Horse trainer Barry David Winchester guilty of child sex

Well Barry David Winchester, you have not wiggled out of this trial and you are now a convicted perverted dirty old man. 12 years will not be enough, so I hope you suffer at the fate of your fellow criminals for a few years and then drop dead and save the taxpayers some money. There are too many things much more important than spending a dollar on a rock spider like you, a snake belly, there are not many much lower than you and your kind

FORMER south-east Queensland racehorse trainer Barry David Winchester who preyed on a young girl’s love of horses to coerce her into a 20-month sexual relationship was today found guilty on 21 child sex charges.

The 62-year-old will face up to 12 years’ jail after a District Court jury in Brisbane took just over a day to find him guilty of maintaining a sexual relationship with a child, six counts of rape, two counts of carnal knowledge, four of indecent dealing, three of attempted indecent dealing, two of procuring indecent dealing, two of common assault, and one of attempted rape.

The man, who had his trainer’s licence revoked by Racing Queensland earlier this year, was found not guilty on another eight charges, including one of rape.

He had pleaded not guilty to all 29 charges, which were alleged to have occurred in a 20-month period from January 2007.

Judge Marshall Irwin remanded the man in custody to be sentenced on February 25 next year.

He thanked the jury for doing a difficult public duty at a time of the year they would have obviously liked to be elsewhere.

The 2½-week trial heard the man begain to molest the girl, then aged 12, when she went to watch him train horses.

He told her he would give her a horse if she performed a sexual act on him, and from there the offending escalated.

The Crown alleged the man abused the girl by encouraging her interest in racehorses and demanding sexual favours in return.

The girl was girl coerced into performing sexual acts with him, and with others while the man looked on.

In some cases it was alleged he had charged money.

The matter came to a head when the girl told police after one of the man’s friends accused her of stealing equipment from the stables.

However, barrister John Fraser, for the defendant, alleged a large amount of girl’s evidence was doubtful and she pretended she was older.

Much of the trial was taken up with a 12-hour DVD of the girl’s evidence and a secretly taped conversation between the girl and her abuser in August 2008.

In the conversation the trainer made advances to the girl, and when she rebuffed him the man indicated age didn’t matter when he had previous sex with her.

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9 thoughts on “Horse trainer Barry David Winchester guilty of child sex

  1. He was never going to get a NOT GUILTY to this. but, having known this prick for so long I knew he was NEVER going to admit or take a plea. He would try too the end to get off. he lost, no surprise. Just a shame the sentence wasn’t life, which in his case isn’t that far away & maybe even closer than he thinks inside the big house.


  2. hey robbo.
    any news on this pervert & pedophile?
    I would love to know of the bashings he has received inside so we can tell the people that SOME justice is being served by his fellow inmates.


    • Hi John, no I have not heard how he is doing inside, but I give him less than a year to live before he dies from the stress of all the threats he has been getting in there, hey won go away


  3. Sentencing was scheduled for today….Any reports on the sentence. Hope it makes sure he never roams the streets again. He was always a grub and a flea bag, and often tried to touch up his female track riders, but was always able to avoid being exposed. Good riddance to a piece of s**t


  4. yes, any news at all? I’d like to know the verdict of the sentencing…

    I hope this low life gets bashed & raped with brooms every day he is in there for a year or 2 then either necks up or dies of natural causes so nobody has to do additional time for him, he simply isn’t worth it…


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