UPDATE-DNA confirms human remains are Zahra Baker's

This awful story just gets worse with all sorts of things being suggested. I think over the next day or 2 there will be a couple of major arrests as the net closes in on the major players in this beautiful courageous girls premature death. Those involved in her death are going to be run over burning hot coals to get to the bottom of this. I cannot even think about her life in the weeks leading up to that time. So many let Zahra down when all she keep doing was give and stand up every time something went wrong…

Police have confirmed human remains found near a river bank last month are those of murdered Australian girl Zahra Baker, 10

NORTH Carolina police have confirmed DNA taken from human remains found near a river bank last month match 10-year-old Australian girl Zahra Baker.

The match was made from bones found in the Dudley Shoals area of Caldwell County, a short drive from Zahra’s home in Hickory.

The announcement follows the release of horrifying details in the murder investigation from unsealed police warrants, including allegations Zahra’s Australian father, Adam Baker, helped dispose of her prosthetic leg by wrapping it in a rubbish bag and tossing it in a skip.

Zahra’s American stepmother, Elisa Baker, was identified as the source of many of the allegations contained in the warrants, including information such as “latex gloves were used while the body of Zahra Baker was dismembered”.

One warrant states: “It was relayed from Elisa Baker through lawyer Lisa Dubbs that a car cover and a bed comforter used to conceal and transport the body parts of Zahra Baker were thrown into the (skip)”.

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In another disturbing allegation in the police warrant, a source told investigators that Zahra had been left at a house with two men who raped her. One of the men was asked if they “killed the little girl” and the man said “they might have hit her in the head”, according to the warrant.

Hickory police were alerted on October 9 that Zahra, who was born in Wagga Wagga, NSW, and had her lower left leg amputated aged five after a battle with bone cancer, was missing.

Adam Baker, who moved to the US with his daughter two years ago, has not been charged in connection with Zahra’s disappearance.

Elisa Baker has been in custody since October 10 and has been charged with obstruction of justice in relation to a fake ransom note, which police say she admitted to writing to mislead investigators.

Hickory police say they are still waiting on a DNA profile for Zahra to be created, using cheek swabs taken from Adam Baker and Zahra’s biological mother, Emily Dietrich, who visited North Carolina from Wagga Wagga last month.

The DNA match with the bones announced on Wednesday used a sample taken from personal items believed to belong to Zahra.

Police said last month they had collected enough physical evidence to believe she was dead, after confirming another bone and a prosthetic leg found dumped in bushland belonged to Zahra.

Yesterday’s Story that I hoped was wrong

THE father of murdered Australian girl Zahra Baker allegedly helped wrap her prosthetic leg in a rubbish bag and threw it in a dumpster, it has been claimed in police warrants.

Documents unsealed yesterday provide a grisly narrative from Zahra’s stepmother, Elisa Baker, about what was done with Zahra’s body after the 10-year-old died in the United States.

Elisa Baker, in custody on an obstruction of justice charge, told police Zahra – who wore a prosthetic leg and hearing aids after a battle with cancer – was dismembered by someone wearing latex gloves.

Through her lawyer, Elisa Baker admitted she and her Australian husband, Adam Baker, wrapped Zahra’s prosthetic leg in a white rubbish bag and threw it in a dumpster.

She also said she and Adam Baker dumped a mattress and box springs that belonged to Zahra at a rubbish dump.

Since Zahra was reported missing from her home in Hickory, North Carolina on October 9, speculation has focused on what role, if any, Elisa and Adam Baker might have played in the girl’s fate.

Both have denied any wrongdoing in the case, and no one has been charged over her death.

The documents also disclose that an unnamed source told police that two men – at least one of whom was acquainted with Elisa Baker – had raped Zahra.

The records don’t reveal how Zahra died.

But one document says a source told police that two men – at least one acquainted with Zahra’s stepmother – may have hit her in the head.

The records represent the most detailed account to date of what might have happened to the Australian girl who moved to North Carolina with her father two years ago after he met Elisa Baker online.

The details are contained in search warrants that remained secret until Superior Court Judge Nathaniel Poovey ordered them unsealed on Tuesday.

Poovey’s ruling came in response to US media outlets that requested access to the warrants, which are public records.

Prosecutors had sought to keep the documents from public view, saying disclosure could undermine the ongoing investigation or jeopardise the right of defendants to receive a fair trial.

But in a hearing on Tuesday, Poovey denied a request to stay his ruling to unseal the documents.

Among the details contained in the documents, Elisa Baker’s lawyer, Lisa Dubs, told an investigator that latex gloves were used while Zahra’s body was dismembered. Dubs also said investigators might find remains in the bathtub drain at the Bakers’ Hickory home.

Through her lawyer, Elisa Baker said she and Adam Baker dumped a mattress and box springs that belonged to Zahra at a garbage dump in Granite Falls.

Elisa Baker directed investigators to the Fox Ridge apartments in Hickory. Through her lawyer, she admitted that she and Adam Baker wrapped Zahra’s prosthetic leg in a white trash bag and threw it in the apartment dumpster.

Police gave Elisa Baker a polygraph test about Zahra’s disappearance. Among the questions were: “Did you hurt Zahra?”; “Do you know if anyone has done harm to that child?”; and “Do you know the person who wrote that ransom note?”

Elisa Baker showed deception on all three questions, according to the documents.

The investigation into Zahra’s disappearance began on October 9, hours after the Hickory Fire Department responded to a mulch pile fire behind the Bakers’ home.

On October 10, a search and rescue dog gave a positive alert for the presence of human remains in or on two vehicles located at the Baker’s home.

Eight days later, police said they believed Zahra was a victim of homicide. Police named Elisa Baker in the document as a suspect in Zahra’s murder.

Elisa Baker remains in jail, charged with obstruction of justice, after police say she admitted writing a fake ransom note to mislead investigators.


5 thoughts on “UPDATE-DNA confirms human remains are Zahra Baker's

  1. Firstly why on God’s green earth would you write a false ransom note and then be able to provide the police with the additional details surrounding Zahra’s disappearance, followed by disposing of certain items belonging to Zahra unless you were directly or indirectly involved in her death????
    Makes you wonder what the hell was going on in that house!!!!
    As a Mother I can’t understand why her own Mother would have ever consented to her living in the US in the first place, given her early battle with cancer…..particularly to go and live with a Woman her Father met on the internet!!!! All seems rather odd to me.
    It sounds like this little girl drew the short straw on more than one occassion during her short life and it is about time someone stood up and gave her a voice.
    I am constantly amazed and saddened at the depth that we humans can stoop to when it involves the abuse of children. The community definitely failed this young child and should be ashamed of themselves.
    Look forward to the arrests and hopefully justice will be served on a very large platter!!!


  2. Hey Jules,
    I didnt follow this case much as in america but then again it doesnt matter where it an innocent life was still taken butwhat I would like to know – if you do know WHY wasnt she living with the biological mother, or where their visits by the biological mum or even phone calls.
    Poor little girl. I suppose thats the difference from being in America to here doesnt matter if you kill children, adults black or white at least they still have the death penalty..


  3. I have followed this tragedy from day one. Emily the biological mother was diagnosed with severe depression when Zahra was two year old she left Zahra in Adams care until she was well.

    Adam had moved around country towns avoiding Emily. Emily never stopped searching for Zahra, she finally found them in the U.S three days prior to her missing..it appears that Adam and Stepmother had an arguement over this which was heard by Zahra who confronted her Dad, she was led to believe her Mother abandoned her.

    Emily has written her story, so sad, I read it today but cannot remember what site.

    You will find the honest and full story at HINKY METER.COM an excellent read.

    Zahra…you have been found and in wonderful care.


  4. I think it is disgusting that because I live in the outback and do not support Adam Baker….I believe he is guilty….and I believe child killers should recieve the death penalty..that this was said to me..as my best friend was murdered…
    She constantly attacks people on Facebook who says anything negative about Adam baker….
    I corrected this woman for saying lovey…..is disrespectful…..
    I however never said I live with Aborigines……and so what if I did….this woman needs to be exposed….
    Facebook….The Zahra Project….

    Melinda Thomson
    No it’s not Stephanie. Tonnes of people use lovey, I call my daughters lovey. I think you mentioned you were a red neck living with the Aborigines – maybe lovey has a different meaning out there! Get a grip & move on lovey!


  5. She is related to Adam Baker and has this attraction for him.
    Very jealous of Emily, and assisted Adam Baker to leave Australia.
    Watch out for Melinda she is dangerous and unbalanced, she claims to hate EB, and I am sure that EB hates her.
    Had a rough unbringing.


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