Kapunda Situation and my blog

I am baffled by this aweful tragic murder and all the interest and conjecture that goes with it.To say the circumstances surrounding it have become quite controversial is an understatement. I started this site to highlight crimes in our society that disturbed me and assumed would disturb others. It has grown enormously and this case in particular has people on both sides of the fence and some in the middle. Whilst I am doing my best by myself here I am not willing to subject my family to any sort of threat made against me for simply documenting what is already out there in the community for any one to find.

I am considering making this a private forum and as such would only be available to subscribers to both read and contribute to. In this way those that are here will be so because they chose to and not through a google search or whatever. Personally if I do not like something I see I just do not go back to it, similar to tv shows etc. But people want to seek out info and then complain about it.

I give people their voice in the comments whether I agree or not and will continue to do that. Therefore I suggest If you do enjoy the site you subscribe via the link on the left side so you can be contacted once the site goes private. There is a facility to turn search engine capability on or off.I am undecided about that, as I believe people have a right to make their own educated choice and seek what they search for freely.

Also let us not forget the sole survivng family member here

Anyone who came to this site in search of information is asked to consider the sole surviving family member of this tragic event. A trust fund has been set up for this lad, and I ask those that are able, to contact the fund and donate and help him as he bravely starts to rebuild his life.

Donations can be sent to the

Christopher Rowe Trust Fund,

PO Box 58, Tanunda 5352.

For details contact Tamara Meyers on 8653 3357 or after hours on 0422 564 272, or email [email protected] net.au

I am welcoming comments today about this situation



owner and operator

31 thoughts on “Kapunda Situation and my blog

  1. You should not be subjected to threats but as you are aware some people’s opinions are lower than their IQ.
    I subcribe to your Aussie Criminals because you state facts and provide a balanced objective.
    Making the site private somewhat defeats the purpose of exposing the issues.
    How about making the site public but the comments subscriber only?
    Keep up the good work Robbo.


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  3. Thanks Mykel, maybe that could be a solution.The other one is making a certain page password only that contains controversial stuff and anyone entering be bound by agreeing to enter by choice or something ( then again everything may end up there…) I will let the day pan out first I think


  4. It’s your site! You shZOudld be allowed to do and say what you want on it… Freedom of speech and I don’t see you breaking the law…
    Like you said.. You could make it that the only way to leave comments is by having a account with you.. Then you have the option of is they do not abide by mtgs guidelines and rules then you have the right to block them etc..
    I love this site… I love anything to do with Australian crime and this site has given me another place to view info.. Get different ideas about different cases.. I don’t think you should have to put up with people that set out just to stir up trouble!!!
    Thank you for an awesome site!


  5. I can’t believe you’ve gotten threats about all this! I don’t see how this site is any different than the news reporting on these cases. The idea about having to approve comments is a good one. I love anything to do with crime and especially Australian crime. You’re site is fantastic!


  6. I agree with you, and all the people who have left comments on this post.

    This is your site, and you make the rules, but I think by making some things private or harder to find, just because there are idiots out there who ruin it, it is defeating the purpose of having an open forum.

    The suggestion to make it necessary to be a subscriber to comment is a great idea. The articles are still there for people to read, and if they feel strongly enough about the article to make a comment, they should subscribe and have their comment approved.

    As for people making threats, I think that just comes with the site and having an opinion. As the subject matter of the site is about criminals, there will obviously be people on one side of the story or the other. If they were making threats to your face, that would be another story, but its over the internet and people will often make extreme statements because of the anonymity of the internet. Their identity could be completely made up, so what they say isn’t really accountable to them.

    I think keeping the site as it is will be the best thing you can do. Don’t give in to what these people want you to do by keeping your opinion to a select few. You by far have a lot more supporters than you do people against you.


  7. I’ll be signing up if you make it private mate :-)

    Nothing worse than keyboard bandits when people are trying to have an open discussion about things happening in our very society.. Keep up the good work Rob, it’s much appreciated :)


  8. Thanks guys and gals, I think it is worth it.People need an outlet to vent sometimes, we obviously have learnt over the last week or so what can happen when things build up inside. Much appreciated.


  9. I think going private (perhaps just on current / controversial cases) might be a good thing.

    As for the threats, refer those scum to the police.


    • Hi Dave, great to see you having a point of view on different things, hopefully these “Children” are back at school today,I sent them some private warnings about having all the info I need to take it further…cheers


      • Nice work Robbo,

        I like that you stand up for your belief in free speech and are not afraid to take it to the gutless turds that threatened you.
        I would understand and stay if you chose to make the forum private to guarantee your own well-being. That said, I do think having an open forum makes for a better discussion.

        As a subscriber can I add a pic to my avatar, or am I doomed to remain a Lego man?


        • Hi you can add a avatar or whatever they are called sure.I think you do it at a site somewhere, is it gravatar.com? then it links to where you post.Thanks I am not giving up now on the work I and my contributors have put in.Cheers


  10. Well said, again Robbo great site! You ain’t doing anything wrong, and honestly it would be a shame to see anybody say otherwise.

    If you decide to go private nobody blames ya mate! Because honestly I wouldn’t have the courage to run a blog as such – yet am glad that it exists!

    Again keep it up!


  11. Robbo
    I think your site is fantastic! Thanks for all your hard work. It’s great to be able to go to one site and get all the information about our disgusting criminals in Australia.
    I personally love the fact that you name and shame people.


    • Thanks Elle, I know a lot of people, all reasonably intelligent and they agree with what I am doing, so I gather a lot of Aussies do too, so its nice to get the support. That is not to say I don’t want opposing views here, I love debate on our topics, but I am not going anywhere, if that is what they think…cheers


  12. Hi Robbo,

    I admire your courage and hard work you put into this site.
    Generally people who threaten are nothing but school yard bullies but if making this a private forum alleviates some of the stress in your life I say do it. I’ll certainly be signing up.


    • Good point Gypsy, shame we cant get a few of them on here anonymously (of course) But I think they know there is really no such thing. Maybe one day down the track we may though…Have a good weekend


  13. I only discovered this site after googling the kapunda murders and I’m hooked. The updates are fantastic as I don’t get much time to read or watch the news. Everyone is entitled to an opionion and obviously those people sending threats through are ashamed of what’s happened for their own personal reasons. So far they are on the same level of the kid who murdered the family. Justice needs to be served in this world and if they don’t agree they should be locked up for supporting a murder or murderer or before they go out and murder someone themselves.


  14. Hi Robbo!

    You have to do whatever you must to keep your family safe, but what a shame that this has to happen. While I have only begun to research and understand these suppression orders that limit the public’s right to access information and freedom of speech in Australia, I am very disturbed with what I have learned so far. It upsets me that people who threaten instead of engaging in civilized debate are forcing a valuable public forum to limit its own accessibility in any way.

    You really do an awesome job with this site. Especially in cases like the tragedy in Kapunda, the public doesn’t just need a forum to obtain and discuss the facts of a case to merely satisfy their curiosity. In a world where these kind of unpredictable horrifying crimes seem to occur more and more people need a place to discuss and understand because it helps them to process how all of this affects us emotionally.

    Stay safe, mars



  15. Hey a visitor from the states (well one who admits it) Thanks mate. I am doing what the this shitty government does not provide.A forum for the feelings of this country. They think an election every 4 years is our say….

    In all honesty fuck that. Crimes, abhorrent disgusting crimes make us sick.

    And when they try and hide the facts from us they are doing the opposite of what they are trying to achieve. If they bloody stated the facts there would be no gossip.

    Instead they hide behind their desks and judges table (for want of a better or correct word)Hand out orders to suppress info they consider too hot to handle and pass the buck.

    My site proves people who are sick of this nonsense and believe if the cops feel they have enough evidence to arrest well then that is it. Lay it out.Otherwise make the evidence act harder, do not deny the public the right to know about the people charged with crimes in our neighbourhoods


  16. Hi

    Well done on the site it is thought provoking and allows all to have a say. I have worked within the justice area in the past as a social worker (dont roll your eyes! :-) and sometimes I will say supression orders are necessary when awaiting a trial. If information is made public before a perpetrator has their day in court they can actually walk away. So although we all talk of freedom of speech, something that we all love the idea of, but really is quite impractical on many levels we could be releasing many “perps” back into our community with no punishment or record of convictions. Supression orders do have their place – its more who has the right to suppress that I would be questioning.

    Keep up the grand work!


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