Dikileaks girl abandoned by parents?

This girl needs the support of her parents no matter what she does, says etc. If what she says is true, that her parents have vowed to never speak to her again, to me it means they are ashamed of their daughter for potentially bringing shame on them. But news stories come and go, family are there forever and I cannot comprehend any parent abandoning their child in the midst of what is a crisis.

They should of been standing by her side, through thick and thin at the airport. Speaking up for and protecting her rights as a child! Where are they? Seeking out a deal for themselves?

I am not sure who will have more regrets at the end of this, The girl, her parents or footballers using and abusing young girls.

UPDATE 9.41am: CHILD welfare authorities have expressed concern for the teen at the centre of the St Kilda nude picture scandal after she said her parents had abandoned her.

"Jane" talks to the media at Melbourne airport last night 23/12/10

Arriving at Melbourne Airport last night, “Jane”, 17, also said she had no remorse over the internet photo row.

But Victoria’s Child Safety Commissioner Bernie Geary says he’s concerned about the welfare of the teenager, who has been branded “a malicious trouble maker” by St Kilda, which also said its players could seek damages through the Federal Court.

Commissioner Geary is concerned about how the situation is playing out, saying the girl has been “vilified as some sort of a monster”.

“This child is in danger, this child will be left at the end of this situation as a vilified person,” he told ABC Radio today.

He urged St Kilda to consider its handling of the case.

“Rather than (to) fly to the aid of players, (it should) understand that there’s a child in the centre of this,” Mr Geary said.

“I would (also) ask the public who are obviously giving this oxygen would they want their child to be in the same circumstance?”

The girl said yesterday she was unlikely to attend the Federal Court hearing today, and that her family had cut all ties with her because of the saga.

She says many have expressed support for her actions, but she said her parents have had enough, ordering her out of their home last night and driving her to tears for the first time in seven years.

“My parents have just left and told me I’m never going to speak to them again,” said the girl, who will now stay with friends.

Her revelation came after St Kilda announced it planned to make her pay for the misery she had caused players Nick Riewoldt, Zac Dawson and Nick Dal Santo.

St Kilda vice-president Ross Levin said that if awarded damages, the club had up to 15 years to recoup money from the girl.

“When you get an order for damages, in the event we are successful in our claim, the order continues to be valid for up to 15 years,” he said.

“In the event she tries to make money out of this, the misery she has caused to these players, then we’ll be looking for that money.”

Jane said she was worried about court proceedings against her.

She now claims to be seeking a deal to release further photos as part of her story – despite a court order forbidding their release.

She denied any remorse.

“Not at all, because they (the footballers) had what was coming to them,” she said.

“They can’t take advantage of girls like that.”

She said given her time again she would still have posted the photos, though not through Facebook.

“I would have done it anonymously, because I am actually really scared about what’s going to happen,” she said.

Among supporters of the teen are other women who have posted messages claiming to have been mistreated by footballers.

“In a way I feel as though I have been successful in releasing the photos and letting other girls realise what they (players) are like,” she said.

The girl and the players embroiled in the saga were no-shows at a Federal Court hearing yesterday. But an order banning her from posting lewd images, allegedly taken from Sam Gilbert‘s computer, was extended and another court date fixed for today.

Lawyers will tell her via Twitter, and other electronic means, to be in court at 2.15pm today.

Although winning an order to stop her publishing the photos again, counsel for Gilbert will press for all images and other content allegedly stolen from his computer to be destroyed.

Then they will sue for damages, breach of confidence, and copyright.

A lawyer for Facebook, Matthew Lewis, undertook that the site would take down any posting of the images by the girl.

24 thoughts on “Dikileaks girl abandoned by parents?

  1. What’s with all the negativity Dave. So she lies, like every teenager I know trying to be cool. You don’t see a bigger picture here? Where are the parents? As a parent I know where I would be. The way St.Kilda are carrying on is ridiculous.

    After decades of covering up player indiscretions that in this day and age would of resulted in criminal charges I don’t know how they can now be all high and mighty about their precious players.


  2. It’s just amusing to see how so many people automatically take every word she says as fact. Where are the parents? Well, we don’t know because rather wisely they are so far avoiding this media circus.

    IMO the fact that they are AFL players is completely irrelevant. The AFL may have covered up decades of indiscretions but so what? Does that mean the players involved in this have no legal rights? They are fair game for whoever wants to (allegedly) steal personal property and (allegedly) maliciously defame them?


    • You don’t think they should be supporting her at the circus? Get out their girl your on your own? All I know is my kids know they could rely on me anytime day or night to be there by their side boxing for them. sure these particular guys have been hung out to dry but it again reveals a culture to me that clubs are desperate to keep secret. I reckon girls will be coming out and shaming players that will make this seem nothing! They treat women like shit it is well known! This is the tip of the iceberg…people are getting uptight about the pics! Get up sam why did he keep pics of nude men on his computer? The media are way too selective


  3. I can’t help but feel sorry for her.

    The crappy parents are probably the reason she has gotten herself into all this trouble. no guidance through her teenage years.

    I do hope other photos are released. Footballers need to stop treating women and young girls like crap. Probably the only way to a stop them is to name and shame.


  4. “St Kilda vice-president Ross Levin said after the hearing the teenager left the Saints no choice but to take legal action after the club and the girl’s parents had pleaded with her for weeks not to release the photos.”

    Only so much you can do as a parent. She decided she knew better than them and go her own way so why should they support her?


    • Im wasting my time with you Dave.You have your set opinion, but bloody hell? Why should they? What sort of parent are you? I know where I stand, you would watch this happen to your daughter, just to prove a point and be all high and mighty? Tells me a bit about you actually


  5. dont get me wrong i feel sorry for her being dumped by the parents but come on collingwood now st kilda, girls always go for the high paying people esp footy players, im sorry you go back toa footy players room at 3am in the morning or whatever come on you know what you want but hey wasnt there dont know if true or not but i think her parents should be standing by her even if she did lie it is there child after all


  6. OK Where were her parents when she was going out and getting it on with these footballers? And how old was she when this all started? Yes they treat woman like crap so who are the women / girls who are drawn to them in the first place? Not the happy well adjusted ones I am assuming. Seems to me this girls parents abandoned her long before this scandal broke!


  7. According to her twitter she was at her mother’s for xmas, so dunno that she’s been disowned as such.. Lol perverse curiosity has led me to an afl groupie’s twitter! I may have to disown myself =D


  8. If the parents are good parents they should never allowing her to hangout with the football players in the 1st place! Instead of washing their hands they should have some responsibilities – support her throught this unfortunate situation, then give her a proper disciplinaries action, maybe by law 17 years old is an adult but in the eye of the parents their children are always their children. The place for 17 years old who living with her parents is either at school to study – with curfew at 9pm. Called me Old fashion!


  9. This young girl need to be home with her family for support. I am now starting to have ill feelings toward her father. He should forgive and forget and help her get back on her feet. She is in my eyes still a child who needs guidance.
    I would hate for her to do any self harm because if i were her father and cast her aside i would never forgive myself


  10. This chick is a serious head case.


    “Getting a bit off track in the moment.. Continuing, this woman found me at Southern Cross train station, sprawled across the pavement, with a bottle of vodka and my three phones in my hands, rejecting, rejecting, rejecting calls.

    The moment I heard her voice, I felt my heart beat faster, as though I was myself again. Bending down to reach me, she placed her arms around me and held onto me tightly, assuring me everything was going to be okay.
    I shed tears, not just that.. Wailed, Screamed; I broke down.
    Walking me back to the car, holding my hand, we headed off to the Alfred Hospital.

    I walked in after alot of convincing to get me there, regardless to whether I accepted, I knew they would drag me there; They’re police officers!
    I was asked several questions, did many tests and had to be psychologically evaluated.”

    She’s really learnt from her experiences – not.


  11. According to news, mother has bipolar disorder. It would be hard for her to support the girl if this is correct.

    re. learning from experiences – considering what appears to be the lack of good guidance of mature adults surrounding this girl – what examples of suitable behaviour is she to follow?
    As adults can we say we learn from everything that happens to us? we all make the same mistakes over and over in relationships etc. It is easy to throw stones but are you perfect? Her learning curve will be steep and because of all the media her mistakes will be magnified but she will learn.

    Re alcohol – how is it that children under 18 can get alcohol so readily? How can these girls get into clubs underage. This is a wider community problem- one of 1000 issues this case has bought to the fore.


    • Plenty of people bear responsibility here – her parents, the AFL players, her peers and her so-called supporters. But at the end of the day you have to take responsibility for yourself and your own actions. Even if you have no good role models to follow it should be obvious that if you are 17 and find yourself being dragged into court and blind drunk in a public street you need to change your behaviour.


  12. Hi Dave,
    read the article u posted – she is a serious head case!! She said lost baby then was send nude male pictures as a gesture to cheer her up or have a laugh wow…I just feel abit sick the guts just to read that statement


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