Child killer Robert Arthur Selby Lowe running jail sex ring

Is this how we expect child killers to be treated in our jails, Free bloody reign of the joint to do what they like when they like, Computers,USB sticks? Porn? How about hard labour and NO comforts, education, or rehab for lifers!!!! There are law abiding people on the streets doing it tougher than this scum bag is in jail. The new premier of Victoria is going to cut the spin from Government, lets see his reply to this bullshit.I am fed up with this sort of rubbish

A PRISON source says staff can’t stop technology smuggling after it was revealed that an evil child killer is running a depraved sex ring from inside one of Victoria’s jails.


Pervert and child Killer Robert Arthur Selby Lowe, running porn shop from jail

Robert Arthur Selby Lowe, who is serving a life sentence for the abduction, rape and murder of six-year-old Sheree Beasley, has recruited a gang of villains to smuggle child porn into Ararat prison.

A prison whistleblower told the Herald Sun Lowe had access to a steady supply of child porn, which he accessed on prison computers via smuggled USB sticks and memory cards.

A prison guard, who wished to remain anonymous, told today that prison staff were powerless to stop the smuggling of USB and memory cards into prison.

“We can’t pick them up,’’ he said. “They’re hiding them internally.’’

The guard said Lowe had unhindered access to computers in the prison’s education department and was also involved in a church group.

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“You can bet he’s not talking about God,’’ he said.

The whistleblower claims Lowe, aided by a notorious police shooter, is using a prison sex program run out of the prison’s Children’s Visit Centre to groom young prisoners to be paedophiles.

“He’s been the chairman of these sessions,” the prison source told the Herald Sun. “He’s using the program to groom young, mentally ill inmates, and turning them into sick monsters like himself.”

Sheree Beasley was riding her bike from local shops to her home in Rosebud on June 29, 1991, when Lowe lured her to a merciless death.

People Against Lenient Sentencing spokesman Steve Medcraft said Lowe should be immediately moved back to a tougher prison. “How you can have a child killer at Ararat is beyond me. They should be in a hardened cell at Port Phillip or Barwon,” he said.

The S.H.A.R.E prison program – developed after repeated requests by inmates for a support program for gay prisoners – openly promotes sex between inmates, stating: “It’s just jail sex, you’re not gay (unless you kiss)”. The depraved ring includes career rapists, including a man who raped a woman only moments after walking from court on sex offences.

“Most of these guys they’re preying on shouldn’t even be there, they’re mentally ill,” the source said. “These guys are taking them in, getting them in debt then moving them on to the USBs … before long they’ve dumped their wives or girlfriends and are living with these sickos.”

Corrections Victoria defended the program, explaining that it was “one of a number of programs aimed at supporting prisoners and assisting with their re-integration back into society”.

The source, who now fears for his life, claims to have seen Lowe and other sex fiends watching child pornography on prison computers.

The contraband is allegedly smuggled into prison by visitors or picked up from secure locations while inmates are working outside prison walls.

Corrections Victoria said prison staff carried out regular searches of prisoners and their cells as well as regular audits of computer equipment used by prisoners to ensure they did not view contraband. It said prison staff supervised all program sessions.


  • paul Posted at 6:43 AM Today

    of course the prison staff monitor everything…and Carl Williams is still alive,,,hmmmmmm…come on Ted, lose the computers, the tellys and everything else namby pamby Hulls introduced…prison is for punishment.

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  • gra Posted at 6:53 AM Today

    WTF. Who allowed the moving of gay prisoners together so they can have sex. If that is going to the ‘accepted’ in prisons why not have women in male prisons. Labor and the Green’s have a lot to answer for and it will take years for Ted to undo the mess they have put Victoria into. If Labor had got back in with the Greens, what would we have got next? Gay marriages, adoptions and little apartments in prison.

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  • MAI of Melborune Posted at 7:17 AM Today

    Stop Pampering Criminals Why are these people given access to Computers? They should have have access to written materials (books etc) that are issued by the prison authority, no materials from visitors should be allowed. The sooner we treat these people as ‘criminals’ the better – get rid of all the softly softly ‘human rights’ pampering and get tough on the criminals, they don’t think about the rights of the humans lifes they destroy from their criminal acts.

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  • PAUL of Melb. Posted at 7:23 AM Today

    You have got to be kidding. If this stuff is going on then Corrections Victoria is rotten to the core. Ted fix this and lock these sicko’s away from each other.

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  • Mad mad world of Melbourne Posted at 7:25 AM Today

    And this is why we need back the death penalty!

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  • sue of essendon of essendon Posted at 7:33 AM Today

    this is really sick stuff

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  • Carolyn of Townsville Posted at 7:39 AM Today

    How do these slimey characters even have access to computers……’s wrong. They should be in solitary confinement for most of their day………..they are not human and should not be treated as such.

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  • Helen of Troy Posted at 7:43 AM Today

    Correction Victoria you are no better than these scum. This is an absolute disgrace and needs to stopped right now. When is Victoria going to wake upto itself and stop all this touchy touchy feely crap. Ted its time you showed us what you are really made off.

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  • Belinda of northern vic Posted at 8:01 AM Today

    Oh i love the last sentence “It said prison staff supervised all program sessions”….mmmm if that is the case then why has this been going on for so long? or is it the screws are in on it as well? put these sick bastards in a cell, lock the door and never let them out, they don’t deserve to have the privilege of having any contact with any humans, they’re like rabid dogs, they’ll never get better they need to be kept away from everyone else!

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  • Fred Bloggs of Castlemaine, Posted at 8:19 AM Today

    These Civil Rights Activists need to be on the receiving end of this sickness in our gaols. That’d make them change their mewling tunes. In gaol equals NO RIGHTS! They were sacrificed by committing the crime.

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  • Paul the Oracle of Olympus Posted at 8:21 AM Today

    AS I said. NO TV or internet in Prisons. Educational books only, even music should be vetted. And separate Prisoners from the evil influence of each other. It is PRISON for God’s sake.

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  • Sonya of Truganina Posted at 8:23 AM Today

    These kind of people so should be locked away, have the keys destroyed and be forgotten. Makes me sick to the stomach to think how can they feed off little innocent children. As I always say the human is the most dangerous animal on the planet. I vote for CAPTAL punishment.

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  • Tougher sentences for sickos of Victoria Posted at 8:24 AM Today

    these are some very sick people, and should be treated like that. One hour of ‘freedom’ per day, outside, no access to other people within the jail, let them sit in a tiny cell for 23 hours a day, alone, to think about and hopefully regret what they have done to get themselves into this position. And by doing this, it MIGHT stop others from reoffending, cause if its sooo bad and the thought of having just their own company for 23 hours a day for many many years isnt enough to stop them doing the crime, then let them rot. While they are in, they could get some kind of education, to help better themselves once out. Might take more money to keep them like this, but what is the alternative… and I think in the end it would save money, and lives.

    Comment 13 of 70

  • johnno the aussie of rosebud Posted at 8:28 AM Today

    where is the justice in this ,when do they get punished,change the law so these sickos get put to death!!!!

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  • Justin Posted at 8:38 AM Today

    two word…chemical castration.

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  • moose of the north Posted at 8:40 AM Today

    I hate the way that america sues for anything , but you clowns that let this sort of thing go on in jails because of your do gooder attitudes should be able to be held responsible for not doing your jobs . It amazes me that anywhere else in any form of employment , if you dont do your job properly and do what your paid to do , your gone . Why is it so different in the government sector ?

    Comment 16 of 70

  • Jo of Frankston Posted at 8:49 AM Today

    Its about time we go back to the death penalty! Less sickos in the world the better of we will all be!

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  • ANGRY Posted at 8:49 AM Today

    Theyre obviously not even being punished, just locked up there because society wouldnt accept anything less but no real punishment for the crimes they have commited, gay sex, computers and mobile phones? group discussions approved of by authorities to defile more innocent young people…..what a cruel unjust world we live in, how can any child have faith in the justice system if they are this soft on the very people who would have hurt them as a child!

    Comment 18 of 70

  • Twitchy of Geelong Posted at 8:52 AM Today

    Finding this very hard to believe, very hard….Lowe is one of the most despised men in the prison system – the fact that he is supposedly in charge of anything at all would make you doubt the truth to this story. Paedophiles do not run the prisons, they live in seclusion within them due to fears for their safety – don’t let any “source” tell you differently.

    Comment 19 of 70

  • ICT Guru Posted at 8:55 AM Today

    The world wont be a worse place if prisoners in jail dont have access to computers and the internet.

    Comment 20 of 70

  • Al of Melb of Hoppers Crossing Posted at 9:10 AM Today

    the only computer he should see is the on attached to the electric chair!!

    Comment 21 of 70

  • Lorry of Melbourne Posted at 9:15 AM Today

    These are perverted filthy scum and they have access to computers? What an absolute disgrace by Corrections Victoria! If the prisoners are monitored then someone is turning a blind eye if they can get away with this filth. Take the computers off them and put them in a more hardened prison and stop giving these fithy animals what THEY want! They didn’t give their victims any mercy! Disgraceful state of affairs! Mr Baillieau, do something about this and stop these criminals in their tracks NOW!

    Comment 22 of 70

  • Gary of Geelong Posted at 9:16 AM Today

    Sick Sick Sick ! Big Ted it is time to start doing what we elected you to do.

    Comment 23 of 70

  • Elizabeth Tuck of Hoppers Crossing Posted at 9:21 AM Today

    Corrections Victoria defended the program, explaining that it was “one of a number of programs aimed at supporting prisoners and assisting with their re-integration back into society”. WOW these sickos must think they are really something!!!!!!!!!!! This ex religious married father should never be allowed to see the light of day nor have access to computers put him in the hardened cells where he belongs. It makes me sick to my stomach.

    Comment 24 of 70

  • deb Posted at 9:23 AM Today

    Take away the computers now!!!!our justice system and jails are an embarresment!!!

    Comment 25 of 70

  • Unimpressed of Melbourne Posted at 9:24 AM Today

    Why do these CRIMINALS even have access to the internet let alone computers? They are in prison for goodness sake. They should be doing hard labour in the yard not surfing the net for porn. Ted you have got to stop this rubbish. My tax money should not be spent on the internet and even computers for these scumbags. If they want an education they can get it and pay for on the outside like the rest of us. I should not have to pay for the education of a scumbag in gaol. Hard labour while in gaol and when they have done their time they can educate themselves on the outside and juggle a work/study existence like normal law abiding citizense on the outside. These scumbags get far too much in prison and I am sick of it!

    Comment 26 of 70

  • Ken of the Outer East Posted at 9:27 AM Today

    Given many of these cockroaches will someday leave prison free men what do the detractors of these programs suggest should be done, (not what shouldn’t be done), to do something the reduce the likelihood of them violating other children? It’s an an understandable emotive issue but as the law currently stands they unfortunately will one day be released and something has to be done and is.

    Comment 27 of 70

  • Jack of the sea Posted at 9:31 AM Today

    After reading this, can any of you bleeding hearts out there convince me why we shouldn’t reintroduce the death penalty?

    Comment 28 of 70

  • Keith of Melbourne Posted at 9:32 AM Today

    ACCESS TO COMPUTERS? When is this stupidity going to stop?

    Comment 29 of 70

  • L Ross Posted at 9:33 AM Today

    What an evil dangerous disgusting excuse for a human being. He is grooming other (vulnerable and mentally ill) inmates to become pedophiles. Who does he think he is – let him loose into the main stream prison and see how he gets on. I have honestly never heard of anything more evil and depraved.

    Comment 30 of 70

  • jamie of canberra Posted at 9:38 AM Today

    Why do these people have any rights at all? Reintegration? You are talking about someone so far outside the boundaries of our society that there is simply no excuse for him to even be on the list for rehabilitation. My thought..when he gets out, you need to house him next door to the people who advocate his rights. Some will say this is silly, but really, YOU ant him released and re-integrated, then YOU live next to him!!! Put your mouth where OUR money is! Society has rules for a reason, when you consistently step outside the rules, you show you no longer have a place in the society.

    Comment 31 of 70

  • Enforcer of Melb Posted at 9:38 AM Today

    Come on Ted, we’ve put our faith in you & you now have the power to show us Victorians what you’re really made of & set an example for the rest of Australia & the self engrossed Labour heads of state therein….lets start by looking at the prison system in Indonesia, Singapore, Bali, Vietnam, Malaysia, Fiji & the like….here you do the crime & really do the time! There are no holiay camps with ‘untouchable’ backward men & women of orgnisations like Corrections Victoria pampering criminals needs & making absurd statements about “re-habilitating inmates for re-integration back into our society”…the majority of the general public don’t want these vermin re-integrated into our society. It’s time to take control & rid the system of these bureaucratic imbiciles who continually protect the scum that bleed our tax funds at the Hilton Barwon, Hilton Port Phillip etc & protect their own self serving inadequacies. Enoughs enough Ted, loose the computers, internet, newspapers, magasines, law books, mobile phones, land lines, outside gifts etc because prisoners have no rights, thats why their locked up & most should be doing hard time, not growing vegetables & gardening in their sex havens!

    Comment 32 of 70

  • AJ of Melbourne Posted at 9:38 AM Today

    Come on, is this for real, about time we made prison, prison. Get rid of televisions, computers etc., just 4 walls and a bed for 23 hours a day. Make these scum suffer.

    Comment 33 of 70

  • Meaubont of Melbourne East Posted at 9:42 AM Today

    Another ‘top of the list’ job for you Big Ted. Jail time is supposed to be “out of society”, so how come computers, television news papers etc are allowed ? And why is taxpayers money used to educate prisoners to gain a law degree which they will never be allowed to use ?

    Comment 34 of 70

  • The Boss of Guess… Posted at 9:45 AM Today

    Don’t worry, their of reckoning is not to far away……….

    Comment 35 of 70

  • Annika of Melbourne Posted at 9:49 AM Today

    Does anyone seriously believe that you can ‘rehabilitate’ a child sex offender? I seriously doubt that you can and it is probably pointless to try, they choose chile victims for a reason, they are the most defenceless. While I normally take a progressive view of justice/corrections issues in this instance I am with everybody else and I hope that sanity prevails and these creatures are treated accordingly, they should be stripped of all access to computers and placed in solitary confinement for a long time.

    Comment 36 of 70

  • Cassandra of Carrum Posted at 9:50 AM Today

    You sick, sick bastards … & yes I’m talking about our government allowing this crap to go on. These people should not under any circumstances have access to computers, tv, radio or anything that links them to the outside world – they have already proveven they cannot live like normal human beings. They should all be put into maximum security & PUNISHED! Our government needs to pull their fingers out & actually start treating criminals like CRIMINALS!!!

    Comment 37 of 70

  • Alan Martin Posted at 9:51 AM Today

    Farout this is disgusting, sounds like a paedo love in!! These people are not capable of being rehabilitated, they need to be punished severely. Short of bring back the death penalty for these types of vile trash (which it should be), they should be forced to work on chain gangs breaking rocks and digging holes in the desert so they don’t have enough time to think about raping kids. Show them the same mercy they show their victims. If they won’t break rocks put them in solitary for the rest of their stinking lives.

    Comment 38 of 70

  • sm of brisbane Posted at 9:52 AM Today

    this is one of the most disturbing things i have read in a long time….. it beggars belief that this is what society feels is appropriate punishment? Surely prison and prison conditions needs to reflect the general feeling of our entire society especially for people that pray on the most vulnerable within our world…for goodness sake – this is just breeding more and more depravity – the prison system is totally accountable for whatever monsters are created within in its walls – what hope have you got for rehabilitating if this is what is happening??? Disgusting.

    Comment 39 of 70

  • rossco of werribee Posted at 9:52 AM Today

    Cmon Teddy, you can stop the filth, do it and you’ll be premier for twenty years.

    Comment 40 of 70

  • Sarah of Melbourne Posted at 9:57 AM Today

    Simple Solution – cut off computer access in prison. Its prison not a holiday camp.

    Comment 41 of 70

  • victor of dandenong Posted at 9:59 AM Today

    Corrections victoria?another government dept that couldn’t care less.Trying to push something like this aside is entirely beyond comprehension.This should not be pushed aside,let us remember poor little Sheree & take positive action.What ere these sick mongrels doing with privileges like computers anyway?

    Comment 42 of 70

  • LisaM of Melb Posted at 10:02 AM Today

    How can this monster be in Ararat? Just look what he has done, if you cant remember the crime just look it up on the web and you will be horrified.

    Comment 43 of 70

  • Jules of Girl about Town Posted at 10:04 AM Today

    what???? this is the absolute SCUM of EARTH..and they are able to do this!!! lets get real here these oxygen theives dont deserve 3 meals a day little alone access to a computer or TV..this is HUGE kick inthe guts for anyone who has been a victim!! wish they would just drop dead painfully!!

    Comment 44 of 70

  • Nektarios Hondros of Melbourne Posted at 10:07 AM Today

    How the f*** do you allow this to happen, and yet defend it. Corrections Victoria you need to wake up and bring back good old pentridge prison. They were the days when you used to be scared to even look at the prison walls, let alone think of what goes on in there. The prison system now is a 5 star hotel that needs to be changed.

    Comment 45 of 70

  • spike of oak park Posted at 10:09 AM Today

    easy the are in jail no [email protected]@@ computers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Comment 46 of 70

  • openslather of werribee Posted at 10:09 AM Today

    Simple solution.Lobotomise anyone who is sent to Ararat.

    Comment 47 of 70

  • Alex of Melb Posted at 10:10 AM Today

    Good comment AJ. But judges need to reflect community opinion too. Get rid of suspended sentences. “Children” who commit serious crimes need to be treated as adults. Migrant criminals who commit serious crimes need to be sent back to their own country (as Switzerland is planning). We attract crime to this country by our soft prisons and easy sentencing. Want to stay in government, Ted, do something now.

    Comment 48 of 70

  • Tammi of Melbourne Posted at 10:11 AM Today

    Simple – no computers in prison. No media at all. No TV where the sickos can see women and children that turn them on, no newspapers or magazines with pictures of potential “victims” for them to fantasise over – nothing. Keep them totally isolated from society. Prison is supposed to be punishment, not a holiday, so let’s start treating criminals like the scum they are. There should be separate divisions for oxygen thieves like child molesters and rapists, and they shouldn’t be allowed to mingle – all rapists and child molesters and murderers should be in single, small cells, and should never see the light of day again, let alone a PC screen. Better still, bring back the death penalty and apply it to rapists, child molesters and murderers, and stop wasting my tax payer’s dollars on keeping these creatures alive – I’d rather you gave the money to the Lost Dogs’ Home, at least they deserve a chance to live.

    Comment 49 of 70

  • Ryan of Melbourne Posted at 10:12 AM Today

    Three points:- 1) Why do we waste money to keep these people in jail? Those convicted of such crimes should be executed and so the death penalty should be re-instated. 2) Why do people in prison have access to computers, the internet and all other manner of gadgets? They are suppossed to be in prison, but their rooms are better equiped than those at Holiday Inn. 3) Such prisoners should never be allowed visitors or have trips outside of prison walls, which will stop them getting their hands on contraband.

    Comment 50 of 70

  • moose of the north Posted at 10:14 AM Today

    Hey ! While I’m at it , Why do these criminals get computer access and our kids are waiting to get computers in schools ?

    Comment 51 of 70

  • Ross Posted at 10:14 AM Today

    why hav’nt they disable/removed all the usb ports on the PC’s? to stop this sickos.

    Comment 52 of 70

  • EYE FOR AN EYE of laverton Posted at 10:16 AM Today


    Comment 53 of 70

  • Tash of victoria of Victoria Posted at 10:17 AM Today

    This comment is the only thing that concerns me in this article “Corrections Victoria defended the program, explaining that it was “one of a number of programs aimed at supporting prisoners and assisting with their re-integration back into society”. Ive visited Arrat prison and I can see how usb’s are smuggled in there as there is touching allowed between vistors and inmates. Its nice to see our worst criminials can live comfortably and still invest in their favourite past time. Arrat should be shut down, and all prisons be moved to main stream prisons – now thats entertainment

    Comment 54 of 70

  • David Posted at 10:20 AM Today

    Its not rocket science, remove every usb port from every prison PC. Then lock the case so they cant put a hidden internal one inside…. der !

    Comment 55 of 70

  • jack of The Shire Posted at 10:22 AM Today

    take away all these things. Why give him access to computers at all? Some people who are struggling in life can’t afford to use and access computers, so why does this murderer and probably many others? WEIRD / SICK.

    Comment 56 of 70

  • Lol correctional dept of Sydney Posted at 10:24 AM Today

    Prisons nowdays rehabilitate a dumb criminal into a savey shifty criminal because of ‘out of control’ Political Correctness. Thanks to bleeding heart liberal human rights watchdog grps/fundemental religious grps and the “spin money machine”…gruel & a dry cell…nuff said!

    Comment 57 of 70

  • vic of Sydney Posted at 10:25 AM Today

    Death penalty for child molesters. No exception. That is all.

    Comment 58 of 70

  • Population control of Australia Posted at 10:27 AM Today

    Two words….Capital Punishment.

    Comment 59 of 70

  • Frank of Melbourne Posted at 10:29 AM Today

    Its quite obvious some prison inmates have far too much spare time on their hands. Instead of just throwing them into cells with all of the technology that’s now available on the outside, why don’t we bring back meaningful sentencing, where prisoners have access to skilled learning, away from computers.

    Comment 60 of 70

  • Luke of Mornington Peninsula Posted at 10:32 AM Today

    Why do these guys need access to computers. Put them in a Dark room and let their minds go insane. Better still let this guy out and let everyone know when he is released, where he is staying amnd exacxtly what he looks like. As a tax Payer I odject to my Money being used to support these animals.

    Comment 61 of 70

  • Simon of The Real World Posted at 10:32 AM Today

    With computers, internet access, & TV (Probably pay TV) when I am next in Ararat, can I stay there instead of a 4 star motel? It appears more like a case of “Do the crime, lounge back for a couple of years until the rest of society forgets what you did!”

    Comment 62 of 70

  • Angela of Melbourne Posted at 10:36 AM Today

    He should of got the Death Penalty, but we dont have people with guts in this country we have the nanny state end of story.

    Comment 63 of 70

  • FF Posted at 10:39 AM Today


    Comment 64 of 70

  • Maroon of Australia Posted at 10:43 AM Today

    I cannot think of a better reason for bringing back the death penalty. Why is this creature still alive? Why?

    Comment 65 of 70

  • Ashley of Camberwell. Posted at 10:46 AM Today

    What no sauna or hairdressers? What the heck do prisoners need email and Internet for (except for downloading porn). Come on guys get real – TV and Radio maybe but thats all.

    Comment 66 of 70

  • Noel Posted at 10:50 AM Today

    Rehabilitation comes through hard work and sacrifice, not free computer time, television and free education programs. Prisoners do not deserve the same rights as us!

    Comment 67 of 70

  • griegs of Melbourne Posted at 10:50 AM Today

    Why do criminals, of this nature, have open access to computers? Also, it’s real easy to disallow usb’s on any windows machine so if you do that end of USB smuggling issue! Honestly guys, grow a brain and slap yourselves!

    Comment 68 of 70

  • v8girlie of lala land Posted at 10:50 AM Today

    aj of melbourne…..well bloody said

    Comment 69 of 70

  • Alyson Posted at 10:54 AM Today

    I remember Selby and his acts very clearly, this man has had to many chances, he won’t be rehabilitated, no more arrarat, pop him off to Port Phillip, let him take his chances there,

    Comment 70 of 70

10 thoughts on “Child killer Robert Arthur Selby Lowe running jail sex ring

  1. And the Victorian taxpayer pays for all of this. From what one hears, anything can be obtained in the prison system, and you can’t tell me that every single prison officer is squeaky clean.

    People like R.A.S. Lowe should be kept in isolation till death – we need a ‘H’ division type set up, and let his ilk break rocks all day – hard labour – something that slipped off the statute books long ago. Remember O’Meally and Taylor had this punishment for a long time, and their crimes were not connected with the abuse/murder of children.

    The prison system is way too soft on the types of prisoners who continue their crimes inside at tax payer and community expense. There is no hope of rehabilition – one has to WANT rehabilitation and these monster don’t want it. Therefore, they ought to be kept isolated from the prison population and each other and have NO priveleges, other than the basic necessities of food, water and bedding.

    Ted, the Office of Corrections needs a judicial enquiry, which is long overdue.


    • Hi Kathy, I have been inside the old H Division at Pentridge and at the time thought it was not fit for human habitation.Since then though, I have realised that in fact it is. For the people that chose to act like animals. Well let them live like animals and the like. Low cost low maintenance low care factor.

      I do not condone this for every prisoner, but repeat offenders, given chance after chance and continue to hurt, abuse and kill our children.

      When there is nothing left we can do for them except give them a place to rot until they die. They become the people nobody cares about any more.The less we hear ABOUT THEM, THE BETTER


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  3. I reckon the show prison brake had the write idea, Build a prison in the middle of know where, put all the sick fucks in it, no prison Gard’s no nothing and let them kill n rape each other. People like this can not be rehabilitated and certainly should not be released to do harm more children/people. The Justice system really needs to change.


  4. As someone who has been vising a few prisons, this does not sound right as someone previously mentioned. Firstly pedophiles are almost killed by other prisoners and need great protection and although Ararat provides this i still find it very hard for a pedophile to be in any type of leadership position. After all they killed Carl Williams in protection. Secondly as far as i am aware computers are only allowed to be used by people who study and even then i am not sure to what extent. I know there is no internet access and as for having a usb stick …hmmm it just doesnt sound right. Im not sure what they ment by the child visiting program but pedophiles are not allowed anywhere near people with children and are not allowed to see drawings done by children or even cards written by children so they are kept well away in a separate area. Im hoping to God this is not a true story it doesnt sound true if you are aware of the prison system so dont always believe what you read. Also you would think that the source would have enough evidence to report the incident and have something done about if not then he is just as bad. Pedophiles may have power over children but against other adults in prison they are the weakest link.


  5. I would rather my tax dollars help the homeless or animal shelters. The sooner Gillard brings back in corporal punishment the better society will be less over crowding in jails and who knows less crimes being made our laws are laughable at the best of times


  6. that fuckwit is on equal terms with that john lewthwaite cunt who stabbed a 4 year old girl 17 times to death in her own bed …then they let him out after 25 years…fuck me!!!!!!! by the way lewthwaite is living somewhere near cronulla, sydney …google his name, look at his picture and when you see him, smash his skull in ……..


    • Why doesn’t some inmate wrap a bicycle around Lowes’ head, like they did to Carl Williams? And why not use the pink push bike that belonged to Sheree Beazley? At least Williams didn’t kill defenseless children.

      I read the book which was written by Lowes psychologist, Margaret Hobbs. It’s called ‘The Evil’. It made me feel so sick.


  7. Arthur Lowe raped and murdered a child for christ sake what the fuck is going on in this country,maybe some of these so called guards are in on it too.What a pathetic prison system their running fancy giving them acsess to computers it sickens me I’m disgusted and have no trust in the way most things being run in this weak gutted state.


  8. Unbelievable as the mother of a child that was kidnapped and raped by her step father this person should be locked up away from anything let alone my son that was sexually assaulted by a priest at boystown engadine nsw and the catholic church support these things


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