Matthew Johnson Committal hearing-accused of murdering Carl Williams

UPDATE 12.45pm 10/12/10: THE man accused of killing Carl Williams has been committed to stand trial after pleading not guilty at a hearing in Geelong today.

This commital hearing has been a bit of a let down thus far, with legal arguments, but I will be attending this trial “When he is commited” to trial that is…Not much we did not already know, but it may be a surprise to a few that Carl and his dad were put up, away from the jail for 10 days, with all the trimmings, including their partners for a bit of R&R (rest and recreation), whilst Carl was interviewed over “Certain Murders” Obviously this would of pissed of many in the jail,  but the problems leading up to the day of the murder are still a bit murky. Some say it coincides with the herald sun releasing details of his daughters expensive school fees being covered by the Vic Police but I doubt that alone causes the disruption of nervous peace on its own.Stay tuned.

Carl and George back in 2007 leaving court

GEORGE Williams confirmed today that he and son Carl were taken away by police on a 10-day break from jail while Carl was interviewed over matters of interest to authorities.

Giving evidence during the committal hearing for Carl’s accused murderer, Matthew Charles Johnson, Williams said he was moved within a couple of hours’ notice from a low-security jail to be housed in Barwon Prison before being taken outside to meet up with Carl.

While not describing the trip as an “excursion”, Mr Williams said he slept and ate comfortably at a specific location while detectives interviewed Carl, who was serving a 35-year prison sentence for several murders.

Mr Williams also admitted to an arranged meet where he was able to spend time with his partner while Carl had time with his girlfriend.

He said while his meeting was not a conjugal one, he could not say what his son did as he was in a separate room.

Mr Johnson shared a section of the high security Acacia Unit at Barwon Prison with Carl and fellow inmate Tom Ivanovic.

The 37-year-old is accused of bashing Carl to death with part of an exercise bike in April this year.

During further evidence, Mr Williams said he spent time in a unit with Carl and Mr Johnson and had no problem with him.

“I had no difficulty getting along with anyone,” Mr Williams told Geelong Magistrates’ Court.

He said he did not notice any tension between his son and Mr Johnson.

Mr Williams also told the court that Carl had told him he was reluctant to go on another overnight outing with police in the months before his death.

He said he was regularly paying an amount of money each week into Mr Johnson’s jail expense account before his son’s fatal bashing.

Mr Williams said that during a visit with his son on the day he was killed, Carl had complained that he wanted to be moved to a unit with long serving prisoners he knew well.

Meanwhile, a pregnant Roberta Williams is likely to be ruled medically unfit to give evidence in person at the hearing.

Prosecutor Mark Rochford, SC, yesterday told magistrate Rosemary Carlin that Roberta was in hospital on Tuesday and detectives involved in the murder case were planning to visit her last night to get a doctor’s appraisal.

“She’s pregnant, as Your Honour may be aware,” Mr Rochford said during the first day of the committal yesterday.

She is now expected to give evidence by video link tomorrow morning.

George, escorted by detectives, attended court yesterday but did not appear to make eye contact with the accused.

Matthew Charles Johnson

Lawyer Christopher Traill, for Johnson, yesterday requested prison material relating to the relationship between his client, Williams and Ivanovic.

The court was told two witness statements within the brief of evidence suggested some disharmony between Williams and Johnson in the lead-up to the death.

Richard Niall, SC, for Corrections Victoria, argued against the release of information on the grounds of public interest immunity.

Ms Carlin agreed to release only some of the information.

The hearing continues.

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