GANGLAND widow Judy Moran has been found guilty of murder over the killing of her brother-in-law Des “Tuppence'” Moran.

Found guilty of Murder this morning...Bye bye Judy

Moran, 66, bowed her head and became teary as the foreman announced the verdict in the Supreme Court

It took the jury of nine men and three women six days to reach their decision after a month-long trial.

Ex Rebels bikie president Geoffrey “Nuts” Armour shot Des Moran, 61, inside his favourite Ascot Vale cafe in front of several witnesses on June 15, 2009.

The jury was told Judy Moran drove Armour and his friend turned prosecution witness Michael Farrugia to and from the scene and later disposed of evidence.

Prosecutor Mark Rochford, SC, told the jury the plot was an agreement between Judy Moran and Armour due to an on-going financial dispute.

“This was a planned and calculated murder motivated by (Judy) Moran…and an on-going financial dispute with (Des Moran),” Mr Rochford alleged in his opening address.

Farrugia, who told the trial he thought he was helping Armour on a debt-collecting mission, gave evidence against Judy Moran.

In sworn testimony he said she was the driver and told the two men she would get rid of evidence after the shooting.

Moran had pleaded not guilty to murder and accessory after the fact.

She gave evidence herself, claiming she was at Fawkner Cemetery visiting her son Mark’s grave on the morning of Tuppence’s murder – which was the day of the ninth anniversary of Mark’s death.
“Obviously you don’t know me as a person,” she told Mr Rochford while under cross examination.

“I wouldn’t be involved in anything like that at my age now – let alone all the other 60 years.”

The jury did not believe her.

Detectives arrested Moran after she drove the getaway car from her garage and dumped it in a Brunswick street while wearing gloves.

After arresting Moran, detectives searched her house and found the murder weapon and clothing linked to Armour and Farrugia stuffed in a hidden safe.

Justice Lex Lasry will sentence Moran on a date to be fixed.

Before the trial, Farrugia, 46, pleaded guilty to manslaughter and received four years’ jail with a two-year minimum term.

Armour, 45, has pleaded guilty to murder and is yet to be sentenced.

His de facto, Suzanne Kane, 47, pleaded guilty to being an accessory after the fact and received a suspended sentence due to time served while on remand.

12 thoughts on “Judy Moran GUILTY of MURDER

  1. That should be the last we have to see and here of this piece of garbage.
    The next time she leaves her little 4×5 metre cell will be in a box.

    Robbo can you tell me if her book,her rubbish,can now be used as proceeds of crime and the money she obtained from it collected?
    Also can DES morans surviving family members,,if any,,can they now sue this nasty old bitch for everything she has?
    Stuff like her million dollar house,she proudly claims in her book,,not bad for a bitch that never worked a day in her miserable life.

    Glad she got what she deserved,,but really what a greedy waste of space this slag is . Poor Judy now takes on another meaning huh,,poor will be right.

    Love to see if she still gets round on her scooter now that the jury didn’t fall for her pitiful playacting.
    I’d give anythingntomsee her face when the jury announced her guilty,,even more so to seemher smiling face when the judge hands down the sentence.
    All I can say Judy is every dog has their day hahahahaha
    In two weeks no onemwill know or care what you are doing,so better of in that box you have put others into,,wonder if she looks back on her glamorous life if she now thinks all that greed,that killed of her faimily ,selling drugs,is now all worth it,,I guess it don’t matter now,,goodbye to rubbish.


    • I think you may be onto something there.
      She has just proved to be a manipulating bitch and to murder others by buying a hit man .
      It does make a lot of sense now that she could have and quiet possibly did order hits on others,that different people,now dead or jailed are taking the wrap for.

      Did you listen to derryn hinch,s wrap up of the case,if not mate go to 3 aw radio staion,,,up top is a bit called podcasts,,click on that and you get his full show,,the first half hour is dedicated to the gangsters mole Judy Moran ,,then he gets a call from someone,and he says speaking ofmgangsters moles,we have Wendy pierce on the line,,andmtalks to her,great radio,but a sad footnote is hinch


      • Sorry ,I don’t know why it stopped,,hinch tells us that he will stay on radio as long as possible but he has been told by doctors he will not be here for Xmas ,which is a shame ,one thing with hinch love him or hate him,he is great listening and stands up for people in all sorts of situations,goes against the big boys who do wrong and isn’t scarred to air his thoughts,hope he can get a transplant as we need people like him in this world.


      • Hi John, the silly bitch even touched herself up for one final tv appearance. Piled the makeup on, did the nails and touched up the lippy for a final wave (like the bloody queen…lol) to her fans and the camera. What a waste of space she will be in jail. Looks like she has put on 50kg in jail when most people lose weight. She must be paying for extra servings I think…

        Not sure what will happen in regards to her book full of lies. I was going to post a cover but even the pic of her is a sham. Photo shopped to look 40 years younger…


      • Thanks for the reply Robbo.

        Mate one thing still irks me and is not just quiet right.
        I am sure there would be a reason but as yet I advent heard it.

        We now know that Judy was under 24 hour surveillance ,phone taps ,watchers, followers,the whole box and dice,so knowing all that,and knowing what these scumbags had planned,how or why wasn’t this averted.

        Why were they allowed to get so far into the crime,the ultimate part,where a man loses his life before arrests were made.

        How the he’ll did these scum bags get past the taps and cops,waitingmon there next move when it has now come out inmcourt that they had intercepted calls about where ,who,how and when it was going to happen ,I’m sure it wouldn’t be planned to allow it to get to the murder stage,,so robbo has it been asked how the managed to get past all the things that were in place ,you would think that a mans life was being planned to be terminated ,with full knowledge of the cops and surveillance team,,,why wasn’t it stopped before the fatal conclusion.


  2. They either fucked up big time, or they were so covert they could not get close enough when it counted.I think maybe they paid to much attention to her and not enough to her gunmen. They were on the scene very very quickly, she was obvliosly no1 suspect as was amour. I think their intel did not them on the button the hit was to be that day at that moment though.

    Des was told he could have protection etc and officially declined it. He obviously knew who it was, and was not worried (well not so soon to expect another crack…)


    • That makes sense Robbo.

      Just thought ,if I was his family,,if any left,, I would want that question in particular answered,just stoked the jury found that , im better than the rest bitch, guilty.
      Just hope we never have to see her face or hear her name again,what a way to be remembered and I notice she is still bringing the dead into her bullshit,,my Lewis killed for me,,,the truth as I hear it is at odds with that,,she wasn’t someone to be trusted by her husband or even her father. Lewis apparently made certain she was never told anything of importance,as she had a big mouth,he had that part right huh.

      Can you imagine what the grandkids are going through? Hey mum why is Nanna in jail???ahh because she hired a hitman to kill your uncle DES ,all for greed,,big fat ugly cow,,hope her Lewis haunts her in her new home,and her brother in law DES , just can’t believe how stupid she thought everyone was,and how clever she was,,,may e she will get what’s coming to her in her new house,,we can only hope,,the world is now a better place without her big mouth. Well done jury,have anise life cow face.


      • In a family that has been decimated by the underworld, I certainly hope these crooks left something to their grandkids, children, nephews and nieces etc. Hopefully they can get a start in life and steer clear of the crimes that ultimately led to the deaths of their parents/relatives.

        In regards to the fat one, she was a nasty, conniving greedy mole. As you say, never to be trusted, with a loose mouth opened up by even a whiff on brandy. Real classy, or so she liked to think.

        I wonder if the rent on the scooter has expired, she wont need that anymore…hehe


      • Gidday John. I just hope she doesn’t get one bloody dollar sent to her in jail. She can get off her fat ass and do some work to buy her weekly supplies of biscuits and mills and boon novels…Cheers


  3. Think she would of been a bit smarter to leave the evidence in her safe, and get caught driving the car used, surely she could of paid some1 to do that for her.??


    • Well she was not too smart was she Gail? Maybe she had no money left after buy 2 cars worth nearly $200,000 for the trigger men a few weeks before the hit…

      She has had crooks provide for her since her very young days, so I think she became delusional. Her master plan of “They will never suspect me” which revolved around her poor attempts to cast suspicion on the family enemies (all dead), In her eyes she never thought they would come knocking on her door. Poor Judy, we will leave her alone she has just lost another family member.

      I suppose she thought in good time she would dispose of the gear…Well she has plenty of that now…”I wonder if I could write another book full of bullshit….hmmmmm, I might give the Womans Weekly a call, I need some more cash in here, I’m certainly not going to work for it…”


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