Name revealed of Kapunda accused triple murderer-Jason Alexander Downie

Suprise suprise, but now at least it is fully legal to name this asshole (who is accused of being a vicious killer of a family)

A SUPPRESSION order has been lifted on the name of the man accused of a triple murder in Kapunda, north of Adelaide, last year.

Jason Alexander Downie appeared in Elizabeth Magistrates Court today charged with the murder of Andrew and Rose Rowe and their 16-year-old daughter Chantelle, who were killed in their home in November.

As the 18-year-old appeared by video link a relative of the victims called him a “smug bastard”.

It was his second court appearance after being charged last year and he was not required to enter pleas.

The court was told the first forensic material would be available by the end of March.

Journalists successfully applied for a suppression order on Downie’s name to be lifted.

The order had been applied to protect the integrity of the police investigation.

Downie was remanded in custody to appear again on April 13.

18 thoughts on “Name revealed of Kapunda accused triple murderer-Jason Alexander Downie

  1. He may well have looked like a smug bastard, but he will be shitting himself when he gets sent to jail for 25 years. A nice young boy like him. I’m sure he will make a lovely wife.


  2. Why? Who knows. He did know the family and had been a friend of Chantelle’s for over 2 years. She even went out for several hours with him (as friends) in late October (he killed them in November). Chantelle was dating one of his good friends (best friend supposedly) but it seems Jason was obsessed with her :(
    I don’t think we will ever know why he did it besides he was jealous of Channy :(


    • i went to school with both of them and the funny thing is he liked her when she first started year 8 …. thats why so many of us at school are confused on why he would do such a thing to someone he loved


      • Jason Alexander Downie who has been charged with murdering three members of a Kapunda family has been given another two months before he needs to answer the charges.

        What a bloody joke, is this a first in Australia? Is this NOT a disgraceful legal abuse? To give the defence even more time to come up with some BULLSHIT to explain everything?

        Why this case people? Why not is it that other cases of similar circumstances do NOT have these delays…THIS is absolute abuse of the system and a shame, and may I say, not for the first time on the SA legal system…


  3. There is still a veil of pure horror and disbelief at what this young family endured at the hands of this scumbag, which manages to overshadow the case. Absolutely loved your information and updated, Robbo. Would love any more news on this cowards ‘motives’ etc.. Seems to still be a lot of speculation. Rest In Peace Rowe Family x


  4. Article from ‘Adelaide Now’ 8/2/2011.

    Accused killer Jason Downie, in red, at a Christmas function before his arrest. The camera flash has washed out the colour in his eyes. Source: Supplied

    THE man accused of the Rowe family’s stabbing murders in Kapunda was partying at a work Christmas function less than a week after their deaths.

    Exclusive photographs of Jason Alexander Downie, 18, show him smiling with workmates at a dinner in the Barossa Valley only days after the November 8 deaths of teen Chantelle Rowe and her parents, Andrew and Rose.

    A suppression order protecting Downie’s identity was lifted on Wednesday during an appearance in the Elizabeth Magistrates Court.

    He is charged with three counts of murder.

    While comments on his social networking Bebo site suggest his father walked out on him and his mother, Lorna, when he was just two months old, it is understood his birth certificate does not even list the identity of his father.

    Downie has a brother, Jamie, who was living in Kapunda at the time of the deaths, and a teenage relative, believed to be a half-sister, Jodie, living in Kilmarnock, Scotland, with whom the accused killer would correspond.

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    Among those who shared Downie’s last night out before he was arrested on Tuesday November 16 was the young man called on by the police to “bring him in” for questioning to the Kapunda police station.

    Hours before Downie’s arrest, the apprentice mechanic’s workmates joked with him that he was “going to be locked up for the murders”.

    With another teenage workmate, he travelled the 30km from Tanunda to Kapunda at the end of his day’s work, and was dropped off at Kapunda police station for “further questioning”.

    The two mechanics had commuted together from Kapunda to Tanunda almost daily since the alleged killer began an apprenticeship at the service centre about a year before the deaths.

    “When the fellas heard that he was to be taken to the police station, they even joked with him that they were going to lock him up,” a colleague said.

    Downie attended Barossa TAFE at Nuriootpa once a week, but often was absent from his course, the work colleagues said.

    Another friend on his Facebook site is a teenage girl with whom Chantelle Rowe often stayed in Nuriootpa.

    Chantelle worked at Cafe de Vine in the town’s shopping complex for a week before the deaths, and stayed with her friend’s family some nights during her last week.

    Chantelle – who listed her home address on job applications as at the Nuriootpa house and not the Kapunda family home in which she died – text-messaged her new boss to say she was sick about 12 hours before her death.

    Workmates say Downie went to work on the Monday of the Rowe family deaths.

    He also went to work the following day when Major Crime detectives declared the crime a triple murder, but asked to go home because he knew the Rowe family.

    “On the Tuesday, he came to work and then asked to go home,” a colleague said.

    The work colleague said the alleged murderer attended work every rostered day after the deaths as Major Crime detectives scoured Kapunda and surrounds for clues in one of the state’s worst cases.

    Downie also visited the shrine to the Rowe family, adorning the rear fence of the property, three days before his arrest.

    After his visit, police removed many of the tributes.

    Magistrate Terence Forrest remanded Downie in custody until April.

    (There is a photo too, but I am unable to copy and attach to this post).


    • i also read the paper and am a bit confused who has a work xmas party in Nov? is it just the media keeping us on our toes with more questions and more ill feeling against him?


  5. If you can look at the photo attached to the above article on the ‘Adelaide Now’ website, you will note that the accused appears to be wearing long sleeves.


  6. rach sell – it would be virtually impossible to have any more ill feeling towards this prick, regardless of whats written in the media. the level of disgust at the horrific nature of this crime is beyond words. as far as im concerned, the media can continue to ‘keep us on our toes’ with articles on this twisted man so this story doesnt just fade into oblivion. the fact that this gutless murderer can be legally named gives the community the right to spit his name in absolute disgust.


  7. Hi

    Obviously there are a few of JD’s friends on this site, backing him, which is entirely your right.

    Just a question and I have no ulterior motive, the question is as follows:

    As I see you are backing his innocence can I ask do you know if JD has claimed that he is innocent?

    Without knowing anywhere near enough about this tragic event, something just does not sit right, so I am just wondering if JD claims to have not been involved.


  8. Update – Article from FIVEaa radio website 13/4/2011 –

    Alleged Kapunda family killer faces court
    8 hours ago
    By: FIVEaa

    The teenager accused of stabbing to death three members of one family in Kapunda last year, has made a brief court appearance.

    18 year old JASON DOWNIE appeared via video link in the Elizabeth Magistrates Court ….

    He wasn’t required to enter a plea and has been remanded in custody for his next court appearance on May 25.

    DOWNIE is accused of killing ANDREW and ROSE ROWE and their 16 year old daughter CHANTELLE in November 2010.


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