It's a dog eat dog world selling newspapers…

Check this little quarrel our between a couple of newspapers fighting for scoops and brownie points. Tit for tat, and the gloves are off…Obviously a high stakes match this one

A REPORT in today’s The Age states the Herald Sun paid for hotel accommodation where the teenage girl says she spent time with Ricky Nixon.

This is wrong.

The Herald Sun, after speaking with the girl’s lawyer, agreed to provide two nights accommodation because of concerns about her welfare.

She stayed in a Southbank hotel at the newspaper’s expense last Thursday and Friday nights.

Herald Sun editor Simon Pristel yesterday supplied The Age journalist Karen Kissane with an email from the girl’s lawyer confirming this.

In the email, the lawyer Natasha Stojanovich wrote: “Earlier today our client was offered accommodation for tonight, to be paid for by your client. I understand this was offered to my client as she does not have accommodation arranged for tonight and out of concern for her welfare. I confirm that offering my client accommodation was not an inducement, but rather was offered by your client out of concern for my client’s welfare.”

Contrary to The Age report, it was during the early hours of Tuesday February 15, that the teenage girl texted a Herald Sun reporter saying Nixon was at her  room at the Causeway Hotel in the city.

This accommodation was paid for by the St Kilda Football Club.

The reporter videotaped Nixon leaving the hotel shortly after 7am.

Herald Sun editor Simon Pristel has asked The Age to correct its report.

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