Arthur Freeman guilty of Murder

KILLER dad Arthur Phillip Freeman has been found guilty of murdering his daughter Darcey by throwing her off the West Gate Bridge.


Justice for Darcey Freeman after her father was found guilty of her murder

The jury consisting of five men and seven women took five days to reach their verdict.


The father of three, 37, had pleaded not guilty to murder on the grounds of mental impairment.

In his opening address, chief Crown prosecutor Gavin Silbert, SC, said Freeman’s actions were conscious, voluntary and deliberate the day after Freeman lost a custody battle with his ex-wife.

The trial heard from one defence witness, Professor Graham Burrows, who was the only one of six psychiatrists who assessed Freeman to back his mental impairment defence.

Prof Burrows said Freeman was suffering a “major depressive disorder” and was therefore in a “dissociative state” – like a sleep walker or someone who was hypnotised – at the time of the crime.

In rebuttal, the prosecution called two experts – doctors Yvonne Skinner and Douglas Bell.

Dr Skinner told the trial: “There is no evidence to suggest that Mr Freeman was incapable of forming intentions.”

Dr Bell told the jury: “There is no basis in my view for concluding he was in a profound state of dissociation that in any way remotely speaks to the question or infers that he was not engaged in purposeful, willed or voluntary behaviour.”

Freeman was driving his three children back to Melbourne from his parents’ Aireys Inlet home on the morning of January 29, 2009, when he stopped in the emergency lane on the bridge, put his hazard lights on and asked Darcey to move into the front seat.

He then carried his daughter and threw her over the railing.

It was supposed to be Darcey’s first day of school.

Freeman had earlier told his ex wife, Peta Barnes, during a phone call that she would never see her children again.

Freeman will be sentenced at a later date.

7 thoughts on “Arthur Freeman guilty of Murder

  1. Thank god they got it right with this monster, he was sane, and knew what he was doing at the time.

    I reckon his legal team actually decided on the manman crazy hairstyle for the trial to help their case. In any other normal trial your legal team would be saying cut your hair look respectable etc…

    They wanted him to appear a lunatic

    Rot in hell you bastard


    • I thought exactly the same thing when I saw a picture of him after the trial began.Looking at photos of the turd just after he did it,his hair was shorn and he was tidy.
      Now he is going for the old “I-was-crazy-it’s-not-my-fault” excuse,his hair has the crazy-bum look.
      The guy is an out and out wanker.Even if he was “dissociative” at the time (which I think is total BS),he is thinking clearly now supposedly-be an effing man,own up to what you did to your girl and all who loved her,plead guilty and take on the chin whatever punishment comes your way.
      I hope it is in the form of two pissed off Bubba types that show Arty-boy what real pain is.


  2. He is going to cop a massive whack for this and he deserves every minute of it. He started this whole charade months ago in preparation for playing the nutter card and the jury ( thank fuck) have seen rite through it. Best case scenario, he tops himself, or he gets taken care of inside


  3. Hopefully they give him a job sweeping the roof top of the jail and he tries flying off the top, seeing he is crazy, funnier things have happened in jail…He just needs a push in the right direction…(Pun intended…hehe)


    • I just hope he has many painful accidents inside continual broken bones etc.,but nothing fatal so he escapes years & years of punishment .
      His meals will have nice surprises included every day,yes yummy yummy !!!!!


  4. When I heard this news last year I can’t help but cry just keep on thinking why why this poor little darling had to pay the price? Just like those 3 boys who drown by their father 5 years ago, just because of a bad divorce – the act which based on spouse revenge again. A child is always a victim and suffeing in any type of divorce (amicable or not) why had to put them through this!!! Like I said before our judiciary court system should really review this ‘Insanity clause” again and bring back the DEATH penalty. People like him doesn’t deserve second chance and also doesn’t deserve to waste our tax money for his rehabilitation


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