Hectorville shooting-Triple Murder

POLICE are still baffled why a man gunned down three neighbours who had moved to Australia from South Africa for safety reasons.

The house where siege/Triple murder took place on Hectorville rd. Hectorville

Police spent today scouring two homes in Adelaide for clues after a man turned on his neighbours early on Friday, killing three and wounding a teenage boy and a police officer who had come to their rescue.

Donato Anthony Corbo, a 39-year-old from Hectorville in the city’s northeast, will face court on Monday charged with three counts of murder and two of attempted murder after the shooting spree and an eight-hour standoff with police.

Mr Corbo allegedly murdered a man, 64, his wife, 65, their son-in-law, 41, and wounded his 14-year-old son and a policeman. The family are believed to be from South Africa.

The couple’s daughter and an 11-year-old boy who was staying at the house escaped uninjured.

Police have reportedly removed three guns from the home where Mr Corbo lived with his parents.

Detective Inspector Denise Gray said detectives still did not know why the victims were killed, with apparently no disputes between the neighbours.

“There doesn’t appear to be any motive,” Inspector Gray told Channel 9.

It is understood the murdered couple were visiting Australia from South Africa and were staying with their daughter’s family.

Neighbour Stephen Whitehead said the South African family’s daughter had moved to Australia for a safer life.

“It’s pretty ironic that they moved her for safety reasons, and how this has happened to them, it’s very sad,” Mr Whitehead told Channel 9.

They had just become settled and “kind of made a go here, and got established in jobs”, he said.

A member of their church said they were a deeply religious family and “they were lovely people, they wouldn’t hurt anyone”.

Police were alerted by a frantic call at 2.30am (CST) on Friday from the woman who survived, saying shots were being fired into their front door on Montacute Road.

The gunman shot at officers after they arrived, striking one of them in the jaw, while a second officer injured his knee.

The man fled next door to his own home and held police at bay for eight tense hours before he gave himself up.

The wounded boy went to hospital in a stable condition while the officer who was shot was deemed serious but stable and placed in an induced coma with surgery expected on his jaw.

Today, police continued to search the victims’ home and the home of the gunman to determine what led to the tragedy.

Insp Gray said the swimming pool at one of the homes had also been drained for possible evidence.

“There’s obviously two houses that need to be processed basically inch by inch, so there’s a tremendous amount of work involved,” she told the ABC.

The alleged gunman was refused bail.

12 thoughts on “Hectorville shooting-Triple Murder

  1. The elderly couple that were murdered, were my family! It was an enormous shock to all of us! They, of all people, did not deserve this! My aunt was especially soft-spoken… They leave so many people behind, that loved them dearly!


  2. What is rather disturbing if true, is Corbo has a conviction for armed robbery, has mental issues and his parents are keen hunters and kept guns in the house.
    P.S. Great site Robbo


    • Even if that is true, Singers (that he shouldn’t be out in society due to his mental health) – where is he to go? Whose responsibility is he? Mental health services (in this state, at least) have been cut back so hard that they barely exist. There are few to no dedicated beds available at any given time for genuine emergency cases, what happens to the rest? Nothing – they have no resources, no recourse and very little assistance outside of usual business hours. There was a man just a couple of weeks ago who presented at the emergency room of his local public hospital begging to be committed. Not once, but multiple times over a couple of weeks. He knew he was having issues with his condition and was afraid he was going to hurt himself or someone else. Each time he turned up, they sent him home with no treatment and no follow up. He killed himself after the fourth time he tried (and failed) to get help. If this is how people who are desperately screaming for help are “assisted”, what is going to be done about those who either don’t want help or don’t know they have a problem? Simple answer? Nothing. Well, until they hurt someone – then they can go to prison…

      And yet our government can still shell out for a billion dollar stadium for a few bogans to chase a pigskin around while a few more get drunk and cheer =\


  3. Pretty sad when you leave a violent country and go somewhere else and end up with a worse fate. I was told that one of the victims poisoned his pet dog? Could this have been the motive?


    • I haven’t heard anything about a dog being poisoned… I get daily updates basicly, as I’ve mentioned, they were family.


  4. I agree with Perplexed. This is the 4th murder i know of in Adelaide caused by a mentally ill person. Well done to Mike Rann!


  5. Police in Vic admit that Africans are over represented. You can try to be polite all you want, but I actually have more concern for the kids getting gang bashed by savage barbarians than i do for the hurt feeling of hippies who demand that we all commit crimes equal to our population.
    Africans ARE over represented. That is why I dont want them here. I’m sure plenty are nice but they bring with them stabbing and robberies. It is just not worth it to do this mindless social experiment at the expense of aussies. The price of “diversity” and “cultural enrichment” is having innocent people faced stomped by mobs of angry africans


    • What the hell?! It wasn’t the Africans that killed those people, it was an Aussie! I understand why you say you don’t want them there, I feel the same about all the illegal immigrants we have here, that get everything for free! The Africans that go to your country, atleast contribute! They bring skills, knowledge, labour… Not all Africans are robbing murderers! Stereotyping says a lot about a person…


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