Derek Percy,Sick killer’s $32,000 pay day


Derek Percy is a convicted child killer suspected of involvement in the murder of seven-year-old Linda Stilwell

A PENSIONER whose daughter was abducted and murdered has been ordered to pay child killer Derek Percy more than $32,000.

The Supreme Court has ordered Jean Priest, 72, must pay Percy’s legal bill after she lost the first stage of her fight to force him to give evidence about his suspected part in the killing of her daughter, seven-year-old Linda Stilwell, in 1968.

Ms Priest, pictured holding a cherished photo of Linda, is a community volunteer who lives in a retirement village.

She says she could be bankrupted by Percy, who has amassed a fortune of up to $300,000 from a navy pension he receives in jail.

The grieving grandmother plans one last bid for justice before the Court of Appeal, but she may face a total legal bill from Percy of $80,000 if that appeal fails.

“We now have a bill for $32,247 and I don’t know how I am going to pay that. I have no way of doing that,” a tearful Ms Priest told the Herald Sun.


“I can’t sleep at night. Prisoners seem to have all the rights, victims have no rights.”

Percy, 62, is Victoria’s longest-serving prisoner and remains in jail for the mutilation killing of Yvonne Tuohy, 12, less than 12 months after Linda disappeared.

Linda’s body has never been found. Percy has been linked to nine child killings in the late 1960s across several states.

He was prosecuted only for Yvonne Tuohy’s death, where he was found not guilty by reason of insanity – a technicality that allows him to continue receiving his navy pension.

“I feel I’ve got to go as far as I possibly can for Linda,” Ms Priest said. She added that she was “physically sick” when told she might have to pay $80,000 in legal fees to Percy if the appeal were lost.

Ms Priest said she would continue to try to find her daughter’s body so she could be finally laid to rest with some dignity.

“The coroner found Derek Percy was in St Kilda on that day and only metres from her,” she said.

“What is the possibility that there could be two child murderers in that kind of area at the same time?

“We need her body so that we can have a resting place for her.

“I believe he did it. I just can’t bare to think of what he did to her.”

Both Deputy State Coroner Iain West and Supreme Court Justice Iain Ross declined to force Percy to give evidence because of his apparent psychosis at the time of the abduction and the potential his evidence would be unreliable.

Ms Priest’s barristers, Elizabeth McKinnon and Simon Gillespie-Jones, would not comment.

Before the ruling on costs went against Ms Priest, Herald Sun readers late last year pledged $7300 towards her pending legal bill.

“I’d like to thank the readers of the Herald Sun for the help they have given me. I just wonder if anybody else can help because it’s financial ruin,” she said.


9 thoughts on “Derek Percy,Sick killer’s $32,000 pay day

  1. [email protected] on said:

    Law is about money not justice, sometimes the refusal to play is the only way to win.
    My advice to Ms Priest is just don’t pay it.



  2. I think this is outrageous. This unfortunate lady wants to know what happened to her little girl a long time ago. She ought not be punished for that … & it’s quite obvious & apparent that Percy was responsible.
    How much more suffering can be felt by people affected by this hideous specimen of humanity; Derek Percy?
    He ought to be force-fed truth serum … & then suffer the consequences.
    I was totally opposed to the notion of capital punishment until I read all about him. I firmly believe that expiring him would also be to the mercy of his family.


  3. Surely there must be a persuasive group of people in the joint with him that could extract any info from him that is required for free
    After all this time would he not be in the general population inside ?


  4. I’m very appalled by this justice loop hole, just because he is being declared as insane so he is entitled to his NAVY benefit eventhough he is a murderer? I’m sure with other employment agency a person who committed a murder won’t have this benefit. The worse of all he only served minimum time as a NAVY officer. Please this clause in our defence benefit (ARMY or NAVY) need to be revisit.


  5. What rubbish is this. Anyone commiting a heinous crime should have all their belonging, goods, chattels and anything else they own or are expected to own taken from them and compensate those of the families they have committed a crime against for either a funeral, cost of searching for the body or compensation (specifically if they had been the breadwinner) for any earnings commensurate with age/work expectations.

    Anything left (including any superfunds or interest earned) should be put into a fund for “Victims of Crime”.

    Getting money whilst in prison, other than what they earn in prison, should not be allowed.

    This could also stand for other crimes, including white-collar crimes. For some the thought of being a pauper is more of a “fear” factor than being put up in a hotel with 3 square meals and all the tv you can get.

    Don’t get me wrong – I would definitely not like to be encarcerated purely from a loss of family contact.


  6. This is sheer madness!
    The killer is getting a pension, the poor, suffering mother whose daughter was murdered is ordered by the courts to pay this murder’s legal fees!!!!
    This is Justice Australian Style?
    No wonder people have NO respect for the laws, government and banks!!!!
    He is not insane!!! He is a cold, blooded killer who knew what he was doing!!!


  7. i can’t believe he hasn’t had his skull smashed in……what kind of jail is he in…….surely someone in there can cave his skull in?????



    To Dear Mrs Jean Priest, the victim and mother of the then brutal murder 44 years ago, of innocent 9 year old Linda stilwell ,and to the brave, Mr Shane Spiller, who tried to fight off DEREK PERCY and defend himself and Linda , with a tomahawk axe, and who mysteriously disappeared in 2002?, after years of post traumatic stress, and to any and all , of the surviving relatives of Yvonne Tuohy, then 12 years old, murdered by Derek Percy and the victims or relatives of the Wanda beach,New South Wales murder,abdudtions? and the unsolved Beaumont children,s disappearance at Glenalg beach in Adelaide? and the rest of the other 9 ?unsolved abduction murders ,which are alleged, to have been committed by convicted insane murderer Derek Percy, at the time. Who is now dying ,in the Victoria prisons, St Vincents security wing hospital, as Victoria,s longest locked up and protected prisoner and to the very end is still remaining silent, and has no comment to end the torture and give closer, to Mrs Priest. Derek Percy is guilty of being a stone cold blooded killer, who knew very well, how to abduct, murder and dispose of the victims bodies, he was dangerous, and calculated, with a military navy background training ,he was never insane, definitely dangerous and he is very cunning and manipulative and he was bad ,not mad.!!! And smart, all the while, being declared criminally insane ,and on prison protection, he has fooled all the justice system and built from prison, and in the full protection and knowledge of his custodians and protectors, and from the do-gooders and physiologists, prison medical professionals and prison reformists of the corrective services prison system, all the while he has got his savvy team of lawyers to take out litigation and sue his most traumatised victim, Linda Stilwell,s aged pensioner mother, with assistance from our legal criminal justice system and legal aid. helping him along all the way in his safety in his long years in custody. this is the biggest miscarriage of justice in Victorian prison history.? One has to question , who or what dark secrets, is he using as enterprise bargaining . Is DEREK PERCYs, insanity being used as an inconvenient truth, on bigger crimes, and matters, over the years, being protected for or from, professionals in high places,and is there more known about him or his protectors, and or co- offenders, that has been covered up, in lost prison secret files, with his many paedophile associates and friendships with his cell mates, over the years on prison protection, who are still in and out of prison, or living in ARARAT,S VILLAGE OF THE DAMMED PROTECTION PRISON, and the legal system connections ,up until this very day. in his imminent , soon to be in the near future, , impending death, that he will take lots of secrets with him to the grave, with out having been thoroughly investigated and questioned without his legal privilege and right to remain silent, in his arrogant manner, over the 40 years he has been protected in prison. with so many privileges to build up his wealth inside gaol…??? And all the softly softly prison privileges he and his other registered violent sexual offenders, receive in the strictest and secret anonymity…………… His victims are also the 12 panel members of the jury, who got Percy, locked up, even though he pleaded not guilty by the reason of insanity and amnesia, to his crimes and the judge was still able to give out the maximum sentence of Governors pleasure,never to be released, which was the most harsh sentence that could be handed out at the time, for pleading not guilty…., as the last of the death sentences was hand out at H.M.PENTRIDGE PRISON to RONALD RYAN as he was later found to be innocent, and it was around this time DEREK PERCY, was on his Australian wide killing sprees, while on leave from the Australian navy H.M.S. CERRIBUS in Western Port Bay of Melbourne in the late 1960,s. from which he still collects a military service pension and superannuation. ??? And this cannot be contested, what an insult……..! One of the panel jurors has just bravely spoken out in public, on 3AW, Neil Mitchell,s talk back radio for the first time in over 40 years, on Monday 22 july 2013, at 1015 hrs, about how she is still to this day, haunted and traumatised by his evil, and she said, ” her name with held for her protection”, that the jury on his trial, had decided that beyond reasonable doubt, they had no hesitation to have witnessed, and even pushed the button, on him, and have watched DEREK PERCY giving the death penalty and hang by the neck until dead, way back then, after hearing all the grizzly evidence in the supreme court of his crime scene photos and forensic evidence throughout his trial. Mary the juror, ”not her real name”, that his trail was very distressing and that she would never forget his evil plea of not guilty, but because he pleaded not guilty to insanity, even if the death penalty could still be handed out, his insanity plea would have saved him from the noose! To sum up this letter to all his victims as an ex Prison Officer that locked up these worst pieces of human trash, when the Victorian Prison Service, was still tough and feared, and Victoria Prisons and its worst prisoners were punished by the strictly run military lines, on 1950,s, 1960,s and 1970,s regimental style, harsh regime of the Pentridge Modus Operandi of such tough and hard condition cell blocks as the H DIVISION HIGH SECURITY UNIT and the notorious JIKA JIKA MAXIMUM SECURITY MANAGMENT UNIT OF H.M.PENTRIDGE GAOL, later, PRISON., when prison protection was sometimes overlooked, and this old Queen Victorian Dickenson Model reform and penal servitude building of punishment , should never have been closed by our Victorian Government, and then decommissioned, sold off, and mostly demolished, to make way for Victoria,s now weak and failing rehabilitation, with early parole and prisoner welfare, individual management plan style, unit management run luxury modern conditions of humane containment ,run by the politicians who created and kept in policy,” the charter of human rights”, on the worst of the worst violent recidivist perpetrators. whom, , one will soon be the late DEREK PERCY, I hope! I would like to give the upmost of sympathy, sorrow and respect to all DEREK PERCY,s victims and what hell you all must be, going through at this moment at the present time. And only wish the rotten mongrel beast, would finally confess to all his heinous crimes and say where he hide the victims bodies. So that all you victims can have closer, of Derek Percy, who is just one of Victoria,s prisons worst hideous beasts and despicable,lowlife
    specimens of humanity. May he finally die in prison, and the guardian angels of all his victims on this earth, see that he now gets sentenced to eternal torment , and torture, as the guest of the devil at the the gates of hell, and forever rot in the pit of hell, fire and brimstone. Derek Percy could not get his right whack in prison, because of the legal protector parasites, but hopefully the big house that he will now be going to in his death, will not offer him any more protection. and the maggot, will not be taken any of his jail time wealth with him either, because, hopefully, the government, will hand it all to Mrs Jean Priest, and any and all of his victims of his rotten crimes. ” R.I.P. ROT IN PRISON”, Scumbag, They should bury him standing up, head down ,in quick lime, in the yard behind H. DIVISION PENTRIDGE, with a large bluestone rock marker on him that reads, ” hear rots one of worst monsters of all time, may he rot in hell, marked with the old H. DIVISION . ON THE CROSS.!!!……………………………………………………………………………………………………………


    At ST VINCENTS PRISON SECURITY UNIT WARD at around 0200 Hours Wednesday 24th July 2013. After 44 years of the highest prison protection, with the help of DEREK PERCY,S expensive legal team, of QC barristers, lawyers and justices, protecting him over the years, helping him with his right to no comment, and his legal privilege and right to remain silent, right to his very end, for which his conversations with them , he will take with him to the grave ,guilty or otherwise and that is his legal team, conversations of secrecy of natural justice, charters of human rights , which legally, will not and can not be disclosed ever by the act of privacy and legal loopholes . to protect his right to natural justice. But all the while his victims are made to pay all his legal costs, all while he has built a generous military pension and financial investments, and valuable coin collection while behind bars. Hopefully this blow fly will now have all his legal writs, costs and all his jail time built wealth, handed out as crimes compensation to his all his victims of his crimes. How about it percy,s lawyers! How about Natural Justice with the charter of human rights, helping the victims of crime instead of the cashed up criminals now his dead.

    May the devil now take this child killers, rotten carcass to hell with him and lock up his maggot fly blown soul to never to be released from the endless suffering he inflicted on THE BEAUMONT CHILDREN, THE WANDA BEACH GIRLS, YVONNE THOUY , LINDA STIWELL, HER MOTHER MRS JEAN PRIEST AND SHANE SPILLER AND ALL THIER FAMILIES , who have suffered by the at the hands of this BEAST.



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