Video Shows Utah Man Being Killed in Drug Raid

I will let you make up your own mind when you watch this video. But this guy is woken to banging at his door in the dark, he grabs a golf club as he stumbles out his room, just imagine in.Swat burst in and shoot the bloke dead before he can even register what is going on. How the hell does this happen, and then the authorities say it was justified. Read the story, watch it again and make up your mind.Please let me know what you think.

This happened overseas, but raids like this have occurred on our shores, and more than once it has been the wrong residence…Imagine this at your place

A police video of a September drug raid in Utah provides graphic evidence of the sometimes dire consequences of SWAT-style drug law enforcement. In the video released by the Salt Lake Tribune, a member of the Weber-Morgan Narcotics Strike Force repeatedly shoots and kills resident Todd Blair as Blair steps into a hallway holding a golf club like a baseball bat.

According to a Tribune article in December, Blair, while a methamphetamine user and familiar to police, was not the target of the raid and was not supposed to be in the house. In fact, police had earlier seen a man they thought was Blair leaving the house and pulled him over so he wouldn’t be present during the raid. But the man was not Blair and was released, at which point police began to prepare a “dynamic entry” or no-knock raid.

Police had received a warrant for a no-knock warrant after claiming in their affidavit that the house had “lookouts” who would warn of their arrival and that their suspect — not Blair — might attempt to destroy the evidence. The affidavit did not mention that their suspect had already moved out of the house.

Because they had expected to raid an empty residence, the police SWAT team had not prepared a “dynamic entry” plan. Instead of falling back and creating one in the standard procedure, they retreated to a nearby retirement home and improvised one. They had also forgotten to bring along a copy of their search warrant — not a legal failing in a no-knock raid, but another indication of a drug squad fraying at the edges.

The video show police yelling, “Police! Search warrant!” and breaking down the door in a matter of seconds. Ogden police Sgt. Troy Burnett was the first officer through the door when Blair, shirtless, stepped into a hallway brandishing the golf club. He was eight to ten feet away and not advancing when Burnett, without uttering a warning, shoots him three times in the head and chest. As he collapses, Burnett yells “Get on the ground!”

Utah authorities determined the shooting was justified.

13 thoughts on “Video Shows Utah Man Being Killed in Drug Raid

  1. Rob, I cannot imagine this “happening at my place” as I do not run a crack house that is frequented by known meth junkies.
    I also clearly heard more than one officer yelling “Police Search Warrant”.
    After living next to a drug rehab centre for seven years, being robbed and held up at needle / knife point, I’m siding with the cops.
    Instead of jumping into the hallway brandishing a weapon Blair would be alive had he hit the deck.
    Junkies are not worth losing sleep over.



    • Mike that is a bit of nonsense Im sorry to say.Of course you clearly heard the cops say that, the camera and mike were outside where they were this bloke was in his room in the dark probably asleep. You here conversations in your sleep as your door gets bashed down? Did you even read the story and links???? Sounds like you are bias against druggies because of where you live(lived).This is not about druggies…
      Anyone can bust in to your house claiming to be cops, stuff that, I would be grabbing a weapon until I had proof who just invaded my property and privacy…


  2. The police went there with the sole purpose and intent to kill. Man’s inhumanity to man disgusts me. Of course the police would say this was justified – don’t they always? Remember the bridegroom and his groomsman who were shot dead in another state (as tyhey were getting into a car) by police? – ‘reason’ was ‘because they thought they saw a gun’. I think those police got away with cold blooded murder also. If what happened on that video was justified, there is no justice or law and order to be respected in the ‘great’ USA.
    I don’t believe that the outcome would have been any different if the victim was lying in bed or attempting to get up out of bed. Order were ‘kill, kill, kill’. Horrible that a so called civilized country allow it’s law enforcers to have such power, to decide who lives and who dies. And they are the first to criticize countries such as China for human rights abuses! What a sick joke.


  3. I can’t believe how angry this video has made me feel. The guy is standing in the corner with his back to the wall, no where to go and they shoot him. How the hell can anyone can say this is justified?

    I totally agree with everything Kathy said. Michael.. You’re a moron.


    • Thanks Rina,
      I appreciate your critical judgement of my IQ, thanks.
      We wont be as harsh with you as everybody is entitled to their opinion.
      You have obviously never found youself in the position depicted. It’s not TV.
      Do you really appreciate how many cops are maimed and killed trying to keep your life easy and safe?
      If your assulted by a junkie dont call the cops – call a crack head


      • Michael you are not looking at the bigger picture here, all you are doing is seeing from your experience with junkies. Say if it happened to your brother or someone.They had the wrong house. Their was about 6 of them armed storming the small looking apartment. he could of been secured without one shot being fired.
        They had bulletproof gear on, he had his PJ’s mate….come on stop being so melodramatic


  4. Last year the TRG raided my home by mistake at 6.30 am.
    I was sitting having a coffee and noticed my cat looking at something ,I walked to the glass sliding door to my patio and there was a fully decked out TRG officer pointing a gun at me and shouting to move back from the door ,I then noticed behind him several other fully decked out TRG officers running in all directions around the rear of my 5 acre property,at the same time several more had broken thru the front door and were behind me.
    No matter who you are it is frightening,it was daylight and I was awake.To have this happen in the middle of the night when your asleep would be absolutely terrifying !


  5. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I heard half a “get on the floor” before and as shots were being fired. I think if he had been clearly ordered to get on the floor, before just shooting at him, the whole situation could have been handled without anyone being hurt.
    With all the police training, there are supposed to be able to secure situations with out the use of deadly force. Surely this is excessive force, a golf club to a hand gun.


  6. bloody disgraceful the guy did not have a chance,what hapend to freez get on the floor u could clearly see he had a golf club not a shotgun poor bugger was also blinded by flash light he would not of known what hit him,, good or bad there must be justice for everyone (R I P DUDE),,,Danny


  7. Michael – I have had way more to do with junkies than I’d like (i include more than just illicit drug users in this category, but that’s another discussion) . To me, they are a waste of oxygen. However, this is not the issue here. The issue(s) here are lack of due process, lack of preparation and police gung ho stupidity. The announcement was muffled – even from the perspective of being next to the mic. I would be willing to bet that it sounded like unintelligible hostility from the other side of the door. The guy they shot ( before they shouted “get on the floor”) was not who they were looking for, was not approaching them and did not provoke this response. The person they were looking for didn’t even occupy the premises, ffs! Just because you personally dislike junkies does not make this acceptable. I don’t like alcohol junkies – does that make it ok for cops to shoot them in a case of mistaken identity?


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