Premier Rann to speak on charged MP's future

About bloody time this supposed leader spoke up. let’s see what he has to say, he has made a comment as a father, which at least says something, but this fat sicko MP Bernard Filthy Finnigan

has to be banished from public life forever. never ever to be seen (or paid) on behalf of the Government again! I hope he goes to jail, but who knows, the standard excuse these days is “Doing research blah blah”

SPECULATION on the future of the Labor MP on child pornography charges has grown, with Premier Mike Rann about to make a statement in Parliament.

MP Bernard Finnigan alleged Kiddie Porn pervert

Many Labor MPs are concerned about their colleague trying to take his seat in Parliament and believe he should not return until his case has been resolved.

Mr Rann said it was extremely difficult to talk about the issue of the Labor MP at the centre of the child pornography storm.

“I will not talk about that particular case,” he said.

 “But as a father and as a Premier I can’t think of anything that sickens my stomach any more than child pornography or child sexual abuse.

“Anyone found guilty of such offences is unfit for public life.”

Asked about whether the MP had been asked to stand down, Mr Rann said it was up to the MP and he could not be forced to step aside unless he was found guilty.

“I will be making a major statement to Parliament when it returns,” he said. “I am not counselling him (the MP) at all. I don’t think it would be appropriate to make any contact with that MP during a police investigation.”

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4 thoughts on “Premier Rann to speak on charged MP's future

  1. Mike Rann’s favorite saying at the moment is “sickens my stomach”. He has used it again in the McGee case, another term he used ‘It turned my stomach” in the 600 page child abuse report (mulligan). This is an attempt to gain sympathy. How ironic when Rann was described the same way by another sex abused accused JOHN MOUNTFORD, FORMER CHAPLAIN: “Michael Rann sickens me to the stomach. It’s Michael Rann who had me extradited to this country. It’s Michael Rann who’s caused me to have three years loss in life, six months in prison in Bangkok”.


  2. Correction Adam. There are no senators in the South Australian parliament. The South Australian parliament comprises two houses – the House of Assembly (or the lower house) and the Legislative Council (or the upper house)

    Members of either house are referred to as members of parliament, or MPs. So, Mike Rann, John Rau, Isobel Redmond, Steven Marshall (and any others who are members of the House of Assembly) and Gail Gago, Kelly Vincent, Michelle Lensink, Bernard Finnigan (and any other members of the Legislative Council) are all Members of Parliament (MPs).


  3. what a sicko, he even looks like a a rock spider.
    I hate these people for what they do to young children as young as THREE MONTHS old.
    Also where are the parents of these poor innocent children?


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