What’s with these detainees on the roof?

I have to say this saga is really pissing me off. A week or more and NO action? If this was some Aussie idiot on the roof of the local council office protesting his rates rise he would be whipped of that roof quicker than you could say “I want”

But these wannabe refugees think, no, I will destroy the government property of the country I want to live.Yes that will get me what I want! How have they lasted a week?  Well because we have given no bloody reason to come down that’s why!

I am surprised KFC havent opened a kiosk up there. Take their food, clothes, comforts blankets and whatever else away, put the firehose on them. Then pack them up on a bus and send them home. 

That will let the other morons in there realise this is NOT tolerated in our country. Our own citizens do not even get given this much leeway protesting. political correctness gone made. Get tough on these criminals starting fire etc and step up the efforts of the law-abiding refugees waiting their bloody turn…Who the hell do they think they are? pretty important if we let them keep getting away with this damn nonsense!

UPDATE 11.50am: OPPOSITION Leader Tony Abbott has called for protesting detainees to be removed from the roof of Sydney’s Villawood Detention Centre.

Tony Abbott has called for protesting detainees to be removed from the roof of Villawood Detention Centre. What Aussie would not agree?

Three detainees – Majid Parhizkar, 24, from Iran, and stateless Kurdish men Mehdi and Amir – have now spent a week on top of the centre.

Their applications for asylum have twice been rejected.

“I think we’ve got to get them down,” Mr Abbott told Macquarie Radio.

“We can’t have a situation where people are acting in consistent defiance of legitimate authority.

“These protests have to be ended and if it was happening in our streets, people were occupying buildings in our cities, the police would move in and they would sort it out.

“And I don’t think there’s any fundamental difference here. It just has to be sorted out.”

The three men at Villawood are still not eating, Mark Goudkamp of the Refugee Action Coalition says.

“I’m pretty sure water’s been getting to them,” Mr Goudkamp said.

“But food is not. They’re not consciously on hunger strike but effectively they are because it’s being imposed upon them.”

Their prolonged protest follows a riot at the centre involving up to 100 detainees who destroyed nine buildings by setting them on fire.

Yeah, set fire to the premises...BUT please help US!

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship was unable to immediately respond to requests for comment on the latest situation.

Calls to remove them from the roof comes as asylum seekers started fresh rooftop protests as the Government promised to crack down on unrest.

Last night several asylum seekers took to the roof of Christmas Island’s detention centre to protest against languishing under lock and key.

The move follows riots at Sydney’s Villawood centre, where asylum seekers torched nine buildings last week and refused to end a protest that began on Thursday.

A hunger strike at Curtin detention centre in Western Australia also continues.

Immigration Minister Chris Bowen yesterday talked up plans for tougher laws for asylum seekers in detention.

The proposed changes would allow the minister to refuse permanent protection visas if people were convicted of crimes while in detention, almost certainly leading to more deportation.

Mr Bowen also announced a plan to increase the maximum penalty for making, using or possessing weapons in immigration detention centres from three years to five years.

“I think this sends an appropriate signal that these sorts of activities and actions aren’t acceptable in the Australian community,” Mr Bowen said.

The Herald Sun can reveal that just 15 asylum seekers who arrived by boat in the past four years have been “involuntarily” deported after failing to obtain a visa.

In the same period, about 200 people who arrived by boat “voluntarily” went home after failing to get a visa.

Controversy over Mr Bowen’s proposals raged yesterday with some human rights groups saying it was a return to the “Howard era” of temporary protection visas.

The Greens also attacked the changes.

Mr  Abbott said the plan was weak, and an admission that government policies had failed.

“Nothing that’s been announced … will stop the boats or end the protests,” he said.

Mr Bowen said the changes would provide a strong disincentive to riots and violence because people refused permanent protection visas cannot bring family to Australia.

“If you have temporary protection visas across the board then there’s no incentive of course to conduct yourself in immigration detention in an orderly fashion,” he said.

Refugee advocate Ian Rintoul said protests were a sign of desperation from vulnerable people.

“Some asylum seekers inside the detention centre have been waiting over 20 months for ASIO security clearances after being told they were refugees,” he said.

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13 thoughts on “What’s with these detainees on the roof?

  1. The other thing I forgot to say is, what does it say to the other law abiding detainee’s in these joints.He chucked a tantrum and got pushed up the line, stuff it I will too then! Is that what we want? Is that the system for the future?

    I am not making this political but a national point of interest…The law is the law!


  2. What do these refugees expect? Do they think that we would just let them into our country no questions asked? They need to show us that they will obey/respect our laws and prove to us that they are worthy to become Australian citizens. They should be treated equally and if they misbehave then they should be rightfully punished in a way that most Australian citizens would be in any other situation. If they continue to thumb their noses at our courtesy to allow them to stay in this country (even if it is temporary accommodation etc) then they should show us a hell of a lot more respect. This behaviour that they are showing with destroying government property etc shows that they don’t really give a crap and that we should drop everything and cater to them no matter what. Like that would ever happen lol.


  3. What did we expect we have gotten to Polictical Correct I wish I could protest and destroy
    Goverment Building for a week and get away with it.But than I am only amere law binding citicen who pays my taxes to keep these people here.


  4. We need the whole of Australia to wake up , you are correct regarding someone on a roof protesting , I got arresrted once for taking a leak in a public place , I was busting and went between two cars and I had to front court and was fined – what has happened to these people who destroyed something which I as a taxpayer helped to provide for them. We also have to look at recent and past events concerning the Sudanese community one just this last weekend – what type of pertson are we letting in to our once proud country.
    My father fought in Darwin in WW2 for Australias freedom he did not fight for then type of people we are letting in who eventually want to kill us .
    What do Muslims say they must kill all infidels – us.
    How about if a boat arrives we give them food and medicines burn the boats and put them on a plane straingt back to where they came from.
    It would be cheaper for us taxpayers instead of rebuilding these facillities over and over.


  5. I read that one of the instigators was bashed by some other detainees because the riot caused the regular visiting schedule to be cancelled. Nobody got their visits and a few people were a bit upset about that…


  6. ”If this was some Aussie idiot on the roof of the local council office protesting his rates rise he would be whipped of that roof quicker than you could say “I want” ”

    Great comparison to describe people who are protesting indefinite incarceration, having not committed a crime under Australian or International Law after fleeing from a regime that systematically imprisons ,executes , tortures and rapes its own citizens for speaking out against its oppressions, corruptions and ill treatment of women.

    Yes defiantly akin to complain about the council rates. Good Work Robbo!!



    • Idog, do you read the full story or what? This is not about why they are here, or what happened to them.It is saying no special treatment, no dangerous illegal protest on roofs is going to bully your way into jumping the queue.

      We as a country will not stand for this nonsense, just as we expect our citizens not to carry on climbing up rooftops demanding this and that. Setting to fire to buildings etc, that’s ok as long as you are a refugee? Come off it

      Sure the process takes time, but others came before them and are awaiting their outcome, trouble makers at Villawood and other centres should do the same!

      All the best to you


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