Daniel Stani-Reginald charged over suitcase body

UPDATE: 15/03/11

Reginald chose not to appear in the dock yesterday as Ms Thakkar’s grieving friends crowded Burwood Local Court. No wonder, he is probably shit scared for his life, and so he should be the bloody coward

Mr Stani-Reginald, who is of Sri Lankan heritage, did not seek bail, and the case was adjourned to May 9.

According to police charge sheets tendered to the court, Mr Stani-Reginald raped and murdered Ms Thakkar between 10.35am and 1pm last Wednesday, at Croydon, in Sydney’s inner west.

Mr Stani-Reginald and Ms Thakkar lived in separate apartments above an empty and dilapidated shopfront on Edwin Street, Croydon, and The Australian understands this is where the murder took place


What an awful way to die, great to see him arrested so quickly, the cops nabbed him as soon as he used a credit card to check into a motel. The man was a neighbour of the victim…

(An interesting fact relating to the accused murderer, is he was witness to his own father killing his mother with a clublock (steering wheel lock) in their home in September 2001. The father was sentenced to 16 years in 2003, and is eligible for parole in September 2012…) Link to the court document

Vodpod videos no longer available.

FRIENDS and family of an Indian student whose body was found in a suitcase said they had no idea why she was killed as a neighbour faced court charged with her rape and murder.

Tosha Thakkar, sexually assaulted, murdered and stuffed into a suitcase

The body of Tosha Thakkar was stuffed into a suitcase which construction workers spotted in a canal near Meadowbank Park on Friday as they were doing maintenance on an oil pipeline.

Daniel Stani-Reginald, 19, who lived close to Ms Thakkar in Croydon, was arrested at an Ashfield motel on Saturday and appeared via video link in Parramatta Local Court yesterday.

He glanced at the Indian students who poured into the court in their dozens, filling the chairs and every centimetre of floor space, and then bowed his head for the duration of the hearing.

Charged with aggravated sexual assault and murder, he did not apply for bail and it was formally refused, with the matter adjourned to Burwood Local Court today.

Outside the court, the students held up a poster that read: ”We want justice for our Indian international friend Tosha Thakkar”. They said they had ”no idea” whether the attack was racially motivated.

Ms Thakkar was studying accounting at the Sydney College of Business and IT, which collaborates with Southern Cross University, and was a permanent resident of Australia.

Anish Popli, the husband of Ms Thakkar’s first cousin, said nobody had cause to attack her. ‘She wouldn’t hurt or harm anybody.”

She had been living in Australia for three or four years and did not fit the profile of a fresh-faced arrival vulnerable to attack. ”It’s not like she’s never been here – she knew her way around,” he said.

Southern Cross University extended its condolences to Ms Thakkar’s family, friends and colleagues, a spokeswoman said yesterday.

The university is providing counselling and support services to students and staff.



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    40 thoughts on “Daniel Stani-Reginald charged over suitcase body”

    1. For people like Daniel Stani-Reginald who are a disgrace to man kind the court should order a sex change and then thorw him/her into the jail which is meant for men.


    2. Very sad…this evil person should be lock up for the rest of his life in jail…and I truly wish that “insanity plea” should be remove from our justice system – to prevent evil people like this for using it in their defense. If he is an animal aka dog – I’m sure the only way is to be put down. No second chance as the victim didn’t even get one in the first place


    3. This lovely girl used to work at Woolies Surry Hills in the evenings. She had a great smile and was really a very nice and respectful person. It is sad that I shall not see her lovely face and smile anymore because some a$$wipe couldn’t control his urges. Well I hope that a train is formed on the a$$hole who did it and when you are prone like a red back spider without a grease and oil change I hope you understand that you are without a doubt the most useless piece of sh1t on the earth.


    4. Dirty B@stard needs to die, to make an innocent woman suffer like that, bring in death row.
      Life for him F@ck off life is too good for him. he needs to burn in hell!!


    5. The Police will NOT press murder charges against Daniel Stani-Reginald, because when he was 9 years old, his father murdered his mother in front of him. That gives him the excuse of post traumatic stress.

      The court case is linked below:


      Instead they will plea bargain a manslaughter charge, which means he will serve AT MOST 2 years in gaol with a personal psychologist to hold his hand.

      The law sucks in Australia


      1. Woooooo you have got to be kidding me? That is awful and NOT fair to the girl and her family. They can’t just let him walk away with it. I am from the US and boyy here if you kill someone, you are headed straight to the chair/injection or life-sentence. Just because this asshole witnessed his dad kill his mother doesn’t give him any right to take an innocent life.


    6. Now that you find out the murderer is a Tamil refugee who came to Oz in 1996.
      you’ve all gone quiet ?
      .. what happened to your raging against racist Australians ?

      Or is it because you just found out his wife murdering father was granted refugee status for being a Tamil Tiger on the run.


      1. Thanks for the comment you Singhalese fool. Its quite a change from the norm. In fact Australian jail statistics show that Singhalese prisoners in Australia outnumber Tamils by 5-1…!
        And of the Sri Lankan Singhalese prisoners in our jails. the large majority are in jail for sexual offences…
        Singhalese have a long history of uncivilsed behaviour including UN soilders being jailed for sex with children in countries like Haiti. Given this guy grew up in uncivilised Sri Lanka, its no surprise that he has adopted uncivilsed behaviour of that nation.
        Singhalese time an again have proven themselves to be uncivilised monkeys,,,


    7. Forgot to mention another thing….

      The Police found him so quickly because Daniel Stani-Reginald (the Tamil refugee),
      has a long police record of violence against women.
      (especially white women)


    8. Well you are here to have a say, but for me personally, that is a silly ignorant statement, which if your upset might be understandable, but there are hundreds of thousands of indians living very happily in Australia having never crossed paths with any sort of crime in their life…


    9. It’s so unfair to the girl.

      For the people who have made comments here pls know….nationality doesn’t matter, nothing’s going to bring the girl back. Our thoughts are with her parents. All what everyone wants is Justice.

      I’m sure there are many Indian maniacs too who have gone to such extents in other parts of the world (including in India) too. In one of the Mauritius a newly wed Irish national was killed by an 2 Indian origins living in Mauritius. According to some statistics, only one in 69 rape cases in India are even reported. Only 20 % of those reported result in convictions for the rape accused.

      There should be a law to hang rapists. Thats all.


    10. Actually, as stated in this document: http://www.austlii.edu.au/au/cases/nsw/supreme_ct/2003/1080.html
      in point number 2 it mentions that the eldest son was born in 1987 and the youngest son was 1991. Daniel Stani-Reginald is 19 years old, making him the ‘youngest son’ born in 1991.
      Continuing that, point number 12 in the same document says
      “One can be thankful that the younger child did not see or hear these events. The boys were also interviewed at the police station. It was contemplated that at least the older boy might have to give evidence…”

      So it’s fair to conclude from this statement that Daniel didn’t witness the horrendous murder of his mother. This is an absolutely horrible situation, either way, and he should definitely be held responsible for his unbelievable actions.


    11. I came to Australia 47 years ago as a student because of different sets of prevailing conditions then in Australia and India. With present coditions in India, undergraduate students should not come here and also seek employment in areas where they would not normally work in India. Come here only for respectable specialization and postgraduate studies. Althought it may not be very palatable to some, I advise all to give up the attachment for PR as later years in life people long for homeland. My advise is from my education and experience. My family members who heeded my advise are very happy in India.


    12. rather than wasting tym just cut that bastard’s dick….. Everyone think of this punishment before looking at any girl with wrong intension..


    13. I see some comments stress the nationality of Daniel. Trying to stress he is not a local (Australian) doesn’t do any good to the girl’s family. By the way even though he is of Sri Lankan origin, he is a Tamil. Tamils are people who immigrated from diverse regions of southern India.

      Whatever & wherever he is from he had been inhuman. Hence should be hung.


      1. The reason some people are stressing the rapist’s nationality is because a previous poster tried to imply that this was a hate crime by a (white) Australian. Don’t read more into it than there is. Simultaneously though, DO read all the posts before you shoot from the keyboard, it gives you perspective and context…


    14. Ashok Pai,
      Your statement don’t make you a better person than those who had discriminate against you. Discrimination goes both way, appeared to me that you are the one starting this discrimination in this forum here. A pot calling a kettle black….


    15. Don’t be such a racist tool. Do you think that women (and men) are not raped and murdered in other countries all around the world? Or that only people of Indian descent are murdered in Australia? Your ignorance is truly breathtaking. Hopefully you’ll wake up to the world soon…


    16. I am sure every one here has disliked/hated the act committed by Daniel… The act has been committed and nothing can be done to change that…
      All we can do is pray for the girls family in India and resolute that we should do whatever we can to make sure that prompt justice is departed.


    17. By the way have been trying to search online to see if the autopsy results have been declared… was unable to find any information on that.

      If anyone does has any information regarding the autopsy could you please be kind enough to share it with us here.


    18. The way i see it is yes it has happened tru nothing can be done about that.
      Her family will suffer for years to come
      Her friends will have a missing link
      Of course this shit happens probaly every day doesnt make it right,
      daniel will be judged come judgement day, for the now he needs to be locked in a black box with the key thrown away lets see how he likes it..
      What the hell possessed him or anyone to do such a thing.. What just cause he cant get a gf he has to do that
      fuck him an every other person who does that shit, get a fucking life.
      Send him to india we will see justice


    19. The way i see it is yes it has happened tru nothing can be done about that.
      Her family will suffer for years to come
      Her friends will have a missing link
      Of course this shit happens probaly every day doesnt make it right,
      daniel will be judged come judgement day, for the now he needs to be locked in a black box with the key thrown away lets see how he likes it..
      What the hell possessed him or anyone to do such a thing.. What just cause he cant get a gf he has to do that
      fuck him an every other person who does that shit, get a fucking life.
      Send him to india we will see justice


    20. R.I.P Thosha..
      but this Daniel Stani-Reginald is never gonna rest in peace ….
      he must be extradited to india so that v can ……………………….


    21. dat mothrfuckr shouldn’t be behind the bars he should be forced to face people around him (we indians) would show him hw thngs hapns….. justice in our way….


    22. “at the end of the day it doesn’t matter what race or religion he is he done wrong. He ruined a beautiful girls life. He ruined the life of all who knew her. And still today her family suffers. While he gets a bed to sleep in food and clothes and air to breath. What he done was wrong and he needs to face the consequences of it


    23. I lived next to meadowbank park and was present when they found the suitcase and tosha thakar. I am Australian and so ashamed.
      Bring back tbe death penalty for animals like this” he must die he’s a monster and there are many around lately. Why would we pay taxes to keep these things sitting in a cell for 10 years and feed them and keep them alive ?? Why ?? The inmates will get justice for that poor girl’ I hope they rape and tourchure the mungerl. He deserves all he gets. Sick freak. !!


    24. The animal can’t use the insanity plea” the judge will laugh!!
      It was all pre meditated planned extremely well and then he took a taxi with the suitcase to meadowbank park to dispose of the body. Then he knew to hide at the ashfield motel.
      He is of mind and knew exactly what he was doing at all times!!
      He’s very intellegent and smart and is not insain at all.
      He is animal who prayed on that young girl… He deserves to die.
      The unmates I pray will rape and touchure him daily’ he deserves all he gets.. Suffer u disgusting freak.


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