Kiesha’s parents caught at her grave by police trap

UPDATE 16/12/11

  • Guilty plea after murder charge dropped
  • Kiesha went missing over a year ago

THE stepfather of Sydney girl Kiesha Weippeart has pleaded guilty to her manslaughter after his murder charge was dropped.

Robert Smith’s lawyer entered guilty pleas at Penrith Local Court on the manslaughter charge and on a charge of being an accessory after the fact of murder.

Smith, 32, who was wearing prison greens, appeared via audio visual link.

In April, Smith and the little girl’s mother, Kristi Anne Abrahams, 27, were charged with the murder of six-year-old Kiesha, who was reported missing from her home at Mt Druitt, in western Sydney, on August 1 last year.

They were charged after human remains were found in bushland at Shalvey, near Mt Druitt, on April 22.

Smith was formally refused bail and his sentencing will be mentioned in the Supreme Court on February 3. He faces up to 25 years in jail.

Abrahams did not appear in court and her matter was adjourned to Penrith on March 9.

A small group of people, wearing purple T-shirts bearing Kiesha’s picture and the words “Forever in our hearts”, attended the short hearing.


KIESHA Abrahams was killed during an assault by her mother and step-father in their Sydney unit, her body left for three days before it was buried in a bush grave, police will allege.

Locals in western Sydney screamed at the police van carrying the pair as they were driven past Mt Druitt police station

Following the arrest and charging of Kristi Abrahams, 28, and Robert Smith, 31, over Kiesha’s alleged murder yesterday, The Daily Telegraph can now exclusively reveal the police case against the pair.

It will be alleged that, three days after her death – on or about July 20 last year – Kiesha’s body was carried from the Hebersham home in a suitcase.

Abrahams and Smith allegedly caught a taxi to a bush reserve in Shalvey, where the body was buried near the Air Services Australia land site.

Police will allege Smith later burned the suitcase.

There, in the lonely bush grave, the little girl remained undiscovered until yesterday, when Abrahams and Smith were arrested near the gravesite on what would have been Kiesha’s seventh birthday.

Under the cloak of darkness, and clutching a small bunch of flowers, the pair unwittingly walked into a police trap.

Unaware they were being followed by a carload of homicide investigators who were ready to pounce, Abrahams and Smith wandered into the bush on Thursday night, allegedly to visit Kiesha’s grave.

They left hours later, about 1am, and were immediately handcuffed by police, who had trailed them into the dense bushland and waited for them to emerge on to a well-lit nearby street.

As the sun came up yesterday over the Shalvey bushland, police began the grim search for the little girl’s remains. By 8am, police had located enough “small sized bones” to suggest they had found what they were looking for.

The shallow grave in which the child had been buried nine months ago had been disturbed over time.

For hours, forensic officers and homicide investigators painstakingly searched for any other clues they could find.

It was horrific work, part of a long and difficult police investigation.

Metre by metre, dozens of police scoured the bush site.

Their job was made more difficult by the length of time since the body was allegedly dumped there, and because it was an area regularly used by trail bike riders.

Police meticulously sifted through the long grass and around the base of tree trunks, looking for more evidence to finalise their investigation.

It was arduous work for up to 30 officers scattered through the bush.

It was necessarily slow and delicate police work carried out in rugged terrain.

Officers were seen mapping out an area which they believed to be part of the crime scene, then step-by-step, they scoured for evidence.

Many of the police involved in the search were parents themselves, adding an extra emotional difficulty to their grim task.

Even before Thursday night, detectives were finally ready to move in and make an arrest.

They had gathered intelligence that the couple would visit the child’s burial site some time around her birthday. They followed the couple’s every move until they travelled to the bushland site, and then made an arrest.

The Daily Telegraph has been told the couple booked themselves into a motel in the City on Thursday night.

Smith’s mother Rebecca drove them to Parramatta train station, where they were to board a train to Central.

Instead they boarded a west-bound train, each carrying an overnight bag, and got off at Mt Druitt station.

Police allege they bought a bunch of flowers at a local florist kiosk, then got into a taxi at the station and were driven to nearby Shalvey, where they then set off on foot into the bushland.

It is understood Abrahams and Smith spent hours in the area of Kiesha’s grave. They were arrested about 1am when they walked back to the first well-lit area, in Freya St.

Police allege Kiesha was murdered by Abrahams and Smith sometime between July 20 and 27, 2010.

The little girl was not reported missing until August 1, when her mother contacted police and said Kiesha was not in her bedroom when the family woke up that Sunday morning.

Police allege Abrahams called triple-0 to say she woke at 9.30am that day to find her daughter Kiesha missing from her bedroom and the front door of the unit open.

When police arrived at the unit, they allegedly spoke to Abrahams, who said Kiesha had either wandered from the home of her own accord, or she may have been abducted by someone who gained access via the unlocked door.

Police will allege the two theories are impossible because the door to the unit was heavy and hard to open without a fair amount of force, and the deadlock on the door was broken and it could only be unlocked from inside the unit.

Police will allege Smith told them that, the night before Kiesha was reported missing, the family watched a movie called The Golden Compass, then Kiesha was put to bed at about 9.30pm.

Police will allege that, when the unit was forensically searched, they found blood in Kiesha’s bedroom, in the master bedroom, on the loungeroom floor and at the entrance to the unit.

There was also allegedly blood on the floor, doors, lounge and bedsheets.

Throughout their investigation, police have spoken to family of Abrahams and Smith, and friends of the couple, who have given information about the way Kiesha was allegedly treated.

Police also allegedly spoke to a resident in the unit above the one occupied by Abrahams and Smiths who heard screaming about 6am the day Kiesha was reported missing.

Abrahams and Smith both chose not to appear in person or on screen in Parramatta Bail Court yesterday.

“[Abrahams] has indicated to me she is immensely distressed this morning,” the couple’s legal aid solicitor Alexander Reetov told the court.

Neither applied for bail and it was formally refused by registrar Ross Lawton, who remanded them in custody.

Both will reappear at Penrith Local Court next Friday.

74 thoughts on “Kiesha’s parents caught at her grave by police trap

  1. Wow. Now she can have the burial she deserves.

    I will never understand how a parent can do this. There are times my 3 year old drives me up the wall but killing her is never an option on the radar!

    I hope the parents rot in jail for this.


  2. the 1 thing that realy fucks me is what in the name of god could twist a humans brain to even think of doing something like that & to such a cute little kid & what twisted & shifty lowlife dogs to get on tv & cry for information & help to find that cute little defenceless angel they brought into this world & so cruely & heartlessy killed then (buried in a bush) !their own child! p.s ive been in jail before, not that im proud of it,but they dont like people like them in jail, not even dogs&ex-police,we,l see how long they last in there. My advice to the ones who are taking care of them is ( put them into strict protection )


  3. To hear a child gone missing and being a parent yourself and seeing the parents on the news begging for the return and then later charged with the murder of there OWN child is unbelievable. My children drive me nuts to the point of what to do but not once NOT ONCE have I ever hurt them.
    Murderedby your own mother the one person who is suppose to love you unconditionally I just dont understand. RIP little angel, now heaven has one more special little girl RIP


  4. These people are low life pieces of shit. I feel sorry for the people who stood by them, and thought the girl was still alive, and believed the parent’s sob story. Don’t they feel stupid for sticking by them.

    The parents deserve every bit of hatred they are dealt. They should be ashamed and live in fear for their own lives. Lets hope they get more than what is coming to them.

    Lets all hope this story makes other fuckwits out there think twice about whether they can get away with crimes like this. People don’t take Police in this country seriously. This proves they have their act together, and will wait, and eventually catch you out.

    Well done to the Police who solved this case, they deserve bloody medals for catching these animals!


  5. This is so heartbreaking! how could they do this to their own daughter! I would have taken her and raised her as one of my own and not asked for a cent. She is such a beautiful little girl and deserved the chance to live life to the fullest.
    May she rest in peace

    Well done to the all those involved in finding the little girl, may the beauty of her pictures replace the images of your findings *hugs*


    • Hi Sasha. Thanks for commenting of this sad situation, you are so right. It makes me think about a system they have in some states in the US where parents can take their children to a hospital department (or similar) when they cannot cope etc safely and leave them. They are assured they will not be prosecuted for abandoning the child. (I need to check this actually) But giving these parents an out, which may be the only way some children may be saved.

      Lets not forget many little kids do not get murdered, but survive and suffer continual abuse from their parent(s)


  6. Have read today that there were 36 reports to police about this famaily. No charges were ever laid. Why and again Why???? The family was known to DOCS, and yet it appears that the remaining children, a 3 year girl, and a baby born on July 7th 2010 were left with these monsters.
    What does it take to keep a child safe and alive in this country? Why are the tasked authorities so reluctant to act? How many deaths have been so needllessly caused by lack action on the part of legislated authority? Time to call the responsible authorities to account once and for all. A royal Commission is needed at a Federal to have uniform laws in this country in relation to child protection. One strike and you are OUT!


    • Hi Kathy DOCS etc are so damn scared these days of getting sued by parents I reckon they are failing to protect the children, the very reason they are there in the first place. I am pretty certain it would not be individual workers not caring etc but being forced to tow the government policy line. I can really imagine a stack of docs workers frustrated out of their brains at the lack of power and or ability to act quickly, with all the red-tape, covering your ass etc etc

      All this political correctness bullshit. getting tough never hurt anybody.Governments come into POWER they say, and then never use it in the right way!



      • That is exactly why I got out of youth work, Robbo. The amount of pointless to counterproductive crap you have to do is mind-blowing. Just about everything that would actually achieve a decent outcome is verboten by policy. You are constantly smashing your head against government imposed barriers. If you know of a child who is being abused, calling BACA than a government department…


      • Hi Rob I work in the Child Protection Services, I have to agree with you about the Government of the Day. Whenever it changes so does legislation. It you look at some of the changes currently it is very frustrating, especially when it is considered bad working behaviour or methods to remove children who have been observed in crisis situations. Well look at this poor child who is obviously better off to be out of the control of this delightful, caring, disgusting murderers. I wish I could have taken poor Kiesha home with me. This death will play on a lot of workers minds for the rest of our lives. How do we protect children when you have these do gooders changing legislation all the time, now wanting to decrease Child Protective Workers. God Bless Australia how many more children are going to die before the Government wakes up


  7. What is BACA? Probably obvious but I haven’t had enough coffee yet? Counter productive is a perfect term for so many departments in the Human Services, Mental health etc…You are so right.

    Our State and federal Governments are so over bloated with fat cats, consultants (Usually ex MP’etc already on huge government pensions) the “Snouts in the Trough” In it for everything types etc that nothing gets done in a timely fashion.

    Goes right down to local councils these days, more departments and titles than bloody workers….But that is another story…haha


    • BACA = Bikers Against Child Abuse. They are a fantastic (and growing internationally) group of bikers from all over the place who befriend, support and empower kids who are being abused in various ways – bullying, domestic violence, etc. It’s not that they go and “sort out” the abusers, they try to make the kids feel better about themselves, show them that they have friends, etc. Obviously the fact that the child now has friends that the media has built up to seem like a cross between the boogie man and godzilla tends to calm some people down but that’s not really the point. Here’s a link to their website. You can find the link to the Australian chapter under the “chapters” heading.


  8. As a mother of 2 children and a survivor of a childhood destroyed by my so called father I will never understand what makes these sick fucks tick. What makes a mother or father do such horrific acts is beyond comprehension.Everytime I see a picture of that beautiful little soul I can see the hurt that was in her eyes.How many complaints do DOCS want before they lift their game.I worked many years ago for them and the amount of times I saw things let slide is far too may to mention.What a sick and fucked up pair they are to of gone to her on the eve of her birthday.May there be a speedy trial and thank fuck it’s in N.S.W & the judge deems them Never to be released.


    • Hi Goth, I hope so too, I reckon the odds are short this will drag on, He will crack before she does and then the shrinks move in to earn their huge $$$$ depending on the opinion required…Bring back public stonings, it works elsewhere and is a very visual detereent in the town square!


  9. Really,have a look at the ferals,they should’nt be allowed to breed.
    The gov panders to these types for their vote & protect that asset to the hilt
    hence the restrictions placed on depts set up to protect kids & the like from these low lifes.
    The ferals know all the rorts & work them to a t,no wonder there is so much crime in these hot spots & complaints are generally ignored in these areas as they are mostly petty neighbourly quarrels bourne out of boredom & jelousy of each other.
    I’m sick of my taxes supporting westy ferals who’s sole purpose in life is to rip off fellow hardworking Aussies.
    Wake up You useless polititions,you are the reason this shit happens.


  10. RIP Little one may you find the happiness you so deserve but never actually received in the cruel cruel world……
    Just another point that has to be considered as there could be more children out there at risk right now as we speak that need help!!! Kiesha had been to school 5 times in the time from the start of the year to July why wasnt her parents sought out and asked why she wasnt receiving the education that every child deserves…..Again nothing can bring back gorgoeus little Kiesha but the Dept of Education really need to keep an eye on the students that arent attending school…. Even if check were made at the end of each term!!!


  11. wow, absolutlely unbelievable… R . I . P KIESHA…

    As much as a terrible crime this is, im so glad it’s over and poor little Kiesha can be laid to rest…
    I was in a refuge with her scumbag mother Kristi when Kiesha was only a few weeks old, she was such a proud mum and seemed like such a lovely lady, although i found it woerd the things she said about hr ex Chris and the death of their son a year before Kiesha was born, people often said, they thought she was responsible for the death of her son, all the things going through my head since the truth has come out is unbelievable..
    I didnt really know Kristi to well, we didnt stay in contact after i left the refuge, but i do feel sad and sorry for poor little Kiesha, may you rest in peace baby girl, god surely needed another star in heaven…
    I say torture the parents until they die a slow and miserable death…


  12. one of the worst parts of this story is the fact that allot of people were offering their support to Kiesha’s parents only to find out they were the ones that murdered her. do they have any emotion?


      • omgggg i so think your right, they should suffer for the rest of their life now just like how they made a little princess suffer. How could a mother kill her own daughter. There are women outn ther whom have so much stress in getting pregnant and having children and then you have low life scums who bloody murder them. How can you wake up everyday thinking you did this to your own blood and never get cought. I feel so sad for that little girl breaks my heart….. What did she ever do to deserve such awful mother. You wouldnt even call that a mother. That is called a killer, no mother. Bloody heartless man


  13. Killing your own child is evil enough, but how on earth do you sleep at night knowing where she lays in bushland alone? How do you close your eyes? That is mind boggling evil. I knew they were guilty from the start. Their first interview showed parents who were not truly grieving parents, with the mother hiding behind large dark sunglasses. They should receive a life sentence. The guy who threw his daughter off the bridge got a life sentence. This case shouldn’t be any different. Although, if you’re a blonde attractive woman with many friends, like Keli Lane, another child killer, you may get out in just 13 years.


    • Hi Megan, that is a really stark aspect, I never gave the mother much though (as in Im thinking of little Kiesha) But as you say, for this witch a=of a woman to sleep at night all cosy in bed knowing her daughter was murdered, stuffed in a case and dumped in the bush like a dead dog makes me cringe even more. I wonder what they did when news stories came on about “vain” efforts to find her, the vigils held by people in the cold nights? Bloody well sit there on a warm couch watching telly giggling to themselves about how smart they are.

      I’m sure if they announced a public stoning in the square one hundreed thousand would turn up with a rock each! I would bring a wheel barrow, they are not human


    • Thats right how can you bloody sleep every nite thinkling you have killed a little baby you gave birth too…….How how how. I knew it was the mother and step father as soon as they came on begging everyone with their fake tears for the girl. Its soo fake omg, bloody lock them up for life and make them suffer in the worst way. They made the whole police dep spend so much time, now they deserve to rot in the jail. Ugly dum low life scums.


  14. i cannont express how much anger i have inside me over this… to kill a innocent little girl that would have been so scared and confused when she was going through what she went through, then to carry her body in a f#@$en suitcase and bury her in a bush in the middle of nowhere, and go to where they buried her for her birthday OMG are they serious? Honestly that sick F$%# of a Mother (if you can call her that) and that step father need to be tortured for what they did they need to feel an extreme intense ammount of pain for what they did, JAIL WTF thats getting off too easy. I have three young babies and kids are the most precious innocent things in this world that do not have a clue about life and rely on us adults and parents to guide and love them through life, and when that poor baby girl was born god only knew what would happen to her, i wish we some how did and that way we could stop it, HOW DARE they end someones life and possibly her brothers who the F*&% do they think they are. All I can say now is I hope and know God will be taking care of her and her little brother and May the Mum (Animal) and stepfather get [email protected] up in Jail and In HELL. To the mum and step fuck ur both SLUTS and DEVILS and u need and I hope you get tortured the fuck out of in Jail, u kid killing F*&ks. So angry at them, and another thing why when people get the urge or think they are going to do something like that why dont they just give their kids to an adoption agency or get help? OR put urself in jail. God bless u baby girl im sorry you got a killer for a mum may u been born again to the best parents in the world and ur brother and at least get a chance at life.


  15. We have kids to protect them. We make sure they have food in there belly’s clothes on there back and a roof over there head we show them unconditional love and teach them right from wrong. We don’t no matter how much they drive us insane kill them. Weather it’s days, weeks, months or years later just because we (YOU) no longer want them if you don’t want a kid fukin swallow don’t open your fukin legs, or even put em for adoption there are alot of people out there that can’t have fukin kids and I’m sure they would love to raise yours.

    I am a mother of 4 children and yes they drive me insane most days but not once have I ever harmed them in any way, I am not ashamed to say that yes I have thought bout harming my children and my spouse but I got help to treat my depression and I cherish every moment I have with my children I know right from wrong and life is way to short.

    I think goal time for those dogs are not good enough they need to be tortured for the rest of there lives.
    rip little angel


  16. Sorry i can’t even stomach this…..that poor child and what she must of endured in her short life, what the hell did they do to her and even worse she wouldn’t of known any different and more than likely loved them with all her heart..i’m just broken inside and can’t stop the tears for this little girl why was she with them anyone that knew her circumstances should hang their heads with shame and the screwed up parents doing this to their little ones would never take their kids to places cause they aren’t coping as mentioned in another comment on here cause they would get less money off government and would not be able to buy their drugs and alcohol….she the mother and its hard to call her that is probably sitting in her jail cell crying for herself right now!


  17. It’s absolutely horrifying that these people are still breathing our air after taking that away from Kiesha.Our government has to do something about this now as too many of our children are suffering abuse that is overlooked not by just them but all of us.We all need to work together to prevent things like this from happening again.The signs were there people noticed them and they turned a blind eye.And the pathetic comments from jman what sort of a wanker are you to assume it’s only out west that there are ferals ripping off the government and that you are apparently supporting.


  18. RIP little one, Reading this just makes me miss my Son and want to go home and hug him.
    There is no words to describe these “people”


    • Hi Dylan, thanks for feeling the need to comment, I agree I am certain a lot of mums and dads have given their kids just a little “More Love” this week…When you realise how precious they are, one cannot comprehend doing what they did…
      All the best!


  19. jman u should be ashamed of yourself….. This is about Kiesha and her fucked up parents…..Not who u think are westys!!!!!! Grow the fuck up!!!!!


  20. It wouldn’t be human not to feel anger towards these animals. But as ‘David’ said there are so many children suffering at hands of their so called parents and surviving these vicious types of assaults on a weekly basis. We all need to take a stand and not ignore what is happening. In some way Keisha’s life has been spared from any further suffering – Kiesha’s continued suffering would have been inevitable. I’m ashamed to say that I keep having vivid thoughts of what Robert (who looks like a little rat) will endure in jail, and to see just how much of a big man he will be then -and as for that oxygen thief and so called mother Kristi…I actually have nothing to say, I want to forget that people like her actually exist…things always find a way of catching up with you…RIP KIESHA.


    • jman u r the scum that we need to get rid of on this earth….U r bullying people by calling them a westy….. I am from the Hunter Valley and my husband works on the RTA ….. i am a stay at home Mum with 3 children and I would never ever harm my children or anyone elses for that matter….. I think on most days our children arent picture perfect but they are our children to raise…..And the one thing we have to do is make sure they know how to think and behave in this world….You were clearly not shown this and I hope if you have children they dont hear the way u think….I take great offence to you calling me a Westy and for your information I am doing UNI ….. Criminology and Criminal Justice….I am taking my part in helping this world to be a better place….. Are you????


      • I have to ask – I don’t live in sydney, so there is obviously some nuance that I’m unaware of – why do you take such great offence at the implication that you live in a certain area?


      • Perplexed I take offence for all the mothers out there who take care of their children and love them and just cause one person has done the unthinkable doesnt mean all the mothers out there are like her…..


      • “i take great offence to you calling me a Westy”. Your exact words. Don’t try to change them retrospectively. I’m just curious as to why you take such “great offence” at the implication that you might live in a certain area. And now why you’re scrambling to cover your tracks. I’m also interested in what you going to uni has to do with your original comment.


  21. I think the thing that bothers me the most about this situation is that people seem to assume Kiesha was misbehaving or in some way doing something wrong which the “parents” were then responding to. Has it occurred to no-one that they may just have been complete arseholes who got off on the abuse? As do alot of violent criminals, they dont need a reason, they just do it.
    With this possibility in the mix, it just makes what they did all the more obscene.


  22. I have only found this website tonight. It just makes me so sick to the stomach- I actually feel physically ill in the belly when I think about what this little girl went through!

    What upsets me equally though is how hard/ impossible it is to get the needed help to children in situations like poor little Kiesha. My 7 year old’s friend from school confided in me just over a year ago that her bruises (I noticed them frequently on her legs but thought nothing of it- until I saw her with her top off & bruising++ on her back) were caused by her Dad. She told me he regularly hits / kicks her but that he had told her he would “bash” her younger brother & sister if she ever told anyone & that he would say she was lying. Her brother was 2 at the time, & her sister was 4. She told me it never happens anymore when her 2 older brothers are at home.

    I have rung DOCS 3 times about this family & still nothing has been done!!! My daughter’s friend is now 8 & won’t talk very much about her home life, but very occasionally makes a comment to me that things at home are “much worse”. She promises me that she isn’t hit as much anymore (I don’t know whether to believe her because she cries a lot & keeps saying she’s sorry for telling me & breaking “Daddy’s secret”), but has told me that her brother (now 3) gets “really hurt” by her Dad, & that her Mum says it’s “none of her business”.

    As I’ve said, I’ve rung DOCS 3 times now, & I have also rung the anonymous Crimestoppers line too, but STILL nothing has changed. I need to remain anonymous for the safety of my own children, but PLEASE, anyone, what else can be done?????


    • Ok. All that I can think of that you could try is report it to the school. All teachers, principals, etc are mandated notifiers as far as I know and as soon as a mandated notifier is informed of this sort of thing, they must report it to the relevant authorities. Their report will probably be given higher priority than that of an anonymous member of the public, too, so that could be of use. You could do something as simple as having a chat with the child’s teacher, who would have to have seen bruises if they’re as obvious as you say. It might get the ball rolling anyway. Keep a personal journal of your attempts as well. It may be useful some time.


  23. Everyone,

    Just ignore the pathetic comments from “jman”. Clearly he has got hold of himself and somone should warn him that if he plays with it too much it will fall off.

    As most people know, it does not matter where you live, or where you come from – people are just as sinister and ugly in all socio-economic groups.

    I previously worked for a Gov agency who represented the best interests of children in child welfare and Family Court disputes (not in NSW) and I am not the first to say there is much to be desired as to what occurs in the most affluent of homes. In fact, at times, it is uglier as the parents are more functional in creating and upkeeping the facade.

    More importantly:- Kiesha, beautiful little girl, RIP xx

    To Ms Abrahams & Mr Smith – Eat shit and die you mongrels.


  24. Everyone west of Anzac pde Kensington iz a feral westy & that is where all the crime iz
    Whats your postcode, are u a westy feral.


    • What dill you are! I assume you wrote that with a smug grin on your face thinking you have some special standing on this earth because of where live? Your side of town has had more than it’s fair share of crim’s over time…


      • Robbo – honestly, you’re doing exactly what he wants by responding to him at all. Being ignored is the worst punishment for trolls. The more people react, the more gratification the troll feels. It’s what they feed on. Hence “don’t feed the troll” =)


  25. Thanks very much to Perplexed & Wade- I appreciate your time & advice. I will ring the school & see if that changes anything. I had considered this before but (at the risk of sounding gutless) didn’t want to put my kids at risk if it ever got back to the family about who it was who reported them, & also that the younger 2 are not yet school age (& it seems most of the abuse is now being aimed at them, particularly the little 3 year old boy).

    Thanks also Wade for the info regarding “BACA”- I had previously never heard of this organisation but will check out the link you’ve provided.

    Many thanks again.


    • There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to protect your own kids. It’s commendable. Baca is definitely the go for total anonymity, they won’t bring you into it at all. I assumed you saw the earlier link, or I would’ve recommended them first. Going to the school should act as something of a filter, the report to docs will come from them, not you, and the most that should be said about your involvement in the report should be no more than “my attention was drawn to the issue by the parent of another child at the school”, probably not even that much.


  26. Look at the foto of Kristy Abrahams in todays Daily Terrorist
    If thats what resides out west god help us all
    Its the most feral beast on the planet & the thing breeds
    No wonder they charge a toll to go out west
    Someone has to feed them beasts out there


  27. Maggie,
    Docs nor the teachers will tell anyone who the reports came from. You might also ask the child what doctors surgery she goes to and tell them too. Good luck with this and do not give up.


  28. If you see child abuse just go & knock the xxxx out who’s doing it.
    Just don’t do it in front of witnesses
    If your kid is getting bullied at school
    Go see the kids parents & give them a flogging so they “get it”
    Gov depts that were put in place to prevent kids suffering are the cause of their suffering
    Labor voting do gooders mixed with Gay loving Greenies = Toxic to your health & well being.
    You deserve who you vote for


    • Jman, your last comment is exactly the way “Westie’s” are perpetrated. So what makes you think you’re so great because you do not live out “West” is my real question for you? Posh areas are more riddled with drugs and what not, as people can “afford” it more.
      I live out West and I have also lived in Broadway, and Bondi. The people are quite the same, it’s small minded people like yourself who catergorise people because of where they live that make others think “Westie’s” are so bad. Have you ever actually taken a trip out West and met some people? They are just like yourself. Some may be more wise as they have been through more. And the comment you made about Kristi Abrahams looking like a “beast”, I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but just because you live out West does not mean you are unemplyed and will never make anything of yourself, are ugly and look like everyone else who lives out West. As it does not mean people who live in posh areas are not all pretty, rich and stuck up. It is people like you who make this world the shitty place it is. It is okay to make judgement on these murderers for harming such a precious little angel who did not deserve it when someone else would of happily taken her in and loved her like their own, but it is not okay to pass judgement on people because they live in a certain area, or a certain part of this world. This is meant to be about Kiesha, it isn’t put here for people like yourself to be keyboard warriors sitting at the computer being smug because you are putting people down and you feel good about it, that is being a lowlife so maybe you shouldn’t comment on “Westie’s” full stop when you’re acting like what you have been saying about them.

      R.I.P Kiesha. God has another precious little angel up in heaven now. You will forever be loved and missed. <3


      • Unless he’s truly as stupid as he sounds, he actually knows that. He’s just trolling to get a laugh out of people reacting. He’s the same level of fool as those who put kiddie porn up on the memorial websites a while ago. Your outraged response is EXACTLY what trolls feed on. This is honestly the last time I’m going to say this, so I hope it sinks in somewhere – ignore him. DON’T FEED THE TROLL! Ok – that’s my troll awareness speech over with. Hopefully other people will take notice & starve it to death =)


        • Well said perplexed, I try and keep and eye out for that exact type and will delete and ban morons who come here (and other places) to purely stir up trouble! I appreciate all of you who bother to read and contribute, and there are plenty, so I do not need or want the trolls perplexed speaks of…


  29. I’m a Malaysian from KL & i’ve closely followed the news about Keisha and Zahra. These two beautiful kids were not spared to have a normal life. No matter how annoying children are, they dont deserve any abuse. Even though i’m long way from Australia, i followed Keisha’s missing story & hope she will be found, but sadly no. God is great, no one gets away. God bless Keisha.


    • Thank you Nalini for caring enough o share your thoughts here in Oz to us. Unfortunately we have some terrible people who live among us all! All the best


  30. kaylee,yes ive been south east north & west of sydney in my employ & the west u hav to watch over ur back constantly.
    If its not bolted down its gone out there
    Like they showed on that show,Gangs of OZ,you can buy guns & drugs openly & no one bats a lid at murder out there its so prevelant
    Have you noticed the dominent nationalities have claimed their suburb & you see all the young dudes driving the latest model cars, wear the latest styles, cart thousands of dollars in bling on their bods & they’ve never had a job?
    The Ferals are a result of the business these scum profit from.
    Why? too many ppl in high places getting a cut & turning a blind eye.


    • I think this case proves your thoughts wrong as this precious child has touched the lives of millions across the world.
      Kiesha did not get to experience life and all of its precious memories and milestones as she deserved to and by coming on here to start trouble and being judgemental about “Westie’s” is just plain disrespect to her and everyone that is mouring her loss. This has really shown how the whole community can pull together in rememberance of such a precious life gone too soon.
      If you just want to start trouble, go somewhere else.
      Like many, I have followed this story from the very beginning and it just makes me sick to my stomach how people could do such a thing. She was a precious child who had her life taken far too soon. It has made us all hug our children that little bit longer and that little bit tighter of a night time and made us realise just how much our younger generations futures mean to us.

      I know you’re in a better place now angel. Shine bright up there and stay happy. <3


  31. Terrible people committing crimes are not just confined in Oz but also in Malaysia & almost everywhere which boils down to attitude. On our part, we are here to learn, share & keep abreast with current happenings in a more positive manner. Keep up your good work & thank you for indepth news updates.


  32. The noose iz too kind for Kristy A & Robert S
    String them up with piano wire & a hook thru their bellies
    Let them do 20 years prison first


  33. may peace be with you little princess, your so cute and will remain in everyone’s heart forver even if we dont know you. :( and yes may you in ur next life have the best parents who tressure u…and never a mum like bloody fat slut kristy ho ibraham bloody junkie and that ugly step father yuckkkkkkk he’s horrible… they both deserve to die….


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