Pasquale Barbaro back in the news

Correction required 03/03/11- Thanks to some eagled eyed members here, it has been bought to my attention i have got two members of this family mixed up. My reference to the baby being kidnapped, was actually Guiseppe Barbaro (Baby Montana’s father) and not Pasquale Barbaro, who is the feature of this article, and  faces trial on alleged $440m ecstasy import bid. I do apologise for being so slack, and have removed the references, and would like to say sorry to anyone who may have been offended…Cheers Robbo

Pasquale been a decent player in the drug importation game here in Australia for years. The fact he hails from Griffith does not count for much, this idiot left the weed game years ago! He has cried poor, He has cried poor me in jail (with millions in assets) Cried about conditions in jail, sacked legal eagles, who knows what else, the pillow being too soft maybe?

He tried to use the system today to delay his hearings (thus holding up other hearings and trials) to hopefully take “Care of business” in the meantime.

Well Magistrate Simon Garnett was awake up to that tired old game at court today, giving the ( I hate this term) Alleged drug importer a dressing down…

Pasquale Barbaro faces trial on alleged $440m ecstasy import bid

Pasquale Barbaro

A MAN who is alleged to be the “Mr Big” behind a plot to import a world-record $440 million haul of ecstasy into Australia was committed to stand trial this afternoon.

Magistrate Simon Garnett rejected an application by Pasquale Barbaro to adjourn his committal hearing after he announced to the court that he had sacked his legal team. Ha Ha…the old sack my team trick

Mr Garnett said there was sufficient evidence in the police hand-up brief of evidence to convince him that a jury properly instructed could convict Mr Barbaro of the six charges he faces.

He committed him to stand trial on one charge in the Supreme Court and on five charges in the County Court.

It is alleged that Mr Barbaro, 49, from Griffith, New South Wales, attempted to import more than 15 million tablets of MDMA, or ecstasy, weighing more than a tonne in tomato tins which were offloaded in Melbourne from Italy.

He is also charged with importing 150kg of cocaine and laundering millions of dollars in drug money.

Earlier today in Melbourne Magistrates’ Court Mr Barbaro told the judge that he was in the process of appointing a new legal team and it would need three months to examine over 300 folders of evidence in the police brief.

But Mr Garnett said that today’s committal date was set nearly nine months ago and he had been given ample opportunity to prepare. Stalling does not work as well these days Barbaro

A number of co-accused have had their committals heard in the same court in the past month.

Mr Barbaro has been charged that on various dates between May 2007 and August 2008 he conspired to import a commercial quantity of MDMA, trafficked a commercial quantity of MDMA, and imported a quantity of cocaine.

It is also alleged he conspired to import a precursor chemical, dealt with $7.4 million which were the proceeds of crime and received or possessed sums of money that were the proceeds of crime.

Mr Garnett asked Mr Barbaro how he pleaded to the six counts and he replied “at this stage not guilty your Honour”.

The magistrate remanded him to appear at preliminary hearings in the Supreme Court on March 15 and in the County Court on June 6.

Mr Barbaro made no application for bail. One would have to think he is much safer inside apparently…

Kidnapped child story stranger than fiction

By Kate McClymont
August 14, 2004
Some members of Australia’s colourful Barbaro family have much in common with TV’s Mafia family, The Sopranos.

Apart from murders, knee-capping and assorted criminal activity, this week’s episode of the real-life Barbaro drama added kidnapping to the plot.

But in a strange twist, the abduction of Giuseppe Barbaro’s baby daughter, Montana, was reduced to a subplot when her return was overshadowed by an avalanche of lurid tales involving Barbaro’s “other” life.

There was fiancee Tanya Flynn, a Canberra dancer and the mother of two of his eight children, parading an unworn wedding dress before the cameras and declaring her engagement to Barbaro was off, now that she had become aware he had two children with Montana’s mother, Anita Ciancio.

And the NSW police, who didn’t know Barbaro’s whereabouts until the kidnapping, are preparing extradition papers to bring the philandering father to NSW to face drug charges.

Originally from the Calabrian township of Plati, Italy’s “kidnap capital”, certain members of the Barbaro family rose to prominence during the Woodward royal commission when they were found to have been the principals behind Griffith’s marijuana industry.

Giuseppe Barbaro, who turns 48 today, is the second of four children born to Mafia principal Pasquale, who was murdered in a gangland hit in 1990.

Giuseppe’s uncles, Rocco and Antonio, were members of the Griffith Mafia involved with Bob Trimbole in the cultivation of marijuana. His brother, “Fat” Frank, is doing time for a methaphetamine bust with bikie figure Arthur Loveday; his cousin, Pasquale, was murdered along with crime figure Jason Moran in one of Melbourne’s gangland slayings last year.

Some of the Barbaros and related families from Griffith amassed almost $40 million during the 1980s from insurance pay-outs for fake car crashes. Even when driving in Canberra, Sydney or Melbourne, the families would run into each other – literally.

Their gravy train derailed when one participant in their car accident scam found God and confessed. In 1991 an ACT court heard that a carload of relatives from Griffith had “crashed” into other relatives from Canberra.

The total payout for that accident was almost $500,000. In it were Giuseppe’s uncles, Antonio and Rocco, who featured prominently in the Woodward royal commission. Both were charged with conspiracy to supply marijuana in an undercover police investigation, Operation Seville. They were acquitted when the key informant refused to testify.

Apart from his “accident”, Rocco Barbaro suffered further misfortune. His leg was amputated after a bungled knee-capping at his farm near Griffith. He told police he accidentally shot himself, even though the bullet entered behind the knee.

Not long after the Barbaro brothers’ accident, the family was organising another accident when they had a real accident on their way to stage a fake one. Rocco’s and Antonio’s nephew, Giuseppe (cousin of the other Giuseppe), claimed to have suffered catastrophic injuries and was awarded $142,000.

The NRMA won an appeal against the payout and Barbaro was refused leave to appeal to the High Court over the matter. None of the Barbaros were charged over these accidents, although a cousin, Frank Pangallo, was given periodic detention.

Misfortune struck Giuseppe’s father, Pasquale, who was murdered in Brisbane in 1990. The head of the Barbaro family, Pasquale, fell foul of the organisation when he ditched his wife – the sister of another Mafia figure, Domenic Nirta – for a Filipina.

After a failed assassination attempt the year before, Pasquale was understood to have been giving evidence to police about his brothers’ involvement in Operation Seville, in which drugs were grown at Bungendore with the sanction of an ACT assistant police commissioner, Colin Winchester, who was later murdered.

According to a confidential Australian Bureau of Criminal Intelligence report obtained by the Herald, Pasquale told police that when a murder victim was shot as well as stabbed, it indicated he had done something “forbidden”.

Pasquale was shot in the chest and stabbed as well.

After this week’s misfortunes, this Giuseppe may be wondering if things can get any worse for him. Given his family history, no doubt they can.

11 thoughts on “Pasquale Barbaro back in the news

    • Are you serious? I was certain it was him and his young young wife/partner they had on the news at the time when the kid got taken a for a ride when some druggies stole their car. Will check it out and recify, thanks for noting that Easy! Cheers


  1. Robbo, I sent you an email last night re the same topic that ‘Easy’ has raised. Guiseppe Barbaro is Montana’s father. Pasquale may be related, but is a younger person, and the drug importation charges have no connection to Guiseppe Barbaro.


    • You have no idea of any facts relating to either of these articles, it is a shame that you feel the need to write endless stories regarding “Alleged” information, if you are getting your information from any newspaper then you should know that %95 of what you read is fabricated, twisted & distorted. Im assuming you are not a Judge, Jury or police officer, so how could you possibly dictate these stories as if you were actually there. That “Kid” you were referring to has a name, she also happens to be my daughter, her father is Giuseppe Barbaro, who is not only 10 years older than Pasquale, he also has quite a distinctive moustach and looks nothing like him, it seems you dont know all that much, No, the people that took my daughter were not druggies, my daughter did not “Just” get taken for a ride. You have no idea what happened, and as a matter of fact “nobody” other than “me” knows exactly what happened. Above all that Im so sorry to see that in this wonderful country we live in our motto is not “Gulity!! before proven innocent”, I also pray for your loved ones that they never have to face fabricated charges of any sort, because unless you have a quarter of a million dollars laying around to defend yourself at trial, then you pretty much have no choice other than to plead guilty and wear what ever charges the police lay on you. Maybe you should start writing about Police Corruption!!


  2. you seem to wanna judge pasquale barbaro before he even goes to court the man is a good bloke what has done if found guilty he will pay the price for it but dont go bagging him cause his wife and kids are suffering now and everyone makes mistakes in life


  3. Guiseppe Barbaro and Pasquale Barbaro, and the rest of you turd Drug King pin trafficking, Barbaro families and the Sergi- Trimboli Italian Griffith Mafia,hope you all drop dead like Bob Trimboli did in Ireland , you are the Mr Bigs of organised crime untouchables, sopranos of the Italian honoured society, Lonerata, Calabrian drug trafficking scum, with your protection rackets, standing over the weak, and rich off scams, fraud and living off drug user misery, and making money from the proceeds of drug manufacturing and pushing. and marijuana growing. And protected by corruption. They would hang your sort in Bali. What about the families that you drug pushers destroy with your corrupt racketeering, . Go rot in hell you Mafia Gangsters, hope you all get made forbidden, get shot dead or bashed and stabbed, and end up in a unmarked grave or ice picked in Jail . you Mafia Dogs Total Disrespect to Italian Mafia and to you Barbaro Mob Bosses. Spit on your rotten corpse and piss on your grave maggots. May you Goodfellows all suffer.


  4. “….15 million tablets of MDMA”
    Were they bringing them in to flush down the toilet? No, of course not. Aussies were going to consume them. All of them…and likely without any deaths…just like the 10’s or 100’s of millions of tablets before them! Proves just how safe this drug is.


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