Three years jail for three-year-old Gurhsan Singh’s killer Gursewak Dhillon



Gurshan Channa

Left to die: Gurshan Singh Channa

AN INDIAN taxi driver who put an unconscious toddler in the boot of his car, drove around for hours and then dumped his body was jailed for three years today.

Justice Lex Lasry told Gursewak Dhillon, 25, he put his own welfare before that of three-year-old Gurshan Singh and the boy might have lived if he had taken him to hospital.

The judge said Dhillon was concerned he would be blamed for injuring the child and he would be deported from Australia.

“To have spent some hours with the child in your car and to have paid no regard to the welfare of the child as opposed to concern for yourself makes this a very serious offence,” Justice Lasry said.

The judge said Dhillon told police that he opened the front door of the Lalor house he shared with Gurshan’s parents and accidentally struck the toddler.

Dhillon said he panicked but Justice Lasry said he did not accept he thought Gurshan might be dead when he placed him in the boot and drove off.

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Dhillon drove around for several hours and dumped the body at Oakland Junction and it was spotted by a passing truck driver later that same day.

“The tragedy of this case is that but for your conduct the death of the child, was in all likelihood, avoidable,” he said.

Dhillon pleaded guilty in the Supreme Court to one count of manslaughter by criminal negligence, the offence being committed on March 4 last year.

The judge set a maximum term of five years.


7 thoughts on “Three years jail for three-year-old Gurhsan Singh’s killer Gursewak Dhillon

  1. Only 3 years!?! What a joke.
    To be honest if Gursewak Dhillon is not an Australian citizen, I suggest we revoke his residency permit and deport him after his sentence is served. We do not need selfish child killing swine in this country.


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    • I agree with Bjorn. This Gursewak Dhillon needs to be sentenced for a longer sentence, then deported. Why are our Aussies given tougher sentences when this guy knowingly harmed a young defenceless boy. Punish him, he is lying


  3. I don’t believe he would have got a harsher sentence if he was born here, but if we as a nation have the choice of having child killers as citizens or not then we should boot them out.


  4. What I do not accept from the get go is….

    He knocked this child out by opening a door. Say again….. “by opening a door.” WTF???

    That’s his story. How fucking hard do you have to push a door open to knock a kid unconcsious?

    Ahem! That sounds like complete bulltwang to me.

    Child abusers use excuses to cover for, or minimise their crimes. I.e. “the kid fell” or, “i dropped them” or, “i just threw them on the bed.” This ” I opened the door” is a new twist on an old theme to me.

    I reckon he used extreme force (head blow) to shut the toddler the fuck up.

    I hate how our legal system is so blind to the truth and takes the side of the accused over little babes like Gurshan Singh who never get to testify for themselves unless their autopsies shed crystal clear proof of a vicious attack.

    R.I.P little man <3



    JATT pind de sharab munda fuck another jatt kid

    wut a pedophile



    TUSI SARAI DI lokk poundai ha !



  6. The truth is most likely this – Gursewak has probably been beating on this poor kid for some time.
    Every opportunity he has alone with the little fella he takes to become the master of his domain, a dominator , an all powerful god like figure – In his own crazy mind that is.
    So this time he slams the kids head a little too hard – he knows damn well it was too hard to fake the kid having had an accident so he panics throws the kid in the car.If the blow hadn’t been so hard as to be possibly be fatal he WOULD have claimed the kid fell.
    I’d bet this poor little boy has had recent unexplained injuries, I mean If the offender had nothing to hide – If it was an accident – you would just say so – He doesn’t look that dumb.
    I’ve also noticed the media state as fact without mentioning it is the offenders version of events..this is wrong and I have seen it often lately. Usually when the police dont have a strong idea of the chain of events the media just goes with the offenders.this needs to stop..


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