Opening Day of Judy Moran's trial at the Supreme Court (as well as updates)

I will be doing a running update each day of this trial.I will be going to more than a few days and hopefully sneak out any surprises via iPhone during the trial. If she was hoping to get any sympathy rocking up in a wheelchair/scooter she must be kidding herself. She was up to her neck in the planning and execution of this murder from the start. jealousy and greed at the bottom of it.Yet we must go through costly trial to reveal what we already know…


Update 21/02/11 Now it is bad people hiding cars involved in the murder in her garage??? OMG

UPDATE 2.05pm: JUDY Moran has told a jury “bad people” put the getaway car used in the murder of her brother-in-law Des Moran in the garage of her home after the killing. Under cross examination by Mark Rochford, SC, Mrs Moran today said she had never seen the car before the night of the murder on June 15, 2009.

“I’d never seen it before until the 15th in the evening,” Mrs Moran said.

Mr Rochford said: “Until you went out in the evening – there it is magically in your garage?”

Mrs Moran replied: “Not magically sir. Bad people put it there.”

Update 18/02/11 I never laughed so much as I did today when she  spoke !!! Is this the best she has…I am going on Monday to laugh some more at her face to face…

JUDY Moran has today told a jury her relative Suzanne Kane told her the getaway car used in the murder of Des Moran was sitting in her garage only hours after the slaying.

During her evidence in chief today, Mrs Moran told the jury she was not feeling well on the night of the murder and then Kane told her the news about a gun being in her wardrobe and the car being in her garage.

“I said, ‘What?’” Mrs Moran told the court.

“I had a big row with her…I said I wanted her out of my house.

“I said, ‘This is absolutely disgusting, Suzanne. You’ve been in my family for so many years, you should know better.’

”And I said, ‘Why would you involve me?’

“I thought, ‘I’ve got to get these things out of my house.”

Mrs Moran said she later dumped the car in a nearby street while wearing “little soft gloves” so as not to leave fingerprints.

Detective Mark Hatt arrested her at the scene.

Defence barrister Bill Stuart today asked Mrs Moran: “Were you intending in any way by getting that car out of the house, to assist anybody in committing a crime?”

Mrs Moran replied: “Definitely no, no. No, I was angry. I am still angry with Suzanne.”

The 66-year-old is accused of driving gunman Geoff Armour and another man, Michael Farrugia, to and from the Des Moran hit at an Ascot Vale café on June 15, 2009, and later disposing of evidence.

It is alleged she wore a pink knitted headband and a bright red windcheater when she allegedly drove the two men to and from the murder.

While she denies driving the two, in court she said of the clothing: “I would never wear that headband with that – with red anyway.”

Prosecutor Mark Rochford, SC, asked Mrs Moran why she did not ring detectives who had earlier been at her home and tell them about the location of the getaway car in her garage.

“I just wanted it out of my house,” Mrs Moran said.

Mrs Moran has pleaded not guilty to murder and being an accessory after the fact.

The trial, before Justice Lex Lasry, continues Monday.

Judy Moran, when she had access to a hair dresser

JUDY Moran was involved in an agreement with Geoffrey Armour – the man who shot Desmond Moran dead at an Ascot Vale café – and participated in the killing by performing certain acts, a Supreme Court jury has been told.

In his opening address in the murder trial of Mrs Moran, prosecutor Mark Rochford, SC, today told the jury it was a deliberate killing and that Mrs Moran drove Armour, and another man – Michael Farrugia – to and from the murder scene and assisted in the disposal of evidence.

The court was told Farrugia, who believed he was helping on a debt collecting mission on the day of the shooting, will be called as a Crown witness during the trial.

Mr Rochford told the jury the planned killing was the result of an on-going financial dispute between Mrs Moran and Des “Tuppence” Moran, whom she believed had certain funds she was entitled to.

The jury heard there was a “level of animosity” between Mrs Moran and the victim.

The court was told that Armour had been linked to a previous shooting incident during which a gunman fired a bullet into Des Moran’s car as he and a mate sat inside.

The jury heard Armour and his de facto, Suzanne Kane, were staying with Mrs Moran at her home when Des Moran was shot dead on June 15, 2009.

Mr Rochford said Mrs Moran took out a $400,000 bank loan in May, had a company called Environmental Concrete Constructions set up, and purchased expensive vehicles for Armour and Kane in the lead up to the fatal shooting.

The court heard that Armour and Farrugia were friends who spent time fishing and shooting clay targets.

Mr Rochford said Armour bought a Ford Fairlane through a contact of Farrugia’s, and that car was later used during the murder.

The jury heard that evidence, such as telephone intercepts and CCTV footage, would be presented during the trial.

According to Mr Rochford, Mrs Moran left one message on Armour’s phone stating “murder on” only days before the killing, and in another spoke in code about Des Moran’s whereabouts.

In the days before the killing, Farrugia went shooting with Armour who had a bag full of handguns, Mr Rochford said.

The jury was told that, according to Farrugia, Mrs Moran said “there’s the bastard”as they drove past the deli.

It was then, the jury heard, that Armour told Farrugia they were there to do some debt collecting.

But, the jury heard, Farrugia was later told to stay in the car but followed followed Armour who shot Des Moran several times with a Glock pistol, complete with an attached laser sight.

Mr Rochford said that back in the car after the killing, according to Farrugia, Mrs Moran asked Armour, “Did you get him?”

Mr Armour is alleged to have replied: “Yeah, no worries. I got him.”

The jury was told that Mrs Moran appeared to be happy and said she would look after everything, and later threatened Farrugia to keep his mouth shut or the same thing would happen to him.

Mr Rochford said that after going to the scene appearing upset, Mrs Moran told police she was at Fawkner Cemetery visiting her son Mark’s grave at the time of Des Moran’s murder.

She was arrested that night after driving the Ford Fairlane from her garage and leaving it in a nearby street.

The court heard police found guns – including the murder weapon – and clothing linked to Armour and Farrugia in a hidden safe at Mrs Moran’s house.

Bill Stuart, for Mrs Moran, said she was at Fawkner Cemetery tending to Mark’s grave – as it was the anniversary of his death nine years earlier – and that she had no involvement in the murder.

He said his client did not utter the words “murder on” in a message to Armour, but instead said “murderer” because he had been kangaroo shooting.

“Judy Moran…was not party to any agreement or enterprise to harm, let alone kill, Desmond Moran,” Mr Stuart told the jury.

The first witness is expected to give evidence tomorrow.

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Day 2

JUDY Moran looked happy and patted a gunman on the back as she drove a getaway car after Des Moran was shot.

The Crown told the jury that Michael Farrugia, a second man in the car who was present at the shooting, would say he heard Mrs Moran ask gunman Geoffrey Armour, “Did you get him?”

It is alleged Armour replied, “Yeah, no worries. I got him”.

In his opening address at Mrs Moran’s murder trial yesterday, prosecutor Mark Rochford, SC, said: “Judy Moran congratulated Armour by saying, ‘Well done.’ She appeared to be very happy about it.

“In fact, she was patting him on the back.”

Des “Tuppence” Moran was shot dead in an Ascot Vale delicatessen on June 15, 2009.

The jury heard he was killed in a plot between between Mrs Moran and Armour, who called her “mum”.

“This was a planned and calculated murder motivated by (Judy) Moran . . . and an on-going financial dispute with the deceased man,” Mr Rochford said.

“She had a dislike for the deceased. She became concerned and suspected that he had other funds or property from (the late) Lewis Moran to which she believed she was entitled.”

The Crown alleges Mrs Moran drove Armour and Farrugia to and from the murder, and later assisted by disposing of evidence.

Mr Rochford said Mrs Moran left a phone message on Armour’s phone four days earlier, saying “murder on”.

It was alleged Mrs Moran said “there’s the bastard” as she, Armour and Farrugia drove past the Union Rd deli on the day of the murder, before returning.

Armour, wearing a wig and with Farrugia in tow, shot Des Moran with a laser-sight Glock pistol, the jury heard.

The court heard Farrugia, believing he was on a debt-collecting mission, had minutes earlier asked Mrs Moran, “What’s going on? What’s with the wig?”

She later told Farrugia to keep his “f—ing mouth shut” or the same thing would happen to him, the court heard.

The jury was told Farrugia would be called as a prosecution witness.

Mrs Moran was arrested after allegedly driving the getaway car from her garage to a nearby street.

The court heard police found evidence, including the murder weapon, in a safe hidden at her house.

Defence barrister Bill Stuart said Mrs Moran was at Fawkner Cemetery visiting her son Mark’s grave, on the ninth anniversary of his death, at the time of Des Moran’s murder.

Mr Stuart said his client did not utter the words “murder on” in a phone message to Armour, but instead said “murderer” because Armour had been kangaroo shooting.

Mrs Moran, 66, has pleaded not guilty to murder and to being an accessory after the fact.

The trial, before Justice Lex Lasry, continues.

4 thoughts on “Opening Day of Judy Moran's trial at the Supreme Court (as well as updates)

  1. “The jury heard that Farrugia would testify that he accompanied Judy Moran and Armour to Union Road under the assumption he was going to enforce a debt owed to Moran.

    After she dropped Armour off at the back of the deli, he is alleged to have instructed Farrugia to stay in the car.

    But the jury heard Farrugia’s curiosity got the better of him and he followed Armour after he saw him put on a wig heading towards the cafe.

    Mr Rochford said Farrugia was near the entrance of another shop when he then heard two bangs, believed to have been Armour firing three shots into Mr Moran’s upper body through the plastic fly strips at the cafe’s door.”

    I’ve never heard such bullshit. This guy got away with murder.


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