Babysitter says she knows nothing…

The more I read about this the more questions I find myself creating about the tragedy. A little baby has died but I am not so sure the babysitter is a factor or not. Investigations are continuing, but a mum herself, young ones home, taking a paying job to then purposely injure the child? It does not add up yet. I will put the word out there, some maybe thinking what I am, that word is scapegoat. Sadly whatever happened.A small child is dead, and we need to find out why! But lets see what happens There are no names mentioned, just theories at the moment

UPDATE 7.18pm: A 27-year-old babysitter said she did everything “like normal” when she was caring for a baby girl who later died.

The woman has told police she was with her own three-year-old and 18-month-old children when the parents discovered their baby was unconscious on Friday.

Police said the baby’s parents from suburban Maidstone, had dropped the 10-month-old girl off at the babysitter’s home in nearby Kensington about 8pm and picked her up just after 11pm.

They immediately rushed her to the Royal Children’s Hospital, where she underwent emergency surgery.

It is understood the child died from an aneurysm.

The babysitter said she did not know what had happened to the girl.

“I do exactly like normal, everything,” she told Channel Seven tonight.

“I’m a mother, got two kids you know. Something turn up – it’s bad and I still not know anything. Until now, I still know nothing.”

Det Insp Potter said the babysitter had been employed by the couple to watch their baby previously and had been looking after their baby while they attended a “social gathering”.

Homicide squad Det Insp John Potter said the babysitter had provided police with an account of her time with the baby, but had been unable to explain her injuries.

“Her account doesn’t include any injuries to the baby,” he said.

“The parents are distraught, you would have to say, and they’ve maintained a bedside vigil at the Royal Children’s Hospital until such time as the child passed away last night.”

Det Insp Potter said it appeared the baby girl had sustained head injuries, which could have resulted from being shaken.

“My understanding is babies’ bones are quite brittle and receive injuries from things such as shaking. Not to say that’s the case here, but we have to keep an open mind,’’ he said.

“It’s still too early to speculate as to the cause of this particular death.”

Det Insp Potter said police would not be able to determine when the baby had been injured until the results of a post mortem were made available.

Police have spoken to several people, including neighbours, but are yet to charge anyone over the incident or formally interview the baby’s parents.

Anyone with information in relation to death is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or visit

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