Tegan’s killer, Keli Lane in Jail

This woman was so convinced she was going to be walking out of that court a free woman, she had the hair, all coloured golden blonde, the legs all tanned up, red stilettos??????  I assume all ready for the limelight of media attention on the steps afterwards.Instead she was within minutes of the verdict being carted out the back into a prison van on her way to jail! The irony is significant. Right to the very end appearances meant everything to Keli Lane. Well enjoy your prison greens the only outfit you will ever wear from this day forward. Child Killers are despised in jail.Mothers even worse, so good luck in there, you will need it Keli

Reality sets in for baby killer Keli Lane. Justice at last for Tegan

SECONDS after a Sydney jury found she had murdered her newborn daughter, former water polo champion and Olympic aspirant Keli Lane screamed “oh, no”, and collapsed.

Her anguished cry was echoed by her sobbing mother, Sandra Lane, while many distressed jurors had tears in their eyes.

Almost everyone in the crowded NSW Supreme Court room yesterday seemed affected by the raw emotion before Justice Anthony Whealy adjourned the case so Lane could get medical help from a paramedic.

Soon after, Lane was taken from the court in handcuffs and put into a prison van as a convicted killer.

Lane, 35, had denied murdering two-day-old Tegan Lane on September 14, 1996, after they left Auburn Hospital in Sydney.

She claimed she handed the infant over to the baby’s father but, despite national searches, police found no trace of him or of Tegan.

Lane was accused of murdering the infant and secretly adopting out two other babies so as not to dent her “golden girl” image.

The jury of six women and six men had been deliberating for a week without a verdict, when the judge gave them the option of a majority 11-1 decision yesterday.

The jury of six women and six men had been deliberating for a week without a verdict, when the judge gave them the option of a majority 11-1 decision yesterday.

Earlier, he had delayed calling them into court to answer questions after being told “some emotion is being experienced in the jury room”.

When the court resumed after the verdict and Lane’s collapse, she looked shell-shocked but sat quietly in the dock beside her solicitor, who had her arm around her.

Justice Whealy refused to continue her bail, saying while he had “great sympathy” for Lane, it would be “a very unfair result” to grant bail.

Lane was also found guilty of three counts of making a false statement on oath in relation to documents dealing with her adopting out the two other babies.

Outside court, John Borovnik – the Department of Community Services worker who first reported Tegan missing – said justice had been done.

“Tegan never had a voice, it’s in memory of Tegan,” he said.

Mr Borovnik said all Lane could come up with was a statement saying Tegan was alive and happy.

“If she is alive and well, where is she?” he asked. Crown prosecutor Mark Tedeschi, QC, contended Lane secretly hid her three pregnancies and births because she had not wanted to be saddled with the responsibility of children.

As well as being motivated by her Olympic ambitions, her career and social life, Lane had “an overwhelming fear of rejection” by family and friends if they knew of her pregnancies.

Mr Tedeschi maintained Lane had never intended taking any of her babies home but wanted a “permanent” solution.

While he could not say how she murdered Tegan or how she disposed of her body, Mr Tedeschi urged jurors to reject”pigs might fly” theories about the infant’s fate.

Her claim about handing Tegan over to the infant’s father, a secret short-term lover, and the man’s live-in partner was “inherently unbelievable”.

In his directions to the jurors, Justice Whealy said they must acquit Lane if there was a reasonable possibility Tegan was alive or was handed over to someone else.

But he also said if they were satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that Lane, by a deliberate act, caused the death of Tegan and it was done with intent to kill her, she should be found guilty.

Sentencing submissions will be heard on February 25.

16 thoughts on “Tegan’s killer, Keli Lane in Jail

  1. I emphatise with her mum, at the end of the day as a mother you always want to believe the best in your child nature, even the truth had reveal the other side. SAD but I’m glad justice is served for Tegan.


    • Mrs Morris – yes, her poor parents. They have aged since this began. However, they must take some of the blame for rearing her badly. Didn’t the mother discuss contraception with her, and explain that being a slut is not lady-like. Did you know she had several unwanted pregnancies to different guys. I think her parents have some answering to do. No wonder we have promiscuous women running around with poor parenting. still feeling sorry for Mother Lane, Mrs Morris?


  2. Hi Tucan,
    I see your points about her parents. At the end of the day Keli had a choice to be responsible for the outcome of her promiscuity, but sadly she chose the “easy” way to deal with the consequence of her actions.


  3. When Justice Wealey made the comment “I feel great sympathy for you”, I was sickened by it. What does that say to the way he “feels” towards Tegan, the victim in this horrendous crime? People who feel sorry for the offender in this case, were not there for the trial, closing summaries by both the prosecution and the defense and the day of the guilty verdict.
    I will tell my views of the offender after she is sentenced. I do hope she gets a long, long sentence, at least 20years considering Tegan would have been 15 this year, but for her horrific murder at the hands of her mother. Thank you for the opportunity to post my comment.


  4. Hi John,
    Truly agree with your statement and very proud for your commitment in pursuing this justice for Tegan. Keli is very good at playing the victim card…so obviously that’s how she gets away with it for so long as a real sociopath.


  5. Thank you Mrs Morris for your kind words.
    sorry dave, she didn’t get sentenced on Friday. There are 2 psychiatrists reports, 1 tendered as evidence on the Friday and 1 to come from the defence prior to next Friday in order for Justice Whealy to consider them in his role of sentencing judge. Also, there are the victim impact statements to consider, in this case the fathers of the children given up for adoption. I would be willing to give a statement on behalf of Tegan, but that will happen when the offender is sentenced. I will not call her by her name, she is a killer and murderer with no display of any remorse whatsoever to what she done, and thought she would get away with.
    I believe it will then be adjourned for a period of up to 4 weeks so Justice Whealy can put together his sentencing report and pass sentence on her.
    Unfortunately, the law for murder back in 1996 had a minimum of 71/2yrs, instead of todays 10yrs.
    Despite what Justice Whealy gives the murderer of Tegan, the DPP can appeal if they consider it too lenient, which is good to know, given his “great sympathy” statement. Also, he couldn’t help himself by stating, “I have to pass sentence on the verdict of the jury”. And so you should Mr Whealy, instead of having some form of sympathy for her. It would not surprise me that Justice Whealy was “conned” by the offender over the course of the trial, given he saw her for 4 months. If you see a picture of her and cover everything but her eyes, they are the eyes of a killer, I have felt that way ever since I first saw her picture and seen her in real life. I got her stare of death in Court, so I know what it is like to be killed by a stare. But, she didn’t win as I outstared from that moment on. May Tegan rest in peace and be comforted by the souls around her.


    • It is indeed an honour to have you post here John. If it were not for you this woman would be still free roaming around meaning at some time somewhere another child may of suffered the same fate.

      I too believe the way to a persons soul is in their eyes. You are to be admired for staring her down in court too. What a wicked woman!

      Justice Whealy, and his conduct is just jaw dropping, thank god there are minimum sentences at least, otherwise he would of been taking her home for a nice dinner on Friday night…

      I wish I was in Sydney to be there when she is sentenced, just as I will be here when Judy Moran is sentenced, another wicked woman who disposed of her own family.Even used her murdered son as an alibi in his Uncles murder…

      Evil is burned into ones soul, they will be that way forever…

      All the best to you John, a hero for children everywhere, be proud, no matter what this witch gets…


      • thanks Robbo.
        Judy Moran is indeed evil, her and Tegan’s murderer should share a cell together, the worst of the worst.
        You’re very welcome with regards to me posting on here Robbo, I will do so after next Friday and when she gets sentenced.
        I am arranging a memorial plaque for Tegan, with the support of the Homicide Victims Support Group here in NSW. I have always wanted some sort of memorial for Tegan, as she was a little bubba on this planet. So this will be Tegan’s home and resting place, which I am forever humbled and grateful to the HVSG and their compassion and support.
        None of the Lane family have never mentioned Tegan with any sort of compassion or sympathy at all. They are a very cold family, who don’t even want anything to do with the 2 children that were adopted out. Having said this, it may be a blessing in disguise for the first and third children, given the total disregard for Tegan by the Lanes.
        Take care Robbo et al.

        John Borovnik


  6. As a parent with three daughters who were all taught by Keli Lane I am thrilled to see the sentence she has received. She was a very mean teacher who, as PE teachers often do, gave special privileges to the sporty students and was nasty and demeaning to those students who were not as sporty. I, along with many other parents, could never understand why she was so mean and would often comment that she needed to have children of her own and she would then treat our children differently. On one occasion I had to have a discussion with her about one of my daughters and she had me, a parent, in tears, and did not back down at all. She actually seemed to get pleasure out of me being upset. When she did finally become pregnant, with the child we now know is not her first born, but of course we thought was at the time, we all breathed a sigh of relief and said thank goodness, maybe once she has a baby of her own she will be nicer. When we heard of her arrest we all just knew she had killed Tegan. It was like everything fell into place and explained her complete coldness and lack of emotion. Congratulations John Borovnik for recognising that something was amiss and pursuing it until you found the truth. We are only sorry that her sentence was not longer. Cold, calculating baby killers should never see the light of day again.


  7. Thank you Jane for your comments and your personal dealings with her. She got 18yrs, with 14yrs non-parole. She should count herself lucky that the murder happened back in 1996, as todays minimum sentence is 25yrs. Justice has been done for Tegan and she can now rest in peace knowing her killer is behind bars.
    I don’t know how Justice Whealy came to the conclusion that she is rehabilitated, is that his opinion or is it a fact? If so, how has she demonstrated this?
    She has never shown any remorse whatsoever during the entire trial, sentencing phases, etc. Her defence counsel stated “she only meant to cause Tegan serious harm”, while Justice Whealy made the comment ” she could have put her (tegan) in a garbage bag and put her in a dumpster”, I was angry and shocked that he would make a comment like that, unless he was playing devil’s advocate, but even so, all those comments show no respect for a little bubba who was NOT even 48hrs old when Tegan died. On the day she was found guilty of murder, Justice Whealy comments “I have great sympathy for you”. for a child killer he has great sympathy?? It was terrible to hear such a comment from a judge to a murderer.
    Thank goodness that the jury saw through her “serene demeanor” and found her guilty based on the evidence before the court.
    The Homicide cold case squad deserve special mention here as they did a tremendous job under very difficult circumstances to gather all the evidence and present it to Nicholas Cowdrey of the DPP, who made the correct decision to charge Keli Lane with murder. I will forever be grateful to them all for their work in bringing the much deserved justice for Tegan. God bless her and protect her.


  8. John, first off thank god she was given a decent sentence, all things considered. The judge will be forever known for this comment and his “Personal statements” during the trial.

    I have said this before, but you are Tegan’s angel, nobody could of done anything if it were not for you.Her family who claim to of known nothing, should be ashamed, and hopefully they will be when they look back at what they chose to ignore about their daughters life in those previous years…

    We will get the obligatory appeal(s) and I hope most if not all grounds get tossed out and she realises she is in a best case scenario already…Another panel of judge(s) may not see it so sympathetically…

    All the best John



  9. I’m surprised that the Judge didn’t recommend that the jailers put chocolates on her pillow every night!! 18 years is pathetic.


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