GUILTY of KILLING BABY -Keli Lane police interviews

Keli Lane finally found guilty of killing her baby 14 years ago. Have a look at the lying baby killer in these police interviews. Listen for the high pitched voice change when accused of killing her baby

Police interview with an emotional Keli Lane during investigations into her missing baby Tegan.

A COURT has found Keli Lane guilty of murdering her newborn baby Tegan more than 14 years ago.

The 35-year-old had pleaded not guilty to murdering two-day old Tegan Lane on September 14, 1996, after they left Sydney’s Auburn hospital.

The New South Wales Supreme Court jury of six women and six men retired a week ago and delivered its verdict today.

Lane told police she handed over Tegan to the baby’s father, a man with whom she said she had a brief and secret affair.

But the crown contended the named father, Andrew Morris or Andrew Norris, was a fictitious person and she murdered the infant as she did not want the responsibility of a child.

Crown prosecutor Mark Tedeschi QC contended that Lane was motivated by her Olympic ambitions and also wanted to continue her active social and sex life.

Before the birth of Lane’s second child Tegan, she secretly adopted out her first baby and later did the same with her third infant.

Earlier, the jury also found Lane guilty of three counts of making a false statement on oath in relation to documents dealing with her adopting out two other babies.

Immediately after the foreman delivered the murder verdict, Lane screamed out and fell to the floor of the dock.

Her mother, who was in the public gallery, also sobbed and many jurors had tears in their eyes.

As court officers attended Lane in the dock, the judge temporarily adjourned the hearing but told the jurors they would return shortly as he wished speak to them.

Justice Anthony Whealy said to find Lane guilty of murder the jury must be satisfied beyond reasonable doubt she killed the baby.

Suspicion is never a substitute,” Justice Whealy said.

Justice Whealy told the jurors that emotion was to play no part in their decision making.

“Moral judgments, bias, condemnation of other people’s behaviour and dislike of people have no place in a court of law,” he said.

Justice Whealy said Lane was not disadvantaged by her decision not to give evidence at her trial.

“It is the right of an accused person not to give evidence,” he said.

Witnesses at the trial included Lane’s ex-boyfriend, the former rugby league and union player Duncan Gillies, who said they were once very much in love but that he did not know she carried two pregnancies to term during their relationship.

5 thoughts on “GUILTY of KILLING BABY -Keli Lane police interviews

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  2. I really thought she might get off. Thank god for that.
    That police video is from 7 yrs ago, has it really taken that long to get to trial, wow.
    I’ve never found out how the child came to be reported as missing. I know it was a social worker but do you know what the circumstances were behind it Robbo?


    • Hi Lis, Her lies unravelled only when an eagle-eyed Department of Community Services worker, John Borovnik, learned about Tegan’s birth and tried to investigate the child’s life.

      Mr Borovnik found there was no birth certificate for Tegan, no Medicare records nor other government documents. He went to police and reported the child missing.


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