Horse trainer Barry David Winchester ‘sexually abused girl’

A dirty disgusting old man (who happens to train racehorses)had sex with 12 year old girl. One angle of defence it seems, is she said or seemed older? She was bloody 12 years old. He was 62, if she was 30, it was still disgusting. Sucking her in with her love for the horses he trained, he abused her over 20 months. Sounds like the cops have him self incriminating in telephone conversations to the girl. You make me sick you old pervert and have shamed your family.I hope to god you have no grandchildren, who once upon a time may of looked up to you. Filthy old man!

UPDATE 23/12/10 Well Barry David Winchester, you have not wiggled out of this trial and you are now a convicted perverted dirty old man. 12 years will not be enough, so I hope you suffer at the fate of your fellow criminals for a few years and then drop dead and save the taxpayers some money. There are too many things much more important than spending a dollar on a rock spider like you, a snake belly, there are not many much lower than you and your kind

FORMER south-east Queensland racehorse trainer Barry David Winchester who preyed on a young girl’s love of horses to coerce her into a 20-month sexual relationship was today found guilty on 21 child sex charges.

The 62-year-old will face up to 12 years’ jail after a District Court jury in Brisbane took just over a day to find him guilty of maintaining a sexual relationship with a child, six counts of rape, two counts of carnal knowledge, four of indecent dealing, three of attempted indecent dealing, two of procuring indecent dealing, two of common assault, and one of attempted rape.

UPDATE 8/12/10 He not only abused her himself, he pimped her out to buddies too. I will get more on this story.Anyone with a photo of this bloke please contact me confidentially via my email [email protected]

A BRISBANE racehorse trainer enticed a 12-year-old stable hand into an almost 20-month sexual relationship with the promise of giving her a horse he was training, a jury has been told.

A District Court in Brisbane jury was today told the trainer also allegedly forced the girl into engaging in sexual acts with at least two other men who in return paid him cash for her services, The Courier-Mail reports.

Prosecutor Chris Minnery, in his opening to the jury, said the trainer took the girl, who “loved horses” and was then aged 12, on as a stable hand and offered to give her a large horse if she provided him with sexual favours.

He allegedly told the girl: “You can have a horse … if you (perform a lewd act).”

The trainer today pleaded not guilty to 29 charges mainly sexual offences including seven counts of rape, allegedly committed over almost two years.

The jury was told the alleged offences – committed when the girl was aged between 12 and 14 – also include one count of maintaining a sexual relationship with a child, two of unlawful carnal knowledge, and numerous counts of indecent treatment of a child.

Mr Minnery said the trainer used threats, violence and the promise of owning the horse to control or force the girl into participating in sex acts or performing them on him.

He said the girl did not have an ideal home life and was drawn to the stables due to her love of horses.

The jury was told the majority of the alleged offences occurred at the trainer’s home, at the stables, or in his car.

Mr Minnery said the trainer asked the girl to do a “favour” for two male friends, who in return gave him money upon completion of sex acts.

He told the jury they would also see diaries kept by the girl, which include “heartbreaking” tales of offences allegedly committed on her by the trainer.

The jury was told the man admitted having sex with the girl during “pretext calls”, recorded by police.

“Don’t you want to be with me? I like you,” Mr Minnery said the trainer told the girl during one call.

He said when the girl told the man she was “a bit young” for him, he replied: “Oh —-, that didn’t matter when we were having sex together.”

Barrister John Fraser, for the trainer, told the jury they should listen to all the evidence before considering the Crown case.

“There are two sides to every story and is important you don’t jump to conclusions,” Mr Fraser said.

The proposed two-week trial before Judge Marshall Irwin continues.

A PROMINENT Queensland trainer used a young girl’s love of horses to bribe and coerce her into a sexual relationship, a court has been told.

Barry David Winchester, 62, of Deagon, abused the girl – who cannot be named – over a 20-month period from January 2007, prosecutor Chris Minnery told the Brisbane District Court today.

Mr Winchester has pleaded not guilty to 29 charges, including seven of rape, six of indecent treatment of a child and one of maintaining a sexual relationship with a child.

During the crown’s opening, the court was told the abuse started after the girl, then aged 12, went to watch Mr Winchester train horses.

He allegedly told her he would give her a horse if she performed a sexual act on him, the court was told.

“She does what she’s told and it’s there, on the crown case, that the threats and abuse started,” Mr Minnery said

He told the court the crown would allege Mr Winchester systematically abused the girl by “feeding her interest in horses”.

The court was told Mr Winchester coerced the girl into performing sexual favours with him, and with others while he watched or charged money.

Mr Minnery said the girl reported the abuse to police after one of Mr Winchester’s associates accused her of stealing horse equipment from the stables.

He told the jury they would hear “incredibly incriminating” evidence from a phone call police recorded between Mr Winchester and the girl.

During that call, Mr Minnery said, Mr Winchester essentially admitted to the crime.

However, Mr Winchester’s defence barrister John Fraser said there would also be a large amount of evidence that cast doubt on the girl’s story.

He also said the court would hear evidence the girl had pretended she was older than she actually was. (Stretching it a bit, she was 12 at the start of it,Did he think she was 25?)

The girl’s evidence will be given via a pre-recorded DVD, which runs for more than 12 hours.

The trial has been set down for two weeks.

62 thoughts on “Horse trainer Barry David Winchester ‘sexually abused girl’

  1. High speed lead poisoning might offer a suitable cure. Then send his family a bill for the cost of the bullet, just like the Chinese government do.
    Problem solved.


  2. Its a shame they dont hang ppl in Australia. The Poor girl. I hope they get him in jail n show him how that poor girl felt. I know 2 wrongs dont make a right, but that monster deserves it.


  3. I’ve known this parasite for years & I tipped Qld Racing about what kind of person he was, they didn’t want to know.
    now look what he has done to the integrity of racing in Australia & I agree, that rock spider deserves a long and painful rest of his life.


    • Hi John, thanks for commenting on this bloke,I am certain people in the game up there would of known. They either turned a blind eye or just didn’t bother to do something, which is awful. At leas t you tried, maybe next time tip the cops off, they might act. The racing game has a habit of hiding their dirty laundry very well. Does not make good publicity


      • hey ro BoBo you know what why dont you shut up your mouth! you dont even know who lies and whos telling the truth and u dont even know this person,u have no right to judge him right away! god only knows who lies so much ! lets admit it everyone in this entirely world had their own dirty shit…


        • Hey Sting, No I have no reason to shut my mouth this is my site you bozo! I have every right to judge this creepy dirty old man. Why you would stick up for him I have no idea.But maybe start by giving your real name to start with if it is to mean anything. I have a stack of people email me privately about this rockspider and he troubles have only just started let me tell you. So you shut up unless you have anything better to add, hows that sound.What a lot of rubbish to make the comment everyone has their old dirty shit???? Well so being a paedophile is the norm is it???? You silly person….There are my rights as owner here…!


  4. this guy went out with my mother when i was about 7 or 8 im now 40 and i still remember him … he was a prick back then and by the sounds of it still is … i could tell you a few stories … what happened here you will find is not the first time …. hanging isnt good enough … send him to my place i will kick the living shit out of him …


  5. I thought that might have been the case john. Why don’t you contact prosecution as a character witness against this animal & make sure he goes away for the rest of what’s left of his miserable pathetic life. It really is a shame we don’t have capital punishment for certain crimes in this country for which there is a 100% no doubt of guilty. Which obviously in this case there is. Well the history I know of him & now you from when you were a child make its quite clear he has gotten away with this since his teen years till now, some 40 years of child abuse. This person is an oxygen thief.


  6. no surprise to hear in the latest testimony from prosecution that the arresting officer upon a search warrant discovered some of the girls clothing and also some ammunition.
    Now I reported to police & QLD racing that this animal pulled a pistol on an employee of mine who was making a delivery to this prick & all he asked for was a check for last months account. Reply ***click*** “I’m not afraid to use this”. Again DEAF ears, Qld racing then proceeded to assign him the Qld Country Trainers representative. The police said “what proof”, when I said my driver is willing to make a statement, they replied, “it will be his word against your driver’s”. Yeah, thats how we are protected by the law…
    Why doesn’t this waste of space & time just change his plea………………..


    • That is incredible John, damn frightening for your driver too. Sounds like a real piece of work this bastard. Remember the old brotherhood in SA, the corruption and cover-ups, because some of the politicians and judges of the time were rock-spiders themselves and were scared witless of being exposed themselves? I am starting to think it may be old school up there too.


  7. Oh I could tell you a few things about whats going on or gone on up here. you have my email. PM me private & I will give you some tip bits you can do your own inquiries. mind boggling & right at the top.


  8. Ok, Update.
    Barry Winchester was found GUILTY today (Thursday 23rd December 2010) on 21 charges, he was for not guilty on the other 8 charges.
    He has been remanded in custody till sentencing in February next year where it is expected that DPP will ask for at least 10 years. Well we all know justice won’t be done but hey, he is 62 now, overweight so his health can’t be too good. Not to mention how his health will fare in the joint either. These sorts of scum need 24/7 protection from other inmates, it seems even the hardest of criminals do have morals and standards & playing with kids os over the line.
    Merry Christmas Mr Winchester & may your bed-sheets give you comfort as your christmas stocking won’t be this year.


    • Brilliant John, thanks for the update, I thought he might of taken a plea deal. The best thing for him is to drop dead after a year or two, so hets gets to suffer a bit, be punished, yet not waste too much tax payers money. He can have all the sex he wants in their.Whether he wants it or not!


  9. I have known this grub for about 10 years, he is an absolute Turd
    I hope he gets every thing coming to him + an extra 2″ on top of it
    He’s had two young asian wives since I’ve had the misfortune to have to serve him at a local club. he also has a couple of kids to them, lets hope they don’t follow the old man


    • Gee I am not sure I could hold my self together to serve him let alone look at him. Bought a few wives too did he, I wonder if his horse owners ever knew what he was up too! He was shit at that too wasn’t he?


      • Robbo, 1 of his mates I had the misfortune of knowing DID know what was going on & I’m pretty sure he was 1 he pimped her out too as well. Now I’m unsure but I think he has since died, I do won’t name the bloke but this is not the place to name the not yet publicly charged or accused. The reason he bought his asian brides is he once said to me “it was like fucking a little boy or girl & the girls have asses like little boys”. This disgusted me. The 1st asian wife left him after a short time so he purchased another one.


    • I’ve known this animal longer than 10 years & I wonder if he played with his son as he used to boast going over to these asian countries for sex benders & the prices were so cheap he said. The disturbing part was he knew the price for 8 & 9 year old boys & what they will perform for enough money to buy a loaf of bread. Truly a waste of space, an oxygen thief & what a shame chopper wasn’t in jail with him. watch “Fat Belly” and you find out what he does to child molesters. Like I said earlier, even hardened criminals hate rock spiders & have moral when if comes to this filthy deprived act.


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  11. Mark ,
    I feel for you having to be civil to this grub whilst serving him. I know the club you are talking about and can’t believe the blokes (directors included) that used to drink with this scum. I realise that a person is innocent til proven guilty.But hey where are your morals you FWITS. I also have heard that all his legals were Legal Aid. If this is true good to see our tax money being put to good use.
    Just goes to prove Karma really does happen. It’s just unfortunate that it had to take so long to catch up with this rockspider


  12. Brian, incorrect. he had paid barristers & he sacked them towards the end because in HIS opinion he was losing, well he was always going to lose wasn’t he. He owned a house & stables in Deagon (No I’m not giving you the address) & he would have not been eligible for legal aid in the 1st place.
    The reason he was not let out for christmas people some people are asking is because he gave the judge a mouthful upon the guilty verdict so the judge refused his bail. Fool him hey, just shows how smart this idiot is.


  13. Lol…
    thought people.
    lets pass the hat around & buy the inmates an exercise bike for his division, hopefully he will suffer the same fate as carl williams and all the exercise will do his head in.


    • Hey John.

      If you have it wrong about him owning a house and stables in Deagon, then how much of what you say can be taken as fact. I in no way condone what this person has done but please make sure what you say is accurate. He has only ever rented/leased at Deagon.


  14. mmm, thats bizzar because he once applied for credit at a business, (now I won’t say where or I’m giving away too much) but on his application he had property owner, NOT rented & all deliveries to there over quite a period of time he always talked about renovations he was going to do, build some new stables etc. so he is a liar on his credit applications as well. I wish I knew that at the time. Well sorry if I had that part wrong, as he did claim on his application he owned his house & stables & having a legal background myself I knew he would have to find another avenue to pay for his legal team. But if you say is true then yes, he would have had legal aid. If I knew this back then I would have had him charged with a false claim to obtain credit, For the record, he ended up owing over $5000 and never paid his account.


    • Dear John

      Very sorry to hear that B W ended up owing that sort of money. He has ducked and dived all his life and I guess he now has a very long time to consider all the things he has done.
      Saying that, I am very sure that he is not guilty of some of the 21 charges that were found against him.


  15. yes you are most likely right but still, he is guilty of most of then so he got what he deserved. I believe he has done this before just never been charged, so it all finally caught up with him. The way he used to look put the corner of his eye at everybody gave me the creeps & cemented what kind of person he really was. anybody who has too look straight ahead & their eyes were looking as far to the left or right as possible is a slime….


    • Bastard must be getting good protection in there, probably up until his sentencing, then they may loosen the screws a bit on his surroundings and those around him.He will have more to worry about than faking a heart attack!


  16. Let me state this clearly from the start….I am in no way trying to stick up for Barry Winchester! What he did was disgusting and he’s going to pay the price. But the first time he met the girl in question she was drunk at a local pub….one reason I guess Barry thought she was older than 12. 3 other people who have met her have said they cannot believe she was less than 19/20. Another told me she used to drink at another establishment frequently. Personally I think the girls mother has a lot to answer for too, as well as Barry. This was no “sweet little girl who loved horsies”, as she seems to be portrayed. Before everyone starts writing in abusing me, no, I’m not saying it’s the girls fault. What Barry did was wrong, and he’s paying for it now. But with the amount of lies and ridiculous stories this girl made up, and were proven untrue, that without the tape recording, I think Barry would have had a big chance of getting off. I have a tiny amount of journalistic background, and it just irks me a little that two sides of a story are rarely shown. Interesting to see how long Barry gets tomorrow.


    • A FORMER Brisbane racehorse trainer jailed for 11 years and nine months for preying on a young girl’s love of horses to coerce her for sex had shown no remorse and obviously still believed he was innocent, a judge said.

      MARK OBERHARDT reports for the COURIER-MAIL that Judge Marshall Irwin was commenting on a letter he was given before the start of today’s resumed hearing in which Barry David Winchester was to be sentenced for a total of 21 convictions against the girl.

      In the letter, Winchester expressed “sorrow” for the victim being “abandoned at birth”, but went on to ask the judge to be lenient so he could be reunited with his own children.

      Winchester then went on to say that his wife and children knew he was innocent.

      “The only thing I can take from his letter is that he has absolutely no remorse, and he is still proclaiming his innocence,” Judge Irwin said.

      Barrister John Fraser, for Winchester, said his client could not be sentenced for that: “He didn’t plead guilty and he doesn’t say sorry… that is what it comes to.”

      Judge Irwin agreed, but added Winchester could get no recognition for any remorse.

      Winchester, 62, was accused of having sex with the girl, who can’t be named, at his stables, his home and in his car over a 20-month period, but Judge Irwin found the period of offending covered only five months.

      Racing Queensland has revoked Winchester’s trainer’s license, and he failed in an appeal to regain it.

      A District Court jury in Brisbane in December found Winchester guilty of maintaining a sexual relationship with a child, six counts of rape, two counts of carnal knowledge, six counts of indecent dealing, three of attempted indecent dealing, two of procuring indecent dealing, two of common assault, and one of attempted rape.

      Winchester was found not guilty on another eight charges including one of rape.

      He had pleaded not guilty to all 29 charges.

      The trial heard the girl was 12 when she went to watch him train horses.

      He told her he would give her a horse if she performed a sexual act on him and from there the offending escalated.

      The Crown alleged Winchester abused the girl by “feeding her interest in horses”.

      The girl was girl coerced into performing sexual acts with Winchester and with others while Winchester looked on.

      In some cases it was alleged he had charged money.

      The matter came to a head when the girl told police after one of Winchester’s friends accused her of stealing horse equipment.

      At today’s hearing Judge Irwin sentenced Winchester to 11 years and nine months jail, after he reduced the sentence to reflect the three months Winchester had spent in jail on remand but could not be declared as time served on the sentence.

      He must serve 80 per cent of the sentence before being eligible to apply for parole.

      “You have shown no remorse at all. I consider you are a very real risk of reoffending,” Judge Irwin told Winchester.

      He said he accepted Winchester had low prospects of rehabilitation, and there was a need to protect children and also reflect deterrence.

      Judge Irwin spent two hours giving his reasons for his sentence, because of the various issues raised during the hearing.

      He noted that the Dangerous Prisoners (Sexual Offenders) Act now gave authorities the ability to monitor child sex offenders after they completed their sentences.

      Judge Irwin said Winchester had used violence and threats to manipulate the girl and had sold her for sexual purposes.

      He took into account Winchester’s heart condition and the impact the jailing would have on Winchester’s family.

      (From letsgohorseracing site 250311 with thanks)

      Theres your reply AJ
      Are you pedophile sympathiser ? (GOOSE)


    • the girl lies so much.! if all of you people know this girl name why not start searching her name in google and you will found out what kind of girl she was. i believe in (karma) and i believe in god i know one day barry can prove himself that he is innocent.


      • Sharon, this from another female? Who cares if she is a liar or not.This bastard raped her, abused her and was found guilty.he will die in jail, so I hope you have visitation rights and visit him before he does.he is a disgrace and I cannot fathom you can find one good thing to say about this mongrel. Are you denying he had sex with an underage girl? be damn well thankful it was not your daughter silly woman!


      • You have to be kidding me…He went through a trial, witnesses etc and was found guilty, end of story.He is a pig, a low life who will never have any remorse, and is the type of bloke who uses and abuses everyone for his own gain. I hope he drops dead in jail within weeks


  17. This bloke’s a sick man and always has been sexually. The young ones are all he’s interested in because he can threaten and stand over them. I know plenty about him having been married to one of his ex-wives for 30 years and helped bring up two of his sons. He’s got caught with this girl, but there’s been plenty he’s got away with. Have a thought about these two sons and also their kids, they have the same last name as him and they’re shocked by this and the publicity. I might add he’s got plenty of other kids (and certainly other grandkids) out there, I’m sure they’d feel the same, not that he’d care and never has done.


  18. Sharon,
    I can only hope you don’t have children yourself. That alone scares me to think that someone like you could be responsible for a child’s life.
    I work very closely with sick bastards like this on a daily basis and i can assure you the picture he’s painted you is not the same picture he lives his fantasy through.
    The funny thing is, most people would have had an and inclination as to what was going on !!!!! if they chose not to question their own judgment OR use the words FEAR to rock the boat! Pathetic of those grown men and woman to use such words only in order to cover their own guilt of form or weakness to protect.
    Shame on you for NOT reading the facts that were given in court and admitted by the predator.
    Then to the man John, thanks for sharing and doing the right thing even if it fell on deaf ears. Next time report it in writing to the police and keep a copy then cc it to the yourself, racing australia, police department and child safety… this makes everyone accountable for their actions.


  19. Another add to the people who are clueless in life! Look at the weight ratio.. a grown man to a year 7 school student!!!! Your bloody ridiculous and how can any child be called anything else but a CHILD.
    Psychologically the young girl was looking for a bond or some kind of guidance.
    EVEN if she was drinking etc at her age, That at no way makes her an adult wanting to be exploited for the good of dirty old men who think money and power has more say in society.
    Karma, if there is such a thing, I hope all victims of rape on children will have their day.
    For those of you who want to make a difference in helping children or finding who’s a predator living next to you then perhaps sites like Mako File will help you find who and what resides near you


  20. Sharon you rug munching lesbian bitch…a 12 year old girl was molested you bitch…winchester is a perverted paeodophile and fukkwitts like you sharon will get your karma…and so fukkingwhat if the girl wa advanced for her years…what 12 year old can be held responsible when be pimped out and solicited to by old perverts like winchester..hes no better than come for a ride in my car for some boiled lollies are a fukking disgrace to women sharon your bareback riding slut.


  21. Wow. I’m shocked that there are supporters for Barry out there. He really is a creepy slug. He also physically abused his horses and nothing was ever done about that. My heart nearly broke to see it because I used to ride his horse and yes, he was probably only letting me do that because he was grooming me for sexual abuse. He made many advances and lude comments to me when I worked with racehorses in Deagon. Thank god he never touched me because I was too repulsed to go there. He even said I should marry him so I could suck his dick everyday. I was a 15 yr old girl at the time. I know he deserves prison time whether all of the allegations are completely true or not. Because there will be some basis of truth there, that I know for sure. I hope he rots.


    • Hi Previousvictim

      Please please go to the police or if you do not trust them, in the first instance write back to me and I will put you onto someone who can. His so called supporters fear him, and often the same suckers come here under different names under his instructions I would guess.

      . I collect all the info and it will come back to haunt him when the time is right.

      This rock-spider will be charged on new offences as well as having his retrial. He is a disgusting pig who will ultimately pay for his crimes. The fact he won a shaky appeal on trivial matters means nothing. He is despised in the QLD training community and my fear is he will pop up somewhere else drawing in unsuspecting victims. Both for fraud and abuse.

      He was a useless trainer, he was quite obviously in it for other reasons than winning races.

      The best thing you can do for those who came before you and will and did afterwards, is go to the police, a counsellor, or some other person in authority and tell what you know.

      Dirty men like him can never EVER be trusted again, and he will only continue to abuse more victims. Thank-you for sharing your story and if I can help you further in any way get back to me…



  22. Hi Robbo, would like to chat to you about associated mates of this gronk, can’t post names and workplaces and don’t have the means that you have to find out the info i’m after ,but would greatly appreciate some of your expertize in finding some information . In short , the other parent of my children is the partner to one of Winchester’s good mates ( or his circle of pedo’s ) and i’m extremely concerned about my children’s welfare, so much so ,that my 13yr old will not go and stay with his mum and hasn’t for 6mths ,and my daughter has one of Winchesters horses he had agisted at where my daughter and her mother were living at the time .Its doing my head in and I do hope you can help.


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