Hinch unleashes on Ricky Nixon

Posted by: Derryn Hinch | 21 February, 2011 – 4:24 PM


Scroll down for Hinch’s interview with AFLPA boss Matt Finnis, the teenager’s statement and the Ricky Nixon interview

PART ONE: Ricky Nixon. Where do you start in this whole sorry, sordid, salacious saga?

The 47-year-old AFL players’ manager filmed in his underpants in the room of  the 17-year-old girl at the centre of the St Kilda nude photos scandal. The teenager whose welfare and safety, he told me recently, were paramount.

This was after she released to the world nude photos of one of his clients – St Kilda captain Nick Riewoldt. Photos taken by another of his clients, Sam Gilbert. The same player who reportedly got the girl pregnant when she was sixteen. The player who has since been accused of assaulting a man in New Zealand after allegedly urinating in public. Allegations he denies.

I hope you’re keeping up. And now the girl claims she had a sexual relationship with Nixon for some weeks. A relationship he has denied. Although he admits to visiting her in her hotel room, taking alcohol to her room, was filmed leaving her hotel the morning after and of course there’s the video of him in his underpants kneeling on the bed. In a statement and on radio today Nixon has invoked the Bill Clinton defence: I did not have sex with that woman…

[On Mitchell this morning he denied everything. Sex, drugs, rock ‘n’ roll. Everything. A male Mother Theresa. This is all I get from trying to help her.]

I said ‘where do you start?’ Well, go back a month. As the Riewoldt-Gilbert scandal unfolded I met separately with both Nixon and the girl. And I spoke to her again for nearly an hour last night.

I was concerned then about her welfare.  It concerns me even more now. It is true, she is a schemer. She is after revenge. Nixon knew that. Unlike him I met her in a public restaurant at lunch time. Not at night in her hotel room.

But my meeting with Ricky Nixon, at his behest, is what makes these latest developments even more distasteful. I don’t like wasting time with hypocrites.

That day he was threatening me with legal action.Yet again. He does that to people. Even to that teenager. The St Kilda club management were also making rumblings about legal action. Nixon came to that meeting, it seemed to me, as a peacemaker for both the club and for the players he managed.

He had a draft for a Hinch editorial he wanted me to read on air. I declined. The contents now seem rather telling.

It had things for me to say, like

In the last 24 hours I have some information come to me that presents me with major concerns about the authenticity about the girls statements and as a consequence an elevated sense of concern about the girl’s well being… Unfortunately a lot of damage has been done to St Kilda Football Club and some of its players by some of the accusations that have been made which would appear to in the majority incorrect. She has accused the club itself of a range of issues and I believe that from what I now understand the girl is in need of help and I have deep concerns for her.’

That part about being concerned for her welfare was true. But then Nixon wanted me to say:

‘The media should cease covering this story… we have here a minor that requires care not publicity and appropriate intervention. At a councelling (sic) and support level. This can be summed up in a few words we have all made mistakes but a minors welfare is now in the balance and needs attention not more media.  I’m Deryn Hinch’

Although we both agreed this girl could harm herself, Nixon then started to tear her apart. Said he didn’t believe she was ever pregnant. Said there was no proof Gilbert was the father even if he was. [And that was true. I couldn’t prove it.]

Told me how she had gone to his office drunk last November demanding money or something for the Riewoldt photos and tried to seduce him. He showed me photos he had taken of the scantily clad girl. Photos he said he had taken for his own protection. [They then became the subject of a brief Police child pornography investigation which she initiated.]  Nixon told me she had hit on him and claimed the water bottle she was holding in the photos was full of vodka.

He accused the girl of making a lot of money from illegal activities.

Nixon then made a comment, as he took the photos back, which shocked me at the time because we were talking about the welfare of a troubled 17-year-old.

He described the attempted seduction and said: ‘Any man would want to eff her’.

That was on January 13. About ten days later she says he did and she says the relationship lasted for several weeks.

And then she admits she set him up. That part of the story next.

PART TWO: Mike Sheehan in the Herald Sun today makes some good points about Ricky Nixon. He says:

‘In recent years Ricky Nixon has needed a manager far more than any of his many player/ coach clients. His life has spiralled out of control…’

He makes the point that Nixon has managed such controversial, scandal-ridden drug and alcohol players like Gary Ablett Snr, Wayne Carey and Ben Cousins.

Sheehan says: ‘Sadly, it seems he was more seduced by their lifestyle than their needs’. And that appears to be true. That’s a long time in cocaine country.

So what really happened in this current scandal? And it is true parts of this come down to ‘he said, she said’. Only two people were in that hotel room.

On radio Nixon has tried to make it all sound like one brief counselling visit last week. She claims much more. That their first room service night was around January 23. He arrived. Didn’t stay long. She says he was ‘jumpy’ and ‘paranoid’ and left but took her room key and came back next morning. The girl claims he used illicit substances in her bathroom. Mitchell asked him if he used cocaine in the girl’s hotel room and he eventually denied it.

Also remember there’s already court action involving these two. An order she was accused of breaking and he has obviously broken it numerous times. She was a no show in court last week over that issue. Why? She told me that both she and Nixon forgot.

The girl claims that around that time they were spending a lot of time together.

She admits she surreptitiously got his credit card details and used them to buy a ticket back from New Zealand. Her claim is she told him about it later and agreed to pay him back. He was flying back from the Gold CoaSt She was coming in from New Zealand and they met at Tullamarine.

But the interesting and most damning stuff for Nixon [ apart from the underpants pic which he has not explained on radio or in his statement] are the conversations she says they have had as the story broke.

Her claim: Nixon said to her ‘We must deny all this stuff. Do it for me. If it comes out we’ll both be dead’.

And:‘We can work through all this and sort things out when things die down’.

One interesting point from the Mitchell interview. Nixon denied he and the girl had been driving around in his car. That’s weird, because that’s her excuse for getting a black eye.

She denied rumours he had been violent towards her. She said she was in his car. Did not have her seat belt on because she was about to get out and he got angry when she nervously giggled as he explained how they should and could deny everything.

‘He said we’d both be dead and started driving crazily. I banged my head on the dashboard.’

That night she said he sent her a sarcastic text message saying ‘Now you can tell Dowsley I’m a stupid driver’. Dowsley being Anthony Dowsley who wrote today’s story under the headline ‘A city hotel, alcohol and a girl scorned’.

The Age reports that sources close to Nixon say his recollection of events at the hotel that Sunday are hazy and he  suspects the teenager of ‘spiking’ his drink.

Funny, his recollections on radio aren’t hazy. Quite emphatic, if flawed. He specifically remembers not having sex.

Ricky Nixon has an easy way to prove he is telling the truth and she is lying in all of this. He boasts that he tapes all his phone conversations. I have heard conversations he has taped with the girl in the paSt I hung up on him recently when he confirmed he might be taping our conversation on another matter.

Mr. Nixon. Release the transcripts of your conversations with this teenager.  Sounds like another Mr. Nixon and other transcripts and another cover up.

And a final point. Ricky Nixon says he talked to the girl’s parents and offered help in counselling her.

The last man to do that is facing criminal charges for supplying alcohol to a minor and having sex with a minor under duty of care. (we know that is the man in a uniform, awaiting trial)

But as a former schoolteacher Ricky Nixon would know those rules.

STATEMENT FROM THE TEENAGER: Half an hour ago I listened to your interview with Ricky Nixon I thought he would have been more mature about the situation. He is 47.

There are about four about five things he denied that can be proven. Ricky Nixon and I had a close relationship and it was sexual. We had a sexual relationship for three weeks.

Firstly, Nixon said he arrived at the hotel at 7am, stood in the foyer and left at 7.15am. Anthony Dowsley the Herald Sun journalist arrived at the hotel at 6am and didn’t see Nixon emerge until after 7.15. He can disprove this.

I have videos of Ricky. I can prove he was in my hotel room in his underwear on my bed. I have voice recordings of us talking. I can prove that Ricky talked to me with sexually suggestive comments. In regards to drugs I have a video as well. I don’t have a video of Nixon doing drugs, but I can prove that he was present and there was cocaine in the room. I can also prove that Nixon and I have talked about doing cocaine.

Finally, my relationship with my parents has improved. I am between accommodation. I am waiting to move into an apartment that St. Kilda Football Club have provided.


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