Bullied Child Protects Himself…And Gets Suspended

This is going to be a huge topic, I just know it.This young fella has apparently been bullied at school, time and time again, and as we all know, we can all only take so much (as adults) so this kid finally cracks and responds and there is no guessing who gets suspended here!  Have a look at the video…

Then today

NMA TV, a Taiwanese website famous for their animated parodies of stories such as the Tiger Woods sex scandal and the Australian Federal Election, has turned its attention to the story of Casey Heynes, who fought back against another student after being subjected to a verbal and physical attack.

In the video, Casey is portrayed as a prizefighter and an Incredible Hulk-type character as the report describes how he has become a hero to bullying victims around the globe, earning the nickname “Casey The Punisher”.

So what do you think? Is it fair, what is going on at schools these days…Anyway here is the story

SHOCKING footage of a child being thrown to the ground in a schoolyard fight has emerged today.

The camera follows two youngsters as one child repeatedly punches at the other, at what is believed to be a school in NSW.

After enduring seconds of the assault without moving the second and larger child, named as “Casey Heynes” on YouTube, responds.

He grabs his attacker, lifts him into the air and slams him onto the cement below.

A description accompanying the clip on YouTube describes Casey as a youth who has been bullied his entire life and finally responded in the incident caught on camera.

The description also claims Casey has been suspended for his actions.

And this from another source…

Casey the larger child in this video goes to Chifley College Dunheved Campus in Australia which states that it “Is a progressive and compassionate middle-school (Years 7 to 10) where students, staff, collegial partners, parents and the community work together to Learn, Discover and Inspire.” Well obviously they don’t inspire students not to bully each other.

Casey was being bullied while one of the bullies friends videotaped it using his phone.

*********** on Facebook explains:

“The larger kid on the right, is my son’s friend Casey – thankfully they don’t go to the same school. Poor Casey has been bullied his whole high school life, and this is what happens when he snaps!!And guess what?  Casey was the one that got suspended from school!

So here we have a school that has not been able to protect a student, and even with video proof that the poor kid was being harassed and he fought back to protect himself and Casey gets suspended.

47 thoughts on “Bullied Child Protects Himself…And Gets Suspended

  1. I think the other kid should be suspended. Obviously the kid filming and the other little kid were there to cause trouble. Casey shouldn’t be praised, but he should be aloud to protect himself.

    Thats life I guess. The people doing the wrong thing on a regular basis keep doing it and get away with it, and the little guy who tries to stand up for himself gets fucked over.


    • I think he should be praised for showing restraint. He really could have hurt that kid but chose to remove himself from the situation as soon as possible. He also didn’t continue the altercation with the other kid who stepped in for his friend, and in fact turned the other cheek and walked away. Casey should be commended for doing the right thing through the entire situation. If only adults acted in the same manner.


    • Ahmen, I love this video though, the little kid definatley got just reward. May he’ll think a little harder next time, though I’m glad he didnt kill the little guy. I laughed my ass off, Good for you Casey!


  2. If this was presented in a court of law, I can’t see how Casey wouldn’t get off on self-defence or extreme provocation. But here’s a question: if the footage is available, surely the school can re-assess the situation and suspend the two other kids? And surely releasing such footage without parents’ consent isn’t legal? So the kid with the phone has also broken the law – don’t forget if he’d videoed two kids his age having sex, he’d be convicted of child porn offences and put on the sex offenders registry (as has happened to some little grots who videoed an underage girl having sex with all of them – though it should be noted, the sex was apparently consensual, or as consensual as you can imagine…)


  3. Casey has a right at law to use reasonable force to defend himself from assault. That is exactly what you just saw happen on the video!

    It is ridiculous that the VICTIM is suspended for being forced to DEFEND HIMSELF. The school, and the NSW Department of Education, owe the victim a DUTY OF CARE to provide a safe environment. Clearly they have failed in this duty.

    Perhaps Casey’s family should retain a lawyer and write to the department suggesting they immediately reinstate him to school, or face the prospect of a civil suit. Maybe it’s the failed principal of this school who should be SUSPENDED and given a little “time out”!


    • Simple, SACK the Principal, CHARGE The Mobile Phone Photographer, EXPEL The Trouble Marker. Then the VICTIM “CASEY’ needs to to take out a CIVIL LAW SUIT against The School, The Attacker & The Mobile Phone Photographer.


  4. As a father of an 8 yo son, if my boy was being bullied and responded that way (snapped) I would definitely NOT be angry at him. I would, however, speak with him AND the school about what can be done differently if the event happens again.

    However, I wonder how a yr 7 student feels he has to be such a right bullying dickhead. If my son was in yr 7 and acted like that the school would be the least of his worries. And no, it wouldn’t be physical punishment.

    I can understand why the school has initially suspended the older boy, however hope that with hindsight they reverse the decision so he can move on and focus the punishment where it should be.


  5. I’m sure schools don’t fully recognise the long-term damage bullying can have on a child. This is a terribly sad and unfair situation and I don’t blame this young boy for finally reacting, particularly when the school has obviously failed in their duty of care to protect him prior. Schools seriously need to be held accountable for allowing these problems to escalate.


  6. Little mongrels like that always pick on kids who they know don’t or won’t fight back. The ONE time someone does (and rightly so – as I used to get Bullied and am glad the kid got body slammed) he gets suspended.
    In a court of law a manslaughter charge can be down-graded to Self Defense yet in the school yard there’s no such thing. The physical violence that teachers see gets punished (because violence is not tolerated) which is absolute Garbage. All the education system is doing by suspended Casey (or other students in the same position) is teaching these kids to allow themselves to be victim to little bullies and punks AND not to defend themself.


    • Violence, n.
      1. Physical force exerted for the purpose of violating, damaging, or abusing: crimes of violence.
      2. The act or an instance of violent action or behavior.
      3. Intensity or severity, as in natural phenomena; untamed force: the violence of a tornado.
      4. Abusive or unjust exercise of power.
      5. Abuse or injury to meaning, content, or intent: do violence to a text.
      6. Vehemence of feeling or expression; fervor.”

      If you examine the video in light of the above definition, what Casey did cannot, in fact, be classified as violence. He did exert physical force, but it was for the purpose of defending himself against further assault. There didn’t seem to be any aggression or intensity on his part, either. Only a desire to stop the violence (which DOES fit into the above definition – see 1 & 3) which was being perpetrated against him.

      His parents should not be letting this go. I sure as hell wouldn’t be…


  7. Just another weak link in our justice system, wrap the perpetrator/s in cotton wool & punish the victim.
    Look at the JUSTICE SYSTEM. Same Same…


  8. The big fella did the right thing. I was a bigger kid in high school and middle school and was bullied when I was younger. The big fella was provoked and responded, he did nothing wrong. If this poor kid was being bullied for so long then the response was more than justified. Unfortunately the big fella and the little bastard learned two important lessons, don’t poke a bear…and the world docent make sense…


  9. i’d bloody bodyslam the principal who suspended casey. and to that bully who got slam serves your little scrawny ass right! have a nice whack on the hard concrete ground? it should’ve been your head that came into contact with the ground. maybe knock some sense into you and let this serve a warning to all other bullies out there.


  10. and to casey. you may have had it tough buddy all your life but don’t let that beat you. i want you to know that there are people out there who support you and are rooting for ya. violence may not be the answer, but sometimes just sometimes there are those who are willing to test our patience, willing to push us over the edge, and to those people the day of reckoning is at hand and ye will be judged and punished!


  11. Anyone watching the video can see how and why Casey snapped. I would’ve snapped after the face punch.

    But unfortunately, that was NOT reasonable force. Reasonable force is a push or even a punch that doesn’t result in lasting injuries. Casey picked him up and body slammed him and at least on video it looks like the little kid might’ve broken his leg.

    Another unfortunate fact of this is (and something i personally learned) reacting with disproportionate violence is a surefire way to never get picked on ever again. If someone punches you in the face, flatten him and when he’s down kick him again to make sure he doesn’t get up.


  12. Well, well, well the bully finally got a taste of his own medicine. The problem is the schools and with this I mean Headmaster,teachers & P&C they all become “enablers” and what I mean by that is by in action by all of these people it gives these rotten, dirty scumbags the means to make other persons lives totally miserable and fearful. What would the above do and feel if it was happening to their child, I am sure they wouldn’t stand by and do nothing as they have at this school which is their school. The problem is if SCHOOLS &TEACHERS put the effort in they would wipe bullying out by implementing ZERO tolerance, though this might eat into your time, so what, in the end if students and parents knew exactly where they stand when coming into school the rewards would flow on to a more harmonious learning environment I am sure it would take effort & time but in the long term the rewards would be immense. Parents dont think your off the hook you have just as much resposibilty as the schools, if a child bullies at school he would either be bullied himself at home, or be a bully at home. You had the child so take the responsibility of teaching them right from wrong bring, him/her up to be decent, caring, productive members of society. You will reap what you sow in the long run. Teachers stand up and be accountable if you took up teaching for the three months holiday per year get out, if you took it up to make a difference, start making a difference by putting in the pastoral care you are supposed to.


  13. To “another look”: True, that wasn’t reasonable force that Casey used, but when a person has been bullied repeatedly, and has *never* fought back, there comes a time when the injustice of it is too much to bear, control breaks down, and all that supressed rage takes the helm. That isn’t the kind of violence that comes as a result of a considered decision, but the kind that happens against one’s own conscious rules as a result of some final straw. At that point, one is overwhelmed and out of control, at least for a few moments. This is why the people in authority need to take bullying very seriously, and to make effective rules and take effective action against bullies, even if it means kicking them out of the school after a warning.

    As to reacting like a maniac as an effective means for a victim to stop bullies once and for all – it worked for me. At age ten I’d finally had enough. Nobody ever bullied me again. (And I didn’t get in trouble for it, either.)

    By the way, *both* Casey and the little bully were suspended.


  14. I think Casey should not be suspended. He done nothing wrong but defending himself. The bully and the other kid who filmed the whole thing should be suspended. The school should have a proper correction action instead of easy way out by suspending the students. Casey and his family deserve a formal apology from school (for allowing this to happen for sometimes) instead of a punishment.


    • I think the school should be checked up on. What an untidy lot of children. Do these parents care about their children. The clothes are untidy and certainly not ironed and ill fitting. How about some of the Headmasters of Senior Teachers from some of the elite Eastern Suburbs Schools to go out and teach these children manners and grooming and education. Maybe some of the teachers could be transferred to some of our Private Schools in the Eastern Suburbs and let them see deceny and respect. We have marvellous schools around Rose Bay. Double Bay and Edgecliff etc. The parents of these children should be charged.


      • Taxpayer, welcome and thanks for your views, but do not for one second think this does not happen at “Good Schools”. They might just be a little more discreet (or is that conniving)?

        I am pretty sure a lot of parents out there would love to send their children to private schools if they could afford the cost.

        We sent my own son for years 11 and 12 and from the stories he told me, believe me it goes on everywhere.

        One last thing having read your post a number of times I cannot get out of my head the fact that maybe you were trying to be funny and have a dig.

        If you are serious, well then stay over your side!!!


    • Exactly right in every aspect, I think that the school will no doubt be making some further statements on this, given the massive outcry from normal Australians…

      There are so many angles in this situation, and in a way it is good in the sense that is has raised the topic everywhere and started debate on how these situations can and should be handled…

      I think society has now go to the point that is is impossible to stop the filming of events when 98% of the population have a recording device in their pocket at all times. People want to share what they see, I was amazed at how quickly people in Japan were popping earthquake videos on you-tube, moments after they filmed their flats etc. shaking and rumbling.


  15. Casey suspended what a load of ___ for being pushed to far and responding to the bullie the way he did, good on ya….The other kid has more than likely been doing this for years to Casey and others so way to go Casey for standing up for yourself…. SHAME on the school for not doing the same….i do not encourage violence but sorry that kid had it coming…He will think twice about picking on you again casey,now he knows he will get a whole world of pain….


  16. I have two daughters, both of whom have been subjected to bullying. My older daughter did something similar after she was physically attacked. She finally snapped, grabbed the other girl and literally punched her in the head. When I received the inevitable call from the school, I told them I had witnessed the whole thing (which I had from a distance), that my child had a legally mandated right to self defence and if the school (through their policy of punishing the victim as well as the aggressor) attempted to negate that right, then they were failing in their duty of care to provide my child with a safe and harassment-free space to pursue her education IN ADDITION to violating state law thereby. They back-pedalled so fast, they almost did backflips! And my older daughter was never attacked again. When my younger child started being bullied (at a different school) I went and had a similar conversation with THAT principal, who tried to argue that “school policy states….” blah, blah, blah. I said that if my child ever starts any violence then she’d probably be in more trouble with me than the school could imagine – HOWEVER, if she is attacked, then defends herself and the school tries to punish her, I will push the issue as far as it needs to be pushed. A school cannot act act in opposition to the law, regardless of their policies. We tried the “report it to a teacher” route – it doesn’t work. Meeting after meeting after meeting we attended and school management tried repeatedly to dismiss or downplay my daughter’s experiences, suggesting she was imagining, exaggerating our simply making this stuff up. Most outrageously, they suggested that she should try to feel empathy for the bully! Reporting it does nothing at best and usually makes things worse as the child gains a reputation as a dobber. Physically defending oneself is the easy to deal with bullies. They are looking to beat someone up, not talk, not have a fair fight. When they actually get hit back and feel some pain themselves, THAT’S what makes them stop. Stop harassing the person who thumped them back, at least. I will NOT allow my kids to grow into victims and sometimes, with some people, violence IS the answer, unfortunately. The best advice my 4as ever gave me was “If someone hits you, hit them back so hard that they NEVER want to try that again”. It had served me well through my life and I’ve passed that exact advice on to my kids. By the way – before anyone accuses me of not understanding the ramifications of the various situations – I’m a former youth worker who is now studying to be a psychologist, so I think I have a bit of a handle on these issues.


    • I would teach my children the same thing as you did if I had them.
      I don’t but I also don’t believe in the PC way of “talking” out a problem.
      Bullies don’t talk. The only language they understand is a taste of their own medicine.
      I’m glad this young lad came out of it with a broken ankle. His career as a bully backed up by his group may be over. They proved they weren’t much back up anyway in wake of the surprise Casey gave them.


  17. Typo correction – physically defending oneself is the WAY to deal with bullies. Sorry for that. I’m sending from my phone which sometimes thinks it knows what I want to say better than I do :)


  18. Casey should not be suspended but provided support for the time he has endured bullying by little smart arse children. The school has a duty of care and in time i would encourage Casey and his parents to seek legal action against the school.

    What are the psychological factors behind children who bully, what is family life like at home? Why didn’t the school identify behavioural issues and seek action?


  19. Taxpayer.
    You are oblivious…have nothing to do with Eastern or the Western suburb kids nor their clothes tidy or not. I had met and seen some of the Eastern suburb kids which are arrogant, pompous and have no respect to elders including giving up seat on public transport to the elderly. A good friend of mine is the Private boy’s school counsellor whom the school hire him to emphasise in a disciplinary conduct and mannerism. As soon as a student is being discipline the parents went to complaint about it. There you go!
    NOTE: most of nowadays Eastern suburbs Bondi, Paddington etc…were originate from Campbeltown or Canterbury…


    • As far as kids not giving up seats for their elders on the bus, it’s up to everyone around them to be proactive. Do what I do – make direct eye contact and ask quite audibly “Shouldn’t you be letting this adult sit down?”. If they still don’t stand up, I very obviously ring their school and say that students wearing their uniform are refusing to give their seats to elderly passengers and provide times and route numbers. Schools, especially snobby ones are very concerned about their reputations and trend to come down on these kids like a tonne of bricks. Not to mention the public humiliation factor. Between the two, very few kids will stay sitting. Try it, it works.


  20. This world sucks, honestly youdo the right thing and you get punished, it happens everywhere. The schools just put this sort of bullying into the backgroound and say its just a kids thing well they are wrong.

    My 9 yr old son has been hassled for 3 years by a group of kids at school, he has done martial arts from the age of 3 and i have tried to teach him self restraint. at the end of last year he had enough, when 2 older boys were picking on him and kicking him. he was also hit with a cricket bat, he snapped and punched 1 kid knocking out 2 teeth and then took the other kids to the ground and choked him out. I dont justify the force he used but whyy was he suspended and the other kids allowed to go free, we had been reporting this for 3 years. the world is a joke


  21. I don’t think it is fare that the boy who defended himself got ex spelled .Why because he is bigger than the bully that is such BS.People got video of what happened and yet that is still not enough.To me there is no justice for the right only for the wrong.I am a parent and if someone did that to my kids and they ha did the same I would get justice right is right and wrong is wrong .When are people gonna open there eyes


  22. With all the current youth suicides that happen today because of bullying why is Casey being punished? There is nothing wrong with standing-up for yourself or for protecting yourself. The small kid was obviously purosely going after Casey not only physically (throwing multiple punches) but also emotionally (video recording the incident and commenting that everyone is “laughing at him”). This bully got exactly what he was asking for. And he learned a real valuable lesson that will probably keep him out of prison as an adult. Good for you Casey – I fully support you and your family!


  23. NO CHILD not even a bully deserves a pounding! I feel terrible for the child being bullied and size has nothing to do with it.What made that child bully treat a person like that? Why is he hurting so bad inside to feel better he must hurt someone else. I read remarks about slamming a childs head into concrete and kicking a child once you have him down. Are you people serious? We need to teach our children that VIOLENCE is not the answer. We as parents and teachers and adults in the community have to lead by example that we need to help and care about anyone in need or trouble. Talk to our children and teach them how to get along and make their point without having to yell or punch or kick someone. They need to bring these boys together …apologies and amends need to be made. I think it would be great if they ended up friends instead of internet sensations because of violence.
    I am a mother of Two grown sons and a grandmother of a boy and a girl …i hope they never resort to bullying and that if bullied they come to their parents or myself and it will be dealt with, without harming either child. I promise you that.


    • That skinny kid thought it was a big joke last night…The Current Affairs shows are are war with each other over “Exclusives” bloody hell, they forgot about Japan pretty quickly…


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  25. Just read in the news.com.au that the bully got paid $40K for the TV appearance, why??? It’s just show that our media these days simply lack of ethics and standard.


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