Cop Luke Donoghue on dickileaks girl sex charges, seeks union funding

The Victorian Police Association may fund the legal defence of an officer accused of having sex with a 17-year-old girl.

Senior Constable Luke Alexander Donoghue, 34, is charged with procuring a child under supervision or care for sexual penetration, procuring a child under supervision or care for an indecent act, misconduct in public office and supplying alcohol to a minor.

He has been suspended without pay.

On Friday, he appeared in the Melbourne Magistrates Court for a committal mention hearing.

His barrister Tom Moisidis asked that the case be adjourned for three weeks while an application for police association funds was processed.

“Mr Donoghue may be entitled to funds from a certain body … the Police Association,” he said.

Mr Moisidis said the matter would be reviewed by the association next week.

He said if the application was granted it may mean that Donoghue would change solicitors to the firm preferred by the Police Association. This may cause a delay to the case.

The case was adjourned until March 18.

Donoghue had been based at a police station in Melbourne’s southeast.

The offences are alleged to have occurred between September 30 and October 24 last year when the girl was pregnant.

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13 thoughts on “Cop Luke Donoghue on dickileaks girl sex charges, seeks union funding

  1. So how come the media is yet to comment on this? Surely this would further inflame the Ricky Nison saga. Another case getting dragged out.

    Thanks Robbo, you seems to be the only one on the ball.


  2. This needs media attention, Unfortunitley the only attention it got was from Hinch and No one else will touch it.


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  4. strip this policeman of his badge & lock him up…. not only is he the ADULT in the situation with this young girl, but he also abused the position of trust. an absolute disgrace. why cant these weak pricks keep their d***s in their pants?!!!? for christsake – this girl is underage, obviously suffers from a mental health disorder and has spoken out on each of these guys – so clearly guys, the likelihood of her reporting it, selling it to a newspaper or attempting to benefit from it is high….WAKE UP!


  5. I would have thought, given he was charged by police and is a policeman, that this would be considered a conflict of interest to have the case “handled” by an insider.
    And why should the cops fund it (if that’s the implication also)?

    All this stuff stinks. At every angle involving this girl, all the sordid party players involved, all these men (not boys) have managed to go under the radar.

    Nixon has pretty much done the same stuff as LD (policeman) and yet not the same charges. Not even investigated?
    Where are child welfare? Where are the DHS and all those who push cases like this into the courts?

    Money talks and it talks so loud it’s deafening.



  6. Donaghue’s case adjourned. Meanwhile Ethical Standards Investigation ongoing. He is seeking funding. Case convenienty dragged on to avoid convergence with other related scandals.

    Ricky Nixon. Demetriou diatribe sickening. No leadership. Tells us most importnat lesson is failure to extend respect and responsibility program to player agents. Sounds nice Andrew and typically as always PC, however if you never enforce it and the policies that uphold it why talk about lessons. How moronic.

    There were compromising photos in existence months ago. Demetriou acting incensed yet he knew about the other photos involving Nixon. Another example of feigned surprse however we always knew he’d sacrifice Nixon in a tokenistic kind of way but wanted to distance the boys from any scandal. Remember the sensitive commercial broadcast rights still being negotiated. Assigning of matter to Galbally is absurd. Sarah Galbally has just been appointed to act for St Kilda at the firm. Lets just pretend that conflict of interest rules can be relaxed in legal firms as it is convenient. AFL have power over Nixon. Demetriou trying to redeem himself by empty rhetoric, his specialty


    • They should lock this copper and Nixon up in the same cell for a few years.
      As they have no resistant s to temptation they could spend there time screwing each other !!!



    • Very well said, in all respects..I am/was a St Kilda fan (went to ’97, ’09 &’10 GFs) but as an MCC member, rather than a Saints member..but the real football (round ball) & Arsenal FC have always been my true passion anyway..but now, the AFL and the Saints have lost me FOREVER..more than anything, I hate corruption in all of its forms and this entire issue stinks to high Heaven on so many levels..cheers..Matt.


  7. dont all the negative comments look like they came from a bunch of f wits now! re coppers acquital


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