Ricky Nixon Decision-AFL Players' Association

Hot out of the press conference, it has been decided that Ricky Nixon will….zzzzzzzzzzzzzz waiting waiting

6.10PM Nixon will be given a chance to explain his actions and show cause why he should not receive a ban or suspension………….(bloody what are they doing in there…..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz)


Ok this is what came from the meeting

Nixon failed to meet standards of conduct to maintain accreditation and brought himself and agents into disrepute

Specific breaches included

  1. Conduct that impacted adversely on his ability to represent players he represents
  2. Failed to act in best interest of players he represents
  3. Failed to act with honesty and integrity towards players he represents
  4. Failed to give players he represents a fair and accurate account of his dealings
  5. Engaged in conduct that is materially detrimental to players he represents

Board told Nixon today they have a case against him

He has 7 days to appeal in person or present his case

Accreditation immediately suspended



One day you're going to get with your pants down...

THE “St Kilda schoolgirl”  Kim Duthie has shown up at the headquarters of the AFL Players’ Association ahead of the release of the report into Ricky Nixon’s future, claiming she received death threats from the player-manager.

Football’s most powerful manager could be stripped of his licence after this afternoon’s meeting of a four-man panel at the AFLPA, with an announcement now expected at about 5.40pm.

The teen – who alleges she was involved in a drug-fuelled affair with Nixon and whom the Herald Sun has decided not to name – spoke to journalists at the AFLPA’s South Melbourne offices, claiming she received “death threats” from Nixon and saying she would open “a can of whoop-ass” by releasing details of another alleged AFL scandal.

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