Ricky Nixon had “inappropriate dealings” with Dikileaks girl (Updates)

VIDEO:  Ricky Nixon allegedly in St Kilda Schoolgirl’s hotel room bed

AUDIO: Hughesy and Kate speak to St Kilda schoolgirl about relationship with Ricky Nixon.

AUDIO: Herald Sun editor talks about the videos provided by St Kilda schoolgirl

Updated 7am 22/02/11 Here is the latest though, With Ricky Nixon believed to of fled Australia…This is going to be blown wide open today

DISGRACED player agent Ricky Nixon is believed to have fled Australia.

Collingwood president and Triple M breakfast presenter Eddie McGuire tweeted early this morning about Nixon, who is at the centre of a scandal involving the St Kilda school girl, flying the coop last night.

The tweet said McGuire received an SMS from Nixon, 47, in the departure lounge.

Explosive video and audio recorded by the girl reveal what she claims is Nixon engaging in conduct that could ruin his career.

The Herald Sun can reveal details of recordings which the 17-year-old claims will prove she and Nixon, 47, were in a cocaine-fuelled sexual relationship.

In a video, the girl says to the camera “This is proving that Ricky Nixon is here, just have a look at this”, while a shower can be heard running in the background.

Rifling through the pockets of a pair of jeans on the floor, the girl produces a Blackberry mobile phone displaying Ricky Nixon’s image and name.

The time and date of the phone show as 2.15am on Saturday, February 12.

She takes out a wallet displaying what appears to be Ricky Nixon’s Flying Start and Etihad Stadium pass and credit cards.

The girl scans to a table where there is a pile of white powder which appears to be cocaine with one line next to it.

There is a empty plastic bag on the bench.

After another conversation caught on tape, a man she claims was Ricky Nixon undresses to his underwear and climbs on the bed.

In one phone conversation she claims she recorded of Nixon this month, a man tries to convince her to support him publicly.

Nixon, who is not supposed to contact or see the girl, tried to coach her how to respond to a high-profile journalist writing a critical article about him and his handling of her, she says.

In the phone call, the man the girl claims is Nixon talks about Age journalist Caroline Wilson saying: “She’s writing an article slamming St Kilda about how they’ve handled all this.”

“She’s also going to rip into me about the way I’ve treated you and you know, well, which is ridiculous.

“I’m going to ring her and say, not say anything, but say look, if you’re going to write anything about me, how about you talk to … “

The girl says: “So you want me to stand up for you?”

Male voice: “Well, don’t stand, I don’t want you to go overboard, but just say look, Ricky’s been helping me get myself back together a bit, and, I don’t want to talk about it too much, just sort of say something like that. Could you do that or not?”

She replied: “Yeah, I sort of wanted to say that I hate you though, because I hate you like heaps though, so.”

The man then turned on the charm, she said.

“Don’t say (that) you idiot. I’ll make it up to you tonight baby, all right?

“So, if she rings you, don’t say I’ve put you up to it or anything like that.

“The main thing they’re going to focus on is that I had these photos of you and da de da de da de da. Even if you say Ricky sat down with me and he destroyed those photos and … “

She then tells him he has not deleted photos of her.

“How do you know I haven’t?” the man says, to which she replies: “Because you showed me the other night.”

He follows with a sleazy reply: “Yeah, well, I’ll have another look in my phone tonight, when I’m on top of you … Oh sorry, don’t vomit again.”

After the conversation, a friend with her exclaims: “He’s so ugly … You’re dating the Elephant Man.”

The Herald Sun first became aware of the scandal when the girl contacted the paper on February 13, saying: “Hey AD, I might have a VERY good story for you …?”

At 1.56am on February 15, she texted: “Got a clear facial shot. See me tmrw?”

Then she texted: “He’s sleeping in my bed right now … What time will u be up tmrw?? I think he’s leaving my aprtmt at around 6am??”‘

The Herald Sun then filmed Nixon leaving Causeway 353 hotel, in the CBD – which St Kilda footy club was paying for – at about 7.15am.

The girl claims they have been involved for about a month, including a rendezvous at his holiday house in Point Lonsdale.

Bad blood between Nixon and the girl began before she released the scandalous Saints’ photos that derailed its pre-season.

Nixon took photos of the girl at his office late last year.

During this meeting, Nixon claims she began stripping after arriving in a police uniform and a mini-skirt.

Her version was very different.

In other texts between Nixon and the girl, seen by the Herald Sun, they give each other pet names.

She had him listed as “Jarrad” and “Jarrad Cutie” in her phone and also had him dialled in as “Ricky F…Face Nixon” before their relationship began.

He referred to her as “Reject”.

The vision, along with other videos and audio tapes released to the Herald Sun, could lead to criminal charges being laid against Mr Nixon.

Material obtained from the girl, including an empty packet, were supplied to Victoria Police about midnight on Friday.

A packet given to the Herald Sun has tested positive for cocaine, opiates and amphetamines.

Update 6 6.35pm: Just saw another snippet, motel room (not like Nixon says, was his office) girl in hotel robe, Nixon’s clothes all over floor, she films his clothes, wallet, pics, ID,  in effect proving he is indeed there with her as she states on tape. Stay tuned

UPDATE 5 6.10pm: THE girl at the centre of the latest AFL scandal involving Ricky Nixon has arrested over “theft and drug matters”. was released after questing re drugs possession

The girl at the centre of the latest AFL scandal involving powerful player manager Ricky Nixon scandal has been arrested, Victoria Police say.

Victoria Police did not say why she had been taken into custody, or where she was being held.

Meanwhile, the AFL Players Association will quiz Saints players involved in the nude photo controversy over the Nixon scandal.

Update 4  4.25pm I just saw a section of one of the videos, the girl and nixon both getting into the same bed in a hotel room,… TAKE NOTE, HE GETS INTO BED IN HIS BOXERS ON OPPOSITE SIDE OF BED TO WHERE LIGHT AND BEDSIDE TABLE IS…WHY DO THAT, SOMEONE (WE KNOW WHO) IS JUMPING IN THE OTHER SIDE THAT IS WHY…more to follow

Ricky hopping into bed way over on the wall side. Why do that?

Maybe because he had someone sleeping on her side?

UPDATE 3 2.28pm: FOOTBALL authorities have launched their own investigation into disgraced player manager Ricky Nixon, with a decision on his future expected later this week. Nixon’s future is in the hands of authorities as they launch “inquiries” into his teen scandal.

Today, the AFL player manager vehemently denied using cocaine in a hotel tryst with a 17-year-old girl, who in turn made fresh allegations about the disgraced 47-year-old football identity.

Speaking at a media conference today, AFL Players Association chief Matt Finnis said its player agent accreditation board would conduct its own inquiries into the affair before meeting to determine any further action on Thursday.

“It’s incumbent on us to get to the bottom of this issue, and that’s what we’re doing,” Mr Finnis said.

UPDATE 2 11.20am: RICKY Nixon denies using cocaine in a hotel tryst with a teenager, as she made fresh allegations today. Is it ever going to go away? How stupid is this man?

UPDATE 1 10.45am: 21/02/11

Nixon might need more than a coffee by the time this is all over

DISGRACED player manager Ricky Nixon flew into a rage after the teenage girl he had been seeing refused to delete evidence of their relationship from her mobile phone, she says.

The 17-year-old girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, told Nova FM this morning she suffered a black eye after bashing her head on the dashboard of Nixon’s car after he lost his temper.

The girl, who maintains she had a sexual relationship with Nixon, said he became angry when he discovered she hadn’t been deleting intimate text messages between the pair from her phone.

She said he would often send “inappropriate” text messages.

“I was in the car with him and he started getting really angry,” she said this morning.

“He got really really angry and I said ‘don’t you’re scaring me’.

I didn’t have my seatbelt on because I was planning on getting out of the car,” she said.

The girl said Nixon then stopped and she smashed her head on the dashboard.

She also hit back at Nixon’s categorical denial that the pair had sex.

She said the pair’s sexual relationship started in January but that they only had sex “two or three times a week” at that stage.

But she said as the relationship developed “basically every time he would come over we would have sex”.

UPDATE- 9am 21/02/11

LAST week the Herald Sun showed Ricky Nixon video and audio of him in hotel rooms.

If Nixon has nothing to hide — and he has denied he had sex with the “St Kilda Schoolgirl’’– he should consent for the Herald Sun to release the audio and video tapes it has obtained.

The AFL player manager is fighting for his career and the AFLPA will make a decision on whether he is fit to keep his accreditation.

He has just told Triple M, “where is the proof’?’’. Releasing the tapes is the obvious answer.

He has described the girl at the centre of this scandal as vulnerable, so why would his car be outside the hotel all night?

How was the author of this article able to film him leaving the hotel after being told of his presence in her room at 1.56am on February 15 – after spending Valentine’s Day with her?

I am also flabbergasted that there was not a single mention in the coverage on channel 7 on Friday seeing they knew about this story on Tuesday…Are that that desperate that they feared not getting access to his stable of payers if they did? Or was it an AFL directive to shut up?

Bloody wrong on so many different levels.The bloke is nearly 50 for starters…Bags her in the media and he is jumping in the cot with her in the cover of darkness like a typical sleazebag. This is the man parents want to manage their up and coming football stars? I think this tools management and media career are over big time…No wonder he had the likes of Wayne Carey and his antics in his stable. She apparently has video and audio of Nixon as well? What are these people doing. She seriously needs help too, but we all know that…
Ricky Nixon

Ricky Nixon admits he had “inappropriate dealings” with the nude photo scandal girl

THE AFL’s most powerful player manager last night admitted he had “inappropriate dealings” with the girl at the centre of the St Kilda nude photo scandal.

Ricky Nixon – the manager of St Kilda captain Nick Riewoldt, whose naked photograph was posted online by the girl – last night told the Herald Sun he had visited the teenager at her room at the Causeway 353 Hotel in the city on Sunday night and Valentine’s Day this week.

Nixon said he took alcohol to the girl’s room, where she was staying at the Saints’ expense.

Ricky Nixon speaking about Saints nude pics scandal in December (3AW radio)

AFL player manager Ricky Nixon speaks about the St Kilda nude pictures scandal in December 2010 on Radio 3AW.

He claimed he went to her hotel after receiving phone calls from her.

The 47-year-old has seen the 17-year-old on at least three occasions.

He spoke of his regret and vowed not to see her again.

“In hindsight my dealings with this girl were inapprorpiate and I regret them,” he said.

“I won’t be seeing her again.”

Nixon came into the Herald Sun offices on Thursday to discuss his involvement with the girl.

Revelations that Nixon has been seeing the girl come despite his public comments describing the teenager as vulnerable.

The St Kilda Football Club has agreed to pay accommodation for the girl to bring to an end to the damaging nude photo scandal and help her start to rebuild her life.

Nixon told the Herald Sun he had spoken with the teen’s mother and offered to help.

In a new twist to the scandal that has rocked the club over summer, Nixon went to the City West police station late on Thursday night to make a statement to police.

It is understood he alleged to police that she stole his credit card details to purchase an airfare to New Zealand.

Police confirmed late yesterday they were investigating the matter.

The Herald Sun witnessed Mr Nixon leaving the girl’s hotel on Tuesday at about 7.15am.

The girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, has provided the Herald Sun with numerous video and audio tapes.

She contacted the Herald Sun on Sunday and later provided the newspaper with the tapes and audio recordings.

The Herald Sun has chosen not to publish the tapes.

Nixon manages Riewoldt, Saints defender Sam Gilbert, who had a relationship with the girl, and on-baller Nick Dal Santo

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37 thoughts on “Ricky Nixon had “inappropriate dealings” with Dikileaks girl (Updates)

  1. All class Nixon – this girl is single handedly making the football world look like a pack of morally bankrupt morons. Someone should end up in jail over this – no prize for guessing who?


  2. Very very silly Nixon. This girl has the entire club and AFL seniors wrapped around her little finger (amongst other things!) … While she may be a tart, she’s a smart one!


  3. Bloody wrong on so many different levels.The bloke is nearly 50 for starters…Bags her in the media and he is jumping in the cot with her in the cover of darkness like a typical sleazebag. This is the man parents want to manage their up and coming football stars? I think this tools management and media career are over big time.


  4. Serves you right you sleazebag! Great morals from a so called player manager and taking advantage of the situation you manipulative prick. If I was Riewoldt or any other player /person you manage I would dump you yesterday. To all the players he managers, check out that the scumbag isnt cracking on to your partners.


  5. So true Dave, he is a sleazy pisshead. Sly sneaky dealings with players for years.Tried to sneak away from a crash when he was pissed a while back after running into the back of a tram. Would not trust this sleazy shonk with 5 cents I found, to take it to the cops….


  6. Could this be the dumbest act by anyone associated with AFL…well, that we know about? Does the AFL have any involvement in choosing the people who represent players? Because this Ricky Nixon bloke is completely inept when it comes to decision making.


    • I have always believed these so called players managers are parasites and do very little for the money they earn, especially this one who has been associated also with drugs.
      Many of the players they manage are young vulnerably teenagers that are moving interstate and leaving there parents for the first time.
      Is it any wonder that some go off the rails?
      This scumbag has had access to the players Wives,Girlfriends and sisters of many players for years and are we to assume this is the first time !!!


  7. There is a segment of the the AFL that are total scum, believing they are a law unto themselves, particularly as it relates to women. Ricky Nixon has just reaffirmed that. Hopefully now the powers that be will stop playIng politics n finally rid Melbourne society of these vultures. Anyone with anything to report regarding anyone connected to AFL taking liberties should speak up now. Time to bust the balls of the culprits.


  8. If Nixon lived in a housing commission flat and was on benefits the Herald Sun would be screaming for his head .He is a suspected pedophile.


    • The girl around whom this story revolves, is 17. The age of consent in Victoria is 16.
      Unless you know something the rest of us don’t, please refrain from calling Mr. Nixon a pedophile. It makes you sound ignorant….


      • If your fine with a 46 year old man having sex with a teen 29 years her senior ,giving alcohol and possibly cocaine ,I feel sorry for you,come back when you have kids .Mr Nixon should know BETTER.As I posted before if he lived in a commission flat and was on benefits the media would of called for his head.


  9. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for sharing your views, do not forget the poll at the top of the page.These dickheads have been protected for far too long. Mainly because they have been shit scared of the pull Ricky “Slicky” ( Nothing sticks to Ricky) Nixon has had in the game.

    So now all those years of contacts and “Favors” in the media have been incinerated. This bloke is finished. And if he does not go, the AFL better wipe him or they will face a revolt like they have never ever seen before… His EX Client Wayne Touchy Carey must be laughing he got sacked by this over rated Mr 20% …Back to bite him on the bum.

    I am also flabbergasted that there was not a single mention in the coverage on channel 7 on Friday seeing they knew about this story on Tuesday…Are that that desperate that they feared not getting access to his stable of payers if they did? Or was it an AFL directive to shut up?


    • Just with regard to channel 7 not reporting on this earlier, I’m pretty certain I read that the girl had secretly taped/recorded RNs visits to her apartment and media had chosen not to publish that content.

      I’m just guessing here, but maybe the delay was due to the media legal advisers realising they were treading through a bit of a minefield and they needed time to work out what could be published.

      It’s my understanding, and pleaase correct me if this is wrong, that it is illegal to covertly record conversations (sound only) but covert filming with sound is legal i.e. mobile phone cameras, security cameras etc.


      • Hi Jaded, not sure about all this recording these days with everybody basically carrying a recording device, in their mobile phone. Whether its overtly or covertly recorded. I mean a person is entitled to have say a security type camera set up for their personal safety. On commercial premises I am pretty sure they would have to have signage declaring you may be recorded etc. That is the least of the problems in this case though, the damage is done Id say, do not be suprised to see them online pretty soon though!


  10. oh my god, how bloody stupid can this Nixon get, what a scumbag. This young girl is the biggest slut going and has the afl wrapped around her finger.
    Frankly St kilda, ricky nixon and the afl seniors are a bunch of morans.
    So how much does this cheap slut charge????????


    • Zoe please remember this girl is still a child and obviously has mental issues and is continually being betrayed.
      Her parents have abandoned her which gives some insight to her upbringing!!!!


  11. Several points.
    RN just performed the ultimate in career suicide. He has politically damned the integrity of the players he manages and the AFL he represents. He has brought doubt to the whole scenario involving ‘she who cannot be named’. Not only did he chase a teenage skirt 30 years his junior but he chased ‘that’ skirt and as a manager of the players affected you would have to sack him for poorly representing the brand so recently damaged.
    Absolutely NO excuse RN gives regarding this scandal, and it is a scandal, could be acceptable.
    It is simply NOT his place to show concern for this girl’s accommodation given it is post settlement between St K and the girl.
    It’s not even his place to question her re his credit card issue.
    He has an IO taken out on her so any illegal act on her end, a simple text from her, puts him in a position of power and he could have saved his life (which is now seriously fkd) by taking the matter to the police first and foremost.
    In a situation as loaded as it is with this teenager you dont go to the source. It’s fraught with danger. From a legal point of view he cannot deny knowing that.
    Let’s not forget he sought and had granted the intervention order against her so he breached this by having any contact with her–even if truth is she instigated it…which is now doubtful too.
    This I/O was taken out in 2010 and I daresay (speculating here) that an issue of impropriety had occurred long before this became public this week. Which might have credence in the fact that the girl herself just today tweeted ‘Oh, you wan’t to play like that? I’ve still got a few things up my sleeve.. So, Sit boy’.
    Seriously I am speechless at how incredibly stupid an act it was to respond to a text, to visit, to visit with alcohol, to try to claim he was helping this girl after settlement had already been reached with her…to have had her in his car…Good God she claims to have video and photo evidence. And she must because it is now in the custody of police and media.
    Whatever we think of the girl, this involvement of RN is clearly predatory—a very, very sordid act to take advantage of a girl already so vulnerable. And she is vulnerable as she is powerful.
    Her ability to destroy reputations is well known. RN should not have put this past her.
    I am not suggesting here the girl is a vixen. She’s actually really smart and bright and resilient beyond her years. (Time will tell however. We all thought we were pretty bulletproof at that age.)
    At this point in her life she is using sex as a weapon and for any of us who have ever done or studied this know it eventually damns us.
    It is clear that while she may have “settled” with St K this had done nothing to appease any of the pain she is enduring.
    It makes perfect sense to me now that her flip into accepting a flaccid deal of 2months accommodation wouldn’t be the end of it. How could it be?
    She was so adamant about fighting on.
    The ‘deal’ reached seemed so incredibly unsatisfactory and I daresay she reached a point where she realised what a beast of power the AFL was and so devised her own method of justice…as she had done with the photo scandal.

    The justice system, media, AFL, players, Ricky Nixon etc etc have grossly underestimated the pain behind the bravado and thus the power she has internally yielded as a defence against that pain.
    Her ability to calculate a plan, carry it out, is almost genius if it weren’t for what was motivating it–a deep internalised rage and behind that, grief.

    How many of us ever get to exact any vengeance on a wrongdoing let alone at 17.

    How on earth Ricky Nixon allowed himself to walk right into this one is beyond comprehension.
    He is apparently still huffing and puffing and preparing to blow her house down but it’s all a little too late it would appear.
    All credibility, and whatever miniscule of respect he may have had left after an already sordid past, is all but blown to pieces now.
    He doesn’t have the respect of the AFL and its constituents. Today’s Sunday Age is testament that he is out in the cold.
    Ricky Nixon could not have exercised poorer judgement. And there isn’t a damn thing he could say now that would claw back and redeem him.
    He’s a predator and no self respecting football professional could allow him to represent them. As a front man he’s an utter disgrace. It would be bad form for the footballers to continue that relationship with him.
    I don’t think ‘banding together’ to form a united front is going to get him out of this one. Ricky Nixon is out on his own, and sexual predator is going to carry far more weight than the claims his credit card was defrauded some $300 for an airline ticket to New Zealand.
    Payback’s a bitch…or in this case, a once starry-eyed 17 year old girl now in a black mini-skirt and vengeance on her mind.



    • Well said Dakota

      All bullet proof until we take a bullet.
      Then it hits home ,older people tell you that for a reason,because we all did it and all got shot.


  12. His weak denials are going to get him nowhere.Long time veteran journalists from the Herald Sun, have obviously seen the tapes and would not be putting their reputations on the line without proof. There are many similarities in RN and the stable of players (not all players obviously)

    They deny deny deny until proven otherwise, Ben Cousins, Lied, ran away from a booze bus, drugs etc, Wayne Carey, disgusting treatment of women, lied about drugs, had sex with his captains wife, lived a career in denial, certain St Kilda players, lying.

    Is this is his official advice to his young stars he “mentors” do as I do and bloody deny it guys till the bastards proof it? He thinks he is safe because the Herald Sun cannot release the stuff without his permission.Wait till its leaked and goes viral online.I will as soon as I get my hands on it…


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  15. There is a saying called “you can’t manipulate a manipulator”…so who is the manipulator here??


    • Hi Mrs.M, been a while, yeah 2 experts a play here, no doubt both telling some lies but which ones? I just read this from his own lips…

      Nixon flatly denied any suggestion he had taken cocaine at the hotel.

      “No, I did not use drugs in her presence. I have not seen drugs when she’s been there. (could be sort of telling the truth, what he actually snorted while she was in the bathroom?)

      “She has a video that she has put together which conveniently shows drugs in the video, with her, not with me.

      “She also has a video that purports to have me in a hotel room with her. Yes I was. It doesn’t show me having sex with her. I have never had sex ”

      “I don’t know why she’s saying these things … she reports on Twitter that she’s out to get me.”

      “She has downloaded a lot of things off my phone.”

      he says he didn’t have sex with her, he was only helping her, she go his credit card? She got his phone (and downloaded stuff from it, he says, So how did she get these things of him, he never stayed, never slept, didn’t trust her in the first place??? Im guessing he maybe got pissed and or stoned and doesn’t remember what went on.

      A man would have to have his pants OFF not to notice his wallet or phone etc to be removed from his jeans.

      A long way to go in this sordid affair it seems…


  16. These recordings seem to prove obvious predatory and manipulative behavior by Nixon towards a minor. Not a sporting body in the country should let this rotten egg anywhere near their children, or allow him to put their childrens future in his hands as a manager.

    For him to carry on these last few days and honestly try and convince us he has done nothing wrong is a disgrace bordering on criminal


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  19. Tricky dicky …the girl said it was him she tapped telling her that Caroline Wilson will be running a story about her bad treatment and he wants her to say good things about him.
    He refutes it is him on the phone being recorded,so that leaves the question if it is a set up then how did the person on the phone know that Caroline rang to say she was going to do an article,,I’m sure caro never rang the girl to tell her,,so how did the people know about the article that wasn’t yet published,,only one person was phoned and told an article was to be written,,,how did the girl know that caro was doing the article,,,just another wild guess I Ricky ,,this man is writing his own obituaries ,the more he lies,the easier it becomes to poke holes in his predatory ways. AFL get rid of him right now.


    • How would the girl know wok?
      Yes she could have seen the article and then made the phone set up,,but still how did she know that caro was going to ring her to get her story on Ricky,,,,,Ricky Nixon apparently told the girl,caro is going to ring you,say good things about me,,so what other way can she know this was going to happen,,caro has said the only personmshe rang was Nixon to tell him she was running an article on him,so how did she know,,even if it was last week or yesterday ,how doesmshe know caro rang Nixon ? She can only find this out from Nixon ,and when is conning home,,does he think the lnger he stays away,the more everyone will forget,then he can come back to normal life …NOT.face it like a man Nixon ,not a sleaze bag


  20. A couple of other inconsistent things, which does not mean he is innocent.


    If she was using her mobile phone hidden by a vase to record the bedroom, then whose mobile phone is in her hand?
    Why dont we see video of both of them in the same shot ever?
    Why have we not seen them both on the bed?
    Why did she get off the bed, when he is getting in it?

    Perhaps there is more video, answering those Q’s

    I have only seen 2 vids, both of them have edits. What has been edited? Why?

    Anyway I guess we will find out, hope so.


  21. If anyone heard Hinch tonight, Fri 25 Feb, Hinch said that a trusted known source of his told him that RN admitted to him (the source) that, ‘yes, I fucked her, so what’.

    Now surely an admission like this from Ricky Nixon himself has got to land him with charges?
    And clearly, this juicy piece of the puzzle, will have to be included in the ALFPA sham investigation?

    But, I have little faith.

    Another conflict of interest fouls the air.
    – D Galbally is a lawyer. NOT an investigator. His job is to tout the law. I cant believe eveyone’s just going about like it’s acceptable he is right for the job. He is the AFL lawyer too. Not the least bit independent.
    And, if that wasnt enough, his daughter works for St K and was cold toward ‘St K girl’ showing bias for where her loyalties lay.
    Clearly, this “investigation” is going to be another ‘money talks’ sham.



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