Nathan Roberts-Nunan's killers get just over 5 bloody years!!!

Have a look at this young bloke.His name is Nathan Roberts-Nunan , Bashed and stabbed to death by  a gang of young hoodlums. What do you thing would be a minimum term for the killers? How does 5 1/2 bloody useless years sound? That’s what two of the killers got today. Rightly so, the victim’s family are outraged. So am I, Nikola Andreevski, 22, and John Ray Garcia, 22, must be having a good old laugh. A relative was outside the court even had the hide to yell out to the victim’s family how “My Brother’s coming Home” well haha.What a great family he has.Disgusing and disrespectful, having the nerve to say that to a family, whose son  was killed by their brother…This sentencing system is beyond a joke.It is totally out of whack with the community expectations and leaves victims family’s devastated. At least one killer,  plead guilty, In April, 19-year-old Nathan Smith, of St Albans, was jailed for 22 years after pleading guilty to murder, intentionally causing serious injury and affray. Another guy,Vucak, 19, was sentenced to seven years and six months in August after pleading guilty to manslaughter, causing serious injury and affray for his part in the crime.Jovan Ogrizovic, 19, of Caroline Springs was sentenced to six years, Tomislav Panic, 19, from Hillside was sentenced to five years and Mladen Mrnjaus, 22 from St Albans and Tomislav Stevanja, 20 from Sunbury,  were sentenced to three and a half years for their part . All were given reduced sentences for pleading guilty.

THE family of a man killed in a gang brawl at a suburban footy oval has clashed with supporters of three young men jailed for their role in his death.

Nathan Roberts-Nunan was fatally bashed and stabbed during a brawl at Diggers Rest

Nathan Roberts-Nunan’s family said the jail terms for the three – the last of a dozen people sentenced over the death – are disgusting and a joke.

Mr Roberts-Nunan, 20, was struck with a baseball bat and then stabbed during the brawl at Diggers Rest in February 2009 and died in hospital a few hours later.

On Thursday, Nikola Andreevski, 22, of Avondale Heights and John Ray Garcia, 22, of St Albans were jailed for five-and-a-half years for manslaughter.

A 17-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was jailed for six years, with Supreme Court Justice Paul Coghlan recommending he serve his term in a youth facility. (yes look after the killer, hide him deep in the soft youth leisure centre masquerading as a Youth Facility…Stuff him, he is not 8, he should be treated as a man!)

Mr Roberts-Nunan’s family stormed out after the sentencing and one of his sisters had to be restrained by a relative as she reached for the accused as they were led past.

The confrontation continued outside the court, with family members and supporters of the accused yelling abuse and one of Mr Roberts-Nunan’s sisters labelling the sentencing as disgusting.

“My brother’s coming home one day. My brother’s coming home,” a brother of one of the accused yelled to Mr Roberts-Nunan’s family.

Mr Roberts-Nunan’s aunt Carmel Nunan hit out at the sentencing of all those involved and the behaviour of their supporters.

“What do I say here, 18 years of age, sob story, yet again, we’re so sick of it,” she told reporters.

“The thing is kids of this age, young men of this age, are over fighting wars in Afghanistan and are considered brave young men.

“But in courts like this they’re considered immature and therefore their sentences are reduced.

“It’s just double standards, and it’s an absolute joke when you consider the severity of the crime and the brutality of the crime.”

During the sentencing, Justice Coghlan described the attack as a senseless and cowardly display of mob violence in its most extreme.

“This event at Diggers Rest is one of the worst examples of an affray which could be imagined,” he said.

In April, 19-year-old Nathan Smith, of St Albans, was jailed for 22 years after pleading guilty to murder, intentionally causing serious injury and affray.

On Thursday, Andreevski was given a three-year non-parole period for manslaughter, causing injury recklessly and affray.

Garcia was given a non-parole period of three years and nine months for the same charges.

The youth was given a non-parole period of three and a half years for manslaughter, recklessly causing serious injury and affray.

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  2. One thing I forgot to mention, before someone comes along and says yeah but these 2 guys didn’t actually kill well, by law they did, they were all there in a gang, armed with deadly weapons. So does not matter who actually laid the fatal blow, these thugs should all be given the same treatment


    • Hopefully, the DPP will appeal the leniency of these sentences. Their actions have CAUSED this death, and as such, it is a foreseeable consequence of their collective actions.

      I am sick and tired of this carnage being broadcast in the media every single weekend. It has to stop – proper meaningful sentencing for these senseless wanton crimes has to be adopted.

      In the other case Robbo mentioned – albeit murder – why such a disparity in sentencing? A life is a life, and I am sure that both of the deceased deserved to live.

      For the relatives of the accused in this case to call out and abuse the deceased’s relatives the way they did, just goes to show that the families of the perpetrators have no remorse, care or insight into the crime. It is highly likely that the young persons convicted have always taken everything they wanted from society without discipline or compunction, including now, a life. What sort of parents condone this? Bad parents, I say.

      With attitudes like this, there will be no rehabilitation, and they will come out far more ‘educated’ in violence and far more dangerous to our society. Much longer sentences would show these offenders and anyone else aspiring to do likewise, that society will not tolerate the killings, maimings and assaults, and it is high time for the Government to move on this, even if it means mandatory sentencing terms of a meaningful lengths. This would give these types time to grow up and reflect, and keep us safer for longer.


  3. They did not carry weapons, they did not even sight the victim! the judge has confirmed this!!!! how about the victims father who knew about the fight before it even happened – he even came to help out his sons to fight!! what parent wouldn’t stop it. This is your typical aussie red necks vs wogs fight. The victims had just as many people with them and they also carried weapons! get your facts straight before you speak.


    • You want to take sides, well your side ended up killing someone young fella, so that’s all the facts I need to have. Its called being sentenced as a deterrent to others as well as punishment. And in my eyes it is not long enough. And the behaviour at court was disgusting…Thanks for dropping in!


    • To get your head right, they did carry weapons, if you sat in the court room day after day as i did, you would have heard they were all carrying weapons they dobbed each other in.. next time when you comment on something you should know all the facts… His name is Nathan, he only had 3 people with him were you going he had you said get your facts before you speak…..


    • Exactly!! Neither of these boys went with weapons!! They simply got in the car and went to view a fight, not particiapte in it. where is the intent to cause harm! The fight was over before they even sighted the victim and offender….. the sentence is ridiculous!!!


  4. The fact is 2 groups of teenagers – both stupid – turned up at an organized fight. This fight was played out through the internet via msn messenger in the weeks before. they all knew they were going there to fight. BOTH SIDES HAD THE INTENTION OF HURTING SOMEONE. I am not excusing the fact that the person who actually killed this young boy deserves to have the book thrown at him. and anyone else who bought weapons with the intent to kill someone. But i know for a fact, one of the men who has been charged, was simply driving there, even in the court report, the judge clarified in here ruling that they had no direct contact with the victim and left before anyone was killed. This is a terrible disgusting crime, i am not disputing that. But just keep in mind, BOTH party’s were wrong. I agree with the 22 year sentence for the murderer. but the others simply were in the wrong place at the wrong time. what about the father being there? you haven’t commented on that… he could have stopped this. he pretty much encouraged his sons to go to this fight, and tried to run over a couple of the other “suspects”! great parenting skills. in a sorry case like this, it was more of just a matter of time before these kids got into trouble. I do not condone violence of any type, but there is a lot of other sides to this story that you have to consider. these young boys would not be laughing at their sentence, they would be quite devastated as they did not act out any violence whatsoever. I understand everyone has an opinion, but there is a lot more background to this story than is being told. I was at the court during the trial, and there was anger, of course there was, but this was from both sides! one of the victims supporters kicked a 7 month old pregnant woman in the stomach right in front of my face! now tell me, is that murder if she loses that baby? This was a very well co-ordinated fight, played out by both sides. and there is 2 sides to every story. unfortunately someone has died, which is terrible. but I think considering the minimum involvement these boys played in the situation, they have got more than enough time in jail. This is going to change their lives forever and their familys lives too.


    • Yeah that is why our community has had enough of these young pumped up buffoons doing this sort of thing. Sure there is another side to the story. Maybe someone from the other side may of died. But they didn’t. These guys were not in the wrong place at the wrong time. They chose to be there with their macho mates ready for a battle. It is a tragedy, but unless the courts drum into these idiots that extreme violence is NOT the way to go and it WILL ruin your life. What other choices do the courts have GYHR?

      None, slaps on the wrist do not work, at least these lads will do their time hopefully and grow up to have kids who will not be involved in what they were into. There is a bigger picture here. Not just its unfair to those not waving the weapon. But thank you for an insight into the story…This could be any of our kids…that is the scary bit


      • The other point is as you mentioned – these boys were there ready to be with macho mates – but what about the other party – they certainly weren’t there kicking a football around and suddenly attacked. the father of the victim could have controlled this situation so much better. I know i would as a parent. I certainly wouldn’t encourage meeting other teens/young adults at a football oval for a brawl.


        • That’s what I said before, it could of easily been the other way around.but wasn’t, obviously you know more than I about the case, all I know is violence is not the answer and suitable punishments and deterrents must be in place to stop our kids going out to war zones in the suburbs


      • Robbo i can tell you there is no other side as Nathan his brother Kyle and Steve were not armed and lets not forget 16yr old Kyle was the target not Nathan


    • Get you head right – As you should. I was also at court and heard the evidence. I understand you are responding in this manner to try and qualify the actions of your friend/s but let us get a few things straight – The father was NOT at the attack – he arrived just after, when the cowardly offenders were running off, and yes he did drive at one and his car was attacked with a machete – What parent wouldn’t when confronted with this tradegy. It was meant to be a one on one fight between two 16 year olds, but my young (at the time) 16 year old nephew was deceived when 3 car loads of young men turned up and ambushed him, loaded with weapons – knives, baseball bats, machetes, levers etc. His brother Nathan, who was the murder victim was sitting in his car at the time and jumped out when a machete was swung at his younger brother, (he was only there to ensure that things didn’t get out of hand) – that was when he was attacked and struck with a machete and then clobbered with a baseball bat (so hard it broke), stabbed etc. His friend who was also in the car at the time, jumped out to help but was also attacked by stabbing – so badly that his intestines were hanging out. Niether of these men had weapons – from the evidence I heard Nathan was reaching into the car to get his steering lock to protect himself from the onslaught. All this evidence was revealed at the trial and there were many witnesses. Not only that, the offenders then jumped on the car, smashed the windows, pierced the tyres – that’s what the father saw when he entered the park! Don’t forget there were quite a few 10 /12 year olds at the skate park who ran for their lives when they saw the offenders running at the car, and many women & children at the cricket ground who witness the 9 attackers walk and then run across the park, pulling out their weapons, hoodies over there heads. They even collected a weapon along the way at at BP Station. Are you sure you were at the same trial. As fat as a pregnant woman being kicked out the front of court – I was there and I saw no contact, the media were there and I’m sure they would have recorded something so drastic. My (now) 16 year old niece, who was the victims sister, did lash out at the front of court, but was held back, but let’s not forget this was after one of your well behaved friends yelled to her “At Least My Brother Is Coming Home” – charming to say the least. Six of the offenders pleaded guilty to – manslaughter, intentionally causing serious injury & affray, the other 3 were found guilty by a jury after 4 days of deliberation – reading statements, watching video footage and taking into account the evidence of many witnesses. Do you not think enough damage has been done to our family? AT LEAST YOUR FRIEND/S ARE COMING HOME – we aren’t so lucky!


    • what 7 month pregnant women got kicked, there was no pregnant women at the trial… there was one at the plea hearings for the others and none of us walked out with them so your full of shit. after every session we sat back and spoke to the prosector and detective and waited until they left so find something else to talk about that’s the truth…..


    • You lying SOB.

      There was no pregnant woman at the trial. You are obviously one of the low lifes that formed part of the mob outside of the courthouse after sentencing.

      The lie that anyone of Nathan’s family (and they were the only ones there every day) would even contemplate kicking a woman, let alone a pregnant one is absolutely absurd, not only are you a liar, you are a jerk.


      • what mob are you talking about you idiot there were 5 female members of Nathans family there and yes there was a pregnant lady but she was never in any danger from Nathans 16yr old sister her sights were on you arsehole blokes who yelled abuse at us and even to the media.


    • there is a lesson to be learned here, never help anyone as when they get older they will help kill you…… one of these boys went to school with nathan he was in a younger class, he was getting bullied and nathan asked the kids to stop bulling this young boy as the kids at school were fond of him, they stopped bulling him and in return this boy helped bash and kill him… get your head right what do you have to say now….


    • no one kicked the young girl in the stomach, the young girl you are talking about it was the day of sentencing not trial, i know your full of shit there as the young girl was escorted out between two of the family members to make sure she got out without any trouble, there also was a gaurd that walked out behind to make sure nothing happened to her… so if she was kicked it wasn’t by the victims family……


    • you are severly retarded you have no idea what you are talking about..Fact the father was not there during the attack he arrived after you can confirm this with the 50 or so people attending the cricket match. Fact the ones that drove the getaway cars got community service. Fact there were only 3 young people waiting for this so called fight who by the way were waiting for 16yr olds and was to be a 1 on 1 fight. Fact the Victim Nathan when seeing 9 scumbags running toward them with weapons put his hands in the air and told them to calm down and was attacked with a maschette (see coroners report). Fact the sister of Nathan did not try to kick the pregnant lady as i was standing right next to the pregnant lady. obviously you feel the need to stick up for your mates but to you fiction is more bareable to you than fact. If you need to verify any of what i have said i will happily sit down with you and go over all the court documents but because of who you are and associate with ill make sure i bring protection.


  5. I do agree with you, it could be, it could be anyones kids. but i think to call the jailed mens parents terrible parents is a bit extreme. I do not know the parents personally. But I’m sure that from what i do know of them, they are not taking this lightly and if they could turn back time, they just wouldn’t be there. just please keep an open mind when speaking of this case, or any other violent cases. the victims familys were not exactly well behaved either.


    • well how can you say the defendants parents werent to blame but yet you pass judgement on the vicims father who by the way was sitting at home having sunday roast (as us rednecks do) when all of this was going down.


  6. The other point is as you mentioned – these boys were there ready to be with macho mates – but what about the other party – they certainly weren’t there kicking a football around and suddenly attacked. the father of the victim could have controlled this situation so much better. I know i would as a parent. I certainly wouldn’t encourage meeting other teens/young adults at a football oval for a brawl.


    • truthfully you can sit and write what you want, wether it be truth or not, as it was my newphew that died that day, all those boys were responsible you can’t change that fact…….. these boys can move on with there lives so can there families, we can’t we don’t get to see him grow up, get married and become a father and that is what we have to live with for the rest of our live’s so you can keep writing your bullshit and tell it how you see it but we know the truth good or bad……


    • whether they were kicking a footy or not is not relevent it was their hometown 2 minutes from where they lived where they played footy, cricket,road their bikes the town was where they grew up….. they had a right to be there your friends didnt!!!!!
      and Tracey there was no wrong so dont fucking comment.


      • It’s a public reserve, everyone has a right to be there. The point is they did not go to this reserve to kick a footy or participate in activities that they did when growing up. They met there for a fight so waht is you point?


  7. I suppose all of you making comments have read the 3000 page evidence brief before judging people??

    why such a disparity in sentencing? Because manslaughter is the appropriate charge for all the young men involved except 1. It was the unintended death of Nathan as a result of EVERYONES affray. the only example this case sets is it’s ok to organise a fight, as long as you lose it. Nathans brother should also be charged with affray. It’s his thuggery that resulted into the fight being orgasnised. It is him who agreed to then fight again.

    As get your head right has been saying the victums done their share of taunting to the accuseds families during other court sessions for this incident. To other family members who did not do anything.

    Quite simply if the fathers of any of the men jailed had knowledge of the fight before hand it WOULD have been STOPED before it started. They would not have attended the fight.

    Learn ALL the facts before you judge people. The judge HAS the facts, hence the sentences.


    • wise guy, have you read the 3000 page brief before you commented…. I can tell you as one of Nathan’s family members that attended court everyday, we did not taunt the accused families, we were the one’s that were spat at, called every name under the sun by some of the accused and had over chairs kicked while we were in the court room..


    • Well, I sat in that room every day of every hearing, sentence, adjornment and the trial, and let me tell you, the families of those bastards didn’t give a toss!!
      They were just as arrogant, rude, taunting and disgusting as their off spring.

      If the fathers knew, they probably would have gone to help. And as a matter of FACT, a few did Know…….

      If you read all the facts, you would know that Nathans brother agreed to a 1 on 1 fist fight with who he thought was another 16 year old only after they threatened to fire bomb the family home with his mother & sister inside. What would you do??

      The judge didn’t actually have ALL the fact, what he had were versions of the facts and a whole lot of lies.

      So if you are going to comment, you get the facts.


    • Wise Guy you dont arrange a fist fight and take weapons, you dont use a weopon and think nobody is going to get seriously injured. Nathans brother was not charged as he was not involved they didnt get a chance as your scumbag friends attacked with their weapons while they were sitting in the car. As for Kyles thuggery the incident a a party everybody is talking about the week before Kyle wasnt even involved the people that were from both sides can attest to that. As for the judge he was weak and the prosicution didnt give a rats arse.


  8. Wise guy – good points. my main issue with this case is that no one from the victims side has been charged with anything. they all had the intention of fighting, and yes, the father SHOULD have stopped it! Instead he Encouraged it! I would love to read the 3000 pages of evidence. or get court minutes of the trial. there are a lot of discreptencies with this case. Yes, the family of the victim are hurting, and I do feel for them. But this fight could have gone either way. Young, Immature boys – on both sides – but each had the intention to cause violence. Some were there just for the sake of numbers, not with weapons, and did not physically or verbally get involved. Noel Mcnamara states on his blog that the victim was just going there for a “discussion” – what a lot of bullshit that is. There were 2 groups of stupid young boys. Both sides were aware there was going to be a fight! The father should be charged too. It will be interesting to see what happens at the appeal.


    • this fight was a one 16 year old boy against another 16 year old boy no weapons, so maybe you should get hold of the 3000 page brief and read the facts… it is stateded many of times 2 boys meeting for fist fight…..they had 14 boys all up nathan had 4 including him…….he was not the one who arranged or said yes to the fight so get your fact before you speak.


    • Get your head right, You narrow minded, uneducated twit.

      How dare you! Who do you think you are. You do not know Nathan, how dare you comment that he didn’t go there for a discussion.
      That is the ONLY reason he went there. If you bothered to get the facts before writing this rubbish, you would know that Nathan went there to stop it. He had his hands in the air saying ‘Relax Fellas, Relax’ when he has struck with the first machete blow and then with a baseball bat over the head, it was then he reached into his car to grab the club lock for protection as his voice and hands did nothing to deter the rabid dogs.

      That is the FACT ………….


    • I’m the sister of Nathan who “APPARENTLY” kicked a pregnant girl in the stomach, I had not long had a baby myself thanks a lot, and wish NO harm on an innocent person, let alone unborn child. These people were DISGUSTING and very abusive, many of them MALE, and they were the ones I was restrained from not the pregnant girl, it’s all on tape. Go on ABC news website and you’ll soon figure that out. Your full of shit, your friends or family are pathetic people and karmas a bitch. (:


  9. Who is appealing? these 3 should have pleaded guilty, would have gotten a minimum of 18 months as they were at the bottom of the ‘scale’


  10. I just read that blog. What a disgrace. At least use the facts to get your point across. They were well aware that they were meeting for violence in retaliation to the assualt the previous week. It became known in the commital that they too had weapns, they just left them in the car.


    • nathan’s little brother had nothing to do with assualt the previous week it was another group of boys in sunbury… so maybe you should read the 3000 page brief..


    • i find it amusing that you dont use your real name !!!!! i suppose its easier to spin shit when nobody knows who you are….


  11. This is what makes me so angry! the victims family act as though their boys were targeted unfairly. it could have gone either way. yes, they should have pleaded guilty to affray. and go the minimum sentance. but what about the other bringing weapons! whether used or not, they had the intent to cause serious damage with them. Noel Mcnamara does need to get his facts straight.


    • the victims family act like they have had one of them murdered, not like the boys were targeted unfairly… lets see how you would react if this was one of your own……. we hope you would never have to face this in your life, as it distroys you and your life…


    • Nathan’s family are not acting you twit. It makes you angry, what the hell do you have to do with any of it, you don’t even have your facts right.
      It was never going to go either way, so how about you do some genuine research, uncover the facts and then continue to comment.

      Nathan his mate and brother DID NOT HAVE WEAPONS. THAT IS THE FACT!!!

      There was NO intent to cause anything other than a waste of time.


  12. I mean Guilty to Manslaughter. An example still needs to be set and as the Judge said his death was the unintended result of the Affray which is Manslaughter. They would have gotten 18 months with that.


    • And just for the record. Kyle (younger brother), who was the intended victim, did inform his father about the msn messages that started a week before the arranged attack. His father suggested informing the police but Kyle told him not to bother as he intended to ignore the threat. This was until they informed him they had his dad’s car rego, his mum’s car rego, and knew where they lived and if he didn’t turn up at the designated time & place they intended to burn his house down – that’s what the molotov cocktails were for! He didn’t tell his father about this final threat, but, on the day Phil (father) had that parental intuition that suggested something was amiss, and that is why he drove down to the park (which was a short distance from their home). Also, for the record, Kyle was not in a fight the week before (at a party), it was an acquaintance of his, and Kyle was (unfortunately) contacted by association. Let me assure you if his father had been there, as a couple of you suggest, his son would not have been murdered. You also need to be reminded that the numerous weapons held by the offenders were laid out on the ground, at the front of one of the offenders place of residence prior to them leaving for the attack, which would suggest intent to injure was there. Any one of these young men had a chance to opt out before leaving. Finally, I’m sure the majority of the offenders parents are hurting – no one in their right mind would want their children associated with such a brutal and violent action. Are you sure you were at the same trial?


    • so to take a life is ok and only worth 18 months ? the intent was there you take a weapon you intend to use it so thats murder.. Unfortunately the judge didnt see it that way but intent is everything…


      • So you know law better than a judge now do you? The law and facts state that Nathans unfortunate death was the unintended result of Affray. There was a combined total of around 60 years. More than other more calculated offences. So a good result for the DPP.

        Your lot also took weapons, so was there intent there? Yeah black and white for some yet grey for you.


  13. Carmel – definitely at the same trial – and i’m sorry for your loss. however – there are definitely some holes in your story. The pregnant worman was kicked – I saw it with my own eyes. as well as other by standers. You are acting like your family did not know there was going to be a fight! its terrible what happened but there has been no charges laid on anyone on your side, when they were just as bad. Both sides knew there would be violence – that’s why they went there! they didn’t go there just to chat, give me a break. you say your nephew was decieved after 3 carloads of people turned up – where did all of his friends suddenly come from?????? this was very planned!!!! this was your typical aussie vs wogs fight – sadly, someone was the loser and died and this is devastating, but don’t for a minute act like this was one sided and they were all innocent on your side!!!!!!!!! it could have gone either way!


      • Absolutely NOT.

        Nathan went there to stop what was supposed to be a 1 on 1 fist fight.

        It was only after he was hit over the head with a baseball bat that he reached into the car and grabbed his club lock to defend himself.

        He didn’t go there to fight …………….


    • get your facts straight how can it be aussies vs wogs… dickhead Nathan is italian and so are some of his cousins, so your aussie vs wogs theory is a load of shit..


    • Are you kidding me. You need to clear your eyes out, there was no pregnant woman.

      What friends are you referring to? There were NONE. The only people at the skate park were a group of 5 – 12 year olds that were kids of the people attending the cricket match that day.

      This was not your typical aussies vs wogs fight as you put it, it was a lie told by a ‘Croat’ just to try to prove himself a tough guy. Well, that worked, NOT!!!!!

      So your theory is defunct. It was never going to go the other way, the planning they did was to the contrary. Get your FACTS right.

      You seem to have a lot to say about something you know nothing about. Perhaps you need to do some more research before you continue to comment.


  14. what is the definition of affray –

    A criminal offense generally defined as the fighting of two or more persons in a public place that disturbs others.

    why wasn’t anyone of the rednecks charged with anything?????????


    • Nathans younger brother had a kitchen knife that was discarded well before the arrival of the 3 cars, because his brother Nathan told him that “we don’t do that kind of thing”. He only took the knife because of a threat over the phone by the organiser of the event. There were absolutely no weapons held by Nathan or Steven (the two victims), unless you consider the steering lock in Nathan’s car that he was reaching for to protect himself from the attack – he had already been hit at this stage by a machete and a baseball bat (so hard that the bat broke). Whilst grabbing for the steering lock he was stabbed from behind – the fatal wound. If it was a gang related fight – wogs against Aussie ‘red necks’ as you suggest, I’d like to know where the rest of our ‘so called’ gang were? Your friends still have a life and you should be thankful for that. Our family are trying to deal with a life sentence. I am cognisant of the fact that you are trying to make sense of the whole sorry scenario, but, will stress again that those that didn’t plead guilty were found guilty, by a jury no less, and can only hope that you will now let things be and let our family do our best to move on with our lives. I will make no further comments on this issue here.


    • You need to get the facts, sunshine. There were no weapons carried by Nathan Roberts, his first words to these bastards, with his hands in the air was “Relax Fellas, Relax”
      And it was only after he was hit over the head with a baseball bat that he reached into the car to grab a club lock to protect himself.


  15. The punishments simply fit the crime based on evidence.

    The killer got 22 years. He is only 18 years old. He has a minimum of 17 years. Julian Knight massacered people on got only 10 more years as a minimum.

    As for the others they got what they deserved. They got sentenced on the fact that Nathan died as the unintended result of their affray. This group has gotten around 60 years worth of sentences. Compare that with Julian Knights crime and it is far from lenient sentencing.

    Aussie vs Wog fight?

    Nathan Smith is a wog?

    I’m still bewildered by “they met for a chat” on the other blog.


  16. For those who are actually interested, here is a little about Nathan.

    Unlike the scum that killed him, Nathan had never been in a gang, a brawl, an attack or anything of the sort, in his short life

    Nathan’s short life will have more meaning than any of these scumbags can ever hopoe for

    Nathan is one of the most loved, respected and looked up to young men anyone could ever hope to meet

    Testament to his charater, personality and lovable wit, was the near 2000 people that attended his funeral

    Nathan leaves behind a loving but broken & tormented mother, a brother & sister, 7 devistated cousins, 3 inconsolable aunts, 1 devistated uncle and a broken and tortured nan & pop & thousands of lost mates

    This boy is loved beyond reason, beyond understanding, and above all else forever


  17. ATTN: Get the facts

    “In a statement to the court, Mr Nunan said he had heard rumours at school on the Friday before the fight that there would be baseball bats and knives at the fight. Under cross-examination, he said he took a knife to the fight because he did not know what to expect, but he did not use it. In his witness statement, Mr Downes said he saw a group of about 15 people walking across the oval.”

    Absolutely NOT.?


  18. And to add Nathan has never been in a brawl? lmfao if that is what you think. You went out with him on weekends did you? You know every single thing he has done, just like you didn’t know he was attending this one? If no injury was caused you wouldn’t have had a clue, just like you have no clue of his previous altercations.

    In know way would I suggest he deserves this or would I try say his loss does not hurt many people, but get your facts right. If he was an angel as you suggest he would have made sure none of them attended the fight.


    • you are weak and a coward it is so easy to sprout shit when nobody knows who you are. You did not know Nathan nor his family and friends so to comment on his character and make accusations is arrogant to say the least maybe you should pull your head out of your arse. I know what i am talking about because i am Nathans Mother and i live that day everyday of my life, i know the truth so if yor interested ill be happy to fill you in.


      • Wise guy I think your comments show absolutely no respect for Nathan’s family and what they are suffering – I therefore believe your character to be extremely unsavoury, to say the least. I dont know what your problem is, but, you DO appear to have one. I would suggest that you pull your head in, stop being such a moron, and try and get on with your idiot life rather than wasting your time posting these cowardly anonymous illinformed comments with the intent to upset the family. JERK!


        • Hello Carmel, I really feel your pain in dealing with a murdered relative, and unfortunately these idiots will get on here, and elsewhere online and ridicule and belittle the significance of the crimes of the people they obviously support.

          The old saying blood is thicker than water is so true, but for some of the outlandish claims made here are not worth replying to.

          You and your family need to hold your head high and fight against replying to morons in these forums. It will be tough but if you do not, you will spend your life trying to correct the lies of people with an agenda that will never match yours…I wish I could delete posts I do not agree with but I run this forum so every one can have there say…My dilemma…

          All the best to you and your family


  19. Thanks Robbo – I really don’t want to give the people you speak of here any relevance and have endeavoured to ignore many of their grubby posts, but, when they attack Nathan’s mum by posting these vile opinions it makes my blood boil – she and the family have suffered enough in losing such a loving, kind, young man. I imagine wiseguy et al are trying to justify events due to association of offenders, or just plain nasty, whatever! You are right and I appreciate your input. Great sight btw.


  20. Just posting the facts, something others don’t have the ability to do. i’m not defending the actions of the offenders, they got what they deserve. Just pointing out they facts and that the surviving members of the other party are also guilty of affray. I have not once said or suggested that Nathan deserved to be attacked so brutally despite being open to participate in violence but every one needs to be accountable for their own actions. It’s unfortunate and unfair that Nathans price was his life.

    I understand under the circumstances that you will attack any opinion that is different to yours and hold no grudges for that and understand that if it was the other way around I would be the same, as would you if the shoe was on the other foot. You carry on as if this was a random attack. We both know it was not, and despite you suffering what no mother should have to it doesnt change the fact that Kyle shares some sense of responsibility. And we both know those thoughts have been shared. Every single person that attended that reserve acted in a moronic way.


  21. Att: get the facts…

    Your telling us that we didn’t hang around Nathan on weekends, we didn’t know him.

    Did you know the Kids charged with Affray? None of them were in gangs, just a bunch of boys being boys and as a typical boy, when your friend tells you there is going to be a bit of a punch on, you go. I’m not justifying what happened, it was horrible. I just think that the boys charged with affray got more then deserved……


  22. If the victims were never in gangs etc why did they turn up to the fight? Why were they involved in a fight weeks before this incident that sparked this incident? Genuine question.


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