Killer driver’s $120,000 compo fury

Alan Philip Brown

A DRIVER jailed for killing two people in separate accidents has been awarded $120,000 compensation.

Alan Philip Brown was dubbed Victoria’s worst driver after he killed passenger Margaret Loveday in 2001, the second time he had killed while driving drunk.

Another woman, Carol Jancic, was injured in the smash, and forced to spend months in intensive care and then rehabilitation.

Serial offender Brown claims to have injured his shoulder and suffered psychological damage when a garden shed roller door closed on him in Loddon Prison in April 2007.

The County Court has since ordered the 44-year-old be paid $120,000 in compensation after he successfully sued the State of Victoria for negligence.

The payout is believed to be one of the largest settlements for injury made to a prisoner.

People Against Lenient Sentencing spokesman Steve Medcraft said the payout was a disgrace.

“I’m staggered. There’s people out there with legitimate claims who are victims of crime who get knocked back. Here’s a bloke who’s had multiple chances, who gets to spend his time pursuing the state,” Mr Medcraft said.

“There’s something not right when a bloke like this can get compensation, but victims of crime get the short end of the stick.”

Brown has had more than 100 convictions, including being caught with blood alcohol readings of .110, .165, .2, .193, .130 and .1.

Brown, who has never held a licence and who was described in court as a loner who had fathered eight children by four different women, killed his cousin in 1989 while driving at almost four times the legal limit.

For that offence, he was sentenced to a minimum of two years and three months, despite a shocking criminal and driving record.

Brown was finally jailed for 14 years, with a minimum of 10 years, in 2002 for the death of Ms Loveday, the heaviest sentence ever handed down for driving offences in Victoria. He had a blood-alcohol reading of .171 at the time.

Road safety campaigner Penny Martin, whose son Josh, 19, was killed by a drink-driver in 2001, was outraged by his sentence.

“Here’s a guy who’s got no regards for road safety, who’s repeatedly broken the law and killed two people,” she said. “If he shouldn’t get the maximum sentence, then who should?”

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8 thoughts on “Killer driver’s $120,000 compo fury

  1. 4FS. Obviously crime does pay in this stuffed up country.
    get me a case of rum, I need some cash for my retirement.
    I’ll go run down some old lady in a walking frame & claim 1/4 mill…..
    What a joke. This moron should be paying the families of the dead 120K each for the rest of his pathetic life.
    Drugs & alcohol are no excuse & this F#@kwit didn’t learn the 1st time.


    • Exactly John he should at least be repaying his bloody keep and medical costs with his bullshit claim. The world has gone made for this type of thing to happen. I can only imagine how many “Confidential” settlements there are in the jail system that we don’t know about! Disgraceful


      • This is absolutely disgraceful – now when he gets out he can go and buy himself a brand new car and inflict more damage! His victims could possibly claim some/all of this money. Let’s hope they look into it.


  2. What on earth with the justice system? I don’t think criminal like this, who had killed by being drunk and disregard other people lifes should NOT have allow to even think let alone asking for compensation. Furthermore I think he should used some of the money to neutered himself so he couldn’t have more offsprings…


  3. OMFG! I hope the family of the deceased sues him in Civil Court and they get the $120,000.00 compensation for the ‘psychological damage’ caused to them by this scumbags blatent disregard for the law and public safety!
    All I can say it that it’s a shame the roller door didn’t do more damage to this useless excuse for a human being!
    As for the women that bore his 8 children….WTF were you all thinking? Hopefully not a case of morons breeding morons!


    • Morons breeding morons , l think not please dont tar his children with the same brush ,as i personally know and are the mother of 3 of them … They are good upstanding adults that have had nothing to do with the moron since they were babies and we were lucky to escape unharmed …As for condemming the women who have had children to this man i cannot speak for the others but he is a con man, but it didnt take me long to figure that out .l have raised my chidren well and NOT ONE OF THEM has EVER been in trouble with the law … so please think how your comments can affect others before you pass them …As for the payout as far as im concerned his victims should get it and he should rot in hell for what he has done ….


  4. well yes u r all correct, the system is fucked. this is a man who not only has no morals or compasion at all, who can keep hurting others by his stupid idiotic actions, and still didnt pull his head in! i have so much love and support for the familys that he has destroyed as he did it to mine, and please dont pyt down the rest of us because of one animal, cause thats all he is AN ANIMAL!


  5. Margaret Loveday, this mans second victim, is my Grandmother. My mother and the other 2 of Margaret’s children are doing all they can to stop this monster from receiving ANY of this money. The money has been frozen pending further legal action from the family lawyers.


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