have never been taught this. i have been to many religious classes and none of the people i know have said or thought this. in fact, i have been taught the exact opposite of what you’re saying.

      please tell me where it says this in the koran.


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  6. if they want to dress like this and live by these islam law go back and live in a country that does so!! this is not fair to australian people! you come live in our free country you live by our rules there is no way in hell we would get away with this if we were in there countries! SIMPLE


  7. One law for all. Who’s to know the person in a burqa in a bank isn’t a crim wanting to hold it up. Overseas, women in this garb have been known to blow themselves up and after what occurred in London in 2007 these ratbags such as Manboobs Habib are capable of doing that here. Why? Because they display their hate towards us in our own country.


    • Well this is the whole problem Alan.It is not because of “A” religion or race.I mean motorbike riders have to take their helmet off to pay petrol etc because of security concerns etc.It is an identification and safety issue. But religion should not be ahead of the law. Imagine the day we start accepting “Invented” religions as a way of by passing laws or security.What is stopping a man in a burqa sneaking into a Women’s/Children’s change-rooms at a swimming pool school, shopping centre, bloody anywhere really… for eg…Under the guise of religion nobody can question it? Is that right? It is a can of worms fair dinkum!


  8. It just shows how again that the Islamic communities are moving in on our free society, they are slowly taking over our city centres and starting from their South Western Sydney enclaves and using the Welfare system and Baby Bonus System to multiply their families, extended families and religious groups which is how this is manifesting the gradual take over. The same is happening in France and England just to name a few.


  9. As an Australian-born muslim I need to say this- She has given the media absoloute unnecessary encouragement to further disgrace ‘muslims’ reputation. Islam can be practiced, loved and followed in any society given that the person is socially literate, civilized and respectful of others (which might I add, Islam teaches!) Might I point out, there a fools among every religion and race, and they should be judged as individuals, not generallised into a category such as ‘muslim’ or ‘arab’. That’s how racism is being bred in Australia (not saying this is a case of racsim, but had racism not been part of this country, she wouldn’t have unfailry used that as an excuse). I also want to clarify that her veil is 100% not an islamic requirement, not once in the Quran does it mention that she needs to be covered from head to toe only with eyes showing. Please note that only a minority of muslims wear this, as a result of their extremism and opinion. Please do not judge muslims based on this foolish and disrespectful women, it is people like her and the ever-hungry media that are to blame for the reputation we have today.


  10. hahahaha! And in Jail you go. NSW police 1 Lying, stupid, irresponsible mother of seven 0
    May you sit in jail and be an example to others that this is a free nation that doesnt need this kind of rubbish. Waste of time. My biggest concern was a bunch of muslim men marching out of court screaming “allah akbar” and punching camera crew? i would love to round the whole lot up and put them back in their forsaken muslim countries they have run away from.


    • contradict yourself, much? you just called australia a free nation, yet you want to send people back to their own countires for being muslims and practising their religion.

      yeh, this woman did the wrong thing by accusing the police of racism and refusing to identify herself, but that doesn’t mean the whole muslim community is like her.

      don’t judge the actions of minority to be the same for majority


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