Dickileaks girl posing for the camera…Maybe not?

UPDATE 24/12/10 It has seen bought to my attention that these pics may indeed be of another girl who looks remarkably similar, and are being tossed around to discredit certain people.So for now I have removed the lot, until I can get to the bottom of it. Sorry if you came here to see them.

The girl concerned is quite the attention seeker obviously, but I will let people make up their own minds, but I can see why footballers have apparently been so interested. here are some pics she posted on a public online social site. I have blacked out her face…A lot seem to have been taken by herself. The name in the files is an alias she uses


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9 thoughts on “Dickileaks girl posing for the camera…Maybe not?

  1. Need to check your facts guys. This is not Kim Duthie but a girl called Jess F(full name escapes me right now) on fb.
    Haters are likening the two to discredit KD

    Also, totally different face and body type if you look properly.


  2. I have read in various places that Jess Fitts(?) is not the same as Kim Duthie and frankly they do look different to me.

    Also Robbo, you need to learn to use the word “allegedly”. Poor form.


    • Dave the pics are over a few growing teenage years (But I could be wrong, so I’m holding them back, while it sorts itself out.)the aliases she uses abound online and you are right I could use that word alleged more. Because it is bad form for a major media organisation like myself!??!? Anyway I see your point. Cheers


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