Bernard Finnigan refuses to resign-No wonder

Update 9th June 2011

UPPER House MP Bernard Finnigan turned up at Parliament for a ridiculous self-indulgent cameo today….The fat pervert selfish in the extreme, not even giving the government the respect to stay around for more than a few minutes

 The former leader of the Government in the Upper House appeared at 4.35pm and left after eight minutes at 4.43pm. He resumed his seat on the back bench on the Government side on the chamber, but did not make any comment or contribute to the debate.

Mr Finnigan refused to explain his absence for seven straight sittings to reporters and would not say if he intended to keep his seat. He walked slowly to the carpark before driving off.

Under parliamentary rules, MPs are automatically dismissed from office if they miss 12 consecutive sitting days without being granted leave, traditionally allowed in instances of sickness.

Mr Finnigan missed seven sitting days and was required to attend before June 23 to avoid being sacked, and forfeiting his $130,000 base salary, access to an office and staff as well as subsidised car and phone use. His appearance yesterday means he can remain absent until September 14.

He only needed to attend Parliament today long enough to have his appearance noted to win another 12-sitting day reprieve from expulsion.


The South Australian MP and acting Police Minister(up until the other day) Bernard Finnigan  at the centre of a child pornography scandal is resisting calls to quit State Parliament.

Firstly, I had some feedback from non believers here , SO

Anyone doubting it his him (As some supporters are…shame on you) check these out…Then get a firm grip on the realities of the victims in these crimes…Innocent children

Here he is at the house when the media swamped his house

Bernard Finnigan, Clearly Identifiable at his home as shown in the media videos

This dirty sleazy filthy rotten conniving fat paedophile wannabe busted with kiddie porn. and masquerading as a good catholic boy, a self-proclaimed servant of Christ!!! Should of become a priest, or maybe thank god he didn’t, he then would have had easy access to boys…Get this fat ugly bastard into jail fast please…

On Wednesday, Operation Decimate detectives arrested the MP, who was later charged with possessing child pornography, an aggravated account of possessing child pornography and two counts of taking steps to access the material.

Filthy Finnigan still gets to enjoy this, The Members Lounge in South Australia's Parliament House, if he wishes!!!

The maximum penalty for an aggravated offence is seven years’ jail.

MPs convicted of an offence with a maximum sentence of more than two years in prison are forced to forfeit their seat. BUT up until then if he stays in Parliament

CONSIDER THIS…Imagine anyone but a politician keeping all this after being arrested

  •  Finnigan will continue to draw a taxpayer-funded salary ahead of an expensive legal battle.
  •  Finnigan Despite being urged by some colleagues to step down for the good of the party. HE REFUSING- He is greedy as well!
  •  Finnigan has enlisted high-priced lawyer Michael Abbott, QC, who charges clients several thousand dollars a day.WHO WILL END UP PAYING FOR THIS?
  • Finnigan receive an annual salary of $130,000 and extra income for committee or Cabinet work. Finnigan is pulling in $2500 a week minimum since this has happened 
  • Finnigan remains free to access a Parliament House office and use a taxpayer-funded phone and subsidised car. HE SHOULD BE SUSPENDED AND BE PAYING HIS OWN WAY
  • Finnigan also has a staffer who assists with his electorate and personal matters IMAGINE THE POOR STAFFERS given the job of continuing to have to bow to this bastard

It remains unclear whether Finnigan  will report for work when Parliament resumes on May 3.

Under parliamentary rules, Finnigan  will be automatically dismissed from office if he misses 12 sitting days without special permission.

MP Bernard Finnigan and Kiddie Porn pervert

One Labor source said that Finnigan should immediately quit and give the party clear air to begin recovering from its recent collapse in opinion polls. Others said the MP should address the allegations publicly and clear colleagues of suspicion. (In relation to it being suppressed in SA)

It can also be revealed that police were allowed inside Parliament House on Wednesday night while a separate raid was conducted at Finnigan’s House

Police are understood to have been permitted entry by parliamentary staff but without the permission of the presiding members, as required by convention. Police would not comment yesterday or say if any material was seized.

Parliament has historically granted extended leave for MPs in circumstances of sickness, but it can be denied by a vote.

Opposition Leader Isobel Redmond said Labor must decide if the accused MP could be effective in Parliament, given the “stress and trauma”.

“I can’t imagine that anyone, innocent or guilty, charged with offences like this could discharge the duties of the office,” she said.

“Therefore I expect that it is appropriate for that person to go on leave. I think it’s reasonable for them to stay on (as a parliamentarian) and receive a base salary.”

People charged with sex offences in South Australia cannot be identified. However, within hours of the charges becoming public, Finnigan was widely named on social media websites, in breach of the statutory suppression orders.

36 thoughts on “Bernard Finnigan refuses to resign-No wonder

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  2. I see the Minister for families Jennifer Rankine quote she is “shocked and Saddened”. I can understand the shocked bit but why would she be saddened, surley not for the MP!


  3. It does not suprise me at all.The public yet again foot the bill for another sick and twisted prick.I am sure he will have a “understanding judge” who will put it down as merely a “mental illness” or lapse in judgement.Lock the arsehole up with everyday prisoners, I am sure some form of justice will be served upon him.


  4. He WAS found to be in possession of child pornography. How does one explain that away? Other than by claiming it was gathered as part of one’s “research” as acting police minister for all of two weeks (which has been suggested). Is there any other plausible excuse?


    • @skyline
      Yeah, there’s another explanation…
      The Henson Defence: ‘It’s not porn… IT’S ART!!!’

      On a less satirical note though… although I agree with the article, shouldn’t the matter to be delt with via the courts before hanging the guy to dry?

      It just seems that we forget the fundamental principle of ‘innocent until proven guilty.’

      I ask the writer of this article and readers to think about this:
      Consider the very small probability that there’s a logical explanation to this (ie: identity theft or false allegations).

      Now consider that that you are the accused.

      Get my point?


  5. And Minister Tom Koutsantonis gravely intones that it shows that “no-one is above the law”. Well he should have been properly penalised for his numerous road traffic offences, and suffered as others have.

    Koutsantonis, of all people, should not be talking about equality before the law.


  6. Touché Stumpjumper! Maybe it was his way of upping it to the people that have said he got off lightly due to his position.

    The law is ridiculous, how is it that this bloke can’t be named, yet clearly it is him.. You can type in his name on the alp site and it won’t give any result! This filthy perve better not get off for claiming research! What a big fat joke that would be.. Who the hell researches child pornography?


    • @Tamika Biddlecombe

      ‘Who the hell researches child pornography?’

      Well I imagine the police do…

      Probably also PhD candidates in psychology, psychiatry and mental health fields…

      I imagine lawyers do to, in order to represent clients…

      Possibly jury members…

      The classification board may also (to refuse classification of pornographic material where people of legal age are dressed and acting as though underage)…

      Perhaps even lobby groups promoting internet censorship…

      These are just off the top of my head — I don’t imagine it’s an exhaustive list of people who may/may not conduct research into child pornography.

      Oh, and by the way…

      Who made you judge, jury and executioner?
      You’ve already assumed the ‘filthy perve’ is guilty!
      What information pertaining to the case do you have…? NOTHING!

      But I agree…
      I mean, you’re probably right that he is guilty, why bother with due process?

      It’s not like police of the DPP have ever made mistakes before…

      Lock the guy up without a trial.


  7. everyone is innocent until proven guilty. also, there is evidence to show that getting off on kiddies is a genetic switch, not a conscious choice, a certain small percent of the population, like homosexuals. i’m not making excuses for this man, who is probably a rather unpleasant individual. i probably don’t want ever to meet him, or even see him. i am just saying that, you either believe in the rule of law, and not the rule of the mob, or you don’t. they stone adulterers and homosexuals in a few islamic countries. sometimes they put a bag over their head, othertimes they bury them up to the neck. would any of your bloggies want our country to be like that? even assholes deserve toilet paper, isn’t that the proverb…


    • So what are you saying chipper? You want to let all the nutters out of jail awaiting their trials and come over and stay at your place with your family and or children. The old innocent until proven has a place but in this day and age, the process happens very fast, and facts are checkable. Sometimes all that awaits is the rubber stamping. I see it as sure, everyone can have there day in court. Innocent? Guilty? flip of a coin sometimes, a technicality, a t not crossed, some other bullshit precedence in some ancient case from ancient law and they get off. That does not mean they did NOT do it. It means they got away with it. defence laywers make a living of that fact…


  8. Also, Finnigan doesn’t live in the part of Adelaide that the person who was charged lives (which was revealed on local media).


  9. Correction Adam. There are no senators in the South Australian parliament. The South Australian parliament comprises two houses – the House of Assembly (or the lower house) and the Legislative Council (or the upper house)

    Members of either house are referred to as members of parliament, or MPs. So, Mike Rann, John Rau, Isobel Redmond, Steven Marshall (and any others who are members of the House of Assembly) and Gail Gago, Kelly Vincent, Michelle Lensink, Bernard Finnigan (and any other members of the Legislative Council) are all Members of Parliament (MPs).


  10. Stalker and Cyberstalker Ranjit Shamsher Jung Bahadur Rana, or Ranjit Rana, who uses many false IDs, has this morning left a msg for me on my daughter’s email account – which he somehow managed to discover. With that email account he managed to open a Facebook account. Next to the flag of Nepal (I think) he has left a message apparently somewhere on this site that says: “Darda Gregurev is a christian pal of pedophile Bernard Fat Finnigan”.
    Rana has stalked my daughter for the last 22 years and my daughter has a Restraining Order against this vicious and malicious creature. This year Rana has been pursuing what he calls “private” Restraining Orders against both my daughter and myself. It was thrown out of the Magistrates’ Court. We are now going to the Supreme Court as Rana wants to appeal the judgement.
    It goes without saying, really, that I neither know nor am interested in someone accused of child pornography, while being an acting Police Minister! However, Ranjit Rana went through many court battles to try and gain access to his eldest daughter while the girl’s mother fought him tooth and nail – apparently worried about something of this nature.
    Thank you. Please feel free to publish this. I have given up on privacy.


  11. i believe that my childhood friend bernard would only have offended in this fashion should he be replicating the crimes against him – it is also my understanding that he has resigned and this is misreporting…

    i hope he is okay – i hope he is not revisiting the sins of our “brothers” of tenison college upon himself or others

    i hope you can understand you could be wrong, and be placing him in an untenable situation

    innocent until proven guilty


    • Hello Claire, thanks for your comments, somewhat cryptic to me though!

      What is being misreported? And what is replicating the crimes? Revisiting the sins? Was he abused by the grubby priests in a catholic school was he? I don’t really care about him and what situation he finds himself in though, to be honest.

      If he didn’t have illegal filth on his computers and who knows where else, then I would not even know him from a bar of soap, not living in SA.

      I certainly do not bother writing about innocent people wandering down the street. They get themselves here. Cheers


      • I really happy to see my tax money goes to support this “Filthy” Ugly waste of space…NOT. Law need to be change to PROTECT children from any form of ABUSE…so this Act in suppressing the identity of child molester – its’ bullshit.
        Law is to protect people not criminals especially this type low form of life.

        To Claire this is not a forum for you to pray for Bernard’s sin, I hope he burn & rot in hell for the sin he had committed


  12. Wikipedia editors with links to the South Australian ALP are keeping these details out of Finnigan’s Wikipedia article. Any time any mention of the kiddie porn charges or his suspension from the ALP is added, including citing reliable sources such as the Sydney Morning Herald (media outside SA have named him as the MP in question), these self-appointed censors remove it claiming it is vandalism or there is “no consensus” to add it.

    See for details.


  13. This thingis the policemans boss.Imagain how shore you would have be to go to a Judge to get a sreach warrent. You would have to have really hard evidence. This is what stoneing are for. I say stone this thing to death.


  14. Clipper your are so boxed in your minute world where people like you have no real knowledge of what it is like to live in the whole of society. Innocent before proven guilty! This only applies to the higher classes in Australian Society. E.G Perth yesterday. man get ex-gratia payment of $400,000.00 for being imprisonment for 15 year. If this bloke wasn’t from a low social economic class it simply would not happen. The payment show how much a class society Australia is. On the same day a PM,s whistleblower staffer who came forward with evidence of child abuse by the PM was awarded $500,000.00 for 2 years of bullying and harassing phone calls by the PM who was found guilty and his name was not suppress.


  15. June 8th TV News reported that Finnegan took his seat in the House today. He stayed only two minutes, but that would be enough to guarantee that he is not dismissed for non-attendance, and so his salary will continue to be paid.


    • What a disgrace that is, a huge abuse of privilege and power. He is all about self preservation…What he has left I do not know, because once convicted will lose all parliamentary entitlements…


  16. You might not know this but “Timeshift9″, who has given up editingthe wikipedia article, is one of MIke Rann’s key media advisors. Don’t know how he has kept this under the covers for so long. Anyway, even he’s given up defending Bernie Finnigan – but then again, Mike Rann is anti-christian


  17. Dirty disgusting snake-belly, the lowest one can get to the ground, slithering his way out of this…NO WAY… Even if he slides out with or without a payout, we will be watching you every day and every thing you do…

    I will expose your employment and employer (have they done due diligence?), your residence, Your cars Rego, Your photo, regardless of whether you are the fat slob you were, to losing weight, changing your appearance changing your job…Your life will not get easier my friend Finnegan


  18. the dirty filthy sleaze, I know it didn’t take much to work out who it was, why don’t they just OUT his name it is still suppressed in SA as of yesterday. This proves ALP is corrupt as all hell, state and federally, why protect the barstard? Oh and why Shocked and Saddened, I guess Saddened cos he was percieved to have been a good bloke. As a Catholic myself I am disgusted.


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