Rioting Sudanese gangs…No excuses

Ok lets get one thing straight…THIS is not a raciest story, merely a story where a race is waging some sort of violent rampage/payback over the last week.

Know I do not know if this started purely at a beauty pageant for the Sudanese beauties in our community or not. But to me personally, it stinks of some sort of drunken jealousy gone wrong…

The authorities need to nip this in the bud VERY VERY quickly or many will suffer at the drunken stupidity of a few…

Venues will refuse bookings, Community grants and or assistance denied, community support will plummet, not to mention the cops getting tough and enacting zero tolerance at venues where they once showed some diplomacy

Alcohol has been raised as a reason but who cares? Nip it in the bud now or every honest law abiding Sudanese male will forever be tarnished with the brush of these drunken hooligans…If they prefer we can arrange to take them back to where they came, and what a mistake that would be for humanity

UPDATE 2.49pm: PREMIER Ted Baillieu has called on local Sudanese leaders to start showing some leadership.

Dobuol Nyuon was attacked during a brawl at an after-party for a Miss South Sudan event

After three nights of violence across Melbourne involving young Sudanese thugs, Mr Baillieu warned the offenders would face the full force of the law.

The Premier said he was concerned and saddened by the events.

He talked to Sudanese leaders today about the problems and is planning further discussions.

“Anybody who breaks the law will be dealt with by the law, but we do have to recognise there are some problems in some communities that need to be addressed,” he said.

“What we need is young local leaders in all these communities stepping up to the plate.”

Mr Baillieu admitted problems with racism could be undermining Victoria’s approach to migrants and multiculturalism.

Three people were injured last night after reportedly being hit by bottles during a brawl in the carpark of Daisey’s Hotel, Ringwood, about 10.30pm.

Police were called after reports of a large group of Sudanese men fighting.

It’s believed up to 30 men could have been involved in the brawl, in which three people suffered head and leg injuries.

The latest incident comes after a man was stabbed and others injured at a “kickback party” for the beauty pageant in the early hours of Monday morning.

Then yesterday a policeman was hit in the face with a stubby and another punched when an unruly mob descended on them in Braybrook, in Melbourne’s west.

‘Sue’, whose policeman partner needed stitches in the head after he was hit with a bottle while trying to break up the Braybrook brawl said a crackdown on violent thugs was needed.

She said her partner also attended the brawl in Ringwood this morning.

‘Sue’ said she welcomed changes to immigration law which mean asylum seekers convicted of a crime while in detention would almost certainly be deported.

“I think we do need to take a tougher stand,’’ she told 3AW.

“Yes they’ve had a hard upbringing, yes they’ve been through a lot where they’ve come from but you really have to leave it at the door to make a fresh start.

“If they bring it (violence) with them how can we be a better country? We’re going to end up exactly the same.’’

Sue said the recent brawls by members of the Sudanese community were terrible.

“It’s been an issue for months and months and months it’s just that it’s been on such a large scale over this weekend that it’s sort of really been brought to a head,’’ she told 3AW.

“When you’ve got hundreds of people you could get every police officer in Melbourne and they wouldn’t stand a chance.

“Unfortunately it’s becoming really scary out there.’’

Police are looking for any links between the three brawls.

Police Deputy Commissioner Sir Ken Jones this morning said he was “open to discussion” about police keeping specific statistics on crimes involving the Sudanese community.

Sir Ken said police had previously collected statistics about crimes against Indian students.

Police keep some statistics documenting offenders’ country of birth, but Sudan is not currently listed as a stand alone category.

“We do collect some statistics which give us an indication about racial make up,” Sir Ken said.

“I think there is some pretty impressive data within Victorian Government databases. I have seen it on Victorian Government indices and there is some good data Commonwealth-wise. Whether we need to replicate that at police level is open to discussion.”

He couldn’t say if there was a higher offending rate among the Sudanese community compared with other nationalities.

Former police chief Christine Nixon said in 2007 that Sudanese people represented only one per cent of criminals dealt with by the force.

Sir Ken said migrants who fled war-torn countries like Sudan often didn’t know anything but violence.

“I think, broadly speaking, you can have difficulties with migrant groups as they adapt to the laws of the country that are hosting them and that can take some time but usually government will step in, local government committees to make sure that transition is as smooth as possible and clearly that’s been an issue for some groups coming into any major city, including Melbourne,” he said on 3AW.

Sir Ken said he didn’t think the recent violence involving the Sudanese community was linked to racism.

“I’m afraid there is racism in every society,” he said.

“This isn’t about racism. This is about groups getting out of hand over a pageant, over a party confronting our cops. It’s a very, very nasty incident and the law will be enforced. People need a lot of help to assimilate and integrate.”

In last night’s incident, a 20-year-old South Australian man was reportedly hit with a bottle during the clash.

He suffered head injuries and cuts to his legs and hand.

Shortly afterwards at Ringwood Lake, police found a Bayswater man, 20, with cuts to his upper body and a Balwyn man, 19, with head injuries and bleeding to his leg.

The Balwyn man was taken to Maroondah Hospital in a non-life-threatening condition.

Most of the men involved in the clash were perceived to be of African appearance.

Police said they all appeared to be intoxicated and were being uncooperative.

Maroondah CIU detectives have not established a motive for the brawl.

No arrests have been made.

Police believe at least six people in the brawl were from interstate.

It’s believed they had been in Victoria for the Miss South Sudan Australia beauty pageant last weekend.

A trail of blood in the hotel’s carpark appears to lead to a car, with spots of blood on the ground around it.

The silver Holden Commodore’s tyres are flat and its registration has been removed.

A spokesman for ALH group, which owns and operates Daisey’s Hotel, David Curry, said the men had not been at the venue before the stoush.

He said the hotel would assist police with their investigation in any way it could.

Police are investigating whether the brawls are linked.

Beauty pageant winner Nyakor Tut has called on the state government to help engage Sudanese youth in the wider community in an effort to quell violence.

Anyone with information about the brawl is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

21 thoughts on “Rioting Sudanese gangs…No excuses

  1. well if these idiots can’t leave this home in their country they should be sent back…
    Just like they should send these asylum seekers a instant 1 way ticket home when they try to extort permanent residence by destroying the very accommodation we have given them for FREE.
    Send the lot back within 24hrs if they can’t do it OUR way.


  2. Much the same thing happened in Adelaide a few months ago after an African nationality (I *think* it was also Sudanese, but not 100% sure) beauty pageant. There were machetes at that one, too. Just wanted to highlight that this is not an isolated one-of.


  3. I liked aussie crime blog but I think if I come across any more racist bull, I have to stick to web sleuths, I grew up in Ringworm, my brother worked at Daisy’s for years and can attest to the numerous drunken fights or “brawls” perpetrated by “aussie’s” at that venue. My cousin had his jaw broken outside Daisy’s courtesy of one such “Aussie”. My school friends and I were threatened by two vehicles of adult male so called Aussies carrying baseball bats out to avenge some slant made upon one of their sisters. No comments form the Premier or the media on that one. Politicians on both sides use populist race politics any chance they can ……… wake up…. and don’t believe the hype. The problem is not race its stupid youthful, drunken violence.


    • Racist? So the proven evidence that the Sudanese have a gang mentality and have no problems with extreme violence is not a concern for you? The police have targeted this as a major problem if allowed to escalate

      If it was a group of Aussies following a beauty pageant from venue to venue creaking mayhem I would write about that too but it wasn’t. We get some people from other countries who have NO regard for the law whatsoever, and we have Australians as well.

      I do not see how reporting the facts is racist, so if you would like to debate it come back, or otherwise stay at webslueths, I am many things, but I am not racist…


  4. There is proven evidence that the people involved in the violence ”have a gang mentality and have no problems with extreme violence” and of course I find that alarming.

    There is however no evidence that Sudanese people are more susceptible or more likely to participate in the kind of violence described above when compared to any other ethnic or racial minority. If you can point some out to me, besides talk back radio chatter, or comments from politicians I will stand corrected.

    And sorry but saying that a particular group of people are more prone to violence because of their ethnicity is to me a racist.


    • Location: canberra

      Incident 1: sudanese enter private hospital and attack sudanese workers in front of staff and patients
      Incident 2: sudanese males enter sudanese church service and attack certain members of congregation during service
      Incident 3: Sudanese male strikes relative in face with hammer, knocking him to ground kicking him, then travels to nearby city at speeds of 170 kms per hour. On route he is booked by police at that speed and lies that he is scrambling to visit sick relative.
      Incident 4: Sudanese male attacks coworker with hammer knocking out front teeth over perceived racial incident.
      Incident 5: Sudanese male attacks another sudanese with chair knocking him to ground with chair, sitting on back and whipping him with electrical cords.
      Incident 6: Sudanese friend comes to visit me. I arrive home to find him comletely drunk at front door harassing neighbour, and his sudanese friend passed out on doorstep with alcohol bottle nearby, and blood splattered up wall from where he collapsed and smashed into wall.
      Incident 7: I visit a sudanese friend and upon knocking witness a massive dispute involving him and mother over where she hid his machette that he apparently kept in his room.

      I could go on, but the reality is harsh, harsher than an accusation of stereotyping or racism.


  5. Perth -WA, Blacktown – NSW few incident happen and similar story. I guess our refugees processing is very ambiguous in really knowing who is truly refugees from a war torn country, who were the criminals of war and escape here and claim to be a refugee, and continue create this mayhem and the vicious cycle is continuing in the new country where people have more respect of human lives and where they came from human lives means nothing.
    I came across a group of Sudanese males tried to create a nuisance at Chinese bread shop over $1 bread with sausage meat and he kept on pestering the worker (whose English is not great) by saying this is daylight roberry, why the bread so expensive is that made of gold over and over until finally I step in and told him if he think the bread expensive then he could go somewhere else, I was close think he about to punch me in the face until his friend step in to ask him go cos few Asian males start approaching from the back of the shop.
    But I also came across a very lovely Sudanese young man at Woolworths who help me out of his way and later on I read an article bout him at the local newpaper with his excellent achievement at the Uni – so there you go 2 side of the coins of refugee who appreciated the chance and great opportunity given in Australia than their own home land and those who shouldn’t be here


  6. my cousin just attacked at freemont high elizabeth by sudanese , they mess up they should be sent back this is our country and a privelage for them to be here, they have already destroyed the UK sending the poms here to get away from them now they comin here to take us over too – We need to be accepting to the good ones- No tolerance for the bad – send them back no second chances


  7. My son, his best mate and his father were attacked in rundle mall adelaide on saturday night (10/12/11) by 30 sudanese. They were waiting for anyone to bash. This is such a devastating and a disgusting act. They bring their trauma from their country and inflict it on our families. a country where they have an opportunity for a good life and this is what they do. So dissapointed in the system that lets this happen. My son and friends are trained in martial arts they were able to defend themselves to a degree. Attacked by 30 people, lucky to be standing and alive.
    They have not only attacked my son and friends but also the whole of the australian way of life and belief systems.


    • wtf u a one f-up person this aint even ur country u attention seekers
      this place was OWNED by aboriginals before u suckers came nd took over so if ur talking bout migrants ur one too u stupid…


  8. A friend and I were attacked on the weekend in an unprovoked situation, never have witnessed something as disturbing. We were punched from behind with out ever us speaking to them. It’s like they decided they needed to hurt someone and we were in their sites. My friend in fact helps them their community at a particular well known charity.

    Police told us that this does happen a bit in the City and around the state. Upon my friend being discharged from Hospital (as he was smashed in the head with a bottle) we’ve talked about this with a few people and the same thing is said:

    “I will not be going to the city at night again, thats scary” or “I should learn how to protect myself, because if i was on the ground being kicked in the head i don’t think i would have gotten away” – So from an unprovoked attack this has a ripple affect, now people will avoid their own city and be too scared to go there, or it could make people want to learn how to defend themselves or worse make people carry weapons. – The gang that attacked us had weapons on hand.

    I can say I’ve never had anything like this happen to me or my friends before in circumstances like this. I believe it is a Social, Education and Integration issue., I don’t know if they are pissed off with us for not having the same disturbing past events and they want us to know their pain, or if it is that alcohol and drugs are an issue. I dont think we need to send them back, maybe that is the last resort, but We are Australians and we should try to fix the problem as what is going on is not working in some certain cases.

    I’m not saying our way of life is perfect but immigrants are wanting to live here with us, right? I’m pretty sure because we are not fighting it has to be a better place and way we live.
    I doubt that there is a “class” to teach them or show how to integrate and accept the Australian Way… Why are there no educational services and integration services that can step in rather than waiting for the law to put them in jail with Australian criminals? And not learning anything except where this path they are on leads them.

    How do we help rather than hate?


  9. Sudo/Aussie, first this is not as simple as saying lets leave this to god. We have a really serious problem developing here, regardless of the statistics or what people think. With most cultural violence, you usually find a small minority of people are giving the rest a bad name. And we cant just boot people out left right and centre, but maybe our government should be having a much closer look at where immigrants are coming from before they become our neighbours. There are some lovely sudanese people here, but if you are going to come into this wonderful country of ours and run a muk because you have nothing better to do, or dont know how to deal with your problems, then dont bother coming to australia. IF you have to come here because it is so bad where yoru from, then the government should put new immigrants through a social and cultural program before becoming citizens of australia. Alot of people come here thinking that the way they act back home is ok to do here, well its not, alot of australian people who travel overseas are obviously mindful of the customs and culture when travelling and obviously adjust to suit that nation, they dont say hey stuff this and run a muck.


  10. Police in Vic admit that Africans are over represented.

    You can try to be polite all you want, but I actually have more concern for the kids getting gang bashed by savage barbarians than i do for the hurt feeling of hippies who demand that we all commit crimes equal to our population.
    Africans ARE over represented. That is why I dont want them here. I’m sure plenty are nice but they bring with them stabbing and robberies. It is just not worth it to do this mindless social experiment at the expense of aussies. The price of “diversity” and “cultural enrichment” is having innocent people faced stomped by mobs of angry africans


  11. [email protected] on said:

    Funny you should mention Daisy’s and Ringwood lake.

    I was beaten by a large group of Sudanese when coming from Ringwood lake after a BBQ with some friends.

    I had one guy go through my pockets with his friend kicked me in the ribs and another person was stomping on my head with great force over and over. Another began to kick our dog repeatedly.

    Scariest moment of my life, I thought I was going to die. There must have been about 30 in total.

    It’s a shame that some Sudanese appear to have a gang mentality. It unfairly gives others a bad name.


  12. African problems require African solutions. Let the African Union intervene. We have no business interfering in African politics or imposing Western culture. We have no moral obligation to take refugees, only an obligation imposed upon Australia by the UN & by our own weak leaders that lacked the courage or national interest to decline.

    We are constantly reminded that, we are a rich country. Really?
    *How can we accept “refugees” genuine or otherwise when Aboriginal people are living in worse conditions than those on Christmas Is or Mannus Is? This hypocritical situation must be rectifified before any consideration can be applied to helping non-Australians. It is a national disgrace.
    *Many Australian women & children live in constant fear of violence because there is no money to house & protect them from brutes. Refugees seem to be placed readily, I don’t know how long confirmed refugees wait for housing. Assistance is often provided to Australian victims of domestic violence by NGOs. Where’s the wealth for them?
    *Poor aged care. Where’s the wealth for them?
    *Toll roads don’t indicate an abundance of wealth.
    * Government funded national fast rail network. Where’s the wealth of our “wealthy country”
    *Under-funded hospitals don’t indicate abundant wealth.
    *Under-funded, dumbed-down education systems don’t indicate an abundance of wealth.
    *Degraded environments, demonstrate a lack of available funds in a “wealthy country”.
    “Charity begins at home”.
    Wake up Australia!!
    Are you wealthy? Does your own experience & not government rhetoric conclude that you are wealthy? At the end of a working week of enviable excess, after you’ve paid your taxes, what do you spend all of your extra money on? More luxury items, or just living?
    Trust what you see with your own eyes, not some one else revelation.


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