Murderer Keli Lane Update SENTENCED TO AT LEAST 13 YEARS

UPDATE high court appeal fails

Keli Lane loses High Court application to appeal against conviction for murdering baby Tegan

Fri 15 Aug 2014, 1:19pm

Former water polo champion Keli Lane has lost her application to the High Court to appeal against her conviction for murdering her baby.

Lane is serving a minimum sentence of 13 years and five months after being found guilty of killing her two-day-old daughter Tegan in 1996.

Her maximum sentence is 18 years.

She has always maintained she gave the child to a man with whom she had a brief and secret affair. Tegan’s body has never been found.

Lane applied for leave to appeal in the High Court after the Supreme Court upheld her conviction in late 2013.

Her barrister Winston Terracini today told a two-judge panel in the High Court an alternative count of manslaughter should have been open to the jury, as there was no evidence about how Tegan died.

“There was a viable case of manslaughter,” Mr Terracini said.

“The jury should have been at least told … there was an alternative verdict.

“There’s no evidentiary basis got how the deceased was killed.”

But the High Court judges noted the strength of the prosecution case was in part due to the fact that no arrangement was made for the baby to be placed in care after her birth.

They pointed out that Lane arrived at her family’s home soon after giving birth, and after a short time an act “dangerous or contrary to the law” may have occurred.

Tegan’s body has never been found and Lane has always maintained she gave the baby to the biological father, a man she called Andrew Norris or Morris, with whom she had an affair.

But prosecutors maintained Lane killed Tegan after leaving Auburn Hospital, in western Sydney, two days after giving birth.

The crown’s case was that she hid five pregnancies and did not want the responsibility of a child because of her ambition to compete in the 2000 Olympics.

Lane had two terminations as a teenager and kept three pregnancies and births secret from family and friends, giving up two children for adoption, the court heard.

Lane’s earliest release date will be in May 2024.

Keli Lane will serve at least 13 years and five months for murder of tegan, plus four years and seven months on parole…MORE TO COME

Keli Lane will serve at least 13 years and five months for murder of tegan, plus four years and seven months on parole

Sentencing today 15/04/11

In court as we speak she is being sentenced, been talking for nearly an hour so far in handing down term…stay tuned

Update tonight Sunday 3rd April 2011

Just watched the disgusting story on Channel 7 tonight. How convoluted was that? Master Manipulator, I hope someone in the know who has her confidence now gets greedy and breaks her confidence  and comes forward with information on her remains etc!
Bloody Christopher Murphy, solicitor to the crooks and crims, all for his own huge ego.Google and see the type of people he has represented…I will post the video of this story soon!

Keli Lane‘s sentencing hearing was today adjourned until next Friday

FORMER water polo champion and convicted murderer Keli Lane intended to kill her newborn baby rather than cause her really serious harm, a Sydney judge has been told.

Reality sinks in for baby killer Keli Lane. Justice for Tegan at last

Crown prosecutor Mark Tedeschi QC today in the NSW Supreme Court disputed the defence’s “serious harm” contention, saying the “only rational conclusion” was that Lane intended to kill two-day-old Tegan.

Lane, 36, appeared on the verge of tears throughout the hearing, which was attended by her mother, brother and other supporters.

Last December, a jury found Lane guilty of murdering her newborn second child on September 14, 1996, after they left Auburn hospital.

Lane had hidden three pregnancies, secretly adopting out her first and third babies.

Tegan’s body has never been found.

Referring to issues to be resolved by Justice Anthony Whealy, Mr Tedeschi said the judge may find Lane’s pre-meditation only occurred on the day of the killing.

He also handed up to the judge a list showing sentencing practices in 1996, when the murder occurred.

“The sentencing of people for homicide generally was much more lenient to the offender than today,” he noted during his sentencing submission in the packed courtroom.

At one stage, Justice Whealy noted the jury had found Lane guilty, adding “whatever views I may have had about the strength of the crown case must take second place to the jury verdict”.

The sentencing hearing was adjourned to next Friday to enable a defence psychiatrist to respond to a psychiatric report tendered by the Crown.

47 thoughts on “Murderer Keli Lane Update SENTENCED TO AT LEAST 13 YEARS

  1. Please don’t waste time with this psychiatric BS…she is not crazy, but very manipulative…


  2. Sentencing submissions were heard in relation to Keli Lane on 11/3/2011 and 18/3/2011. The matter has been adjourned to 15/4/2011, when it is expected that Justice Whealy will then impose sentence in this very sad and tragic case.


  3. It was a bizzare hearing on Friday, where Justice Whealy made some incredible statements. I won’t state what they were here, as they could be subject to appeal, which i sincerely hope they are.
    I will say this though, that he displayed no sympathy or empathy in any of his statements to the vitcim of this horrific crime, Tegan Lee Lane.
    This is the SAD issue about this case, also the fact that the defence has stated that the offender “only meant to cause serious harm to the child”. WTF does that mean? The charge should be lowered to manslaughter??
    She was tried for murder, she was convicted of murder and should receive the harshest penalty for murder, given the victim here was not even 48hrs old!!!!!
    Based on what Justice Whealy has stated during the trial, and the sentencing hearings, maybe he should be replaced to give the sentence, as he has clearly stated in Court that he ahs “great sympathy” for the offender.


  4. Isn’t this amazing? She has been found guilty of murder.. end of story..send her to jail.

    I must say that I have followed this story .. granted only online and via news reports .. so do understand that this is not always 100% accurate, but kept thinking I’ve seen this before. This woman seems to have a personality disorder.. this is BPD. So it seems perhaps a psych report has been done, I wonder if it is along the same lines. I’m hoping if it is then more awareness can be raised for this tragic disorder and the extreme danger that partners and children face from a person with BPD.


  5. she has no mental illness or any disorder.
    She is a narsisstic, self absorbed psychopath who nearly got away with murder. If you ever have the chance to watch the police interviews and/or the phone tapes you will see/hear for yourself how manipulative she was.
    8 different versions she gave police as to what happened to Tegan.
    95 lies in relation to many different government agencies, adoptions services, police, her family, former partners and some of their parents, hospital staff, etc, etc, etc.
    She had no intention of letting Tegan live, Tegan was as good as dead when she left the hospital that Saturday with her so-called mother, parent, care-giver, only to die at the hands of a monster. A pre-meditated murder, so cold blooded and callous.
    Little Tegan will always be remembered.


  6. Agreed with you John,
    Keli Lane doesn’t have Bipolar disease, worked with her before and seen how she was able to manipulated a situation of her being the abuser into her being the victim….Sociopath that’s what she is


  7. A $500,000 reward for information to locate Andrew Norris/Morris and Tegan.

    Whoever is putting up that money can sleep easy at night knowing they’ll never have to spend it.


    • AS they said on the show tonight, maybe “Call her bluff” I hope some greedy family member or accomplice comes forward for the wad of cash now and fesses up what they know...Because there is NO bloody father or teenage Tegan out there…All because of Keli Lane


  8. Just watched the disgusting story on Channel 7 tonight. How convoluted was that? Master Manipulator, I hope someone in the know who has her confidence now gets greedy and breaks her confidence and comes forward with information on her remains etc!

    Bloody Chris Murphy, solicitor to the crooks and crims, all for his own huge ego.Google and see the type of people he has represented…I will post the video of this story soon!


  9. Keli Lane is due to be sentenced tomorrow 15/4/2011. Exactly 4 months from the date of her conviction for murder of Tegan Lane on 15/12/2010.

    I would not be surprised if she receives a wholly suspended sentence, but I am likely wrong in this. However there were a lot of persuasive defence submissions at the prior sentencing hearing, although the prosecution has called for a life sentence.

    Many factors will be taken into account and the complexity of this case, purely on circumstantial evidence, leaves so many questions.

    Her lack of any prior criminal behaviour, her behaviour as a mother to her 9 year old daughter and her liklihood of reoffending must all be regarded.

    It will be interesting to read the judge’s sentence and his reasons, whatever it will be, as Justice Whealy has stated that he has a lot of sympathy for the defendent.


    • Wow, I underestimated Justice Whealy. Minimum 13 years 5 months, max 18 years.

      That’s pretty fair given the uncertainty around exactly what happened.


  10. Im following up to the minute tweets from the court, any moment now this judge will hand down term…

    LouiseCHall Louise Hall
    The standard non parole periods for murder of 20yrs introduced in the 2000s do not apply to keli lane: justice whealy.
    11 minutes ago

    LouiseCHall Louise Hall
    Keli lane has an unclassified but real personality disorder: justice whealy in nsw supreme court
    21 minutes ago

    LouiseCHall Louise Hall
    Justice whealy says keli lane clearly felt she had no other option but The motives behind the murder were selfish.
    24 minutes ago

    LouiseCHall Louise Hall
    Keli lane has dyed her hair jet black
    1 hour ago

    LouiseCHall Louise Hall
    Keli lane will be sentenced according to the law in 1996, when the murder occurred
    1 hour ago Favorite Retweet Reply

    LouiseCHall Louise Hall


  11. 11.35am
    That keli lane’s daughter will be seperated from her mother cannot reduce the sentence for murder: justice whealy.


  12. Keli Lane will serve at least 13 years and five months for murder of tegan, plus four years and seven months on parole………………………


  13. what a sad situation for so many, finally some closure justice for tegan and hope Ms. Lanes other children those with her, and those adopted out,have a peaceful life :-( I think she is hateful, but think she beleived her own lies…. much like Kim Fujthie who has been arrested for an AVO b reech. And Luke Donahue had all charges dropped with costs paid


  14. Ironically it is almost the time she has actually been missing/been free after her murder.So if she came forward and confessed her sins at the start she would of been well and truly out of jail by now… Self Obsessed stupid, evil, heartless unremorseful criminal…


  15. How wrong was I? I was rather shocked at the length of the head sentence of 18 years. Wish I knew what the sentencing laws in NSW were as at 1996. Perhaps I have become a little ‘conditioned’ to the leniency of laws in Victoria, even in relation to murders.

    As Justice Whealy stated in his sentencing, he is bound by the jury finding of guilty in this case. It does not matter that the crime occurred 14 years ago – murder is murder. Nor do all the other matters, three of which Justice Whealy referred to as ‘tragedies’, (including the loss of the relationship for mother and existing child) matter as murder is murder. No matter what the view in this matter, the fact remains that a child is missing, presumed murdered. The one person who knows the truth has remained silent to the truth, instead inventing a most unlikely outcome for the child. Therefore, despite her protests of innocence of murder, unnending police searches and investigations for the father, and no trace of Tegan, there is only one conclusion to draw, and that has been drawn, and a child is still missing. I don’t believe that Keli Lane will ever disclose what happened on that day.

    I have read that her lawyers have instructions to lodge an appeal against conviction and sentence on Monday. I doubt that we will hear the end of this matter for some time to come.


    • Hi Kathy, I am sure this Judge was frustrated in what he could do after all the comments he made during the trial. he does not want an appeal laid thick with mistakes he has made, up to and including the all important sentencing. She will appeal, of course we expect that…I wonder though, if she comes forward with info on Tegan, maybe she can claim the $500,000 channel seven offered.(To then have it taken away as proceeds of crime)

      She has the type of personality to consider such a scenario I am sure…


    • What shocker, sounds like Chris Murphy has been on the smelly stuff, this is a organised “Ad Like” campaign someone is orchestrating bit by bit.It is a disgrace, not one mention in the years leading up to trial etc etc


      • came across chris murphy a few years ago as i use to work near downing centre and he would go to same coffee shop i would. rude arrogant human being to staff and customers at coffee shop. he is a little weazle and only represents the guilty for the $$$$$$ and media… what a pig


  16. “A TAXI driver claims Keli Lane’s baby Tegan was alive when she left her in a secluded place as he drove her home from Auburn Hospital.

    The driver said he went back and retrieved the baby – and gave her to a woman.”

    I’ve read that over several times and it still makes no sense.


  17. Agreed, awfully written – implies he saw the child and left the pair in the forest, but then came back and retrieved Kelli and then later the child and gave her to a woman unknown? Very unlikely scenarios, perhaps he just wants the celebrity and the cash hence he has fictionalised events.

    Poorly written, not proofed – typical of that site! Facts – schmacts!!


    • I think it is a mashup of several sources, and nobody will be claiming to be the person, just like the Tegan and the father living a happy life in nowhere land…Pure fantasy


      • i agree robbo.. people just dont disappear off the face of the earth. Someone, somewhere must no something if she did hand baby over to this Morris guy. \


  18. The Sydney Morning Herald have written a far more coherent article.–dumped-baby-in-bushland-taxi-driver-20110418-1dk9u.html

    “Lane dumped baby in bushland: taxi driver
    April 18, 2011 – 11:11AM

    A taxi driver has come forward claiming that Sydney woman Keli Lane dumped her baby Tegan in bushland, wrapped up next to a tree with a bottle.

    The man got in touch with Sydney lawyer Chris Murphy after she was sentenced last week for murdering her newborn daughter.

    Mr Murphy said the taxi driver told him he had picked up Lane, a former water polo champion, from Auburn Hospital in Sydney.
    Advertisement: Story continues below

    At her request, he stopped on River Road on the way to Manly.

    “The taxi driver said he stopped the vehicle, she got out of the vehicle and left the baby in an area of houses and bushland,” Mr Murphy told Macquarie Radio today.

    “She came back without the baby. She said she’d given the baby to a babysitter.”

    After the taxi driver dropped Lane off in Manly, Mr Murphy said he noticed she left a baby bag with nappies in the back of the car.

    “He called out to her that she’d left the stuff behind. She said: ‘I don’t need it’, and left.

    “He said his suspicions were aroused.”

    The cab driver told the lawyer he then decided to take the clothes to the babysitter.

    “He went back to the spot where she had left the vehicle. He said that – in bush near where she got out of the car – he found the baby wrapped next to a tree and there was a baby bottle there,” Mr Murphy said.

    “He said there was a woman at the scene that he was talking to.”

    The driver told the woman he was going to contact police but she said she would look after the baby and he handed her over.

    Mr Murphy said he was inclined to believe the driver was telling the truth as he told the lawyer that he was not interested in making money from the story and he just wanted to do the right thing.

    The lawyer said the man also claimed to have gone to the court last Friday, where he spoke to an Inspector Grace who told him not to talk to the media. He then spoke to the defence.

    “Now I can’t tell you if that’s true or not but he is going to talk to police this week,” Mr Murphy said.

    “If he tells a story to police that are lies, he’ll be charged with [creating a] public mischief and we’ve all been part of a horrible injustice.”

    Mr Murphy, who wrote about his conversation with the taxi driver on Twitter, said he did not know why the man had not come forward earlier.

    “I don’t know. I assume he maybe thought she was going to get off,” Mr Murphy said.

    The taxi driver might not have spoken up earlier because Lane had not been charged for 13 years, Mr Murphy also said.

    Lane was last week jailed for at least 13 years and five months for murdering Tegan more than 14 years ago.

    AAP, with Stephanie Gardiner”


  19. sad to say but as a mother I thought there is no way kelli lane could have done this to a newborn baby. After then listening to police video’s and audio’s it’s obvious she is guilty. If she sold the baby on the black market (if that’s possible) then she would say it. why did she just not adopt it like the others she could have still gone to the wedding and no one would have been none the wiser. If you adopt a baby it would stay at hospital or be fostered out. She had adopted a baby out previous so she would have known the protocol. How can things get that bad that you would have to do something to such an innocent baby.

    tried to rack my brain thinking other scenarios, but like i said previous if she sold the baby or given it to someone surely she would have phone numbers, addresses… hard as it’s so long ago to track down if emails were exchanged or phone numbers that she would have dialed. how did they get in contact with eachother.

    i feel sorry for her mum and dad and this boyfriend she has Patrick Cogan, what is he thinking. ?? even if he did believe she didn’t do it why is he with her? plenty of other single women out there without a murder charge hanging over them.


  20. Was shocked to hear the ‘taxi driver’ story this morning.

    However, what if, just what if, it is true? What if Keli in desperation, left her baby in an area near houses, for her to be found? If true, then she was found, by a woman. This woman did not do what just about anyone would done in that circumstance, and that is to take the baby to a hospital, notify police, authorities etc. This woman decided to keep the baby for herself.

    The taxi driver was not concerned about the baby then, as Keli had stated that she had given the baby to a babysitter. Whilst he may have thought the scenario was strange, apparently he did not take it any further, after the woman reassured him.

    If the child is eventually found, then it has been a tragic burden for her mother to carry, given that there was never any publicity about an abandoned baby. There are always pleas for the mothers to come forward in these cases. In this case, if above is true, then Keli never knew what happened to her child, or even if her child lived. But she caused that scenario.

    This is curiouser and curiouser. However to be fair to police, judge and jury, there is only one person responsible if there has been a conviction for a murder which did not happen. That of course is Keli Lane, and she was proven to have lied about many matters.

    I also read elsewhere that the taxi driver had gone to the police some years ago but no one appeared interested in his story. I will try and find the article in which I read it (today) and post.


  21. I find the Andrew Morris/Norris story far more believable than this tripe. And that’s saying something.

    So let me get this straight. Taxi driver picks up Keli and Tegan. No mention of a baby capsule so presumably Keli just holds her in her arms? So he has no problem with this illegal and incredibly dangerous situation. They stop at bushland at River Road (where? Lane Cove presumably). Keli gets out with Tegan and comes back without her. His suspicions aren’t aroused. After all, Keli’s given the baby to a babysitter (who he can’t see and apparently lives in the bush). So she’s dropping off a newborn baby to a babysitter in bushland 15 kilometres from her home. But he doesn’t find that suspicious. Oh no, he finds it suspicious that she leaves behind a nappy bag and doesn’t need it! He was fine with dropping off a baby to invisible bush babysitter but leaving the nappy bag behind – how suspicious is that! Luckily Mr Taxi Driver is a good samaritan and he figures that invisible bush babysitter is probably so bad at his/her job that they probably aren’t adequately prepared for their babysitting job and they’re gonna need that nappy bag. So he goes back to the bush location. It’s 15km each way across the city on a Saturday afternoon so that’s what, probably 45 minutes minimum? But of course invisible bush babysitter will still be there, surely. Clearly he thinks IBB will still be in exactly the same spot 45 minutes later because…you know what, I can’t even think of a reason why they’d still be there. But anyway. He goes back and lo and behold there is Tegan all wrapped up with a bottle next to her. Because that’s what you’d do if you were abandoning a baby. You’d leave a bottle there in case she got thirsty and needed a drink. Only now is Mr Taxi Driver having thoughts of calling the police. But wait, there is a random woman at the scene! Presumably he assumes that this is IBB who he expected would be still there with Tegan 45 minutes later. Random Woman says no don’t call the police, I’ll look after the baby. Phew! All’s well that ends well then! Taxi Driver is off the hook because Random Woman is going to look after Tegan. He has seen Keli Lane and would be able to identify her and has her exact address but even though Random Woman doesn’t have this information it seems like a good idea to leave things with her. If she went to the police (which she didn’t or we’d have heard about it) she wouldn’t be able to give them any meaningful information since she didn’t see Keli and doesn’t know where she lives.

    8 years pass and then there is massive publicity over the case as an inquest is held and then periodically over the next 5 years. Mr Taxi Driver either doesn’t pay attention to the news or forgets all about the incident or deliberately does nothing. She is charged with murder late in 2009. Again Mr TD does nothing. She is tried and convicted. Mr TD does nothing. A week ago half million dollar reward is posted and Keli is sentenced. Mr TD springs into action! Never mind that police have spent 8 years barking up the wrong tree and an innocent woman has gone through hell and is now falsely imprisoned. After all, Mr TD wants to “do the right thing”.

    Defence lawyer extraordinaire Chris Murphy is inclined to believe Mr TD. I guess you have to be that gullible in order to represent the scum that he does and still sleep at night.

    I really hope Mr Murphy represents Keli at her appeal. I want to personally be there so I can see the look on the appeal judges’ faces when he tells them all about Mr TD’s wonderful yarn.



    “Dumping of baby rejected by Keli Lane

    * Lisa Davies and Janet Fife-Yeomans
    * From: The Daily Telegraph
    * April 19, 2011 12:00AM

    CHILD murderer Keli Lane has rejected claims by a cab driver that she dumped two-day old baby Tegan alive at a secluded location on the way home from hospital.

    As Lane’s legal team lodged her appeal notice yesterday, it emerged that cabbie Maurice Schokman was banned from driving in September, 1996, and there was no evidence he was driving a taxi that day.

    Sources also said Mr Schokman admits suffering from a mental condition.

    Lane’s solicitor Ben Archbold said his client, who was sentenced to a maximum 18 years jail for murdering baby Tegan, was “resilient” and focused on her appeal.

    “We are aware of the taxi driver’s claims but have no interest in pursuing that line of an inquiry,” Lane’s solicitor Ben Archbold said.

    “His and any future claims are a matter for investigators to assess.”

    Lane has long maintained she gave the child to its natural father, despite no trace of Tegan or the man named as Andrew Morris or Andrew Norris being found.

    Mr Archbold said because the appeal was still “before the court, any public debate or comment is inappropriate.”

    Mr Schokman called out to Lane as she was led from the Supreme Court after being sentenced on Friday, saying he could help her.

    Mr Schokman has admitted that he has spent time in a mental institution.”

    So as expected it is all bullshit. Chris Murphy should be ashamed of himself for bringing this to the media in the first place. What an absolute tool.


  23. I was there at the sentencing, where her boyfriend came up into the gallery and sat directly behind me prior to Justice Whealy’s address to the Court.
    Intimidation?? I don’t know and really didn’t care. I spoke with one lady afterwards and she commented on how “creepy” he was during the sentencing process.
    I’m not the one on trial there, I make no apologies for what I did. I totally agree with Renae on her observations of Murphy.
    I will say this the once: “I was disgusted with being involved in that program on 7, as I was lead to believe that another story totally opposite was going to be aired”. I was livid watching it and felt wronged to be associated with the other 2 and the Murph.
    I had no control over what they put on there. Justice Whealy’s comments about me were his opinion, but he was not scathing of the murderer and her fiance staging their “chit chat” on the show. Gutter journalism it was, and a slap in the face for the memory of Tegan.
    The taxi driver’s story was fanciful in the extreme, along with the theory of selling Tegan. She breast feeds Tegan in hospital, then puts her under a tree with a bottle?Prior to this matter becoming public in 2003-2004, the Coroners at the time stated (paraphrased here) to the murderer “If you have illegally adopted the baby out, we can rectify it all and it does not have to go public”. He waited for an answer, the murderer did not answer and the suppression order was lifted. Then the Lane’s successfully appealed for that Coroner to be replaced, but by good fortune for Tegan it was John Abernathy. She’s had many chances to tell the truth but has not done so.
    I am very happy for the length of sentence she received, as there was no case at that time that Justice Whealy could draw reference to. 1 yr off Tegan’s age she would be this year. For me, it has always been about justice for Tegan, nothing else. If the murderer does win her right o appeal, I will be there every day for Tegan, to make sure the murderer knows I won’t be going anywhere else but to face her in Court on behalf of the little bubba Tegan. The Cold Case homicide Squad did a tremendous job on this case and no doubt others in the future and past. I was very humbled to be approached by their chief super and to be thanked for my efforts, with him saying to me “you spoke up for the dead John”. It’s is good to know that there are people in that squad who care for the victims and not treat their work as “just a job”.


  24. Robbo, how do I contact you personally? I need to clarify an issue which unfortunately I cannot do by social means. Much appreciated.


  25. John B,
    No need to be ashamed of that Channel 7 stuff, you only a victim of the manipulation by Channel 7. What you have done for baby Tegan was beyond the extra ordinary of duty of call within your job. You should be PROUD of what you had done…people make mistakes and the only mistake you had done was you trusted Channel 7 to do the right thing, but instead they had turn this into cheap media sensation.


    • You said it Mrs.M Damn media leeches use you only to suck you dry until they have no more use for their needs. We who have followed the case know your position and place in history champ, don’t worry about that!


  26. Have to share this email, this person did not even write a comment here, but emailed me

    “How about you leave her alone she didnt kill the child look at her you think someone like Keli the way she dresses the way she has been getting on with her life for the past 14yrs can hide a such a big thing like murder your dreaming.. Why dont you have a good look in the mirror buddy cause you will slip up one day and you will be in prison greens too you sicko”

    I haven’t had that good a giggle in a long time, who wrote this her boyfriend?


    • Lol @ that email. She managed to hide 3 pregnancies without a soul noticing. She is more than capable of hiding a murder. Which she did by the way.


  27. Hahhaha…if only Keli had tattoo on her neck and raised in the poor environment like Keisha’s mum then this would be completely different story….
    “Never judge a book by its cover”…and this should apply for the beautiful killers and murderous too… just because one is ugly the typical stereotype means you have no decent bone and YES – guilty but if you are beautiful and refine hmm different story.

    Just remember Ted Bundy was an attractive man too and looked what he was capable of but of course he was a man…unable to use tears or victim card to his advantage


    • At least Kiesha’s mother “cared” enough to actually visit her daughter’s grave. I bet Keli Lane didn’t give Tegan a single thought after she murdered her. She is a sociopath and a very dangerous person. Steer clear of her when she gets out!


  28. Hi Robbo,
    this just amaze me that all these people who obviously support Keli – then why don’t they form their own group or website instead attacking all websites who support baby Tegan and condone Keli.

    I would presumed the” Born again Christian group” which she had been hang out with prior sentencing…only if they knew what she used to think of them…

    As for Patrick no money involve to goes to his pocket – he would not be interested


    • Yeah they are fighting a losing battle, so hopefully they will find another “Good Cause” because Keli Lane is not bloody victim!


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