Michael Farrugia admits to killing Des 'Tuppence' Moran

That was no surprise, but good to see  a seasoned crim turn dog  for a bit of self presevation. Shame he is probably going to hame to live a pretty lonely life in protective custody though…

Michael Farrugia (hiding) driven in to the Melbourne Magistrates Court

A MAN has pleaded guilty over the shooting death of Des “Tuppence” Moran and agreed to give evidence in the prosecution case.

Justice Lex Lasry was told Michael Sam Farrugia, 47, has provided two statements to homicide detectives.

Judy Moran, Suzanne Kane, and Geoffrey Armour have also been charged over the murder.

Farrugia, who was one of two alleged shooters, was alone in the dock of the Supreme Court today when the manslaughter charge was read to him and he replied in a  clear voice “guilty”.

Michael Farrugia who is charged with the murder of Des 'Tuppence' Moran

The maintenance fitter then entered the witness box, where he agreed he had provided police with statements on November 16 and 22.

Prosecutor Claire Quin asked: “You have given an undertaking to give evidence in accordance with the two statements” and Farrugia replied: “Yes, I am”.

Des Tuppence Moran, shot dead

Mr Moran was gunned down on June 15 after he finished a bowl of soup at his favourite cafe.

Farrugia was charged with murder, along with Ms Moran, 65, who was the victim’s sister-in-law, Mr Armour, 44, and Ms Kane, 45.

Farrugia, known as Fudge, was alleged to have been one of two gunmen who witnesses saw running from the scene.

On March 17, 2009 there was an attempt on the life of Des Moran in the driveway of his Langs Road home when a shot was fired at the driver of his car.

The bullet hit the steering wheel, missing the driver and Mr Moran who was in the passenger seat of his Mercedes-Benz

6 thoughts on “Michael Farrugia admits to killing Des 'Tuppence' Moran

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  2. Manslaughter is a bullshit plea. What, he went there without the intention to kill Moran? Please. If it means bringing the other 3 down I guess it’s worth it, but talk about dodging a bullet.

    Also, for anyone thinking of committing a murder or any other crime for that matter, don’t bother. Someone ALWAYS dogs no matter how loyal they seem.


    • Dave they offered him a plea down in agreeing to assist the crown in convicting the others Id say. Might give him a chance to get out one day, but he will be a marked man for quite a while you would think!


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