Keli Lane jury begins deliberations-UPDATE FOUND GUILTY

FORMER water polo champion Keli Lane has been found guilty of murdering her newborn baby more than 14 years ago.hooray, FINALLY SOME JUSTICE
The 35-year-old had pleaded not guilty to murdering two-day old Tegan Lane on September 14, 1996, after they left Sydney’s Auburn hospital.


The New South Wales Supreme Court jury of six women and six men retired a week ago and delivered its verdict today.

Lane told police she handed over Tegan to the baby’s father, a man with whom she said she had a brief and secret affair.

But the crown contended the named father, Andrew Morris or Andrew Norris, was a fictitious person and she murdered the infant as she did not want the responsibility of a child.

Crown prosecutor Mark Tedeschi QC contended that Lane was motivated by her Olympic ambitions and also wanted to continue her active social and sex life.

Before the birth of Lane’s second child Tegan, she secretly adopted out her first baby and later did the same with her third infant.

Earlier, the jury also found Lane guilty of three counts of making a false statement on oath in relation to documents dealing with her adopting out two other babies.

Immediately after the foreman delivered the murder verdict, Lane screamed out and fell to the floor of the dock.

Her mother, who was in the public gallery, also sobbed and many jurors had tears in their eyes.

As court officers attended Lane in the dock, the judge temporarily adjourned the hearing but told the jurors they would return shortly as he wished speak to them.

Judge says while he feels ‘great sympathy’ for Keli, to grant her bail would give her ‘false hope’ as she faces ‘substantial’ jail timeUPDATE Why would they go home after retiring at only 11.15am today and deliberate to 3.45pm? Seems a bit light on for the 1st day

December 6, 2010 – 5:14PM


A Sydney jury will resume its deliberations on Tuesday at the trial of Keli Lane, who is accused of murdering her newborn baby.

The NSW Supreme Court jury of six men and six women retired at 11.15am (AEDT) on Monday and went home at 3.45pm.

The 35-year-old former water polo champion has pleaded not guilty to murdering two-day-old Tegan Lane on September 14, 1996 after they left Auburn hospital.

She has also denied three counts of making a false statement on oath in relation to documents dealing with her adopting out two other babies.

Lane told police she handed Tegan over to a man she first named as Andrew Morris, then Andrew Norris, who she said was the infant’s father.

She said she had a brief and secret affair with him.

But the crown claims he is a fictitious person and that Lane murdered Tegan as she did not want the responsibility of a child.

Murder trial ... Keli Lane walks to the Supreme Court with supporters and her legal team

A JURY that will decide whether Keli Lane murdered her baby Tegan 14 years ago has begun to consider its verdicts.

On the 63rd day of the trial, which began in August, the jury was sent out by Justice Anthony to begin deliberations at about 11.15am, Sydney time

They are considering one murder charge and three counts that Lane made a false statement under oath. Three counts of perjury originally alleged have been replaced with the latter.

The Crown has urged them to convict the former waterpolo player of murdering her two-day-old child on or about September 14, 1996.

Lane has pleaded not guilty, and told police she gave the child to the man’s natural father – a man the Crown claims is a fictitious person.

However, Lane’s defence has argued the Crown has not proved the case beyond reasonable doubt, and have not proved conclusively the child is even dead.

Just before they began to deliberate, Justice Whealy reminded the jury they were the “fact finding tribunal”, and the “central issues are very stark and simple”.

However, he admitted that the “resolution” of those issues would be far more complex.

Fourteen jurors were empanelled in August in accordance with legislation for lengthy trials.

However two have been discharged with illness, the second of the pair excused herself today.

30 thoughts on “Keli Lane jury begins deliberations-UPDATE FOUND GUILTY

  1. Perhaps this was a surrogate arrangement and money was paid for the child – maybe to an overseas couple who flew out of the country the same day. I don’t think babies required a separate passport in the ’90s, which would have made it easier to leave the country with a child. Keli did not use her bank account for 5-6 months around this time -although her parents supported her as she was an athlete and a student.

    Everything I have read indicates that Keli loves children and is very good with them, including nieces, nephews and the students she taught. She was a much loved teacher. Nothing I have read indicates that Keli Lane has it in her to kill a child, particularly her own newborn. Hospital information indicates that she bonded well withTegan, and I don’t believe that she could kill her child or dump her child in the bush to die, and then appear normal at her parents house and the subsequent wedding she attended. However she could maintain the appearance of normal if she knew her baby was going to a loving and wanting person or couple. I think she is protecting someone other than herself, and the child’s existence.

    No doubt there is wrongdoing here – I think surrogacy was illegal if that is the case. There were many lies and deceit with all the births, but that does not equate to murder. Who knows what the reasons were? I think this woman has carried a heavy burden for a long time, and I believe that a lot of her actions are the result of her belief of her parent’s high expections of her, and her belief that she could not go to her parents for fear of rejection.

    Whilst I am very mindful that a child is missing and unable to be traced, I don’t believe that Keli Lane deliberately killed this child. I think the jury will acquit her of murder, but the mystery of Tegan Lane will remain, until, if and when Keli Lane decides to tell the truth about what happened on that day.


  2. Jury still out in Keli Lane trial – resume deliberations on Friday 10th December. I recall that the jury has permission from the judge to sit till 1.00pm only on this day.

    Interesting, as it would appear that the jury is struggling with this case, due to the length of time so far. Just my thoughts.


  3. The judge in the Keli Lane trial has called the jury into court today, 13th December 2010, and has asked if they can reach a unanimous verdict on the murder charge. The jury foreman has informed that the jury cannot reach a unanimous verdict on the murder charge, and further deliberation will not produce a unanimous verdict. The judge has directed the jury to continue and he will accept an 11 member majority verdict. Interesting! May end up with a hung jury on this one.


  4. 13 December, 2010 – Keli Lane verdict – GUILTY of murder in relation to Tegan Lane. (I was wrong in my prediction in an earlier post). But guaranteed to be an appeal. Her poor little 9 year old daughter and her family, not forgetting Tegan.


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  6. May she rot in Gaol and i hope they throw away the key for this Murderous scumbag.

    If she gave the Baby away to someone who actually existed she would have definately given the prosecuters this information rather than risk being found guilty of murder.

    The only reason she did not admit what actually happenned to Teagan is it would have just confirmed the prosecutions case that she had indeed been murdered.

    No doubt her father the “upstanding ex-policeman” that he is had probably advised the murderer of his Grandaughter on “reasonable doubt” and probably being the oblivous person that he obviously is. (Daughter had three babies and he didn’t even realise), The bufoon probably also didn’t realise just how damning all the circumstantial evidence against his daughter actually was……and her whole family should all look in the mirror and say to themselves “Teagn was just as much our family too!” and what of Teagans family has stood up for her at the Trial even though she was the child and was the one that needed care and Keli had shown a pretty good ability to look after “her own problems”…..!!!

    Perhaps this may explain Keli’s lack of seeming to aknowledge her responsibilties…..her parents seem to have never showed her that she actually had any responsibilties in life….

    Unfortunately I have seen these type of parents all to often……the type that doesn’t care if you have problems or if everything is hunky dory just as long as they don’t see or hear anything they can deny to themselves that there is any problems….

    It is actually quite a Good attitude to take by the parent as it means minimal hands on time with the children, virtually no deep discussions about problems, goals, direction or concerns and plenty of time to do your own thing while the kids essentially raise themselves and provide you with the comfort that if they aren’t annoying they are fine.

    I imagine they stuck by her as they knew that they obviously in some ways that had influenced, facilitated and in the process unknowingly created a monster….

    Also in response to an earlier comment (probably from a relative) even if a couple from overseas had taken Teagan Illegally. I would find it totally implausable that they would not keep some kind of contact with the Mother or heard something about the case or that Keli would go to such lengths and potential personal cost to keep this fact hidden.

    And it would be very convenient that this “overseas couple” would be available and wanting a baby at this time of need…..also way too implausable to be considered a possibility.

    All I have to say is that I am so happy that our legal system didn’t let this women get away with her sickening crime!!!!!!!!!!!

    You could tell from her persona that she thought she was so “smug” and that she thought she was out to show off her sense of fashion (Not that any fancy threads could cover-up this womans resemblance to the Hanna-Barbara cartoon character Muttley!) You could tell that not only did she think she was smarter than us all she also thoroughly assumed she would eventually get away with senslessly murdering a poor defenceless child…..luckily her sick delusion of unnacountability came crashing down today.

    Thank God for majority verdicts as I cannot wait till this selfish excuse for a human gets sentenced and i can finally feel that Baby Teagan has received some sort of Justice in her incredibly short and unwanted life.

    I hope Keli Lane dies in prison and then rots in hell after that and perhaps in that time she has to reflect on her crime she perhaps can shed some light on what exactly happenned in her last hours and where she lies. As it breaks my heart that an Angel could lie in a place not appropriate for such an inoccent soul.

    Perhaps if she cannot find the compassion to do this for Teagan or those who actually cared for the girl they never even met. Then perhaps she may just do it for herself as it would be good to see that she may indeed have a few grams of decency within her…..


    • Very well said Johnny I am very happy that at least there were 11 other sane people like you on the Jury.

      Kathy you are quite pathetic….you pretend to be neutral but as Johnny said you are obviously family or at the very least a close friend who would quite gladly let a child killer walk free as you must believe people you know on some personal level have a right to murder and dispose of their children……No body no conviction according to you……..and besides she could have said that story if it were true and left out specific details such as country/names as she would not want the child seized………surely that would have been more plausible than the Andrew Norris/Morris mumbo-jumbo……

      problem is she didn’t come up it that story…’re conveniently throwing it out there for her…….I don’t know about you but it’s not really my thing to offer CONVICTED murderers plausible lies to hopefully beat the conviction for murdering a child……..kinda not my thing………

      And by the way she is covering up for someone! HERSELF

      And as for her 9 year old I am very happy that this sick thing is no longer her primary care-giver.

      I think that DOCS should remove this 9 year old from whoever her father is as by having a relationship and children with a women of Keli’s dubious history and creative explanations for the whereabouts of her Children.

      Any man who would have this creature as his partner and provide her the ability to procreate is obviously someone not fit to be a father……


  7. I believe that I am the person referred to in today’s posts by Johnny 2613 and Alexandra. You are both very wrong, and I think it is unreasonable and unnecessary Alexandra, to be so aggressive in your comments towards me.

    I am NOT a relative of Keli Lane or her family. I am NOT a close friend and have NO knowledge of this case other than what I have read in a book which was published on the case, and everything else in the media which is public knowledge.

    Alexandra, you stated ‘no body and no conviction according to you …’ referring to my post. Where on earth did I ever state that? I DID NOT state that, so do not attribute words to me that don’t exist.

    Further Alexandra, at the time of my post, 7/12/2010, Keli Lane was NOT a convicted murderer, and no one could have possibly been ‘throwing it out there for her’, as you state, as all the evidence had been presented by then and the judge was finalizing his summing up to the jury, who retired to consider their verdicts on either 6/12/2010 or 7/12/2010.

    This is supposed to be a discussion forum, and all I have done in my post of 7/12/2010 is pose a possibility, nothing more, nothing less. Everything else I have said in relation to her relationships with children has already been published over the years.

    I am a person close to retirement age who has followed this case for a long time, and I have an interest in true crime. I don’t understand how 2 posters can glean that I am a relative or a close friend from what I wrote. I simply expressed an opinion. I don’t even live in the same state, so probably the news I read in my state is not as comprehensive as it would be in NSW.


      • Hi Robbo,

        No, I think it is me and my post above of 7/12/2010 all right. See how Johnny2613 picks up on the ‘overseas’ and Alexandra mentions ‘country/names’ in her post. Alexandra’s post is over the top as I would never excuse anyone killing a child, or placing that child in a situation which caused it’s death.

        But as we all know, life and the people in it do not wear signs advertising their particular persuasion of criminal behaviour, and some of the worst perpetrators are the last people that one would believe capable of the most despicable crimes. Some perpetrators fool some of the people some of the time, but they cannot fool all of the people all of the time. That is why we have the verdict handed down today in the Keli Lane trial.


    • Kathy Kathy Kathy, I think you have once again gone and shoved you’re oversize foot straight in your wide accommodating mouth, The Fact Is you did indeed “throw it out there” On top of this you also stated in a later post that you personally knew that there was”guaranteed to be an appeal.”

      So not only do you seem to have some prior inside knowledge about the fact that Keli Lane’s Legal team will appeal, something I would love you to clarify how you are aware of this? Any reasonable human being can deduce from your comments that you also have suggested that not only do you know that she will try to appeal and if this is granted it is perfectly feasible that she could perhaps attempt a further act of cowardice, unaccountability and also most important of all, ongoing suffering and lack of proper closure to those within the community who have followed this story for over a decade and who deeply care about not only justice but also equally as important the memory of Teagan. Keli is more than likely trying to plead guilty to a lesser charge and hopefully changing her Bull $%#! story once again to the one that you have so conveniently concocted for her.

      It is quite hilarious that you try to claim that because all evidence has already been submitted somehow seems to nullify my argument that you have deliberately supplied this to her as a more plausible rationale for the Jurors to have “reasonable doubt.”

      The only reason i suspected this could be the case is because YOU stated that you “guaranteed an appeal” which could provide an opportunity for this false account of yours to perhaps be noticed and adopted by Keli in her defense.

      Obviously you are of that little intelligence you do not even remember what you have said and how it negates the reasoning that you have applied with your last statement…….

      One thing funnier than someone trying to pull the wool over your eyes, is when someone attempts this and clearly lacks the intellect to fool a 2 year old…..

      Also I and a lot of other people have relatives in different states not that there is any evidence of what State you are in.

      For you to state this as someway of confirming that you are not related is actually just showing your lack of rationale and understanding of even the most simple concept……

      I can see that delusions and compulsive lying are obviously traits that run in the family………


  8. Kathy,

    Don’t you have some new lies to make up for Kelly Lane to use in her appeal???

    Maybe you can go find some more scumbags charged with crimes and think up some devious lies for them to use to…..

    This Lady is a disgusting child killer and you are obviously just someone who supports scum like this….

    You are a pathetic example of something that very closely resembles the S%$T on the bottom of ma shoe…….


    • Alexandra, your posts are so rude and inflammatory, you seem totally unable to comprehend the points that Kathy made, they’re not that hard to understand. Instead you abuse and denigrate people who have a different opinion to you, and I suppose I too will now bear the brunt of your anger and hate.


  9. It’s okay, she’s in Jail and I am happy.

    Hahaha you can say what you like to me but it ain’t gonna unconvict that scumbag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It is not my fault that you can’t seem to handle that Keli Lane is now paying for her despicable crime……

    Keli Lane is GUILTY, Keli Lane is a sicko.

    It’s unfortunate that you can’t handle this information but really any supporters of her should be locked up too as they are just as guilty in my opinion…..

    And anyone who assists Child killers try to avoid punishment or think that a crime like this is not worth punishment, i honestly think abuse and denigration is way too good for these people I am quite disappointed that you are unable to say that I have taken action far more desirable and that they are more deserving of…….

    Unfortunately this is not possible however I have lived long enough to have witnessed the power of Karma and I am quite sure that most of the people associated and supportive of this wretched woman will receive their well deserved dues in the not so distant future :-)

    So all of you, you know who you are, just sit back and wait………actions have consequences…….you might not realise now but in a day, week or perhaps even month……you will look back on these words and see perhaps see them as quite prophetic…….


    • I certainly don’t “support” Keli Lane in any way shape or form, but there are possibilities other than that she killed the child. I find those possibilities very interesting. Just because a jury decided that on the balance of evidence she is guilty, that doesn’t mean she necessarily is. Juries have been known to be wrong before. The evidence about her bank account being untouched for some months was not presented to the jury. Perhaps they would have made a different decision if it had been.
      If you stopped being so fervent and hot-headed and actually did some thinking you might see that other possibilities exist. Your attitude reminds me why we have juries, if your “lynch-mob” mentality was allowed free rein, justice would never be served.


    • Alexandria whilst I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts and opinions on the cases and of other peoples comments I have to say something here.

      I think you are being way too personal in your attacks on individuals here who are entitled to believe what they like and have an opinion. Just as you are, I think it is not good form to be attacking any individuals who contributed here so vindictively no matter how you feel. So please continue to make your points but refrain from nasty personal attacks, it adds nothing here and I want people to feel welcome here. Not to be intimidated by angry attacks.

      All the best


      • Good on you Robbo, I just found your site from a search I did on Keli Lane, and would like to be able to comment on things without having to deal with trolls.


  10. Kathy,
    I always found your opinions very interesting and very well written and most of all non bias which in this type of forum it’s abit hard to do so.
    So appalled with those people who simply attack others (people they don’t even know) for no reason. There is a big different between being passionate about what you believe in and simply being horrible


    • Thanks Mrs Morris. Yes, I am rather surprised at some of the particular posts, mainly from 1 poster, and they are right off the points I was iterating anyway, and not really coherent. Thanks for your support.


  11. Much has been said in the media about the alternative possibilities to murder. I have no sympathy for Keli Lane if she is not guilty of murder. Her story about “Andrew Morris/Norris” was an obvious lie and if the actual truth is not murder then she only has herself to blame for not telling the truth. If the baby was sold, she should have said so. If the baby was kidnapped, she should have said so. If she accidentally killed the baby, she should have said so. The prosecution says “you murdered Tegan”, she says “no, I gave the baby to the father”. The jury does not have to invent infinite possibilities somewhere in between her lies and murder. Having cast aside her ridiculous explanation, they made absolutely the right decision.


    • I agree with you Dave. If she didn’t murder Tegan, one can only wonder why she didn’t come clean about what really happened. Did she really think people would fall for her ridiculous lies? I can’t help thinking she was totally deluded and thought she wouldn’t be found guilty of murder. She’s obviously been living in some sort of fantasy world. I really really hope the full story comes out, whatever it is. I guess the possibility that Keli might actually come clean about what happened is unlikely. Her family must be totally fed up with her.


  12. Update on Keli Lane – Keli Lane is to be handed her sentence for the murder of Tegan Lane (verdict from 13 December 2010), tomorrow Friday 11/3/2011 at 10.00am, by Mr Justice Whealy in the NSW Supreme Court.

    Don’t be too surprised if she is sentenced to the time she has already served, which is just on 3 months. The judge had a lot of sympathy for her throughout the trial, mainly for the burden she has carried alone for so many years.

    We will have to wait and see what transpires tomorrow.


    • Hi Kathy, The sentencing hearing was adjourned to next Friday to enable a defence psychiatrist to respond to a psychiatric report tendered by the Crown. Then I hope they throw the key away. Time will tell


  13. Hi! Robbo You are entitled to your passionate opinion in this case and I accept yours is the perspective of the majority but I would like to assure you that Kathy’s intelligent comments and opinion are far from unique.
    Any who have closely followed this trial will see that there are a number of aspects that are disturbing in this case.
    Judge Whealy is not only impartial (or our justice system must be a failure) but has also seen or heard each piece of evidence presented and he has serious doubts and misgivings that the prosecution’s overzealous pursuit of a guilty verdict saw justice served.
    Mark Tedeschi could have been Jerry Springer with his theatrical production of illusion and fancy and his complete contol of the emotions of the jury.
    Judge Whealy was forced to strongly instruct the jury on several occasions to be aware Tedeschi’s fanciful scenarios and interpretations were not fact, but simply self serving conjecture. (What caused Tedeschi’s deep personal commitment – Ambition? Ego?)
    Judge Whealy’s judgement ruling against the Crown’s intention to use “Tendency evidence” to prove “consciousness of guilt” was his best judgement of probative value V prejudicial risk and he decided this risk was too high. (this ruling was subsequently overturned by the Court of Criminal Appeal)
    The inferences drawn from this Tendency Evidence were “the” significant factors that influenced a jury to deliver a murder verdict. (on ‘inferred’ consciousness of guilt?
    A murder verdict in a case where there was no body, no proof of death, no forensic evidence, no witnesses, no weapon and no “plausible Scenario of events” produced by the Crown.
    This Tendency Evidence was used to show Keli chose ‘permanant solutions’ to 2 of the babies and she would not have given Tegan to the father as it was not necessarily permanent so ‘by inference’ she must have murdered Tegan.
    But it also showed she had ensured the protection of the other 2 and thus ‘Tendency’ could infer Keli wouldn’t harm Tegan.
    A Verdict of guilty of murder was a long bow to draw. IMO


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