Nixon to stand down-Going into rehab-Statement issued tonight

Well tonight gets a little interesting, Ricky Nixon is on his was back to Australia tonight, the word is he will be going into hiding whilst making arrangements to go into a clinic for what we now call “Personal Issues”

He would not be a cocaine freak would he, snorting way back longer than before Carey was caught??? I wonder.

Anyway watch 60 Minutes tonight on Channel Nine, the Dickileaks girl will be fully identified in a story with Liz Hayes…Expect Nixon to start back peddling this week!

One other thing, would it be cynical of me to suggest he escaped overseas to get drugs out of his system do you think readers?


Well I was spot on the money is Statement Ricky Nixon Issued tonight…

DISGRACED AFL player manager Ricky Nixon is taking an indefinite break to deal with a substance abuse problem in a rehabilitation clinic.

Nixon, who is embroiled in a sex and drugs scandal involving a 17-year-old girl, issued a statement tonight saying:

“After 20 years involvement in player management, I am now taking an indefinite break to deal with a number of personal health issues. It is important for both my own health and wellbeing and that of my family to do so immediately.

“I have returned to Australia having spent the last two weeks overseas, where I had the opportunity to seek help for my personal issues. With the understanding and support of family and close friends, I have decided that I will go to a rehabilitation clinic to seek treatment for a substance problem that has impacted on my life and my decision-making, particularly over the last eight weeks.

“Given recent events and with the encouragement of friends, I believe it is the right time for me to seek help, counselling and appropriate treatment.

“While overseas, I have been in contact with the AFLPA and have stated that I will cooperate fully with the investigation currently being undertaken by David Galbally QC. I stand by my original statement in relation to this matter.

“I am so lucky to have the support of my employees and the players that I manage and while I know this time has not been easy for them I think it is important for both staff and players at Flying Start that I immediately relinquish all responsibilities and activities a player manager would normally undertake.

“I have full faith in the staff at Flying Start to operate as usual without my involvement.

“As someone who has been involved in the football industry for more than 30 years I understand the interest in this story but I do ask for the privacy needed to be able to undertake clinical treatment without the intrusion of the media. I also ask that the media leaves my family, friends, staff and players alone. I know these events have caused them enough distress.

“I would like to thank people for the enormous amount of support I have had both here and overseas. This is a significant challenge and one that I am committed to get through and coming out a better person. I would like to sincerely apologise to everyone for the impact caused by these recent events.”


Ricky hopping into bed way over the on the wall side.Why do that?

One day you're going to get with your pants down...

RICKY Nixon has failed to turn up at work as the scandal surrounding his relationship with a schoolgirl escalated.

The troubled AFL player manager returned last night from two weeks in the UK, avoiding the scandal surrounding his alleged affair with the 17-year-old girl who released explicit photos of AFL St Kilda players last year.

On the same night, the girl was interviewed on the Nine Network’s 60 Minutes program, giving more details of her alleged involvement with Nixon and St Kilda players.

After assurances it would be “business as usual” today despite the continuing scandal, Nixon failed to turn up at work this morning.

Staff at Nixon’s Flying Start office in Melbourne said their boss would not be returning to work at the Docklands Stadium office this morning.

While Nixon reportedly told Fairfax media yesterday he would be returning to work at the Flying Start office today, staff there have told reporters their boss will not be coming in.

He said he had spoken to Nixon but there would be no further comment on his whereabouts.

Also this morning, AFL boss Andrew Demetriou says he was aware the “St Kilda schoolgirl” was probably lying about falling pregnant to Saints star Sam Gilbert.

The Frankston 17-year-old made the stunning admission she fabricated the pregnancy tale to Channel 9 show 60 Minutes, and later apologised to Gilbert.

In an interview this morning, Demetriou revealed he knew the story was likely to be fake but chose not to speak about it publicly.

“I was led to believe through some of our other investigations that that may have been the case,” he told radio station 3AW.

“There have been a number of situations where this girl has said things that have proven to be incorrect. There are many things we could have said, but we’ve chosen out of respect to her welfare not to comment.”

Asked why she lied, the girl told 60 Minutes it was for attention.

“I really can’t answer that,” she said.

“I honestly don’t know why I said it. What can I say, I was 16, um, stupid, immature little teenager.”

The girl, who is now 17, said she only owed Gilbert an apology.

“It was one of the biggest mistakes of my life.

I don’t think I owe anyone an apology other than Sam, so, yeah.”

In an email, sent after the Herald Sun broke the story about their “inappropriate dealings” on February 19, Nixon allegedly talks about reigniting their relationship and prompts her to issue a statement denying they ever had sex.

In it he allegedly tells her to say: “I want to clear the air about what happened that night in my hotel room.

“To put on the record that there was no sex and no drug taking.

When I told people that I’d been having sex with him I never dreamt that it would get the coverage that it has I then put together a video that gives the impression that we had sex and drugs.” The program identified her, but The Advertiser has chosen not to.

In text messages Nixon also allegedly wrote: “We will need to plan our relationship carefully but I will definately (sic) give it a go so long as we dont film or tape each other and u (sic) have amazing sex at least twice a day.”

And: “Your choice if you dont do it not only will there be no future for us but youlll (sic) have 100s of people associated with me who will want revenge on you and that will be with you for the rest of your life.”

Late last night the Herald Sun learned Nixon was vacillating and may not want to step down as a player manager, but would only do so if people close to him believed it to be the best option.

It was reported on Nine News last night Nixon would enter a clinic for professional help for “personal problems” and he planned to stand down.

Nixon has, however, told friends this won’t be the case.

A close associate said last night Nixon had assessed his future while in London and, despite having “ups and downs”, he was in good spirits.

The friend said Nixon had several decisions to make, personally and professionally.

“I know he is looking at all options,” the friend said.

Nixon flew overseas last week as the storm over his “inappropriate dealings” with the girl escalated.

He was set to travel to Ireland to meet business commitments but it is understood he spent most of his fortnight overseas in London.

The girl, who at the weekend was staying at a five-star Melbourne hotel, is not permitted to speak for a week under her contract with Channel 9.

It is understood she was paid a five-figure sum for the interview.

The Herald Sun witnessed phone calls and texts from the powerful player agent to the girl in the days after he was questioned by the newspaper about the nature of relationship with her.

There is a ban in place to stop the teen and Mr Nixon making contact.

Legal experts also say he could face serious charges if he is found to have had a sexual relationship with the teen.

Victoria Police, however, will not reveal whether they will investigate Mr Nixon’s alleged sexual relationship with the girl.

“All matters surrounding Ricky Nixon and a 17-year old Karingal girl are currently under investigation and at this stage Victoria Police has no further comment to make on those matters,” a spokeswoman said.

Barrister David Galbally QC, who is conducting an investigation into Mr Nixon’s conduct on behalf of the AFLPA, wants to interview the 47-year-old this week.

5 thoughts on “Nixon to stand down-Going into rehab-Statement issued tonight

    • Well I don’t think anyone believed that. I personally would never tell a female she was lying about being pregnant, its not a thing you want to get wrong, but women do use it when clasping at a relationship on the decline…


  1. just to state the obvious – how much of a douche is nixon.. hope this misguided girl gets the help she needs.. any word on how nixons wife etc are responding to this soap opera… ???


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