Judge lists issues for Keli Lane jurors

It is near the end, we need justice for Tegan Lane readers

KELI Lane should be found not guilty of murdering her baby if jurors believe there is a reasonable possibility the child is alive, the trial judge says.

Justice Anthony Whealy also said she should be acquitted if there is a reasonable possibility Lane handed the child over to another person.

He was addressing the New South Wales Supreme Court jury today at the trial of Lane, 35, who has pleaded not guilty to murdering two-day-old Tegan on September 14, 1996.

The former water polo champion told police she handed Tegan over to the baby’s natural father – whom she first named as Andrew Morris, then Andrew Norris – a man with whom she had a brief and secret affair.

The crown contend he is a fictitious person.

Justice Whealy told the jury the principal issues for trial could be “simply stated”.

Firstly, if there was a reasonable possibility Tegan was alive, the jurors must find Lane not guilty. RUBBISH, A CHILD JUST VANISHES, AFTER MASSIVE NATIONAL SEARCH/ OF COURSE NOT BECAUSE SHE IS DEAD

Secondly, she must be acquitted if there was a reasonable possibility she handed the child over to Tegan’s father, Andrew Norris; or to a person other than Norris who was the father; or to any other person.

So what is left, she killed her daughter, for being an inconvenience, that’s what

Thirdly, if the jurors were satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that Lane, by a deliberate act caused the death of Tegan and it was done with intent to kill her, she should be found guilty.

Despite the great volume of evidence and the length of the trial, “the issues are very stark and simple indeed”.

“The resolution of those issues is not an easy one for you,” he added, adding it required great care and caution.

The judge referred to evidence about Lane having two terminations, three secret pregnancies and adopting out two of those children.

“Perhaps they are not decisions you or I would have made,” he said, but he told the jurors they were not to pass moral judgment on Lane.

He was continuing his address to the jurors, who are expected to retire on Monday.

4 thoughts on “Judge lists issues for Keli Lane jurors

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  2. Rina, the answer is she had an immediate problem. Had to get to a wedding with her boyfriend and maintain her image. There was no time to do anything but kill Tegan.

    Also, she’s not even claiming she adopted Tegan out. She just gave her away to the biological father who, as the Crown has pointed out, apparently despised Keli yet just accepted he must be the father and took the baby without any further inquiry.

    Hope she gets what’s coming. Unfortunately, even if she’s found guilty we know she won’t get a harsh sentence because nobody except her knows exactly what she did or why. Plus she’s a woman.


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