Police find Kiesha Abrahams Grave

Kristi Abrahams and Rob Smith charged with Kiesha Abrahams Murder. Police find grave today

Could it possibly be that these 2 monsters were visiting her grave last night and led the cops right in on her 7th Birthday?

UPDATE 11.05am: POLICE have located a shallow grave site where they believe the body of missing girl Kiesha Abrahams is located.

Scores of police are searching the area close by the grave, which was found in bushland at Shalvey, in Sydney’s west.

A senior police source said once forensic officers had scoured the area, they will dig up the grave.

The mother and stepfather of the missing Mt Druitt girl have been charged with her murder this morning, on what would have been her seventh birthday.

Kristi Abrahams, 28, and Robert Smith, 31, were arrested in a laneway in Freya St, Shalvey at about 1am this morning and taken to Mt Druitt police station to be questioned by homicide detectives.

They have been formally charged with the little girl’s murder and will face Parramatta Bail Court today.

Police have set up a crime scene in bushland near Shalvey.

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30 thoughts on “Police find Kiesha Abrahams Grave

  1. Latest Media Releases
    Skeletal remains located – Shalvey
    Friday, 22 Apr 2011 12:57pm

    Police are investigating the discovery of skeletal remains in bushland at Shalvey in Sydney’s west.

    About 8am today (Friday 22 April 2011), the remains were found at a number of locations on land off Stoney Creek Road.

    A crime scene has been established and specialist police are in attendance.

    Officers attached to Strike Force Jarocin are also at the scene and investigations are continuing.

    The remains, which have yet to be positively identified, will be taken to Glebe Morgue for forensic examination.

    A post mortem will also be conducted to establish the cause of death.

    Strike Force Jarocin was established to investigate the disappearance of a six-year-old girl who was reported missing from a unit on Woodstock Avenue in Mt Druitt on Sunday 1 August 2010.

    Above post is from Police Media NSW


  2. Yeah, I reckon the police either knew about the visit in advance (bugged their house, mobiles, or email), or put them under 24 hour surveilance during the period leading up to Keisha’s birthday to see if the parents did anything “unusual”.

    Obviously I’m not a cop, but I’ve heard of this sort of thing being done (when family members/spouses are suspects) lots of times before.


  3. Here are some points to consider…..First and Formost RIP Little Kiesha you are an angel and Australia and the world over are paining to think that your parent and step-parent who are meant to protect u from harm did the unthinkable unimaginable to you darlin…they took your life….May they both get what they deserve and then some…..Killing them would be too easy …
    Now when this story came to light I had gut instincts that this little girl was already gone from our world and that her (we cant call them parents cause they arent a parents asshole) had done her harm….. Think about this too why did they take so long to report Kiesha so called Missing….. I think there bank statements needs looking at because that time of year children recieve $900 given to their parents….Did this bitch wait to recieve her money…..I know its low but this is what I thought when I was reading this 9 mths ago….. Now again last night they were arrested and THEN police find Kiesha ….. Did these vile creatures visit her for her BDay and police had been following them……Also why would you go there as well if u arent guilty…..I think that maybe just maybe the stepfather did it but her mum covered him up….Why???? who knows apparent love …more love for him then ur own beautiful girl…..Anyways these are just my thoughts and thoughts only …But something to think about too….I really hope that more comes to light soon and its shown why poor little Angel Kiesha is no longer with us today!!!!!


    • I knew them. Kristi swore at Kiesha the first time I met her because the little girl was excited to talk to me about being an older sister. I had to tell Kristi to back off and assure her that Kiesha wasn’t annoying me so she’d leave her alone. Robby is a wimp, he has never even been in a fight with another guy, not even in high school. He always ran away and left his friends to fight.
      Kristi had Robby beaten by a group of aboriginals once. He was so scared he moved back in with his mum for a week! Kristi even stabbed Robby in his sleep once or twice and punched holes in the walls, they’d get evicted and have to move and she’d do it again. She even went to Robby’s work once to pick a fight and the boss told him the ask her to leave or they’ll call the cops since it was so unprofessional. He use to show up at work crying in cuts and bruises all the time. My guess is maybe Kiesha was playing too loud near the new born and Kristi just hit her once to teach her to be quite and maybe hit her a little too hard and she didnt wake up. Then she probably would have told Robby to help her move the body other wise she’ll blame him and he’ll never see his 2 babies again. Being the wimp that he is, he would have done as he was told.
      This is just my theory from what I know. I’ve known Robby for over 10 years and met Kristi about 4 years ago when Kiesha was 2yrs old. She is a tough rough women, she’d take on any guy and probably knock them out!
      I haven’t associated with them in the pass 2 years though. They are the time you want to hang around. But I do remember hearing more drama from friends in Mt Druitt. We’ve already given our character reference to the police.
      Now its time for you as the viewer/reader to make your own decision.


      • Yeah sound like the idylic couple don’t they, totally feral.To think she had friends who supported her little charade all these months, the conniving monster….

        I feel ill typing about here actually


      • i love to kill kristi and robby. kiesha is a little girl.
        do you see robby in jail all the time i will get the dogs in 25 years time 25 years in jail he will be gay. big boys in jaill will kill the dogs soon.


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  6. Reports today are saying Kiesha died as a result of an assault by BOTH her mother and step-father. I had thought that the mother was covering for the boyfriend but according to police it was both of them. Unbelievable.


    • Dave can you point to were you saw that news please? Ta

      I had someone write to me saying this mother was a feral bitch willing to take on any bloke, the defacto Mr.Smith was shit scared of her, so she would have no problems knocking out a cheeky child, or a partner not willing to do as they were told.


  7. I told think the family supported their charade all these months. Robbys mother Rebecca thinks Robby is the golden child. She is probably in shock that he son help kill this poor child. And Robbys brother would never in a million years support him, they never got along too well. At least Kiesha is is safe now and in a better place. Living with them must have been hell. She was so cute, typical little excited chatter box kid with coward parents!


  8. I dont think the family supported their charade all these months…. Robbys mother Rebecca thinks Robby is the golden child. She is probably in shock & disbelief that her son helped kill this poor child. And Robbys brothers danny & jason would never in a million years support him, they never got along too well plus they have kids of their own. To think they had a killer uncle around their child would make anyone angry. At least Kiesha is safe now and in a better place. Living with them must have been hell. She was so cute, typical little excited chatter box kid with coward monster parents! I also feel sorry for Robby & Kristi’s family. Imagine being related to them!


  9. Its about time, they serve time for what they did to this poor innocent child. THe poor other 2 children living with them for another 7 months. Atleast now these two young children can be placed in care with a loving family that can give them what all children deserve… Love and protection. RIP baby Girl, I hope that you are in a beautiful place. xoxoox


  10. String them both up an eye for an eye. Do to them what they did to this little girl. Mother is a gutless wonder just like the step father, People like this breed and breed when there are people out there wanting a loving child and can not have one. Let the men and women in jail take care of trash like this. But NO our tax money pays to keep arseholes like this in protection.


  11. langford you confirmed my thoughts all along,R Smith looks a wimp and she a hard nosed bitch but they are both as guilty as the other.I just hope they live the rest of there lives in pure hell.Bring back the death penalty


  12. RIP Keisha…as heartbreaking as your death is you are now safe and free from pain and suffering.

    Firstly lets not refer to the murderer as a “Mother” that title is used for women who would lay themselves on the line to protect the most precious gift of a child. I think she did it and threathened him to help her cover it up (that makes him even lower than her particularly when there are other children in her care). The laws are not tough enough in this country to deal with such filthy maggots…but I can tell you that public outrage will be HUGE if she claims post natal depression or some other lame excuse to reduce her sentence…and lets forget solitary for their safety in jail let them face the wrath of others and come what may after that.

    Someone needs to make sure that the little ones left behind are given to a loving nuturing family who can erase any pain they may have seen or endured. There should be a court order in place to alter their birth records so they never have to know that they are related to such evil and be forced to live with it.


  13. That is so right Sharyn…she gave up her title as a mother near a year ago if not before, who knows what other sad acts she subjected her little princess to!

    Your other excellent point is for those left behind by these monsters…God help us, the system gets its right and the kids get a life full of hope…

    All these silly current affiars shows thrive on material bullshit stories but these kids deserve a future, regardless of the one they were destined to have with the cards they were dealt…

    So hopefully the community steps up and gives these young ones some hope…
    Thanks for contributing!


  14. RIP Kiesha
    I hope this dispicable people get what is deserving of them!!!!!!!!!!
    As I sit at my desk and think about the wrong doings of disgusting people I think about the do gooders who do what they think is right which allow children to be murdered. Where are we going wrong, were is legislation, were are the do gooders and what are their thoughts now I say bring back the death penalty.
    What do you think Robbo about the Death penalty?


    • I think the death penalty has a place in extreme cases were the full facts are 100% clear on vicious murders. I don’t see a benefit to our society in keeping a barbaric murderer in jail forever at great expense to just rot year after year.

      The only problem is that every avenue of appeal has to be exhausted before they carry it out in the USA so it is a lot of money and resources either way wasted on these poor excuses of humans


  15. Robbo I am Aboriginal and at this time I am embarrassed to be one to think that this piece of shit is going to have 3 meals a day at the cost of taxpayers.


    • Hi Ahnessha we unfortunately get awful despicable people in all sizes, ages and races committing crimes! I’m ashamed that the human race can carry out acts like this at all.

      I have to agree they do not deserve bread and water once a day.let alone 3…



    • Ahnessha dont ever be embarrrassed or ashamed of being a good person…being Aboriginal, green, red, or blue, long hair, short hair, bald or brunette should not matter to anyone (it’s a shame that’s not always the case) as long as you treat others the way you would most like to be treated…probably like most of us with common decency and respect.

      In the case of those two maggots who don’t deserve decency or respect they made their own beds now I hope they suffer with every breath they take from here on it as they lay in them.

      Don’t tag yourself under their banner, even filthy rats are higher up the human chart than them!


  16. I am always thinking about this little girl, lets keep her spirit alive by reporting abuse. Children forgive their parents over and over, their love is unconditional. They dont care what you look like if you had one eye or two heads, they just love their mum and dad. If Kiesha was here today she would still want to be with mummy. What we need to do is report abuse. If Kirsty was a rough nut who knocked her kids and man around then someone should have reported her sooner. You cant have a go at the parent when you see the abuse unless you are going to follow through by reporting them. What usually happens is when youre gone they blame the child and take it out on the poor kid again for embarrising them in front of people. Usually there is more anger and thats when a child can really get hurt. This is similar in domestic violence as well. If yoyr goning to be a hero then follow through by contacting the authorities. The police, the Docs help line, and then you have to be a witness in court. Most people dont want the trouble. Recently I heard that children were worth the least in insurance claims. Years ago it was said that the most dangerous place to be is in the womb. Every soul has a right to exist, love, live, and grow up. Think about it .


  17. those who saw & heard these foul dogs abusing this precious child over the years (langford this goes for u too) should have reported it asap to the authorities not turn thier backs & walk away leaving a defenceless baby to thier mercy shame on all of them.


  18. That scummy female should never be refered to as a mother,a mother nutures and cares for her children……………………….I have to hold my tongue and choose my words wisely when I say I struggle to come up with a suitable sentence for her and her sh,,bag boyfriend.


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