Ricky Nixon-Sex, lies and Video Tape

Ricky Nixon is still living in fantasy land, refusing to be a man and admit his failings, dodging questions, walking away, deflecting blame. Has he forgotten how old he is compared to how old she is. The master negotiator of million dollar contracts, mixing it up in the big tough business work and this teen “Tricked him” into everything did she? Well if that is the case Tricky Dicky Nixon, you are more the fool and she is a genius.

More likely is you were thinking with your dick and have tried ever since to get out of taking any responsibility you loser…

UPDATE 02/05/11

UPDATE 10.40am: DISGRACED AFL player agent Ricky Nixon has inferred he was unwittingly drugged before being filmed in Kim Duthie’s hotel room wearing only his underpants.

In an allegation aired on radio MTR’s Steve Price Breakfast Show, Nixon this morning said he had no idea how he ended up in the teenager’s room near nude.

And the suspended player agent, who declared he would no longer speak about the scandal, confirmed he came close to taking his life while standing on a bridge in London.

Nixon told MTR he didn’t want to spark another police investigation or “witchhunt” but suggested drugs were the reason why he couldn’t explain being in Duthie’s hotel room wearing only underpants. correct, the drugs he snorted

“The answer is still I don’t know,” Nixon told MTR.

But what people don’t know is I was found a few hours after that outside my office at Etihad Stadium some three kilometres from the hotel room in not a great way. drugs do catch up with you “Tricky”

“Let’s just say that there is a good reason why I don’t know what happened.”

He has denied having sex with or taking drugs with the teenager.

Asked by Price whether he thought he unknowingly had a drink spiked or drugs introduced into his system in some other way Nixon said: “All I’ll say is that I’ve always thought you’re a smart bloke, that you’re very good at analysing things and nine times out of 10 you are right in what you say Steve.”

RICKY Nixon has failed to explain why he was in schoolgirl Kim Duthie’s hotel room wearing only a pair of underpants.

The disgraced sports agent instead accused Duthie of “setting him up” and “conning the world” they had sexual relations and that he gave her drugs.

Nixon said Duthie was a member of “Gen-Y who is very tech savvy and who is very good at making up conversations and texts”.

“We are talking about a habitual liar, a habitual liar who strips down to her G-string on Lonsdale street,” he said.

An angry and emotional Nixon struggled to answer many questions put to him tonight by Channel Seven‘s Ross Coulthard. Several times Nixon walked out of the interview or reminded the journalist of legal ramifications.

Asked bluntly of the central allegations, Nixon said – “Let me be very clear, I had no sexual relationship with that girl, I never have at all.”

But Nixon failed to explain why he was in his underpants in a hotel room with Duthie.

“No I can’t (explain it),” he said.

“And no one can provide any evidence to me of sex or drugs. You’ve all been conned.”

Nixon admitted texting Duthie at one stage to tell her he would look at pictures of her in his phone “when I am on top of you” but said the comment was being taken out of context.

He also denied telling her he would share a line of cocaine with her and after one heated exchange with Coulthard said – “I was not using cocaine with this girl.”

Nixon also spoke for the first time about allegations he threatened to kill the girl and her family and of taking his own life while in London because of the pressure.

Denying he threatened to kill Duthie over the allegations and the video footage, Nixon said he told her he may as well driver his car into the Yarra.

Nixon described Duthie as a “habitual liar” when confronted with the claim he had sent Duthie a text saying – “Why did you film? You will have a nice life because it will be a short one. I’m not going to kill you, just your mother, father and little sister. Then you will know what its like to have your life ruined.”

The accusation prompted Nixon to confess you had wanted to kill himself.

“I was in London in total shock in the lowest ebb of my life, wondering what the hell had happened,” he said.

“Have you ever stood on a bridge across the Thames and nearly tried to jump off it? Have you ever done that? Have you ever thought your life was over, Ross?

“Have you ever thought you’re sick and tired of a 17-year-old girl playing with your life, and your family’s life, and your kids life, and your grandmothers life? Would you enjoy that?”

Nixon was banned last month from practising for two months by the AFL Player Association after an investigation he described as “media driven and unlawful.”

“The only person they didn’t speak to was myself,” he said.

“I was under a medical condition in recovery. I wasn’t allowed to speak to the board or given adequate time to do it. It was a witch-hunt, it was media driven and I’m not sure they lawfully had the right to investigate me anyway.”

The fiery television exchange left more questions than answers.

“People forget that the two people standing at the top of the pyramids are her and I. Underneath it are parents, friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, clients, business staff they’re all affected by this. They’re all affected by it and they’re very tired of it.”

9 thoughts on “Ricky Nixon-Sex, lies and Video Tape

  1. Somebody once told me a liar will always answer a question with a question… Well Ricky didn’t disappoint on that front! Does he think anyone actually believes a word he says!!!!! I am still cringing for him!


  2. He is a disgusting 47 year old high flyer blaming a 17 year old school girl because he could not control his [email protected]@@k. I fear for his sons and hope their mother keeps them away from him so they do not follow his lead.


  3. I agree. Seems the only thing he’s guilty of is going to the hotel room. He’s as guilty as sin and should man up and say ├Żes, I did that shit. I’m sorry I did, but sorrier that I got caught.

    He’s a complete power-tripper that took advantager of a vulnerable girl in a vulnerable stage of her life.

    Everyone’s to blame, except him. Boo, fucking, hoo.

    Man up, Ricky. That interview just proved that you’re at fault.

    Admit it and the truth will set you free!


    • Spot on Miss Smack! (love the name) That is really all he had to do right away and he may have had some sympathy. But he has dragged it out (no doubt to brainstorm for excuses, as poor as they are) I said at the time before the story of him going to ireland etc really broke, he pissed of overseas to get the cocaine out of his system. he barely has a nasal canal left I hear…But no he points the finger and even Sunday night when he has a decent audience he still points the finger at others.

      Weak as piss, I don’t know if he has any sons, but I hope he has instilled some standards a bit higher than that. Like stepping up to the plate and being man enough to admit your mistakes, no ifs or butts.

      Now this morning he is suggesting he was “Drugged” and that is why he dos not know why he was in his undies. (Well correct in part, off his face on his own drugs) Pigs ass he was about his wits enough to be changing channels on the remote and have a shower and freshen up!

      Cheers for joining in!


  4. He still doesn’t get it does he? No one believes his rubbish. He was caught, literally in the act, and no matter what twist he puts on the video, texts (sorry, telephone communications), audio etc etc. the truth is that Ricky Nixon is a liar, an adulterer, an opportunist and a person plainly not fit for the position/s he once held. And that has been confirmed with the decision makers.

    If there is sufficient evidence and it can be prosecuted, that he supplied cocaine to a minor, or to anyone for that matter, then the full weight of the law should be applied against him. He is a disgrace and a disgusting person. I feel very sorry for his wife and particularly his two sons. He has no creditablility whatsoever.


  5. What a fool, a genuine simpleton way over his head in handling an endless stream of lies. Not even arrogant, just plain igmorant and unsophisticated as a lowlife can be. ANd this person was a player’s agent and negotiator???

    Clearly couldn’t handle the sexual advances of a nubile school-age girl, she tapped into a base side of his character and he couldn’t hold back.

    And to witness his attempt to blantanly lie his way out of it is pure denial and fantasy which he hopes everyone will accept. An epic struggle for survival being played out in a self-delusional in a small, small, very small mind!!!


  6. No wonder Ricky (is that name just wrong for a 47 yr old) didnt want to discuss the ‘mentor’ issue – because if he had mentored the girl it would surely place him in a position of care, control and supervision of a minor. And allegedly having sex with her would be a criminal offence.


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